Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 26. Fave thing to do on Sunday

The Day 26 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 26. Fave thing to do on Sunday: What’s your favourite thing to do on Sundays? Sleep-in? Eat out? Party? Share.

"Sun"day is meant to be a LATE day when you don't feel like watching the sunrise and you don't feel like having your usual 7O'clock tea or 8O'clock bath. When I was with Infosys Hyderabad I used to wake up by 10 or 11 on a sunday morning and have brunch (breakfast+lunch). Even now my sundays start late and end late. We switch off the alarms and lose track of time. When I check the mobile it will already be 9 A.M. and I hurriedly go to gym. After coming from gym I am  always treated royally by my husband. I sprawl on the sofa and wait for the master chef to serve the break fast which obviously is delicious, hot and just the way I like it. My sundays are incomplete if my husband doesn't cook. Even on weekdays he interferes and customizes the dishes. I don't mind unless until he doesn't judge my cullinary skills!
In the above pic tomato+capsicum sandwich and tea+biscuits were made just today morning by him for a diet conscious me and French toast for himself who is not so diet conscious :p.What amuses me most is the time taken by him to make each dish. I exactly take double the time he takes and I am not very artistic when it comes to cooking. I just finish it for the heck of it. Below is the pic of fried chicken and home made virgin mojito by husband on one fine sunday morning or may be I should say noon!
Trust me it was better than the restaurant stuff. A virgin mojito is around 100-150 in KFC and at home it was better , cheaper and wowwier :) He usually garnishes the dishes very artistically. The above were done in a hurry! My husband who has a dream to open a take away or a restaurant. He is very skilled and just waiting for the right time to pounce!

The real fav thing to do on a sunday is to sleep but I don't want to click it . The other different things I love to do on sunday are below!

Going to any mall or a bookshop and getting lost between the racks. I love window shopping and also the actual shopping . In book stores I sit and browse through the books before deciding to buy but I never actually sit there for long and read like many others. I get easily distracted!

.  It is an interesting store - Reliance time out .Clicked in a mall in Bangalore
 I am a big movie buff. I don't miss a chance to watch the movie on a sunday evening and luckily we have malls and theaters at a stone throw distance from home. Of course ticket price is too much on weekends in Bangalore. Weekdays are cheap but sometimes when I can't resist watching a movie I don't wait for a weekday :)
"Q" Cinemas
Sundays are meant to be lazy but still they are so happening. As always I got up late today, went to gym pretty late and after watching Kai po che on tv posting this sleeping on my bed. Now don't want to waste more time on a sunday!

Ciao you all. Meet you tomorrow!


  1. In this heat, I don't mind the virgin mojito...nice post...seemingly many nice husbands here treating their spouse with yummy brunches :)

    1. Ya he made it on a hot summer day in Delhi :)
      most sought after drink in summer ! Yep looks like there r better male cooks arnd ;)

  2. Quite a happening Sunday you have!
    Having a husband who cooks is a blessing, truly!
    I was treated with baked potatoes a short while ago! :)

    1. Awesome
      Keeping my self away from greasy food but this chap (my hub)makes so yummy dishes that I get lured :(

  3. Food! I love French Toast. I have made the maximum purchase from there on my last visit to India. There is a branch of Reliance Time Out in Kochi also. :)

    1. Wow
      It has branches too
      I saw it first time in bangalore.
      Interesting place it is

  4. I try to avoid stepping into a bookstore as far as possible, 'coz when it comes to books, my resistance levels are too low! Not that it helps much nowadays... I can always log on to flipkart! Oh well...

    1. I mostly buy on flipkart
      But I don't miss going to stores occasionally and browsing through stuff
      It is fun ;)

  5. nice way to spend Sundays!! :)
    I love it when my husbands cooks too!!
    and a bookstore on a sunday afternoon is simply ideal!!

    1. Ya true.....its delightful to walk between the RACKS ;)
      goood day pixie

  6. Aha!!! Talented Hubby u have :)

    And yes I can spend hours in front of books!!! Hours!

    U know there was a time when we wud watch movies every Sunday? Now that has stopped

    1. Now u have kid and wud have got busy :)
      Ya he is talented. nazar na lage use :P

  7. Replies
    1. Nope ! It was in Lunch,,,,,,, If u read I wrote on one sunday noon :)


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