Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heart(Dil ki baate dil hi jaane)

My heart..It was never strong,

Now it stopped thinking whats right and whats wrong!

is it weakness or strength to hear your song...?

which plays in my eyes ears and mind for LONG!!

Heart it cant be judged,

Coz its from another world!!

Heart has no control,

As I am not aware what is its poll...

it goes on and on and on....

Till the day I am gone!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Journey 'f LifE

“Oh My GOD!!” What’s that ALMIGHTY screech?!
Granny Shouted “baby is perfect” Feels like god is in reach!!
A baby born, isn’t it very painful?
But its Gods gift A moment so wonderful!!

Mom told “pray to God” He gifted U life,
I asked then why is it filled with all this strife?!
Mom told God is up there watching You,
When ever I was happy I believed its true!!

The more good U r the more God will guide U,
I was good and wished more and more as I grew!
Days passed and years, seasons Crossed..Rain summer and Drops of Dew,
Among what all I wished I could get only few!!

Soon I realized Life is not always a guided tour,
Sometimes a grassland Some times a moor!
There are joys, worries , sorrows and some times a lure,
When I questioned “Is this God’s territory”? I was answered God exists for sure!!

At times you feel Life is a jest,
Still try living life to the "fullest"!
Life is short and you are here a honored “guest”
God is just your father U gotta deal with others too the worst and the Best!!

God guides and trains you at the first,
Then takes his time to rest!!
Pursuit of happiness is the mantra to pass the test,
Even though at the end You feel Life is a journey with desires unfulfilled and Incomplete quest!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

In the memory of A MAN who rocked!


i thought there are two categories of people

1.)People who don’t mind if any one likes them or not. They live a life and pass away
2.)people like them make People Like Us LIKE THEM!!
But then i realised there is one more unique category who WIN people’s hearts immensely amazingly whom some believe is EQUAL to almighty....I felt our late YSR falls IN THIS CATEGORY. I knew he was a mass leader....There is good and bad in Every Politician...POWER spoils many....But when good overweighs bad !! bad can be ignored..YAY in full spirits it can be........A man for poor,..a man of honour...a MAN WITH forever smile stuck to his face...A man who smiles at all the HUGE problems and finds a smooth way to come out of it...heard a lot about this LEGEND ....heard a lot particularly from these 3days...the 3 horrible days for the state of A.P. for their Chief minister met a horrible death . A death worth to be written in RED LETTERS in the history pages .....The chopper in bad condition ..the heavy rains and The security personnel who were less alert ,,,,There are many reasons....which lead to this most sinister death of this century ...which can be the worst nightmare for any leader any normal human for instance....Its horror to imagine a person burnt in mid air charred and head crushed beyond recognition.....!!the other four people also met with same MISFORTUNE.....a great loss for their families ..a great loss for state ...loss for nation...For one whole day the whole state glued to Televisions as if a cricket match was going watch whats gonna happen to their favourite was almost like a suspense movie....drawing conclusions now and then..praying for his safety...hoping HE RETURNS bubbling with FULL LIFE miraculously as if in A MOVIE but alas........LIFE is already planned by some one up there...The day the chopper didn’t reach its destination........the search started late......People started praying...every one forgot about the ganesh Procession,...there were namaaz offered in masjids..prayers in churches temples so that their favourite leader comes back safe...........I felt astonished seeing this immense love...unintentionally my heart started pleading GOD....that this MAN SHOULD COME BACK!! A man who is loved so much by so many shouldn’t just become A puff of smoke in air.......shouldnt meet such a dreadful end atleast..but i guess God has his own ways..and WHEN it comes to decisions GOD pays deaf ear!! to peoples Wishes.............Our YSR like just a star fell down on top of a hill totally burnt ...seems recognised only by his bald head and rings to his hand...
