Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Muggle Traffic :-)

How I wish We were not muggles but were of magical blood and knew few magical tricks like flying on the broom, using floo powder to travel or learn apparition etc etc to travel from one place to another rather than using these heavy vehicles which leave jets of smoke and spoil the green earth. For those who are pure muggles (NON magical folks) and those who never read harrypotter flying, flooo powder are all the techniques in harry potter which magicians use to travel from one place to another. Atleast a flying car a motorbike with wings will do. But alas these fastest easiest and pollution free magical techniques are just fantasies ...Its not medieval age either to have chariots driven by horses or use animal transport which is pollution free and deadly slow. In this quick and fast modes of life to have pollution and traffic free travels..few techniques which came to my mind..rather few amendments to the actually existing techniques are like below
Staying in Hyderabad i daily witness the terrific traffic jam in many areas. Especially when it rains you can see torrents of water running through gutters resembling a river with high currents !i was stuck in a traffic recently from 8 PM to 11 PM in night which is actually a 45min long drive. TRAFFIC JAM is the biggest challenge in most of the cities in india. Neither the fly overs nor the traffic police are able to resolve it and they are not able to control the people who never bother to follow traffic rules. Few measures which can reduce the over flowing traffic are like below. Some can be implemented as pollution preventing green initiatives ...and Some have just come as a thought to my crazy TRAFFIC BOTHERED brain so please bear with it
· First and foremost idea is car pooling or car sharing. This actually is not an innovating technology or amendment to the existing but i just wanna state it here as its a great initiative started by many folks here in the city. Especially its useful when many start in a company simultaneously. Instead of a single person driving an individual car if 4-5 people travel in the same car, the traffic jam and the pollution level can be immensely reduced and if there is a jam it would be interesting to have a neighbour rather than having long mobile convo while driving which may again lead to a fine of some 500/-
A cable car or a rope car usage in which the journey is actually with the help of Ariel from one place to another. Cable cars are used in countries like Italy and places like Singapore also as a major transport . Well the cost of maintenance and the arrangement of harbours for this means of transport is definitely a herculean task in countries like india. I don’t know the feasibility of the implementation of this idea but i definitely feel it can reduce the traffic and pollution too
and now this very option is for the Rich CEOS of india who actually own a charter flight and use the same every time they travel in the our mukesh ambani. People who can afford to buy helicopters or travelling in them can actually use them trying to reduce the traffic down on the roads :) Air traffic is not a major problem till date. We never know how it will be if the usage increases!!
Sub- ways : i always feel sub ways can help a lot along with fly overs in diverting and controlling the traffic.If there is a possibility of constructing as many sub ways (underground roads) as there are fly overs then we can divert and control traffic to some extent. The subways should atleast be there connecting the HEAVY TRAFFIC prone areas of the city where atleast heavy vehicles can divert and save the jam
Metro rail is already started in india in places like delhi. I hope many more metro rails come in operation even in places like hyd and a hard and fast rule should be started that on so and so road (where there are frequent jams) public should use the rail to reach their destination but not their own vehicles or bikes. I hope it cant be implemented over night but hoping to see such rule to be followed by atleast 50% of population who care about mother earth!
· There is one more crazy idea which i got actually after watching a vedio on You tube which am sharing here with you . How cool it will be if some one has to do a water slide just to jump in to the swimming pool at their home just like in the vedio below using a long pipe line ;). A slide filled with fun which will even burn your calories which other wise you wont do in your mundane day long stationary job where physical movement is 0. I loved this craziest idea but for implementing it you first need to have a rich home with a swimming pool :-)so its a open question if this can actually happen :P :P!! Njoy the vedio below frnds!

And the crazy ideas like flying motor bikes , brooms or flying carpets and travelling through chimneys go on in my head when ever am stuck in traffic jam and when ever I see 3-4 fat innovas Fighting to overtake in the midst of heavy traffic
Hoping to see atleast one feasible idea to be implemented like the rope cars or sub ways and traffic is controlled and inturn the pollution and greenery is retained on earth !!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Final Destination!!


Whenever LIFE brings me near to you,
I can always see my Dreams come true!
The journey of heart is filled with fragrance,
The heart jumps with joy and my soul wants to Dance!!
Your voice makes the time fly so soon!
The earth seems to be better than the skies and the Moon!!
Thy memories make me glad and also sad,
Lost in thoughts I go Mad!
I wake up in the mid of the night,
There’s no one to share all this plight!!

