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Whats (Y)apping!

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When I decided to write on this topic this week for Half baked beans, I was smiling to myself as anyone and everyone is addicted to what’s app these days. Yes it does save time when you have to share some photo-graph or a video or a file from your mobile with other person who has what’s app downloaded on his mobile but what next? It for sure doesn’t stop there.

Everyone keeps checking their mobiles for some what’s app fun message or a forward or a pic. It’s not an exaggeration if I say what’s app is one of the top five communication platforms in the world now, first being Facebook closely followed by twitter. Many other chatting apps have come to light after what’s app like we chat, wow talk etc. but no other app could beat what’s app. From a maid to a carpenter to a gym trainer to a shop keeper, everyone has what’s-app downloaded on their mobiles.
My father can use internet but is not well-versed with the day to day changing techno trends. He has a smart phone. I downloaded what’sapp on it but he never used it. He wanted to finalise a function hall for my brother’s wedding. Before visiting the hall, the concerned person asks my father if he can use what’s app! My dad was not very sure. The person in charge wanted to share the snap shots on what’s app for a primary approval. The second experience was when a carpenter asked if any of us have what’s app on mobiles as he wanted to forward some designs. Like this I had many encounters with what’s appers. Whenever I save a number I get curious and check if he/she is using what’s app. Few days back I saw that a Mehndi-wallah who came to apply mehndi on our hands during my brother’s wedding was what’s apping and smiling.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This day That Year - Jan 22, 2012

Today is our second marriage anniversary. Day before yesterday I was idling and reminiscing this day that year (2012) when I was all jittery thinking about my new life and thinking about the challenges of being a wife. No. I am not going to say now that it has all been rosy and all my fears were countered. I can definitely say that I have grown to a "woman" from a "girl". No. Keep your naughty thoughts to yourself. I have become a woman as in I realized how the new responsibilities will throw new challenges at me everyday and I actually had to mentally grow. I had no choice. I realized that I am no longer a "girl" who is lot pampered by parents, who rarely does the household chores and who doesn't even know what is what in the kitchen. I have realized the secret capability I possess to face the challenges though not always with a smile plastered on my face! I realized I ace at multitasking and that I love decorating my "home".  Home - The word always rises my spirits. How ever small or big it might be the first home at Gurgaon thrilled me. As I resigned my job I took my time to explore my hobbies , learn cooking , decorate the home in whatever possible way.

My husband being a great cook was a blessing. He is my teacher too. I developed interest in cooking only due to him and not due to my mum who is also a magical cook.The downside of it is I didn't feel like standing on the weighing scale for more than an year :-/ Like they say necessity is the mother of invention and when I started living away from parents I just had to learn cooking and surprisingly I was enjoying it too though it's not my hobby and I am not innovative like hubby! My husband unlike me can conjure a dish in no time. These two years have been a great learning period. I am not saying I am an expert now. The lesson I learnt in these two years is that marriage is a continuous learning process where one needs to inculcate qualities like patience , loving thy-self and also thy-partner no matter what kind of the day it is! Some days are sunny , some rainy, some too grey and some bright but all the days are etched in my memories! Before marriage I was scared thinking how will I like a stranger ? What reasons do I have for actually liking/ loving him ?

Strangely after 2 years of married life I like/ love him with out any specific reason! YES. I am shocked by my own words as it was and is always tough for me to believe in the "marriage and LOVE" concept. My brains might have intimidated (thoda self dabba chalta hai na :P ? )him but his sense of humor got me! In our very first phone call the very first thing I said to him breathlessly was , "I don't know cooking. I know just the basics."

He who scrutinized me well enough laughed in a silly way and replied ," Basics as in boiling water for tea?"

