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Kanche movie review

I went to watch the movie Kanche with out any pre-plan. This post is not necessarily a review. I just wanted to write it for two reasons. 1.) It's been long that I blogged on movies which impacted me and 2.) I rarely write about Telugu movies which I always think, should be done often as I love watching a good Telugu cinema! Needless to say Kanche falls in the category of good cinema. It has a unique script, a thought provoking story, powerful dialogues, a good director Krish and a fresh star cast who did manage to do their best!

Kanche - Who's who!

Directed byKrish
Produced bySaibabu Jagarlamudi
Y. Rajeev Reddy
Written bySai Madhav Burra
StarringVarun Tej
Pragya Jaiswal
Nikitin Dheer
Sowcar Janaki
Singeetam Srinivasa Rao
Gollapudi Maruti Rao

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About Kanche stars

I watched Gamyam and Vedam  made by director Krish and became an instant fan. I trusted him and hoped this to be a watchable flick and he did not disappoint me. Kanche has Varun Tej in the leading role. It is quite a bold and modest attempt by Varun Tej, taking in to consideration, the biggies of film industry who back him up and who mostly do meaty and massy roles to allure the audience. I am not saying the mass impact is not important but I applaud Varun Tej for picking a story which actually suited him, instead of being under the stress of out shining the uncle or cousins! For those who never heard of him like me, he is Chirenjeevi's brother Nagababu's son. So it is natural to have the immense peer pressure which might have lead him to mimic what his seniors in family are doing but I appreciate him for trying to gain his USP, and for standing out of the crowd ! I did not watch his debut movie Mukunda . I only saw posters and hoardings which showed an intriguing fresh face. He does have a spark in eye which is charming. If hero is around 6 ft tall, the villian Nikitin Dheer is equally appealing who stands tall at 6ft 3" or so . Both seemed apt for their respective roles. Varun Tej who acted as Dhupati Hari babu in the movie is calm, docile, poetic yet strong and bold. Nikitin as Eeshwar is rude, crude, angry and violent. Pragya Jaiswal as Sita Devi is a fresh face who looked a bit like Nargis Fakiri and played a passionate role as the lover of Hari babu. All other veteran actors Sowcar Janaki , Gollapudi Maruti Rao are all known faces who were just fit in their roles.
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Kanche Story line and Review

Kanche starts with a war backdrop and a monologue in the background where the context to the movie is set. You will get a fair idea in the opening scene that movie will revolve around a no-nonsense serious theme. The story oscillates between past and present , presenting to viewers , lives of people set up in two totally different locations and conditions but the problems , ignorance and wars waged with in a society are quite similar. Kanche, a Telugu word means fence . The entire movie shows how people demarcate the society with many fences laid due to various reasons like caste, creed , religion , region and status and how these fences can
 lead to disaster. The male protagonist Hari (played by Varun Tej) falls in love with Princess Sita Devi. They both hail from same town where the feelings of demarcation are strongly imbibed in all the dwellers. Hari, a person from lower caste and Sita Devi belonging to a royal family try their level best to persuade their elders , society and also the brother Eeshwar played by Nikitin Dheer but Eeshwar stays stubborn which leads to a outrageous fight between hero and heroine's brother leading to some tragic consequences. The story is set in the year 1936. After 3 years , in 1939 the hero and villian are seen to be serving Indian military forces and supporting Italy during the world war when Hitler and his followers are ruthlessly slaughtering people. The hero and villian have same amount of valor but their ideologies differ.

The scene where 
Hari saves months old baby girl whom the German forces are vehemently planning to kill as she is born to a jew and non-jew, is quite touching. The plight of people during second world war makes us shiver and the viewer can effortlessly draw an analogy between the world war battle field and the fights across the fences in the small town to which Hari belongs to. It dawns on every movie watcher that it is just a matter of time to witness an unfortunate event like world war 2 if people don't wake up. Director subtly connected both the stories and the way Hari breathlessly tries to erase the borders and shows us the big picture of humanity is like a wake up call to all of us. Be it 1936 or 2036 the problems we face were, are and will be similar is the gist I got from the movie!

By the end of the movie you feel tragic but you leave the theater with a contentment in heart which makes you think that with a strong resolve and a pursuit to change the wrong doings around us, we can actually do miracles and make our life worthy!

Varun Tej's role and most of the sensitive dialogues will be etched in the mind.

Few loopholes in the movie
  • Direction and editing are faulty at some places. For instance war scenes are  repetitive and will bore the viewer. Editor should have put some more effort in making it flawless!
  • Not every one understands German or English. I felt subtitles should have been provided for every viewer to understand the conversations.
All in all the movie is an engaging watch which will impact most of the viewers :)

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