Friday, October 2, 2009

Journey 'f LifE

“Oh My GOD!!” What’s that ALMIGHTY screech?!
Granny Shouted “baby is perfect” Feels like god is in reach!!
A baby born, isn’t it very painful?
But its Gods gift A moment so wonderful!!

Mom told “pray to God” He gifted U life,
I asked then why is it filled with all this strife?!
Mom told God is up there watching You,
When ever I was happy I believed its true!!

The more good U r the more God will guide U,
I was good and wished more and more as I grew!
Days passed and years, seasons Crossed..Rain summer and Drops of Dew,
Among what all I wished I could get only few!!

Soon I realized Life is not always a guided tour,
Sometimes a grassland Some times a moor!
There are joys, worries , sorrows and some times a lure,
When I questioned “Is this God’s territory”? I was answered God exists for sure!!

At times you feel Life is a jest,
Still try living life to the "fullest"!
Life is short and you are here a honored “guest”
God is just your father U gotta deal with others too the worst and the Best!!

God guides and trains you at the first,
Then takes his time to rest!!
Pursuit of happiness is the mantra to pass the test,
Even though at the end You feel Life is a journey with desires unfulfilled and Incomplete quest!!

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