 I was speechless. I mocked anger and he coaxed me saying cooking is damn easy and as he knows cooking that should be my last worry. So the first demon which bothered me till that point of time vanished in to thin air! I was greatly relieved. Believe me it was a huge SIGH OF RELIEF. I loved the fact that he came all alone to meet me. I was scared about the relatives and the whole cast and crew who will bore their eyes in to me. The very fact that he too feels all the procedure quite embarrassing made me jump in joy. Those who would have gone through the arranged marriage ritual will understand what I am saying! We wrote a lot about each other on the wedding site but can't share the link as it is taken down now. We just have the keep sake Cds. When he gifted me secret of Nagas before wedding I was glad as he knew my taste. He doesn't read much but he makes it a point to read what I write and I for sure never sit on his head to make him read whatever I write but I for sure am going to make him read this one ! :)
My wedding Mehndi which I immensely loved

After getting Mehndi on hands. My haldi- Manja function

In the initial days of wedding , post the honey moon phase when the marriage actually started I was missing mom dad badly. He was one patient soul who understood what I was going through and always tried his best to cheer me up. Some times he gets disappointed as making me smile is a herculean task but as I can't see his drooping /dull /defeated face I always try and stay in high spirits.  I slowly got used to the new life, work , new challenges and all in all the two years have been a roller coaster ride. There were many ups and downs and some times valleys too but the most important point is that we were and are together in all of them!
Imran's first photo which I saw and shared with cousins / friends :) :)

I was not getting a job and was quite frustrated. Now I got a job but in Hyderabad and he is in Bangalore. I took the name of Allah and came to Hyd and for sure it is not rosy. I miss him like hell. This is the first time in my life when I realized that I AM PRETTY USED TO HIM. Well you can call it "Love" :D. I am so used to him that it is getting tough to stay at my parent's home. I know my mom will scowl (and secretly feel happy) when she reads this line :) I hope and pray that we both stay in the same city by mid of 2014 at least. This is the major wish I have this year :)

My status updates from 2012's Timeline ;) Gotta thank FB for this.

When ever I cook food for my self, I remember home :-|
When ever I try clearing the mess around I remember my mom!
Ya ya they say you should be a Roman when you are in Rome.
I guess wherever I stay in this world I will always miss The "Home"!!

100 days !

Bachelorette bomb is ticking away!!! The wedsite says 01day:7hrs:13min:22sec!! Mixed feelings   :-|

Today Morning I woke up to a dream of lights , flowers and dazzle and heard every one talking about the same !!!  Gosh!! 4more days..Time realllllllllllly flies!

I again feel like a bride after writing and reading all this.I am still learning what marriage is and I know the whole life will fall short to excel in the institution of marriage :-) And now I will not bore you more. Below is the video I made for my wedding website. Have a good day! May GOD BLESS US and you all for blessing us ;)  (( Touch wood :)))

PS: Waiting for the weekend when we both will meet :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

If you are single you can't mingle in India ;)

Originally published at Half Baked Voices .

Being single in India is challenging . It is a crime as you are expected to get married before you touch 25 and become a mother at least by 30. Many elders (read morons) here decide the fertility rate of every woman. They start their requests for kids from day 1 of marriage. Some think delivering a kid is as easy as getting a chips packet from vending machine! I know I am getting drifted away from the topic. I can write a lot on the "being single" scenario in India. But for now I want to narrate an incident from my own life.

I used to have lunch with a group of colleagues in the office pantry some 3 years back. Half of them were married and the a quarter of them are engaged and another quarter were committed to get married (hopefully to the same person). The conversation started some thing like below.

Madam X: "Hey today my husband wanted me to make this curry. He loves it." 

Madam Y:  "Me and Raj love the coriander soup of Main Land China."

I was already feeling out of place but still was hearing to them faking a pinch of enthusiasm just for courtesy sake.

Madam Z: " Afshan! When are you going to invite us to a lavish dinner which has biryani and haleem?"

Me: "Any day. Lets plan it . We can go out."

Y and Z in chorus : "Oh! Not like that. She meant about wedding bells re."

I realized I had to understand almost every thing they talk in the marriage context as they talk mostly that.

Me: "Oh! Not any sooner."

X: "Then. When? What are your plans? You already have some one? Every one in your batch is married na!"

