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Jab We Met 10 years back :)

Jab I met Imtiyaz Ali's characters Geet and Aditya Kashyap a decade back, I instantly knew that these characters would be etched in my heart! As Oct 26 2017 marked ten years of release of Jab we met , I saw posts floating on Facebook which discussed the movie, the best scenes and so many other memories linked with it, when I fondly remembered how that movie helped me grow mentally! This post is to revive some unforgettable scenes from the movie and to remember few lessons life teaches us !
JAB WE MET : source : here

Geet -
A hunky dory , happy go lucky kind of a girl, looking at whom you may think nothing can go wrong with this girl and even if it goes wrong, with her optimistic spirit she would just correct it or solve it. She is the agony aunt, the love guru and behaves like a know it all where as in reality she turns out to be the one who lives in the dream bubble and hopes that nothing can burst that bubble but life happens to every person and her bubble bursts and like how! Geet, the energy ball, the fun-frolic girl doesn't know how to handle it all. She tries embracing the sorrow and fails. This taught me that even if you are the most outspoken and most optimistic person embedded with high energy, there is a possibility that you can get depressed, you may be put in spot and can become vulnerable and you may cry and lose hope too. Geet's character taught me  that just because you are a happy person , it is not a rule that shit may not happen to you. Shit happens to all and it is up to us to see that the shit doesn't hit roof, walls and gets propelled just around us. Geet does slowly come back to life with the support of Aditya Kashyap and it feels so good seeing her old self. It instilled hope in me that nothing is  permanent!

Aditya Kashyap - First look of Aditya gives an impression that he is the brand ambassador for boredom, a  geekish personality who is quite vulnerable and cold hearted, but then you realise he is sensitive, loving, and a caring  person and his love failure plus other happenings make him a less intrusive personality. He doesn't like to share or talk much. I used to feel that men can never be sensitive but Aditya's character felt so real, that I started believing in the existence of warm and sensitive men too, and came across few such men myself. It feels so beautiful how Geet and  Aditya rub off their personalities on each other a bit. Aditya learns to live from Geet which he again subtly teaches her. They just fit with each other like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Who doesn't want to spend life with a friend like that? Though life may not seem or end up like the movie, one can always try! I love the scene where Aditya hugs Geet in the second half in hotel room and says, its ok, such things  happen, as she gets very cautious! Even if he knows there is chemistry and spark of romance between them, his priority becomes resolving Geet's issues and reminding her what she was - this point stole my heart! 

Aditya is a  good singer but forgets his hobby and creativity in his run-of-the mill life. I loved how Geet persuades him to sing and he starts singing in bus and also in mid of the crowd in Bhatinda at Geet's place. He always remembers the things Geet taught him, and never forgets her or his singing.  He surprises every one with his singing skills in office, and this is my all time favorite song. Everytime I watch this song, it makes me smile broad and inspires me to keep pursuing my own hobbies and interests, no matter what!

Tum se hi ...... tum se hi.....

If first half of the movie, makes you roar with laughs, second half will make you self-introspective, as you may remember few critical junctures of your life, when you tried coming out of a situation and nothing  helped. It feels sad to see Geet as the sad school teacher, who is trying to fight her depression and still clinging to Anshuman (with whom she plans her future), hoping some miracle may happen which will make him finally accept her but that doesn't happen because things will not fall in place in the timezone you want them to, even if you are passionate, persuading and a positive personality like Geet. Some times you have to struggle and struggle more than usual people do for things you desire. This lesson stayed with me as I did not achieve  many things in life easily! If the songs  Tum se hi and Ye ishq haaye make me tap my feet and smile, Aaoge jab tum shared below always leaves a lacuna in stomach and heart! Imtiyaz makes such songs in every movie which slash viewers' hearts :)

Imtiyaz's stories are all about emotions. How you can make them, break them, restore them, fight them and fight your inner demons is the gist of all his stories! This movie is all about knowing your priorities, setting them straight, learning from your struggles and just learning to live again and loving yourself again and loving yourself little more than before. I cannot pick a favorite scene from the movie, as I love each and every bit of it and ended up watching it zillions of  times... but at this moment I can only remember the below climax scene where Geet just knows what to do and does the right thing once she knows who deserves what kind of treatment!