A man so devoted to his devoted towards his work...A man who can be said less religious when compared to many OTHER GONE!HE didn’t do injustice to other castes or religions like Few of our leaders do....a converted Christian yet had empathy towards all religions and beliefs ....reflected secularism to an extent and showed sympathy towards the poor!! seems before every meeting / every visit to a public place he jots down :”TO BE DONE” things in his notepad...and stays prepared..keeps on revising them...he might be doing the same thing before he met THIS horrible painful that split second would have been when he realised...the time has come...... HOPE didn’t die when it was revealed the chopper was identified by commandos..PEOPLE started pleading god,,,CM should be safe....the helicopter must have landed some where...there are even food and beverages in the chopper....facilitating a better stayal....BUT everything was in vain and it was soon informed..CM IS NO MORE!! The mournful state of the WHOLE state couldn’t be watched,....i felt shattered when i saw many people mourning crying out Loud for their Lovable leader ...few still hoping he will come back..some how he will heart sank watching every one ...foolishly hoping ....IF ONLY THE TIME TURNS BACK...and he doesn’t start at all.....I DONT HAVE MUCH Knowledge about politics...i don’t know much about WHOS WHO....i only know PEOPLE loved him immensely...madly much MAD That....24 people committed suicide unable to bear this death ...nearly 107 people died of heart attacks!! It’s like a massacre some Unseen power did ...some hands... evil hands plunged the state of AP and destroyed the peace and harmony....I PRAY NO ONE further dies......The fate GOD Has written is enough...why is the count of deaths increasing so much...???!! “OH GOD!! Please prove U R THERE”!!! amen............
People who died in a similar fashion
1.) Subhash Chandra bose whose flight crashed in Taiwan..Whose death is still a mystery
2.) Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a glider 1980 in a crash
3.) Madhav Rao Scindia, a senior Congress leader and a former cabinet minister, was killed in a plane crash Sep 30, 2001
4.) G.M.C. Balayogi former lok sabha speaker in a chopper crash March 3, 2002
5.) S. Kumaramangalam, a Congress leader, died in a plane crash in 1973 near New Delhi.
6.) O.P. Jindal, also a noted industrialist, and Surendra Singh were killed when the chopper carrying them went down near Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh March 31, 2005.
7.) Saundarya (FAMOUS telugu actress) who was campaigning for elections was killed in 17th apr 2004 in a similar crash
Few were lucky who missed Such death... such crashes...few had so rotten luck that they met such a death ...the people like above.....Its still an open question when people will get more alert...when we will stop Using outdated choppers or choppers repaired for hell lotta times...planes made of cheaper spare parts...with less security equipment and less technology!! INDIA MOVING fast in many fields ...still meets with such mishaps....Hope people spend money for right things at right places......GIVE The best to the nation and ...avoid making a history like this.....
YSR used to announce that a political career for any individual should end at 60...A man who believed YOUTH should enter in to politics...sadly for him it ended in this demolishing way god has planned for him...:( I bow for a man who met his death while servicing his people ...the state and nation as a whole...he was born on 8-7-1949...just completed 60yrs last month.
May his soul and the souls of the Folks who accompanied him rest in peace...!!!
“Salute to All”
HARD TO BELIEVE UR NO MORE Dear YSR!! U live in our hearts... ur smile will haunt for a long time :(