Even if I was feeling like kicking myself. I controlled the urge and responded.

Me: "Nope. I have no one. I am searching for the guy you know. So when ever I like some one you all can have your biryani."

Y: "What are you looking for in a guy? You should lessen your expectations. There is no perfect guy you know."

Now I don't know if Y is spying on me and my expectations list but this time I felt like kicking her.

I controlled the anger and remained silent.

Z: "By the way. In your religion mother-in-law ties the mangala sutra na. That's it and marriage is over ?" This sentence was followed by a series of giggles.

That's it . I couldn't resist any more, even if they sounded ignorant, idiotic and harmless.

Me: "You think people around the world follow the same tradition of wedding? and what do you know about my expectations list to comment on?"

Y, Z: "Arey , we were just advising yaar. Don't be serious."

 "No I am not serious. I just can't talk and take the nonsense and innocence which is some times pain in ass." I told

After that I did not go for lunching with them as I didn't feel like it. I definitely felt I can do better with better people around me. On that day I realized how nosy people are and how they bother you if you decide for yourself. Specially most of the married folks feel , they have all rights to nose around. Yes there are others too who mind their own business but its not uncommon to come across the nosy bunch. They sound just like the aunties and vamps in serials. Whenever I come across them I feel that serials are not very unrealistic!

Once you are married don't think that the questions will stop. Recently a friend with whom I went out asked me, "When are you planning kids?" I had the standard answer ready with a sheepish smile, "Not any sooner."

The friend who recently turned mom exclaimed in utter amazement, "Not any sooner means. You gotta plan yaar."

You know what I did? I counted 10 to 1 and inhaled and exhaled for some inner peace!

Once an American during a tour in Manali expressed his inconvenience whenever Indians question him about his marriage / kids and settlement. He was happy that I did not ask him the same. I told him there are more interesting things to talk and cleared to him that not every one in India is interested in personal affairs. 
That's why I say if you are single its tough to mingle in India and ignorance might be a bliss but some times it's a pain in ass to the one who faces it.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dedh Ishqiya - Watch it to be enchanted!

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Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, Huma Qureshi
Director: Abhishek Chaubey
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Set in the milieu of a small town Muhammadabad of UttarPradesh Dedh Ishqiya is all set to break the records and steal the hearts. Khalujaan and Babban  (Naseeruddin and Arsad Varshi) come back and prove that their duo is unbeatable and their chemistry just gets better in this part. From the opening scene the movie grabs audience's attention and proves that it is going to be a better watch than Ishqiya.
The movie is raunchy , hilarious, dazzling, charming and poetic. The whole movie is like a poetic rendition with heart touching Urdu shayris and of course Madhuri Dixit is like the dazzling verse of the most beautiful poem and the fiery feisty Huma Qureshi complements her effortlessly! Writer-director Abhishek Chaubey and co-writer Vishal Bhardwaj have come up with a brilliant story line with many turns , twists and the humor which easily blends with the story and makes it a delightful watch. The director and the team have put all the efforts to make this sequel a non-redundant one and an extra entertaining watch!
 Jaan Mohammed as  (Vijay Raaz) is brilliant with his top notch performance and the rest of the star cast's performances are worth applause too. The cinematography , sets , costumes , jewels and the whole aura is grand and exquisite. Editing is flawless. Kudos to the story writer Darab Farooqui. The witty and funny dialogues and music by Vishal Bharadwaj spice up the movie. 
Nawaab Iftekhaar and Begum Para
Muniya and Babban and their sizzling chemistry
Both Khalujaan and Babban just like in Ishqiya are deceitful and continue the shady affairs and when they come across beautiful women , they lose all senses as mush rules their brains :) The mush finally spoils their plans and exposes them to bizarre situations. The evil boss Mushtaq played by Salman Shahisand's intelligent scenes will make you clap in the movie.  Begum Para uraf Madhuri Dixit the enchanting widow of Muhammadabad will keep your gaze fixed to her.  The unique Nawabi Swayamwar adds a special touch to the movie and Naseeruddin who acts like Nawab of Chandpur will make you laugh out loud and you will also feel awesome on hearing all the shayris. The urdu language, dialogues and Shayris will steal any one's heart and  are definitely not over done. Dr Bashir Badr owns the shayris and we can only thank him for adding elegance to the movie.The brilliant step taken is to provide English subtitles. This comes handy as many may not crack all the dialogues. I felt the necessity of subtitles while watching Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola.