Climax scene, source : here
Geet became a house hold name after the movie and whoever loves talking a lot got tagged as Geet Dhillon! The movie became so famous that it is remade in some foreign language. I exactly don't remember which one now!

We all love living in our own shell sometimes and refuse to come out of it. We all need that one special person, a  partner or a friend who can bring us out of it. We may seem happy, positive and energetic but we all need help sometimes and we should not hesitate in seeking help and should not feel low just because someone reached out to us. It just means that the person loves us and cannot see us that way and goes out of his/her way to just make us smile! With a wish that all of you get one such person in your lives and also become your own favorite just like Geet is her's :) , I end this post which is my last post for the year 2017!

PS: It took me 2 months to finish this post as office and baby are keeping me busy, but I am glad I at-least finished it now, because, like Aditya Kashyap, I too dont want to stop doing things I love the most! :)

HAPPY Holidays to all!💜😎

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Labor Room Saga - Episode 2 - "Onset of the Contraction"

Continued from Episode 1

I entered the hospital and asked for the emergency wing. After all the classes, I was sure that I had to go to first floor but still that was the moment when I seeked reassurance from any one in the vicinity about everything I already know. I was eagerly waiting for my pains to start. I think labor is the only time when pains are welcomed the most and then you wish for the pain to just wash over you so that the ordeal ends!

I was taken to a  common ward, where different types of patients were resting. While entering in, the staff stopped the people who accompanied me (dad, bro, mom and husband)  and said that only one person can accompany me in the ward. Natural choice, I thought  was Imran as I felt that I was being prepared for delivery, but my mom came with me after a brief discussion on who should go. The labor wards were attached to this ward from where I could hear screams and  screeches. Two three voices went like this - "Push push push . You can do it. You are almost there. Yes Yes Yes!"

If it was not hospital, one would think, some cricket or kabaddi tournament is going on and the crowd is cheering for the team! That was the second when I actually got the thought about that most awkward and embarrassing moment of pushing! In the common ward there was one young girl who underwent  some complicated surgery for fibroids or something. The overheard details did not register in my brain. From her cries and screams, I could figure out that she was in lot of pain :-( . Ultrasound gel was applied,  wires , tubes, machines were connected, beep sounds followed and nurses started monitoring every thing. My blood pressure, temperature, heart beat and every reading which can be monitored. Baby's heartbeat was  continuously being monitored  on a screen and I was eagerly looking at that mini monitor as if those changing readings of 148 ..158..170 would magically get transformed to baby and he or she would jump out of the monitor in to my arms! If only the origin of new life was that easy ;)

I just slept on the bed, immobile like a log, taking in the surroundings. In the attached room behind me I could still hear the muffled cries of pain of the same girl. It did not do me any good. I first thought she was in labor, later I realized she underwent a different kind of surgery, when a team of anesthetists and many other specialists came to talk to her. In the bed adjacent to me one more lady seemed to be in a different kind of pain from a different kind of surgery. I will not go in to intricate details but both these scenes ignited fear in my mind which was till then happily sleeping in corner. A lady who underwent C-section was brought in to the ward. First thing I saw was , her pretty face with arched eyebrows. She gave a weak smile holding her baby and then dozed off after placing the baby next to her. "She must be facing the after effects of drugs", I thought! Then came her husband, when I understood she is a Muslim too as the husband gave an azaan, before he named the boy and told the name in his ears, a ritual which some follow! I was watching all these events around me when my doctor arrived by 5 A.M. I think, to check how much I was dilated. Doctors invading private parts became a casual event through out my pregnancy but at that moment everything seemed strenuous and painful!

As I was just 2cm dilated, she said there is still a looooooooooooooong way to go. I obviously was disappointed. I was given some antibiotics and then some pills to kick start the contractions. I was like, excuse me ? Medication to start the pains.  Have you all gone bonkers! Seeing  everyone around me,  I started panicking. I called my mom and told , "Mom, can we please request for Cesaren!  Pretty please?"

