Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 28. What you’re doing now

The Day 28 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 28. What you’re doing now: Choose a moment in your day and take a photo of it.

Ok this challenge is getting on to my nerves now. It is really charging on me like the DINOSAUR in the below smiley :(  I questioned my self today as to what to reply to what I am doing now?
There are many possibilities you know. If I take the moment now I am actually typing for the post. Other than that I do anything and everything which every other person does. Irrespective of what I actually am doing the thing which I do forever with out any pause or rest is to DREAM! One should have dreamz unlimited is my life's funda but sometimes my dreams are just crazy and can range from me entering a wonderland- Afshan in the wonderland and ruling that land to being a super woman- No not the elastic woman or the one who can shield the attacks from the opponent. I would love to see my self as the dangerously lovable woman who can charm others with an arrow. A lady cupid may be in a pink costume!
lol :)
 Don't laugh. It doesn't end there . As I would be the queen  obviously I would be treated royally. I would relish the royal cuisines. May be I will have a huge cup cake and may be I would sit on the throne wearing a crown embedded with flowers :)

Used piccollage to add the effects:)

Every one is happy in my kingdom. JUST LOVE and no WAR! We only spread pyaar you know. Ok I know this is a very cheesy line but every thing is allowed in a dream right. So Afshan and her people in the wonderland live happily ever after! If the prompts get more crazy I promise you to show the wackiest side of mine :P

Till then you are saved. Have a good day!

Read it some where : 
One day Dreams asked Life : “When will we all come TRUE?”

Life smiled and answered : “ Never! Coz the day U all come true i will LOSE VALUE”

A poem I wrote ages back for some blogadda.com's competition"Dreams Unlimited"

Few lines from the poem - 

I Dream of a fairy land. 
Me the fairest Fairy with a magic wand!
A genie all time ready for my command.
A life so colorful , bright and so grand!!

I felt there is a real magic world.
There are stories and mysteries untold,
 A kingdom which i ruled.
A warrior who can fight and be very bold!

A castle which is strewn with all gold.
When no owl arrived and nothing caught my hold,
I had to back off and my dream had to mould!


  1. You have the loveliest eyes Afshan:) Hugs!

  2. I wish all your dreams come true Afshan... :)

  3. May all your dreams come true, Afshan!
    I liked the smileys you have added too! :)

  4. Make all your dreams come true my dear because the power is in ur hands :)

  5. @Aarti : Thanks a lot :) Hugs back to u

    @ Meena : :) ya its so cool na

    @Shilpa : Thank U Shilpa :) Ya those r funny

    @Smita : a right thing to say buddy. Thanks !

    @Bhavya : Thanks for ur wish :*

  6. Have fun dreaming and may all of them come true. :)


  7. That was some take on today's prompt, Afshan! Who would have thought of doing "dreaming" as a picture? Really creative!
    And those smileys are just ROTFL-type! Where did u get them from? :D

  8. LOL!! I love that photo of you with the smiley face and the cupcake! :D

  9. @JANU :) Haha thanks

    @Jyothi : Thanks for the wishes

    @Chicky : Thanks chicky ! Ya they r from google. random ones :P

    @Roshni : hehe ya THANK U


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