No spoilers in this review but if you want to watch good cinema go for it with out any second thought as in the recent past  bollywood had dished out only the 100 crore club movies with meaningless story lines and bluffed us in the garb of entertainment . Dedh Ishqiya is a respite from all such trashy scripts with multiple twists, shoot-outs and of course, lots of humour. And there's Madhuri Dixit-Nene, looking extremely graceful . She's still capable of engaging the audience even during the end credits by dancing to Humri Atarya pe. She looks divine and the movie is like the seducing wine.
The fantastic duo. Image source : here
After Gangs of Wasseypur this is the movie which is equally good or may be this is much better. Go watch this paisa vasool movie to refresh your self and learn a new language "Urdu". The movie has everything which a good cinema can provide. Good story, rib tickling humor, two ravishing beauties, Khalujaan and babban ,heady language , nawabi grandeur , the Muslim upper class's love for shayris , ghazals ,etiquettes  and memorable performances. Watch it today and get charmed! You will be amused to know that there is a combination of Gulzar , Rahat Fateh Ali khan and also Honey Singh (for the horn Ok please song) in the movie! 

Highlights and memorable dialogues from the movie :

  • The  “Seven Stages of Love” described by our beloved Iftekhaar uraf Khalujaan. Dilkashi (attraction), Uns (attachment), Mohabbat (love), Akidat (trust), Ibadat (worship), Junoon (madness) and the last stage is Maut (death).

  • The hilarious scene where Arshad Warsi is given options to get punished by Mushtaq.

  • The dance sequence- Humri Atariya pe by Madhuri

  • Dialogues which you will remember for a long time : 

Para Jaan (Madhuri Dixit): Aapko pehle kahin dekha hai

Khaalu Jaan (Naseeruddin Shah): Yaad aaye kahan toh itilla zaroor kijiyega, hum bhi dhoond rahein hain kab se apne aap ko
  • Lyrics by Gulzar : 

Na bolun main toh, kaleja phoonke
Jo bol dun toh zabaan jale hai
Sulag na jaave, agar sune woh
Sulag na jaave, agar sune woh
Jo baat meri zabaan tale hai

  • And all the shayris ofcourse

Thanks to the entire cast and crew for gifting us a great movie just in the start of 2014 which reminded us of Umrao Jaan era! I will eagerly wait for a sequel with an intriguing title again :) 

The trailer

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Five Off-beat films to beat the monotony!

Religion, cricket and Cinema rule India. We discuss Cinema importantly. Arvind Kejriwal may sign a new policy in Delhi but the movies which are queued up for release this week will grab our attention. Cinema is in our pulse. It flows in our veins. It twitches our nerves and rules our minds. When Blogadda posted  Misslovely , An Off beat Hindi film - Weekend activity I first thought of skipping it as there are too many movies which I love, but being a movie buff I finally succumbed to it.

Mass movies which are most of the times unrealistic may earn 100 crores and attract more public by an item song or a skimpy clad heroine but off-beat movies which are close to reality instantly form a bond with movie watchers.Movie goers like me feel good as they watch something which makes them think rather than just sitting there for 3 hrs of colors, masala and entertainment. It doesn't mean that commercial movies are bad. I only mean I like off-beat  movies more. Off-beat actually means unusual or unconventional.

I thought a lot to list down those top 5 Off-beat movies which I feel every one should watch and came up with the below list.