My mom told, let us  first wait and see. I  was stubborn that I needed surgery. Different doctors were checking on me for different things and readings and I was already exhausted and started checking whatsapp and facebook and even informed a couple of close friends that I was in labor. One of the doctors, who is my mom's friend's daughter came to increase my moral boost and monitor everything like everyone else. When we asked about C-section, she said, "When everything is perfect , why do you want to go through surgery!? Let us see , we will decide when it comes. OK Afshi?", she said. I felt little OK. May be it was because she called me Afshi, which gave me courage that I know some one from the team or may be  it was the fact that I still have time to decide, but I felt lot better than before.

I was given different foods,  Idli at 9 A.M. Chapathi and curd at 11 A.M. Tea at 12 P.M. and the servings continued. I was not given anything heavy and I was not in a mood to eat anything light too as I felt that may delay the C-section procedure but my doctor felt that I need all the energy to push :) I was continuously being given increased doses of some tablet (the name of which I don't recollect) to induce pains!

People were taking turns to be with me. My mom was there for most of the time. When she went out. Imran came in, all fresh in a neat kurta pyjama. I didn't even know when he went home and came back. I realised it was  12:30 P.M. already and wondered, where the time went. I was super agitated as I felt I was  dirty and every one  else was clean. I badly wanted to take a bath. I secretly combed my hair, as I was in a sensitized zone, and tied it in a bun. I  was careful to not throw litter around. I was being given appy , frooty or the coconut water.  I  was not relishing any of it!

Then my dad came and huge concern was written all over his face. He told me or rather assured me that the long journey is finally going to end and I will have my child in my arms by EOD.  I hoped for the same. It is funny how the job of parenting is always on. More than the child to which I was going  to give birth, my mom, dad were only worried about me, my comfort, my pain , my bed sheet, if I am warm or cold , if I  need anything etc etc.. Even during all that fuss, I was quite moved when I saw my mom who suffers from severe arthritis hopping around doing errands for me. The question of whether or not I can be a good mom danced in front of me for the nth time!

I think it was 1 P.M. and it came. At first it was very low, a blink and you miss occurrence. Contraction arrived, but it was hard to tell, whether it was the normal pain or the actual contraction but  oh yaaaaaaaa it came again ending my dilemma. It was like, some one pinched me hard from inside and slowly released the grip.  I really am not able to recollect the pain, but ya it did feel like a low level menstrual cramp.  I told my dad that it may be a contraction!

source : here

The finale episode shall soon be written :) ....

Friday, June 16, 2017

BaahuBali - A Milestone for the Indian Cinema

Source : here
I rarely write reviews for tollywood movies as going to theater and watching a Telugu movie became once in a blue moon activity. After so long I felt like writing a review for this magnanimous flick - Baahubali which got the attention of many countries and was ofcourse a treat to watch, After years of dedication and hardwork of the entire cast and crew I felt it would be good to write something about the movie!

Story line, Characters and review

After watching Baahubali the beginning, I was intrigued like many other viewers, not because I was curious about "Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?"  I mean it was very easy to guess why he might have taken that  step. Anyone can guess the story line . Good Vs Bad, Valor Vs Cowardice, honesty Vs lies and so on so forth and in the end the positive things always taste the victory but what intrigued me the most is the question - how will Rajamouli and all other creators make it a memorable watch? I was not disappointed as the movie lived up to the hype. The story doesn't dwell much in past, gives us a brief recap, before plunging directly in to the actual prequel which felt good. The opening song "Oka Pranam" is apt while titles scroll in the background. The opening scene where Amarendra Bahubali enters has stolen all women and mens' hearts in equal numbers! I fell in love with the character, the persona  and the screen presence through out. Even if the way Baahubali pulls a cart, stops the elephant and climbs on it is unrealistic, the grandeur with which it is presented, was received by audience with whistles and hoots.

