Sunday, April 18, 2010

happy bday TO ME!

Its my bday today!!

On the eve of my bday
a special SMS which i liked!!

Girls always Smell Good even if its just shampoo;)
D way dey sleep on guy's shoulders .
D ease with which they fit in to arms!
D way they kiss and evry thing in world seems right :)
somehow they r always warm even when it is 4 2degree centigrade outside
D way they say i MISS U!!

the way they fall in to arms when they cry
the way their tears make u want 2 change the world so that it doesnt hurt them!!
COZ once they come in to ur life what ever they are to world they become every thng to U!!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


“afshu TV on kar..Alif laila ka time hua “ my granma shouted at me at 9 PM sharp on a Sunday night…

I went and switched on the BPL 21 inches color TV (proud of it ) as very few in the mohalla owned it :)

So I pressed that large rectangular ON/off button switched it on and increased the volume using +/- buttons adjacent to it ……when ever U wanna reduce volume ..or change channel (ofcourse there was only one channel or at the most two or three..including regional and sports channel) U need to get up go till the television set and then change there……Never felt it was a big task then!!...Then one fine day..cablE tv or dish connection came so came many zee MTV so on...then came the REMOTE…where ever u sit ….what ever u r doing…eating..drinking..reading… sleeping on sofa….with atleast 10metres gap or some times more…U can change channels browse through..increase the volume…so on so forth..hav fun! It was so relieving exhilarating …..Watching TV was never so easy :P

after few months of getting used to REMOTE CONTROLLER …Batteries were dead in remote…….u had to go till television set and change the channels….i opened the flap WHICH is hiding the unused on/off prog + - and Vol + - buttons main menu and what not!...On the first look I felt like a Engineering student in his first year…………using the Drafter for the first time…With little confused look I switched on the TV…..after struggling with buttons for a while I was able to bring the color and brightness to normal for M TV….then again when I shifted to sony …it again got MORE BRIGHT more colorful..Again I had to get up go and set the color to normal……After a while I bought Battery full of life which filled LIFE in remote and life even in me!!:) “phew “ it was such a sigh of relief…..TV with out remote is pain…

AC---------AC was like a dream the most luxurious thing a normal middle class person can own in early 90s and even late 90’s…Now 24*7 AC in office… malls ..... cars….homes (though not all can afford it) Not all can afford it…but most of us are used to it…There were days when we used to crave for FANS and the hot air coming from its blades…during summer…….now Air cooler …AC have become widely used commodities….”Summer is coming…need to get atleast Cooler for second hand yaar…”.I heard a boy talking to his colleague. In olden days..may be a decade back…Onset of summer means---the cool white paint used on the terrace so that the roof gets cool… …Water in red handi / Surahi (the typical red pot)..which is heavenly I should say!! Tasted better than the fridge water. All these age old METhods in which a little effort and hard work were needed are out dated now

Another friend “A car with out AC. Oh my god . I cant travel in it…its more like an auto!!:-)”

“Oops I forgot my mobile” swathi said…AND THAT day was definitely hell to her…No calls..she doesn’t remember ph numbers…she couldn’t sms ..No music..No need to say her day was Dull indeed”

"what the hell are u telling...My internet is down From 4 hrs.....Cant u sort it out fastly " one more teenager was shouting like anything on a customer care as hisnet connection was down

I heard another X telling to his friend… “I need a second hand fridge atleast……….IT has become must now…I cant live like this..”.WE CANT Live with out them…it’s the trend these days……WE LIVE WITH APPLIANCES…..We breath with mobiles…we digest food with our laptop….we get up with an alarm song in mobile…we feel restless if we forget Ipod that day in the bus….WE need music to walk to do gym….and we need musical ring tones too…RING TONNES and dialer tonnes are most downloaded in INDIA ….We need Chilled water and machine coffee atleast thrice a day (for those who r addicted to it)….Coffee was a tasty and Fresh drink in olden days…just the sip of a hot filter coffee used to be a big relief. Now how ever dirty it is we drink mugs and mugs of vendor machine coffee

We used to BEND ,move, walk and show some physical movement in prev days..but still we were strong….more immune…ALL FACILITIES easing the life today ..but still we are prone to diseases infections easily….. immunity levels have come down

People of our age get tired by climbing stairs…..more easily than 40—50 year old ones…….Technology is a boon or curse is always a Open question…but getting addicted to it is definitely not doing much good..Like for example I prefer blogging here than turning and talking to my colleague !!:)

What say friends??? In my next post probably I will talk about HY FI beautifying techniques for which people don’t hesitate to spend !!!1000s and 1000s but it doesn’t last LONG!


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