1.) Gangs of Wasseypur 

The first and foremost person who comes to my mind when I think Off-beat is Anurag Kashyap. The movie Gangs of Wasseypur he made 2 years back in 2 parts impressed me a lot. Keh ke lunga became a cult and O-womaniya became a soothing song for all the women out there. This movie proved that women in remote areas can also be bold and can revolt back. This particular point won my heart. The smashing star cast - Manoj Bajpai , Richa Chadda, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Huma Qureshi , the Bihari slang and locales, interesting story line, brutally honest dialogues , wonderful music by Sneha Kanwalkar and many more reasons just made it the most interesting watch of the year 2012 for me. Do read my detailed reviews at Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and Gangs of Wasseypur 2 to know how much I loved the movies!

O womaniya song from GOW

Anurag Kashyap is so far the best story teller in Hindi film industry to me. There are many other good movies directed or produced by him like Dev D,  Shaitaan , Luv Shuv tey chicken Khurana, The Lunch box and many more. Almost all the movies where he is involved have won applause! With Gangs of Wasseypur the number of his fans tripled!

2.) Dasvidaniya : 

Dasvidaniya which in Russian language means good bye was directed by Shashant Shah and written by Arshad Syed has VinayPathak in the lead role. When I watched the movie back in 2008 tears welled up in my eyes. It is about a boring person Vinay Pathak who lives with his mother. He does even the daily tasks with the help of to- do post its. The monotony of his life ends only when he realizes that he is about to die. That moment he actually starts living and sets out in to the world to fulfill all his dreams and desires.

The movie is about how the journey unfolds and how he ticks off each wish in his bucket list. This is a feel good movie with no-nonsense. I love Vinay Pathak and his performance in almost all the movies. The song meri maa makes any one cry! It made me emotional even now when I was uploading the video.

Image source : here

Mumma song from Dasvidaniya

3.) Black :

The 2005 movie Black by Sanjay Bhansali was a huge success. It touched millions of hearts and redefined Rani as an actress and needless to say Amitabh Bachan rocked. It is the story of a blind and deaf girl in whose life a teacher brings a ray of hope. Black received awards and accolades and was listed in top 25 must watch hindi movies by India Times movies. Again I love black as it is a sensitive story which is heart touching.

Great performances by Amitabh and Rani made it tough to decide whose job was better. I wish to see Rani Mukherjee in a good movie again! The role Debraj Sahai  played by Amitabh is an unforgettable one. Black would be forever etched in my memory. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his colorful movies. By far Black worked the best for him :)

image source : here
4.) A Wednesday 

The 2008 thriller drama written and directed  by Neeraj Pandey - A wenesday is my all time favorite movie. It stars one and only Naseeruddin Shah and has Anupam Kher,  Jimmy Shergill and Aamir Bashir. I loved the movie due to the simple message of not tagging religion with terrorism. Naseeruddin steals the show through out and the movie makes you sit glued to your couches till the end.

The movie just shows that a common man can do anything if he decides to implement what he thinks. The story  focuses the 2006 Mumbai train blasts and makes the viewers feel sad and bad about the terrorist attacks on which one has no control. At the same time it makes us think about the cases where terrorists are not punished the way they have to be in India. A realistic take on the whole scenario with top notch performances by Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher.

Image source : A Wednesday

5.) Barfi :

The last option is tough as I want to list down many movies made in 2012 as good off-beat movies. How ever I am rounding on Barfi written and directed by Anurag Basu. Here is one more Anurag who raised the bar of Indian Cienma. Barfi is a feel good movie . It is the story of Murphy "Barfi" Johnson who is born deaf and mute but lives the life to the fullest due to his optimistic attitude. Ranbir Kapoor excelled in the movie and Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil who is autistic is brilliant too.