Shivagami sticks to the same intimidating  glance and demenour she had in part 1 but this time she is kind of crushed between her biological son (BhallalaDeva) and the raised son's (Bahubali's) conflicts which was very much expected. Devasena looked extremely gorgeous as  the warrior princess, who is ever-ready to defend her kingdom and husband and the love story of  Amarendra and  Devasena  seemed OK too as it was not too sketchy and unreal, the way it is shown in many other historical biopics. Also I liked their story more than the dreamy story of Sivudu and Avantika. The sets were humongous as always. If Mahishmati looked Royal, Kuntala Kingdom seemed dreamy. Few scenes seemed to be straight away lifted from some epic hollywood movies and historical biopics but they did have an impact on audience. My personal favorite scene is the fight between the warriors of Kuntala kingdom and the attackers in which Amarendra uses his skills and intellect. The flames on the horns of the oxen which run around the palace is well shot. There are many other favorite tid-bits but my most favorite is when the infant Sivudu (Mahendra  Bahubali) drops his tiny palm on his mother's palm as a promise to come back, before Sivagami leaves the palace with him. May be it is my new found baby love but the scene touched me!

Kattappa holding Mahendra- here

Some minuses

Of course there are loop holes too and it is easy to find them as the movie is continuously put under scanner after so much hullabaloo. I found the scene where Devasena gets in to boat using the strong arms of Bahubali as a bridge, funny and overrated and the song following this scene had too many special effects and did not suit my taste.  Kattappa being so foolishly devoted to his masters, seemed idiotic to me. Sivagami trusting her tyrant husband and son seemed illogical but may be the  only explanation which holds good here is that love blinds people and  makes them lose the  intellect and sanity and with out this trust the story wouldn't have budged, so may be it was inevitable. Avantika's role is wasted after being shown as a great warrior in the first half. I felt Aslam Khan aka Sudeep would have some role to play even in the 2nd part. It would have been good to see him assisting the war forces but there was no hint of him. I did not like the movie after the death of Amarendra Bahubali. May be as I watched a similar and even a better war in first half, I didnt enjoy Sivudu fighting with all his might to ward off Bhallaladeva and his supporters. Last but not the least like every one I was also curious about BhallalaDeva's wife :-)

Summary and My Verdict

The movie has heated up the state more than the summer of the May .All in all, the movie experience is enjoyable due to elements intricately projected in the movie . By elements I again don't mean the graphics or the stunts or war scenes as I honestly liked the CGI and VFX effects more in first half, which were subtle and beautiful. In Bahubali 2 what I loved are the intricacies of expressions, emotions , seamless storytelling which will not bore you even for a second, the grandeur with which everything was projected on screen, cool personas of all the actors and a fitting conclusion for the audience who eagerly waited for 2 years !

The ending scene seemed a bit dragged or may be I was just wanting more of Amarendra Bahubali , but all in all Bahubali makes a magnificent watch and the man of the moment- Prabhas- completely deserves all the attention he is getting. Three cheers to him. While getting awed by him let us take a moment and not forget the wonderful effort by BhallalaDeva (Rana Daggubati) who maintained that awesome physique and was looking great in his negative shade. I read in news that he is blind in one eye which made me appreciate his efforts more. Needless to say RamyaKrishna rocked as Shivagami and Devasena and her attitude were as natural as it can get. Anushka effortlessly looks gorgeous whenever she acts in the historic roles . Last but not the least, a round of applause to Rajamouli and a big round of applause to his dad K.V. Vijayendra Prasad who is the story writer . Good amount of research must have been done while writing the story of Bahubali and many historical movies , relics and books would have been studied to make this an appealing watch and the Mahishmati experience almost a realistic one !
Man who attracted many with just one movie. He sure deserves being the heart throb he is. Source : here

Having said everything, yes I have a big new found crush on Prabhas  and the viewers, by and large  liked Bahubali, though there are some who have done all the autopsies and biopsies and declared that going to theater and watching the movie is a waste of time. I felt the movie can be fully enjoyed only in the theater and can be savored only if judged less. Bahubali did become a milestone for Indian cinema, earning some 1000+ crores worldwide and all the products from the Bahubali franchise are also in demand in the market, including toys, video games, clothing so on so forth !