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Shut up and bounce

If ur thinking am gonna write DOSTANA songs lyrics.or about the movie silence of the lambs :) --.UR wrong...its just the title I GAVE and the image as they are very apt.SHuT UP AND BOUNCE!! WOWWWOWW!!very apt.
Have U ever tried to open a bingo or kurkure packet with the help of ur sharp canines coz UR neatly manicured nails will get spoiled...and the next scene was the scattered chips all over...Have U ever tried to not sip but drink all of the pani puri ka pani in ONE GO coz its irresistible and had a series of dry coughs later...have U ever tried asking Your neighbour how is she??! When her son eloped with her girl friend and her husband came drunk dialy night.....?Have U ever tried...asking your project manager Give me the schedule for the project so that I can plan accordingly when things are going in a very random and disorganised fashion ..with out proper time lines and proper estimations....Have U ever tried warning your bus driver who drives DEADLY rash as if he can meet a deadly accident any minute...who pays deaf EAR TO U DIALY!!....HAVE U ever tried doing all these things...TRY doing and U will understand hOW Apt it is my title...I mean how apt it is TO SHUT UP and let things happen and things wont happen PROPER when u try doing them in UR OWN STYLE OR ur own way which may seem apt to U but not to others....U may feel U can easily open BINGO with teeth...but it cant give better results always..U may feel panipuris pani is TASTY! But it leaves a bad acidic stomach for that day ............Ur showing UR CONCERN towards UR neighbour...but she may respond fiercely....UR PM may answer..Get uSED to the ways of this proj...THIS IS NOT UR PREVIOUS project..very curtly....Ur bus driver may look at u as if he is looking at dialy doordarshan 7Oclock news when U board the 7:30bus and warn him...he drives double rash regardless of ur continous THREATENS of complaints,....after all U R not the HEAD of the DC..or transport head atleast....So when we continuously do such things how ever strong we wish to do..we END UP WiTH 0 results...or Minimum results....but not satisfactory.....Let me jump in to the main THING I wanna discuss here...
OFFICE is a place bustling and jostling with VARIETY of people..HELL of a variety i should say,,,no where ON EARTH U WILL feel so many diversified characters....Some smile at U as soon as U look at if its instantaneous and ur just waiting for their SMILE THE WHOLE DAY!! Or the first thing in the morning...U Dont realise WHO IT IS .....HE smiles and leaves the place also...Thats the routine with many....we don’t even know the names...we just shut up and bounce;) Some don’t smile HOW HARD U TRY!! U laugh loud at ur own joke....u make a funny face...U tickle...They don’t smile...U prickle...They don’t react....THEY R LIKE THAT,,,,angry young mEN....BAChAN category......U SHUT up and bounce there too,,,,,then comes a category which smiles wide broad and bright when they need uR HELP!or want their work done: Jamuna (with all 32 teeth flashing LIKE IN THE HAPPY DENT AD ): “Aakash can U just add these extra points to this estimates document and leave...can u please finish this by eod....coz we hav a sudden client review coming up,......”...aakash happily does it IF JAMUNA is a pretty woman and is little dishearteaned if she looks awful....Some folka have a disconnected look...all their senses are disconnected.their body language is poor...they look at something else and talk to U! They smile vaguely looking at the white board behind U! Or some pen or book in ur hand ....or some thing else...disconnected senses SYNDROME! I call it....i exactly don’t know the reason..but they want to avoid u! With all possible ENERGY they have................I ONCE wondered and turned behind to see whats written on white board which is so funny that is making him laugh............but then realised...ITS DSS problem.....Some people try to fall under the rude category! Don’t kno why again here.........but they try maintaining a rude...shrewd LOOK!! A haphazard style of saying hi and an idiotic smile...ThEY feel its REALLY KEWL!! But don’t realise its really “A big fool” who is doing all this...Some are real good at flirting.......THEY Flirt ALMIGHTY level...they even tend to finish UR work....just to be in UR good books............or BECOme a hero for that day atleast........but poor chaps don’t realise they r being used.....!!Some flirt with A GLORY!! They r obvly the confident lot...who r handsome and hav little of brain...ITS tuff damn tuff to make them stand with two feet on the ground...They are almost always in skies...on cloud 9...sometimes may be on 10 and 11 and they feel all the single or almost single girls or some times even married ones FALL FOR THEM ! with out any SHAK! In their dimaags ;) When they meet a girl who doesn’t pay attention they name her “weirdo” “Rude”,,,,,when the girl pays attention (AFTER ALL HANDSOME looks & brains are many a times things to get tempted) ...They respond “Hey so much attention on me these days with a wink”
They feel they deserve talking any thing which can make THEM superior ....thats the whole intention...NOW I will stop the boys category for a while and start off with GIRLS...Gals gals ...always a strange topic...GALS make friends very easily and break up also damn easily!! Sometimes a common project, a common language , a common category (MARRIED or unmarried)or even a common enemy can make them REAL GOOD friends!! And there can be no REAL GOOD REASON! For break UP!!it can range from not wearing a saree even after continous requests of UR other girl friend ---It doesn’t matter whether u like wearing or not...or any other blah blah reason(YES there R Such people..dont get shocked)....Girls DONt drool over BOYS!! But a girl can become UR StroNG enemy when boys pay attention TO U! Particularly if she is MORE GOODLOOKING...and more......ADORABLE;)...but still boys stick to U!.............(this is the A1 reason....when a girl suddenly lessens her conversation to hmm oh is it...and just answers UR ASKED questions....)...A girl...can even stop talking to U! When there are N number of girls talking to U and she definitely doesn’t want to be the N+1!!------U get busy with Your work....lately...and become little frustrated with new mode of work people time stretches...all New which all face....but when U try meeting up Old friends after a long GAP its all new..U end up being asked...”is there any reason for this meeting....?” initially U can say just wanted to meet u All!!
But such a stupid emotional answer is not right FOR EVERY one and every time........U r questioned the same thing or responded a BLUNT NO! With out being given proper reasons for not able to make it........YES IT is taken THAT u HAVE Avoided them for two long months...and didn’t bother to inform or the same tit for TAT!! Huh!! I know whats playing in UR mind now”SHUT UP And bounce baby!! “”:-)

TBC Soon

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship Week............

We met by chance !!

At first Just gave a Glance...

Days passed and the months..

Was not aware When we were FRIENDS!!

We spoke we were silent,

We laughed loud We were Violent!!

We were concerned we were SERIOUS!

We made fun of...It was hilarious...

We stood for each other we fell apart...

We fight we cry We fail we try!!!

We Turn off We r selfish & BOLD!