The movie gave way to Ileana in bollywood and all the performances are memorable.Love doesn’t need perfection but love at times is a impulse of  heart without any pre plans and so  beautiful that you can lead a perfect life even with 100 imperfections. This is the beautiful message in the movie when Barfi and Priyanka start living together. If only every one who is physically strong could live in such a dream land of BARFI life would be easier and better. This movie can be savored just like the sweet dish barfi!
Image source: Here
Aashiyaan- My favorite song from Barfi

I want to write about many more movies but I am stopping here as we have to list down only the top five movies. The other movies which I want to watch are The Lunch box, Ship of Theseus, Girl in the yellow boots , Udaan and many more. Few other movies which I loved watching are Dilse, Swades, Iqebal, Ishqia, Do dooni chaar, Vicky Donor, Fukrey, Madras Cafe, Go Goa Gone and the latest Dedh Ishqiya charmed me. The list is quite long so I want to end my post here.

Gone are the days for the bollywood where hero is poor and heroine is rich or vice-versa and then they fall in love with 12 odd songs through out the movie. The hero doesn't have to take revenge on the villain and save his sister and mother always. Bollywood has come out of that comfort zone and changed the equations and is all set to make wonderful off-beat movies which are also faring well at box offices. The big sponsors and the planned releases across the world is also helping a lot as many viewers are recognizing a good movie !

This post is a part of the Miss Lovely Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Miss Lovely, an off-beat film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry. It follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid – 1980s. A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama. Miss Lovely is scheduled for commercial release on 17 January 2014.
You can check the trailer of the film

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Head-Heart conflict to feel alive again!

 I knelt down by my bed side that night and prayed to god for long.
 I was not asking for a favor or a help but wanted to know what's wrong.
 In my heart I want to be happy but my head thinks differently.
 Heart says, "You are mad. Bothering about your hair is so silly!"

 Head responds, "What do you know heart? You ooze blood. I bear the hair!"
 Heart says, "Heart knows everything. It just feels the happiness and despair."

 Head: "My friends have a strong tuft of hair and I have measly strands which is not fair."
 Heart: "But your friends cannot think like your head or mind. Is it not fair and square?"
 "Oh! What do you know heart ? It is the external beauty which charms all."
  "But history has proved that no brainers can rise but they soon fall!"

"History doesn't know all the mysteries. We humans are a challenge to history!"
"How can you say that? History witnessed the wars and the victory."
"I for sure know history can only witness but not resolve the conflicts between you and me."
 "You and me can be one and the same if we sit and talk by not letting the differences just be!"
Head laughed loud: "Ha ha. Resolving the differences? You and me? For that you have to first listen heart."
 Heart clearly puzzled replied: "But that's what I do starting from the morning to noon and till mid of the night!"

 "If you know what I want, you would have done a miracle to make my hair silky."
 "I know no miracles. If I interfere in your matters, you call me nosy and pesky."
 "From this second I will not call you nosy. Now will you listen to my desires and wants?"
 "If only you sit and talk and not get worked up and bang the doors and chant the rants!"

 "You have no idea that I have been chanting prayers and not rants. I feel blue!"
  "I am a part of you. I have seen your good and bad hair days along with you!"
  "I tried to meditate along with my friend to ignore the hair problem."
   "And you failed horribly even after chanting for hours , your Om Om Om!"

 "I destroyed the idiot box which shows in the ads a lovely long mane."
  "And I tried to stop you from doing the stupid act but you were insane!"
  " I was frustrated to the chore as my hair looked like entangled set of wires."
  "But your frustration lead to a decision which was hasty and unwise!"

     "Then tell me what to do heart?  Give me a permanent solution to fix this."
      "I can't do it overnight but this can help and give you some bliss!"
       Saying so heart handed over a magic solution to head.
       After few days head stopped whining and it felt like the happy time started!

      Head felt light and recharged. It felt like a final good bye to the loneliness.
      Head hugged heart and smiled broad due to the new found happiness.
      The hair felt lively and the life never felt so refreshing before.
      Head and heart wanted to experience this more and more!

        Bad hair days affect my mood and my office work.
        Bad hair days lead to an ill-temper which makes me a jerk.
        Good hair days keep the mind fresh and cool.
        Good hair days make me feel that you lose and I rule.
        From then on days of good hair finally kicked off.
        Hair looks smooth, shiny, healthy and there was no huff and puff.
        Heart and head became friends again and even talk over a cup of coffee.
        Heart warns head not be obsessed with hair and not to fall for a taffy!