Every moment now the same thought troubles me!
Is all this temporary the LOVE, Joy and the glee?
With this fear in my heart I ran far from you in to a void!
What all I was left with was Me a more Paranoid!
With these rippling thoughts in my mind one day my fear overpowered,
The fragrance melt and the blossom withered!
Piercing my eyes are the dreams shattered.
“Oh Dear Life! Is this the final destination?”
Why should every relation end in Separation?
Can anyone crack the mysterious puzzle of love?
There’s a saying “You reap what you sow!”
Love is an exception You sow and it doesn’t Last!!
Why should my words always refer to the past?
Your voice once MADE the time fly so soon!
The earth SEEMED to be better than the skies and the Moon!!”
-----By afshan---- 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tum sa na hoga koi---Aisha:-)

Tum Ho kamaal tum bemisaal tum laajawaab ho aisha ............;)
Aisha was the most sensitive yet tough girl in the class..Keeping things to her self not mingling with many. She had a very small circle of friends...with whom she used to share only few things...We can say her life was routine and monotonous .Morning 8:30 Breakfast, then classes..Lunch break...then back to hostel....there were one or two good friends with whom she used to spend time...She wanted to have a large circle of few had in her college..a Fun TO BE WITH group with whom she can go loads of movies..plan trips!!but ya she was so shy and so reserved that she never entered a Fundoo—jolly group....Getting high grades..presenting papers....being part of work shops, seminars,,,was her routine.. when Fun with friends comes to picture...she was a step behind every one...dont know what used to pull her back :-o?! People used to get inspired by her...some used to praise her infront of every one...Only her ears went red and she used to blush pink ..Never was she able to thank any of them properly or show any sort of reaction. She was particularly NOT SO INTERESTED towards boys...well most of them ended up being flirts!! She believed....Interacting with them is not that needed! It will hamper her she was happy in her small little world...But some rogues who were back seated always in the class and looked almost like rowdies were not so happy looking at her grades , success and she being so famous..They used to boo or laugh when ever she went on to dais for a seminar..or some vote of thanks speech..she never flinched. She was confident and good at speeches ! One day there was a Rose day in college....Every one brought the roses of different colors they favoured Some brought white for friendship...some yellow ..some red expressing love to their fav girls and facing rejections :P so on so forth!! Aisha never understood those colors and felt all this was silly !Some boys favoured aisha’s company but never dared to express any thing with a girl who shudders at a simple they stayed indifferent. Aisha’s good friends Reema and sujata were absent that day.. She started feeling little wierd.It being the last day of the week..all were in light mood and entire afternoon they were enjoying playing different games antyakshari..dumb-c, truth or dare...what not!! Aisha started getting bored..she was desperate for a good company now!she managed playing but it was deprived of fun! Seeing all the pairs and few large friend groups... first time in her btech tenure she was feeling the urge to enter in a group or be a friend with a boy who can make her laugh through out...:-/ She felt strange why such a sudden desire......With lost thoughts she went to internet cafe in college to catch up with some of her old friends (though she lost touch with many). .The worst happened then... One of the same rogues who were not so happy with her wrote a horrible mail from a bogus id . She opened wondering. What it might be having...It went on like this “Miss aisha...What do you think about your self...Some princess from heaven _#@)#@_#(_@ (beep ---it can be censored)....You never talk to any of the boys ...R u just very )@(#_@#_@ (beep)..........U will taste the mud..if we want....$)#()@)#@)@ (so many beeps) “ controlling her overflowing tears... She logged off and came back to hostel..she was crying all night.. she shared her plight with Reema in phone and divya in hostel who was her only hostel buddy !! she was wondering what did she do to get such a mail...Her whole semester was spoiled..she went to principal and complained on the whole rogue group as she was not sure who exactly did it !! the whole lot were suspended for 5days..but she was sure it was Govind the one who loathed her the most and he was shivering a lot when called to princie’s room!
