Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 30.Tool

The Day 30 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 30. Tool: A tool in the garage or something useful that helps you get through life. Perhaps in a cooking tool. Find one and share it.

There are many tools  and appliances with out which I can't live. We are surrounded by machines and tools. We depend on them more than we depend on fellow humans. A mobile , lap top , stove , tread mill , T.V., , fan , AC . Phew ! If you think of it you will realize that your life will be hell even if one tool is missing in the list!
First and foremost tool/ appliance which I remembered is my oven with out which my life is sure is painful. For a simple cook like me oven is a life saver. I love my LG oven which conjures delicious food in no time. I am too lazy to spend hours on cooking . So, most of the times I boil vegetables or dal or go for grill at times :)  I love my oven
Can you guess whats cooking ? :P
If you guessed it right you like me love maggi. Yes it is the 2 min maggi. Not exactly 2min but may be 6-7min if you don't want it liquidy. 
Any one for maggi ;) ?
One more magical tool with out posting which this challenge and my post would be incomplete is my Nikon - L810 camera. I went crazy clicking pics the day I got it. I used I phone for clicking most of the pics in challenge but for few special clicks I used my lovely Nikon!

Nikon and the first ever click by it!
Thats all for now folks! 


  1. Aah!!! Two very useful tools indeed. I also use my M/w very extensively. Andyes camera is our life line for sure!!! Good one!

  2. I never really got the hang of the microwave oven...use it just for heating!

  3. I use the microwave only for heating too. I rarely use the oven in my stove. Camera, yes. The most important tool these days. :)

  4. very useful tools!! :)
    I own a Nikon too!! :D

  5. I see most of you use Nikon. The Husband is a Canon guy!


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