Hoping to see Rajamouli working on a unique story next and Prabhas to retain the fame, name and work in something different after a long hiatus :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

"Labor Room Saga" - Episode 1

I am taking time out of my busy ( or may be  not so busy but just lazyyy) schedule to pen down the memories of my labor room when they are still  fresh. It has been 3+ months  since  Zaara  entered my life but I remember every detail of that eventful day + night  (Feb10th 2017). After all the Child birth preparation , labor preparation classes, after learning the butterfly squats, lamaze breathing and after seeing all kinds of shapes and sizes of bellies in the class and feeling OK as every one seemed equally scared, I STILL DID NOT FEEL OK ABOUT IT!

Since my childhood I remember feeling scared and grossed about the entire child birth process. From imagining that the child comes out of the mouth of a mother during a big vomit when I was in third standard to talking with my friends at length, about the options of  not marrying or being just a friend to the husband and staying safe and away from the horrific episodes during my teenage ;-) , every thing was reeling in my head on Feb10th 2017 after my water broke. I was using those memories as stress buster. Feb 9th was just like any other day. I was working from home from Feb 3rd and was  just feeling very weak by the second half of the  day of Feb 9th. I had to work on Feb 10th too to wind off few things  but was thinking to inform my manager about  my weakness and that I would like start my leave from Feb 10th. Leave was actually scheduled from Feb 13th (Monday). I did not want the weekend to go waste in the maternity leave period! A miser and a wiser (???) me was saving the last ounce of my leaves for the later period of my maternity!  But I finally gave up on 9th and felt I just can't work any more.

I think it is the subconscious mind which always wins. I did feel that I may deliver in 2-3 days though doctor said I was still 2 weeks away from due date. What I did not guess or feel that day was that, I would be delivering the next day! I worked till 8- 8:30 P.M. that night, unlike other days when I usually wind off work at 5:30 P.M. as I  had to send an urgent release notes,  I finally called it a day and fell flat on the bed.
Meanwhile some where in Alaska, the plight of a pregnant woman. Image source - here
My major pregnancy symptoms were breathlessness which lasted almost till the last day and a bad muscle pull in the left side of my waist. I was telling my husband about the unusual weakness which felt different from the pain I faced in the earlier weeks. He started scolding me like he did every day on how he wanted me to take leave from Feb 1st week and avoid WFH. I was listening to everything with minimum attention span and was simultaneously feeling  something is  not right. That night I taught my husband Imran - how to use Instagram, the details about hash tags (of which he is still not clear and is trying to get a hang of it ;) ) , about followers , showed him the celebrity profiles e.t.c. We were up chatting till about 1 A.M. At about 3 A.M.  which is my usual time during  the entire pregnancy to hit the loo, I felt wide awake as some thing hot was oozing out of me. It was not a normal flow. I first felt it must be blood and did not understand how to react , then  I realized my water broke and the oceanic flow was not stopping.

I did not have any pains but I was recollecting the terrifying stories of women who told me that their water broke and as all amniotic fluid came out there was oxygen deficiency, birth was complicated and kid had to be moved to ICU and so on so forth. I was trying to shut my mind off and fill it with only hope and optimistic thoughts but it was not happening. I was not sure what to do. By 3:10 A.M. we were all wide awake. Thanks to my mom who kept the maternity bag ready which had my clothes and all essentials. I kept my brush, tooth paste, a book, Ipod and was searching for ear phones that time (Yes you all can grin at this detail). My husband who was rushing said, he will get the unnecessary stuff later and that we should go to hospital right then!

Me, mom and my husband started in our car and still nothing. I couldn't feel a thing other than the splurge of amniotic flow. I tuned in to radio to soothe  myself. Some odd music was playing which I couldn't even recognize. Suddenly I shouted ,  "Hey  Imran.  Did you realise I worked till last day." He said "Yay!"

Then I turned around to tell the same to my mom.  She seemed to be facing all the pressure which I should actually face. Looking  at her worried  face I felt troubled. Otherwise I was in a jolly mood (I was a blissfully unaware soul about the long day ahead of me ;) ). I was hoping through out the ride that I would start feeling the contractions, will go in passive labor, will reach hospital and 2-3 hrs of active labor and voila - my  kid will be out in no time. I heard in classes that the labor, specially for the first birth will be long and arduous but I mentally agreed to disagree as I wanted mine to start and end in a jiffy :D

