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Jab We Met 10 years back :)

Jab I met Imtiyaz Ali's characters Geet and Aditya Kashyap a decade back, I instantly knew that these characters would be etched in my heart! As Oct 26 2017 marked ten years of release of Jab we met , I saw posts floating on Facebook which discussed the movie, the best scenes and so many other memories linked with it, when I fondly remembered how that movie helped me grow mentally! This post is to revive some unforgettable scenes from the movie and to remember few lessons life teaches us !
JAB WE MET : source : here

Geet -
A hunky dory , happy go lucky kind of a girl, looking at whom you may think nothing can go wrong with this girl and even if it goes wrong, with her optimistic spirit she would just correct it or solve it. She is the agony aunt, the love guru and behaves like a know it all where as in reality she turns out to be the one who lives in the dream bubble and hopes that nothing can burst that bubble but life happens to every person and her bubble bursts and like how! Geet, the energy ball, the fun-frolic girl doesn't know how to handle it all. She tries embracing the sorrow and fails. This taught me that even if you are the most outspoken and most optimistic person embedded with high energy, there is a possibility that you can get depressed, you may be put in spot and can become vulnerable and you may cry and lose hope too. Geet's character taught me  that just because you are a happy person , it is not a rule that shit may not happen to you. Shit happens to all and it is up to us to see that the shit doesn't hit roof, walls and gets propelled just around us. Geet does slowly come back to life with the support of Aditya Kashyap and it feels so good seeing her old self. It instilled hope in me that nothing is  permanent!

Aditya Kashyap - First look of Aditya gives an impression that he is the brand ambassador for boredom, a  geekish personality who is quite vulnerable and cold hearted, but then you realise he is sensitive, loving, and a caring  person and his love failure plus other happenings make him a less intrusive personality. He doesn't like to share or talk much. I used to feel that men can never be sensitive but Aditya's character felt so real, that I started believing in the existence of warm and sensitive men too, and came across few such men myself. It feels so beautiful how Geet and  Aditya rub off their personalities on each other a bit. Aditya learns to live from Geet which he again subtly teaches her. They just fit with each other like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Who doesn't want to spend life with a friend like that? Though life may not seem or end up like the movie, one can always try! I love the scene where Aditya hugs Geet in the second half in hotel room and says, its ok, such things  happen, as she gets very cautious! Even if he knows there is chemistry and spark of romance between them, his priority becomes resolving Geet's issues and reminding her what she was - this point stole my heart! 

Aditya is a  good singer but forgets his hobby and creativity in his run-of-the mill life. I loved how Geet persuades him to sing and he starts singing in bus and also in mid of the crowd in Bhatinda at Geet's place. He always remembers the things Geet taught him, and never forgets her or his singing.  He surprises every one with his singing skills in office, and this is my all time favorite song. Everytime I watch this song, it makes me smile broad and inspires me to keep pursuing my own hobbies and interests, no matter what!

Tum se hi ...... tum se hi.....

If first half of the movie, makes you roar with laughs, second half will make you self-introspective, as you may remember few critical junctures of your life, when you tried coming out of a situation and nothing  helped. It feels sad to see Geet as the sad school teacher, who is trying to fight her depression and still clinging to Anshuman (with whom she plans her future), hoping some miracle may happen which will make him finally accept her but that doesn't happen because things will not fall in place in the timezone you want them to, even if you are passionate, persuading and a positive personality like Geet. Some times you have to struggle and struggle more than usual people do for things you desire. This lesson stayed with me as I did not achieve  many things in life easily! If the songs  Tum se hi and Ye ishq haaye make me tap my feet and smile, Aaoge jab tum shared below always leaves a lacuna in stomach and heart! Imtiyaz makes such songs in every movie which slash viewers' hearts :)

Imtiyaz's stories are all about emotions. How you can make them, break them, restore them, fight them and fight your inner demons is the gist of all his stories! This movie is all about knowing your priorities, setting them straight, learning from your struggles and just learning to live again and loving yourself again and loving yourself little more than before. I cannot pick a favorite scene from the movie, as I love each and every bit of it and ended up watching it zillions of  times... but at this moment I can only remember the below climax scene where Geet just knows what to do and does the right thing once she knows who deserves what kind of treatment!

Climax scene, source : here
Geet became a house hold name after the movie and whoever loves talking a lot got tagged as Geet Dhillon! The movie became so famous that it is remade in some foreign language. I exactly don't remember which one now!

We all love living in our own shell sometimes and refuse to come out of it. We all need that one special person, a  partner or a friend who can bring us out of it. We may seem happy, positive and energetic but we all need help sometimes and we should not hesitate in seeking help and should not feel low just because someone reached out to us. It just means that the person loves us and cannot see us that way and goes out of his/her way to just make us smile! With a wish that all of you get one such person in your lives and also become your own favorite just like Geet is her's :) , I end this post which is my last post for the year 2017!

PS: It took me 2 months to finish this post as office and baby are keeping me busy, but I am glad I at-least finished it now, because, like Aditya Kashyap, I too dont want to stop doing things I love the most! :)

HAPPY Holidays to all!💜😎

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