Monday, October 23, 2023


In the midst of a meaningless battle, a war unfolds,

Not in the attacker's mind, but the one who is attacked and holds,

The weight of this conflict they never chose,

A war in their hearts, where the numbness and nothingness rose!

The soldier in the field, with a bomb, rifle and a blade,

Kills millions, shatters countless souls with the choices made!

In the midst of the chaos, a war silently laid,

Between willful actions and a conscience swayed.

A mother and father, in sorrow's cruel grip,

Hugging their child's lifeless form, they weep,

A war in their souls, as hope takes a leap,

'To breathe life into the one they wish to keep!!'

Innocent children, their questions abound,

Why war's cruel hand on their lives was found?

A war in their hearts, a plea to the world's ground,

To understand their mistakes and the ways to fix them, their voices resound!

In our minds, a war, a divisive divide,

Where unity crumbles, and we can't decide,

How many wars to end this internal tide??

To say, "It's enough," on this chaotic ride...

Monday, October 9, 2023

The Thought Tornado - A new poem

The worldly charm doesn't entice me anymore!

The smiles and the urge to show off the material more than the matter feel so sore...

Why does each and every one and everything seem so bore?

What is the name of this feeling that I am sensing at my core!!?


It is not emptiness, surely, I am not someone who can feel empty for so long?!

It is not fulfillment, but I have no clue what makes this heart full, what exactly can be right or wrong?!!

Some say it is "the mid-life crisis," or maybe the full-time job of parenting!

Others say it is just because I have not upgraded myself as per the world's timing!


Often, I find myself at the crossroads, as the odd one out who can really not oblige to a norm or any fad.

Why does it feel like the majority are so sane in their insanity and I am the only one who is mad :)

Why does it feel impossible to find the rare good amid all that is bad!??

The good I see is not good enough for me, and everything needs to be rad!

source: here

More than people, I get more attached to a place, the elements of nature, a river, or a flower💮

Maybe because they stay the same and remain those constants holding an unknown power!

A relationship binding any two people feels odd like a transaction

The old-school me can never come to terms with it and is not aware of how to function!


I am not made for this world, is my well-calculated conclusion...

An ideal world in my head - Is it just an illusion?!

I belong to a place where the smiles and tears feel free, and eyes won't lie

A place where I can be myself and need not have to always try!

As the tornado of these thoughts engulfs me in full!

I sit like the calm before the storm and try to mull...

Is there such a place around me, or is it just within me?

Maybe if I search and look deep inside, the place - that haven of peace - I may finally be able to see...

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