We suddenly remembered that we need to inform about my labor to the LifeCell guys who need to collect my umbilical cord for the stem cell preservation. After hearing a lot about stem cell culture, we invested in it . They were prompt and informed us that their agent will reach hospital soon. The agent (thanks to her)made me laugh loud after pains started. I will discuss more about this fun character in my next posts. We quickly reached hospital as the roads were clear with no traffic. I was thinking too many odd things as I stepped in to hospital. I was thinking how it has been long since I went on a long road trip and was wondering how cool it would be if I can travel on clear roads like the ones on which we rode just now. I was thinking of a hot morning cuppa and crispy choco chip cookies. I was wondering if I should have brought my blanket (??) and the contour pillow (which I use due to my neck pain). As I stepped in, I felt I should have combed my hair, when I caught my image in one of the many glass windows. I thought of office and suddenly took out my mobile to text my team mate.

"I am in LABOR. Please inform manager. I cannot work today!" . This was my SMS  to my teammate which I also whatsapped (coz who checks SMSes these days??). As I type out, it still makes me laugh loud. Everyone knew I was pregnant and would soon go in labor. Still I made it a point to inform that I cannot work. We had good laughs over this detail in coming weeks but that moment every action seemed  laborious (pun intended), odd and hazy!
Leads to a good laugh but explains how every one may lose mind during labor :) - Image source : here

To be continued ...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Heart of A Mother

When you smile my heart skips a beat
When you cry my heart skips a beat
When you lock your eyes with mine for hours, my heart skips a beat 
When I giggle and you chuckle, my heart skips a beat!

The heart does a somersault when it hears your wail
The heart is shielded by love when you hold my hand tight or follow my trail
In my heart, for every one around me there is sudden warmth and love 
It is a bigger place now, as in my heart you started to live!

My new found heart embraces me when I need to be strong
My new found heart gives me a bear hug when I do something wrong
My heart nudges me to discover new acts for you
When you nudge me to repeat my act , the act feels so good and true!

You are the best remedy for my every day blues
You have filled my life with many new hues 
Your smile feels so pure and honest, devoid of the worldly stuff
To sail through a rough day that loving stare and smile are enough!

When I held you first in my arms, tears flooded my eyes 
The tears of joy and overwhelm on seeing your face felt so nice
The first kiss on your forehead will be treasured by me forever
It is the best kiss of my life and nothing can match it ever!

It feels like a fairy flickered her wand and the God performed a miraculous trick
Having you in my life almost feels like magic
Motherhood is not what you are but it is what you do
I always feel ecstatic when I think of the duo of me and the little you!

I still have a long way to go and the day to day challenges scare me

At times I do have a selfish desire to be the little daughter to my mother, and be free
I am a new mother with lot of apprehension and fear
In future when I may be fighting my own demons, I want you to be there!

If I am lost or angry I want you to read these lines

Only to know that it is love at the first sight which always reigns
I want you to feel the endless bond which envelops you and me
I want you to know, it is an overpowering emotion, my love on thee!!

A 6 month old me and my three month old daughter

Happy Mothers day to one and all!

Monday, April 10, 2017

"H for HakunaMatata"

Every one of us who watched The Lion King know this song-  Hakunamatata, where Elton John stole our heart by composing music for all those beautiful lines! Hakunamatata translates to "no problems" or "no worries". I remember the most favorite line - "Hakunamatata what a wonderful phrase . It means no worries, for the rest of your days!" In my growing years this song had a great influence on me. Such a scintillating and inspiring song this one is but once you grow and as you take a plunge in to your own life and experience the happenings around you, will you be able to sing Hakunamatata with out a second thought?

source: here

"Hakunamatata is for sure a wonderful phrase
But can you say Hakunamatata in every single phase?
To actually feel it, to rise and loudly sing,
we need continuous practice of not giving a shit about a thing!

With so much happening in the world around you

From loneliness and war, to hunger and deaths, is it easy to make Hakunamatata true?
A tragedy is not really a tragedy till it hits home
And when it hits, there is no time left to escape the storm

A young boy committing suicide in the neighboring city is a volatile news

When the same incident happens in the neighboring house it gives more blues
We get worried, we are careful , hope and wish it should not happen in our house
But do we even try to know, why for that seemingly normal kid, life had to louse!?

