Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Julie's Dark Secret!

Julie is getting married today! A bride's expression is equal to a Nobel Prize winner’s but Julie was all gloomy. Rehan loved Julie immensely. He was ready to sacrifice anything and everything for her. "My son in-law should be a born Christian who is baptized. If you think of taking a bold step you will see all our dead faces," warned Julie's dad. She requested Rehan to forget her. As she got dressed in the bridal frock she wondered why his memories are getting stronger with every passing second. She hugged the dark secret to take it to her grave!

This is in response to 100 words on Saturday prompt by Everyday Gyaan

100 Words On Saturday


  1. Now that's really a dark secret, Afshan. Great story line.

  2. Hahaha...this must be the shortest story you have written Afshan. Good one though.

  3. Interesting story, Afshan! Hope her secret remains a secret always!

  4. This might seem like a pretty old story. But this happens in today's time and age too. Sad but true. :(

  5. Happens all the time in reality. Nice one.

  6. janaki : Ya true but there r more shorter stories actually :) Thanks

    Shilpa :) Ya we can hope for that !

    Jyothi : Ya its a scene u can witness any age any day

    Suzy : True !

    Alka : thanks alka :)

  7. interesting story!

  8. :) Hope she will make peace with her present and move on in life :)

  9. And I hope she finds some joy in her gloom

  10. @Rainbow Hues : Thank U

    @Patrickoscheen : Thanks

    @Sridevi: Yep she has to :) Thanks

    @Bhagyashree : She has to find joy to live ! THanks


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