      Both heart and head felt alive again and lived happily ever after.
      Their motive is to lead a peaceful life and never compare themselves with some other.
      A perfect balance between good looks and a warm heart is their art.
      Hair got shiny but the heart should be more glossy to win another heart!

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Thanks for reading :)
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In the memory of “Uday Kiran”

Uday Kiran in Telugu means the morning sun or the morning sun rays but sadly the actor Uday Kiran did something which negates the meaning of his name. He ended his life on the midnight of 05-01-2014. The glitz and glamour of Cinema blinds us so much that we never really understand the actual emotions of any actor or actress. Suicides are not new in film industry but every time I hear a suicide news I am really not sure, how to react or whom to pity! Uday Kiran is famously called as hat-trick hero as three of his consequent movies, Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu , Manasantha Nuvve were super hit. Manasantha Nuvve was even remade in other languages including Hindi. I remember the time in 2002 when all teenage girls had a crush on Uday Kiran after watching his movie Nuvvu Nenu. The songs, the pair (Anita and Uday) and the simple teenage love story charmed the audience. Even Nuvvu Nenu was remade in Hindi in which Tushar Kapoor paired up with Anita but definitely the magic couldn’t be recreated.

Uday Kiran was praised to skies and he got the chocolate boy image instantly. He rose in his career and the roles suddenly dwindled whatever may be the personal or professional challenges. He tried his best to come back on the track but failed due to various reasons. The competition and the passion to be a notable hero and the financial issues weighed on him. Few news articles claim that few heroes have conquered the filmdom and there is no scope for actors like Uday to rise and shine here. This is partially true as we all know that it is easy to survive in Cine Industry if you have a god father. However there are proofs that if you are a bad actor survival chances are meagre. I can understand Uday’s depression but what I don’t understand is the impulsion to die. Last year when Jia Khan committed suicide I failed to understand the same thing. There are many popular figures and celebrities who became famous only after their death. The life and death of these stars is quite dramatic. Most of these stars are young. The urge to die at the age of 20-30 scares me.

When I read that Uday informed his friends about his depression and the will to die that fateful night I felt that somewhere in the corner of his heart he wanted to live. If only someone stopped him that second may be he would have come out of the mental trauma. If only he received proper counselling may be he would have plunged back in his career. If not in cinema may be he would have acted in TV. If only his family recognised his suicidal tendencies and took some serious precautions may be they could have saved him. If only Uday Kiran thought about his wife and saw the future with her for a minute, if only he imagined for a second how doomed his well-wishers will be after his demise, if only he fought with life rather than embracing death so easily he would not have taken this hasty decision. But, now we have only many ifs and buts looming in front of us.
These ifs and buts will haunt his wife Vishita throughout her life. They will haunt his friends and family as well. He hanged himself in the gym room of his flat but that one second just before he died I wonder what would have crossed his mind. I wonder what all he wanted to say to the world before leaving.
Uday Kiran with Wife Vishita  - Image source - here

It’s not abnormal to feel suicidal at some points of time. Feeling dejected and hopeless at one point or the other is quite normal. Suicidal crisis is almost always temporary. When I was browsing I found this interesting piece. Please give a read every one – How to prevent Suicidal thoughts

 I felt sad on knowing that he sent the sms, “I love you too” to his wife. If only he loved himself little more and filled his heart with courage he would have seen the morning sun rays of 06-01-2014! All in all Monday morning was gloomy to me. I just couldn’t get his face out of my mind. His smile and the dimple were dancing in front of my eyes and I couldn’t sleep properly. May his soul rest in peace.
Some other good movies in which Uday acted are Holi ,  nee sneham and kalusukovalani

A famous song from his movie Manasantha Nuvve. One of my most fav songs. R.I.P. Uday Kiran

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