Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 31. Four things!

The Day 31 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 31. Four things: Choose four things and take a photo. They can be anything. 

Phew ! I can breathe now . Finally the last prompt and the easiest of alllll. Thank god its Friday and thank God its over. I feel relaxed as I can rest and do some thing else now ;) . The marathon of every day challenges ends for me as of now !

Coming to my four pics today, they are just random clicks. Who doesn't like soft toys and key chains ? I have a penchant for them. NOT TEDDY BEARS though. Some how I never liked them much. I like different kinds of stuffed toys. I was mad about angry birds till some days back. My hubby got me my favorite red bird and also the yellow bird in the second pic. The one you see in between them is a character from "THE CROODS" movie by Dream works. Its name is belt. My husband got it at office when the movie got released. Perks of working at a creative place ;)

It is an adorable character. Look how he is trying to make angry birds- the smiley birds. The first pic is of\a key chain I bought in some exhibition . The back side of it has mine and Imran's (my husband's) names written on a rice grain ! The third pic is of a watch I got as a gift on my birthday last month. The last bouquet and the cute teddy were couriered to me by my husband when I had to go to Hyderabad on the valentine's day. A teddy , bouquet of red roses and a hand written note which is so unlike him made me smile broad. No we don't celebrate Valentines day. Hence it surprised me . May be he missed me :p!

angry birds key chain , stuffed toys, Birthday and valentine's day gifts
Check out belt here -  If you havent watched "THE CROODS" do watch !

Ya I know its just four photos but had to flaunt our names on rice grain below ;)

My Instagram dashboard looks some thing like this ! I like it 

Thats all friends. It was fun to know you all through this challenge. Meet some other time in some other challenge. Till then cheers!



  1. I loved the character belt too in the movie...actually I loved the movie completely.

    Stuffed toys again, I am very fond of but simply don't like the angry birds :0

    1. ya croods was awesome na !

      I didnt kno angry birds till last year. every one laughed sayng am in 2010
      I played till I got bored and I love the concept of the game

  2. I used to like stuffed toys when we couldn't afford them. Now when we can I have outgrown them :D

  3. i hv the one on rice grain too..

  4. I have the rice grain one too. :)

  5. @smita : bt still u can get one for urself and u too can njoy :)

    @meena : :)

    @Janu :Thanks

    @Jyothi: Cool


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