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Roohi's savior Samaira - The special hair-do for a wedding!

Roohi: "Mom! Tomorrow is Sudha's marriage. I want a new look. I am fed up of these age old hair-dos which can no longer be called stylish."

Mom : "What can I do? Go to parlor and get a fancy hair style done!"

"Parlor !? I have an exam tomorrow and by the time I go to parlor and get a new look it will be the time for Bidaai and worst thing is wedding dinner would be over. " Roohi sulked.

Roohi wished for some miracle to happen when she suddenly remembers the  Sunsilk Tresemme gift hamper she got from the Indiblogger team and luckily her cousin Samaira who runs a parlor plans to come to Roohi's place just on the wedding day. Like a God sent angel Samaira is at Roohi's door step much to her disbelief. Excited Roohi screeches on top of her voice!
TRESemme hair fall defense shampoo and conditioner samples
via Indiblogger :)

Roohi : "Sammu didi. How come you suddenly ended up here? I was under the impression that you were going to Mumbai!"

Samaira : " No dear. Mom Dad went to Mumbai. I am bored by travelling and assisting in make-ups and hair styles both officially and unofficially. Phew! I needed a break so with out thinking twice I came here for some fun;) Good idea right ?"

Samaira sounded naughty and happy but was taken aback by Roohi's confused expression.

"Oh My God! You look half dead. Are you not happy by my visit? Did I disturb you? Do you have any other plans?" questioned Samaira.

Roohi: " No Didi. I am more than happy but its just that I need a favor from you and now I am scared to ask!"

"Why fear when I am here? I came to spend time with you. Ask na?!" said Samaira.

Roohi : "Err!  I want a fancy hair do for Sudha's wedding tonight. I have my last exam and a lab viva till late noon and I have no time left to go to parlor. Can you please help me with it?"

"Ofcourse babe. Why were you scared to ask? It is boring when I do it to strangers. You are my cute little sister darling",saying so Samaira hugged Roohi briefly.

Samaira uplifted Roohi's spirits and got immersed in the catalogue of hair styles she carried with her .Ruhi got immersed in her books for the last round of revision . She went to give her exam and came back in high spirits. Paper was easy and breezy and her stress free hair  was falling freely over her shoulders. After little brain storming , browsing through the catalogue and also  the "Tresemme ramp ready hair styles" video on you tube Samaira decides to try few trendy hair styles on Roohi as they have ample of time for trials!

Roohi has a gentle and relaxing head bath using the  TRESemm√© gift hamper she got . The fragrance  from her hair is new and lovely. Her hair felt silky smooth and healthy. Once she dried her hair Samaira started working on her tresses. The below are different pretty hair styles which Samaira recently tried on her self .She showed them to Roohi so that she can pick one.

1.) Side fish tail bun

Steps to make a side fish tail bun :

1. Make a small side part on right side of head. Sweep the remaining hair to the side and secure it with an elastic band making a ponytail
2.Divide your secured ponytail into three equal sections.
3. At this point use hair spray and work on a fishtail braid in the center section and braid only halfway keeping left side tighter and the right side looser and bind the hair with the elastic band. Finish the braid and repeat for right and left sections.
4.Starting at the elastic band end, slip fingers under each section individually and gently pull out  braid from the left side only.Work towards the scalp keeping the pulled out section even from roots to tips.
5.On the left-hand side braid, pullout both the sides starting at the elastic band end and work evenly towards the scalp.
6. Take the center and right side braids and pin them into circular shapes on the side making sure that right hand braid forms a smaller circle than the center braid so that it can be placed inside it.
7.Loop left-side braid into the center circle. Pin securely and make a figure of 8 or c shape with ends, depending on length of hair.
8. Lift up the loops and pin under to secure the design. Tuck all ends up under the braid to conceal them.
Use some more hair spray and accessorize and there you go!

2.) The famous chignon buns

Steps to make the chignon bun :
1. Brush your hair nice and smooth and put it into a high ponytail and grab your pony tail in your hands and pull it up and secure it with bobby pins or a hair clip leaving one inch space.
2. Now place a chignon bun/ padding and secure it with some pins. You can avoid this step if you don't have a chignon padding.
3. Tease your hair and bring it over the padding or just roll your hair and secure it with some of pins.
4. Put on some hairspray to keep the style intact.
5. Accessorize your hair with some floral pins or you can just leave it like that.
Either way its royal , feminine and elegant :)

3.) The 60's Beehive:

 Samaira tried the retro look too like below :)

Steps to make the 60's Beehive

1.Take a section from the top of the hair just at the back of the crown(head) leaving the hair from the ear forward so that all the back section can be secured with an elastic band in to a high pony tail
2. Tease the whole ponytail/ backcomb and smooth it off with a brush and fingers. Gather it together and tuck it under to make a high bun. Secure it with some bobby pins
3.Tease your hair again in the front section so that it gives you more lift leaving the front most section plain and smooth and start laying off the bun hair layer by layer spraying it with a hair spray so that it stays in position. Gather the ends of the hair coming from the bun . You can tuck it inside or can wrap it into a circle and pin it and accessorize it. Depends on how you like it :)

After checking all the styles Roohi rounded on the side fish tail bun which was elegant , cool and perfectly fit for a wedding. Also she did not want to look more stunning than the princess for that day - the bride :) 

Roohi loved the new look and wanted to go to the function hall as soon as possible to flaunt her new hair style to her friends.She for sure looked like the best brides maid in a dazzling saree and the amazing hair style. So Tresemme and the ramp ready hair styles assisted her and Samaira who came to her place at the right time was a life saver :)

The credit for all the hair styles goes to my bhabhi "Samar Noor". She is a gifted and talented beautician. Her nail arts and hair styles are to die for. Do visit her page on facebook if interested.-- "Being Young and Beautiful" . A big thanks to her for doing all the hair styles and patiently dictating the step by step process for each one :)

This post is for Indiblogger's "TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair" contest.

Watch "TRESemm√© India" video on you tube to check out some amazing ramp ready hair styles


  1. Loved all the styles, you have such a talented person in your family.. We must see you sporting those awesome looks Afshan. :-D

    1. I am waiting too.Once I get a chance to meet her again I will utilise the time full pledgdly ;)

  2. lovely, which cousin is this? Do I know her?

    1. No :) In story cousin :P In real life- Bhabhi ;) Imran's cousin bro's wife!

  3. They all look so amazing ! I wish I had longer hair now !

  4. Oh man.. I wish I had long hair so I could experiment like this :P

  5. @AJS : I wish too :) but these can be done on shorter hair too

    @Bhavvz : :) hehhee ya but few can be done on short hair too !


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