We got a sudden thought of the times GOOD OLD!!

We here R "FRIENDS"

Whatsover may be the Day to day Trendzz!!!

@>-------------BY afshan -----------------<@

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sridevi --- B'ful

I am impressed by this pic. I was clean bowled by her innocent and beautiful looks and eyes during the period of Kshanakshanam( telugu movie ) and chalbaaz!
I was amazed by seeing her as Devakanya a beauty from heavens who comes down TO EARTH in search of her "angulikam " or ring in jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari :) 

I was little then and used to tell every one that I WILL BECOME HER when I grow up .

Sadma a movie where she actedmade me cry! I wasnt able to decide who was the best Kamal Hassan or She. I am not sure about Mr. India but  I definitely felt she is my own Miss. India who is damn cute, so comical so sweet ! 

My beautiful LADY turned 45. To me she LOOKS LIKE DEVAKANYA (Angel) TILL DATE!!

This random post as I am amused a lot and bowled by her beauty and simplicity!


Sunday, June 28, 2009


LIFE is a set of compromises,

With many owes AND PROMISES!!

With more of chances and less of choices ,

With Happyness at times and Bruises!

But always following U are your loved ones' VOICES!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goody goody -->misleads!

Often we fall for good things in the world. We fall for honesty, intelligence, humour , care , friendship , love , hope and what not....The good things which make u weak and u tend to wish more of it and expect they will accompany U as such forever!There is an ulterior motto behind many good deeds and behaviors!

For instance Some X comes in to your life all of a sudden and treats you very good so good that u think U r an Angel! But trust me UR a normal human like all others..How can a sudden special treatment make u unique from all others???.X is treating u so coz there is some Y motive behind it..The motive may range from a very silly one like just to pass the time and there is no good company at all around X or to take a chance of your foolish belief that UR THE BEST as per X’s treatment and have immense pleasure out of it or any other which is outta your guesses.Yeah there are such inalienable pleasures in the world......if u dont realise this and do lot good & expect an equal goody reaction then U r Not from todays world and u cant implement todays notion!Todays notion is that LIVE The moment and expect least out of it!! Care for a person if U want and forget it the very next day....Coz u never know when people stop being Good and when and how and what purpose of theirs is served! If the next day U R UR original self and the person has changed a lot.. No wonder ! this is what is the world like..There can be people like You!! But yeah as they say majority wins! So try going with it...

Emotionally getting attached to each and every one can lead to disasters! Unknowingly u may put up with people who are reckless with your heart !coz HOPE ...Inspite of knowing the hope will harm U! U hope coz u stick to the stupid belief that once it was GOOD i can make more out of it ...but Buddy !! the world is moving so fast there is no much link to the past present and not saying treat some one good get the good treatment from some one and JUST FORGet it ...I am saying dont expect it will prevail for long!! The someone WHO is the best to U may change tomorrow and who knows--> U who r the best to some one can change the very next day!

Change is the only stable thing in the world...Today U speak to a person Z who was immensely giving suggestions to U even with out asking . Who was extremely praising U for UR good deeds and sweetlly scolding for rude manners U have any towards others!! The next day U go to Z coz U have some problem and u wanna solve it..and who else BETTer Than Z! But Z yeah the same Z is paying deaf ear ... U think Z has his own problem...may be..but Z is being good to others...because it is their GOOD DEED day not uRs!If u hope Z will come back then UR fooled...Yes there is a definite come back but only when it is too late and when it is not that needed !
A pleasure U wanna get through pressure is always painful!! Please note my words...U expect some thing out of X Z or any Y coz once your expectations were met but the same XYZ bounce at the needy hour!!There are very few things done in the world with out a motive behind them...

Realise this fact stay young stay fit for long....keep forgetting the already spent DAYS or years! And move on..If u realise this U R at the right place ! its said a 1000 frowns may lead to one wrinkle and old age soon!! Analyse less and GO ON..........

“ I am a kid!
Can i be it but God forbid!

I grew to be a juvenile
Hoping every thing and every while!

Flood of thoughts made me frail!!

I got old and was dying
I told Hope is the good thing in me always living!”

If there are many hoodwinks in the world which lead to good!!then LET IT BE!! I will be good...and continue being it...COZ Good never DIES!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zoozoos Vodafone ads !!

on just giving a glimpse, these "zoozoos" in Vodafone TV ads may resemble animated cartoon characters with an alien look or simply a stupid egg-head character with disproportional white bodies and black dots for eyes and mouth.

These Zoozoo characters, have been created by O&M for Vodafone to convey different value added services offered by the mobile phone company including phone Backup, cricket alerts, etc.