Watching the kids dying like fish out of the sea due to a chemical explosion

Makes me feel, hakunamatata is after all just my delusion
What or who is responsible for ending those innocent lives?
Is God vigilant and listening to those pleading cries?

If only fish could also fly in the air
If only a bird could also swim in the water

If only there was an escape for every victim facing a disaster
If only there was a punishment for every heinous monster!

If only there were no tears and gloom but only warmth and love

Then the earth could have been for you, me and all a treasure trove
If only every one had friends , a family and strength which eases the ache
We could have sang ,"Hakunamata" always and forever without a break!

Original song from The Lion King

PS: Started off the post on a happy note but ended up jotting these lines. May be my real subconscious mind lead to this

This is my day 8 post for A to Z Challenge 2017 #atozchallenge 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

"G for Goa Travelogue - Day 1"

Goa is a state in India famous for its beaches, churches, portugal forts, freedom in air, happening pubs, casinos, high spirits and other spirits at reasonable prices ;-). Goa is the poor man's Las Vegas. I visited Goa in June 2016 and the travelogue has been pending since then. Myself, Imran and my brother planned to go Goa as we had a long  weekend. We boarded a morning flight in Hyderabad and reached Goa roughly in one and half hour. As and when I entered Goa I could feel the sultry atmosphere and started sweating bad. We reached around lunch time and checked in to our beautiful Estrela Do Mar resorts near the Calangute  beach. The name felt fancy to me. Estrela Do Mar is a portugal / Spanish word which means star fish as per google. Humidity was severe, june being the rainy season and as almost half day was over, we were not sure of where to go.
Resorts- Pathway to room. The beautiful night view

After having a delicious lunch at resort which included fried prawns, spicy chicken noodles and quenching my thirst with sweet  baadam milk (YES I dont consume alcohol :) ), we hired  a cab and started off to Agauda fort as per the cab driver Yogi's suggestion. Fort Agauda is a 17th century portugal fort which has a light house as well.  This fort is built as a guard by Portugese on the Sinquerim beach. After roaming around the fort at around 4:30 PM in the evening , it started getting very dark and cloudy. I loved the view from there and as it is closed for tourists after 5, I quickly clicked some information written near the light house to read later! I only opened it now to read.  :-P

Walking towards Agauda
About Goa forts

Agauda fort and light house
It started drizzling by the time we were leaving the fort. We stopped on our way back to resort at the Sinquerim fort . This felt the most scenic and dramatic spot to me with fort leading in to the beach and windows in the fort through which you can look at the endless sea. This spot is behind Taj Vivanta and attracts huge crowds due to its nearness to the sea. Huge waves crash across the walls of the fort and totally drench you if you stand near by. It was fun to watch everyone trying to drench themselves and freeze those moments in videos and pictures. The below picture is my favorite. I can stand there gazing at the sea for hours.
The beautiful Sinquerim fort

Sinquerim beach in the evening
We called it a day after spending a long time at the fort and came back to our resort. The housekeeping staff gave a pleasant surprise by arranging the towels in the shape of swans in our bed room which gave us quite a honey-mooney feel ;). After freshening up we went to Calangute beach. The resort practically opens up in to beach. It felt amazing to just walk on the resort pathway and realize that  the beach is in the backyard of the resorts. The day was quite refreshing and we retired finally after a long night stroll on the beach sand...
our room after beautiful arrangement of swans ;)
This is my day 7 post for A to Z Challenge 2017 #atozchallenge .Would be continuing the travelogue during the challenge or some other time.

Friday, April 7, 2017

"F stinks Fakeology"

Fake emotions are the flavor of the day. Fakeology is not a real word but I like this cool term which is widely used by many. Wherever you go, whatever you do you cannot escape fake people and fake feelings. In the long run you can do nothing but learn fakeness a bit, so as to tolerate them or to just get rid of them. Generally fake people are quite sweet and seem empathetic when you discuss your problems. When you discuss your success, progress or some positive result in life, the same people shun it. Other than those real close friends who wish your well-being, it is not advisable to share your immense happy moments with all. Happiness feels good when shared with selective few who do not have any vice towards you.