So her hatred towards boys increased much more and her eagerness towards increasing the circumference of her circle of friends died ! but the other good lot of boys were angry on this act and were compassionate and liked her much more than before. Then one fine day she got a mail from another bogus id She wanted to delete..but no one actually can do she opened and read and found out that the person wants to be her friend ...blah blah ..the routine mails which we get from unknowns..she sent the mail to TRASH. After a week again 2—3 mails ...few fwd mails with nice messages..again requesting her to be his friend...saying he already knows her..revealing her interests , fav color , book so on.. Surprised aisha still not so eager replied.. "I hate these online FRIENDSHIPS and wish to stay away from them..I wish you good luck with others and good bye". But shivam never failed trying..he kept on sending nice mails , messages , shahrukh khan posters which impressed aisha as to how he kept track of what all she liked :-o ....she was unable to track who it was.....slowly she got used to mails..she went every Sunday to net ...just to check his mails..and have long long conversations...soon she some how felt the Void she was facing in her Btech life got filled.............
She used to express her thoughts ambitions ..desires..her problems in class..even revealed about the bad boy! In no time they got very close...she was going for a 3month summer training to bangalore ...where she may have less access to Net! She informed the same to Shivam...and was missing him...The training helped her gain more new friends...few from girls ..few from Good lot of boys !:) Soon she raghu , Bhanu , manoj , ritika and vasu became a good fundoo batch..
she felt now her life is full of fun .Raghu was more close to her..concerned a lot about her..she also felt good about him !one day he asked aisha “Do u have any online friends ? “ then she remembered she almost forgot about shivam...With a perplexed face she replied “Yaaa! But why you suddenly asked “...He said “well i know shivam “ Aisha had butterflies in stomach..she asked who is it with anger in voice...Raghu said “my god! Don’t become red hot now .He is a nice person..i know him.."but aisha left the room as she was little irritated by the fact!..Then by next day Raghu said “Aisha! Dont know how you will feel about this..but Shivam is me...i had no guts to talk face to face with U ..that too after u had had a bad experience with some boy in the class..but at any cost wanted to be your friend so this step ..please don’t mind “
Aisha : “ I hate people who disguise wanting to be friends. I don’t like U! You are a bluff master...U didn’t reveal your true stuff! And i revealed every thing honestly !!”:(
Shivam : “but i was your friend yaar.. i was about to reveal and we came to training here..thought this is the right moment to strike “
Aisha : "Whatever i don’t want to talk to U!!
Shivam : Plz ...dont do this..i sent so many things you like na..even SRK posters
Aisha : AARGH!@)(#@(#)@ just go not interested in talking to you
For next one week .....aisha was not in talking terms with raghu uraf shivam. ..Then she cooled down..but was not able to bond properly with him !HE gave friendship band which she reluctantly kept in her bag...yes aisha takes lot of time to get back to her self..or chill..The Final day of college came...By that time every one knew She spoke to raghu only coz he became shivam and he is just very very eager to bond with aisha. She felt some emptiness in her heart she realised Its last day and they will never meet again.. she remembered how she didn’t answer all his calls...showed disinterest in his favours ! she was lot adamant ! but now she felt she was at loss ! ....Adding to the drama raghu was missing..he already left for his home town for some personal work ...and they couldn’t even meet after that as he left immediately after exams. and left to US a month after that...Ego ruled for a while .No one called each other. Being very new to orkut/FB .. which already started ruling peoples relations...she couldnt trace him there either !!!She felt its over-->their relation..she got busy with her job ! and almost forgot about raghu! Then nearly after a year and half she got a call from US!! Oh My Gawd! it was shivam...still the same..still full of life....1 and ½ year time was more than enough to chill out and forget about whatever it was... his disguise and those actually felt funny now :-) :-) They bonded up again...They never missed exchanging news, their happenings in life....It feels great to meet raghu uraf shivam and even other buddies in the group .... laugh Loud and share the olden—golden times even if it is yearly or rarely :)
penned down this one unforgettable thing in her diary and so she gained a good circle of friends at last though not a huge circle but a close knitted one.....Number of friends you make is always not important..But with whom you want to be friends is important !!and its better not to back off when one takes the first step ! and try taking first step too :-)

Time makes Memories slip away FROM MIND! but some memories MAKE TIME SLIP Away !! Those make LIFE "THE SWEETEST":-)
We are born to a Mom dad and we never choose our siblings...but god gave us a great chance to choose
friends !! so choose the BEST FOR U and rock on............
Special wish to all : One day a crab was running on sea shore !! A wave came and cleared footprints of crab, crab : "Being my friend Y r u clearing my beautiful foot prints ?!" wave replied : "A fox was following Ur footprints to catch u!! so i had to clear them off !" Friendship
means caring beyond imagination ♥ HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ♥ to one and all
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