Friday, May 16, 2008

My Life::: IT’S MY INFY

The first day at INFY filled my mind with perplex,

With little fear, anxiety, joy and pride I entered the magnificent Multiplex!

“You are my INFY” song boosted me and powered me on,

I thought “Its happening!” I am gonna be an INFOSCION!!

College memories still lingering afresh in my mind,

Never dreamt the friends I get here will be of similar kind!

The C-Life, ASHI and any Corporate Etiquette Session,

Fun filled Icebreaking lead to a very strong Liaison!!

In the midst of fun started “The Training phase”,

All moved in a fast pace just to be in the race!

Occasional DJs and partying to overcome the stress,

Weeks became months. Time ran like a super fast express!

The day came when it was tough to see smiles,

Training ended and there were GOOD—BYES!

Life lead to another journey on a new road,

“PRODUCTION” we call it with a daily DRESS CODE!

Ties on Monday Tuesday and neatly tucked shirts in a debonair mode!!

To do memos and day to day meetings in conference rooms!

Out in to traffic after a hectic day I wish we had magical brooms!

Yearly twice comes the appraisal time when we are graded,

The moment I feel corporate is more or less a school reloaded!!

Coffee became the traditional drink and sandwich our staple food,

Not colleagues but friends we got here who keep us always in a good mood!

Either a defect free code or delivered with a bug!

Lively and funny atmosphere always makes us smug!!

Events at Amphi, project parties and competitions!

Tight schedules, escalations at work and Occasional tensions!!

Good day gives us happiness; bad day gives us experience,

Whatever it is “ITS my INFY!” I can state it with EXUBERANCE!!

--------By Afshan--------------------