This was something which was created purely out of textbook and is totally an Indian idea. The characters are such that they lead simple lives, speak insane and incomprehensible language and move in a certain way with human emotions.

But the interesting part is that Zoozoos are not animated characters but are actually slim women actors from local Mumbai theatres, dressed in white costumes that are stuffed with foam to portray the characters.

Prakash Varma, who directed the Vodafone ZooZoo commercials, told Afaqs that they only had women – and occasionally children – as their main cast to keep the hands and legs thin of the Zoozoo characters.

What do u feel abt ZOO ZOOS frends?

1.)very innovative & cute

2.) Brilliant



And UR THE BEST AD??!!if u like them

Thursday, March 12, 2009

colors of LiFe!


It Seemed to be a shade of YELLOW,

Fall came but the grass is still mellow!!

Sun lit skies and the rainbow colors..

Earth seemed to be heaven with all the flavors!!

It seemed to be a shade of blue,

For a second it all seemed true!
To sort it out I just stayed glue,

After a while it got lost in the crew!!

It seemed to be a shade of pink,

Made me smile and also think!

Bright it was and the worries sink,

The color faded when I blink!!

It seemed to be a shade of RED,

Splattered here and there is The BLOOD!

Shaken I was and totally afraid,

Is this the path of the HELL LAID!

It seemed to be a shade of white,

Setting all the things Right!

The world is the happiest with minus EGO,

Soon it seemed to be long time ago!!

It seemed to be a shade of green,

Which was peaceful and clean!

Turbulent colors of THIS LIFE,

Gleeful at times, at times with strife!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Koshish milne ki…

Kashish ek muskuraahat paaneki….

Saazish ek bandhan me baandhneki……

Khwaahish dil jeetne ki…..

Khuda se guzaarish laakh duaayen dene ki !!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the memory of a BEloved! ! :(

People come people go!
Time doesn’t will flow!!
Today I pray infront of you God bent with a bow,
Can the time turn back and get little slow??

I lost my friend in just the flick of a second,
Will he not be alive blessed with a chance second!!
Show him the path of peace with your beckon!
There are few memories I don’t wanna reckon!!:(

I make a life less doll for myself out of clay,
I mend it at times or I just play!
The doll bubbling with life made by U wants to pray!
Still you seize the life and take it away!!

Thy Kingdom Thou Rule OH GOD!!
The world full of colors your sod!
Demise is none other than you in disguise,
Making us always fail and in Power u rise!!

------------may his soul rest in peace------------

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unlimited are my emotions,

Unfathomable are my expectations!!

The one thing I never regret!!

Oh God! Two things make me U “Forgive and FORGET”!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

hope never dies!! 2009

Looking Forward - 2009 !

2004.....2007 and 2008 was when.........
when we got a job.........
when we passed out of college....
when we made new amazing friends.....
when some of us moved to a new city.....
When some of us celebrated our 21st - 25th birthdays.....

When we waved good bye to our buddies leaving to the states for higher studies...
when some of us fell in love........
when some of us fell out of love
when some of us got hurt
when some of your 'friends' screwed up your love life…
when some 'one' you liked, did not like 'you'….

when we would have made mistakes
when we made life's decisions.......
when these decisions turned out to be a tragedy
when some of us felt lonely ....
when some of us made an amazing friend in a new city
when some of us would have learnt to be stronger.....

when some of us would have realized that everything happens for a reason.....
when some of us let out our anger.....
when some of us never opened up to our friends about how we felt....
when some of us felt so glad and happy to be the way they are.....
when we go out everyday and meet up with our friends...
when we had serious talks with our dad about our future.....

when we missed each other when we were at hometown………..
when we missed our mom here …..
when we cried for each other …….
When we celebrated our first new year with our friends ….
When we were jobless all the time in office ……..
When we walked around the streets late in the night ……

When we put budget for the next month (but strictly not following it)
Last year has taken us through all our ups and downs we faced in our life... more year.....A year to....

To find our life partner (might be)
to forget old crushes…
to smile........
to let people know how much u care...
to learn from our mistakes.......
to cry when we are feeling down.....
to follow our dreams.......
to fight against everything for our dreams to come true.....
to be more confident.........
to be more strong at heart and mind.....
to enrich our knowledge.........
to make others happy....

Lets take each day as it comes........
Forget about the downs we came across in the past year........
And remember every lesson we learnt through them........
Let's Enjoy Life to the Fullest............


"When God Spoke to Me!"

Is it for the love of God, you do what you do? Or is it your hunger to wake up something sleeping within you? What do you mean to do with th...