I had some strange conversations with few such people during my pregnancy revelation. I was trying to conceive from 2 plus years and when I became pregnant during the time, I was least expecting, it definitely felt like a big celebration to me but I was sensible enough to not make a fuss of it. However I thought sharing the news with people who know my struggle makes sense. But I was wrong. This is how conversation went with some X.

X : "I am so happy for you.  How many months pregnant are you?"

Me: "Entered 5th month."

X: "You don't seem so. Everything is fine?"

Me (feeling little surprised): "Ofcourse things are OK. Belly size is not same for all."

She: " Good. You told others?

Me: "Not yet. Will tell when belly shows may be after 6th month."

She: "Ya. Anyway it is better not to make a celebration out of it. We never know what may happen in first pregnancy."

I  was dumbstruck.Those words stung hard. I can't even imagine myself saying some such thing to even a person whom I dislike a lot. Here I am talking about a person who has an idea of the challenges I faced, was supportive at few junctures and seemed like actually sending positive vibes my way. I was not sure how to react. I told , "I am not eager to make a fuss of it. People react in a weird way." I managed to mumble those words and walk out but that irksome feeling stayed in my head for few days. I somehow felt the emotion in the above conversation reeked of reality and not fakeness. It is not easy to be fake always :)
Interesting quote: source- here
I was dead scared during my scans and appointments but by God's grace there were  no visible complications.

Whatever she told in the above conversation snippet may be true. Nothing is reliable in the first pregnancy. Nothing is ever reliable in life. It is all a matter of fortune and God's will in scenarios where we totally have no control. I revealed my news to her as I felt she of all will understand as she sailed in the same boat. But what she said needs complete insensitivity towards the listener or may be some real hardship she faced which made her utter such factual statement. May be for some saying things transparently on face feels better than just being happy for others! I am not sure what exactly it is but I cannot fake my emotions during peoples' hardships and then show an opposite state of mind when they are happy. If I really don't care about a person, I stay neutral from the very beginning. If I do care, I care no matter what

When you feel you are strong, smart and think of giving an extremely honest advice, do enter the other person's shoes and think of a situation when same things are said to you, then you may realise the gravity of it irrespective of your sensitivity range. Why show concern and emotion which almost seem real when in struggle and why to not show happiness in the same intensity when there is a positive outcome? --- This question always puzzles  me. After that day I didn't utter about pregnancy to any of the folks around or acquaintances. Only when it got too obvious I told to those who see me every day, just as an announcement with zero emotion!

Even if I try and think it is just the way few speak and there really are no bad intentions, I don't feel convinced! After delivery, till date I haven't heard from her :) !

You often come across fake smiles, fake concern and fake emotions and it is very easy to distinguish the reality from fakeness but at times it is a dead end and you just fall bait for it! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

E for "Estuary"

An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.  Source : wiki

The below shared image is of a  beautiful sangama point , where Gosthani River meets the Bheemili beach. This place, not much explored by tourists looks gorgeous and unused with clean , clear water !

We ended the year 2015 with our vizag trip and on the last day of the stay made an impromptu plan to travel to this sangama point in a boat which started at the river bank. It was great fun as it was totally isolated and I felt like I own the spot. I did not feel like leaving the place but we had to. As we reached the meeting point, there was no much water depth for the boat to keep rowing. It stopped as if brakes were applied, mid water and we had to hold the boat to not loose balance. It was dragged to the shore and the sight was so beautiful.

 * Standing in water at the merging point , with the waves of the restless sea to my right and the calm and stable river to my left* was PURE bliss :-* 

Estuary. Sangama point at Bheemli

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D for "Diary page from Delhi"

Delhi , the capital city of India is impregnated with history. Every bend of the street, every nook and corner exude history. Too many kings, dynasties , invaders and their beautiful monuments have given Delhi a special status on the map of India. I am happy that I got a chance to stay for almost an year in Gurgaon which is a neighbor to Delhi. I got a chance to explore the rich food and culture the city can offer. 

Delhi is known for its tourism and also the extreme summers and winters. When I stayed there, in the  month of December the day used to be foggy till 12 noon. In the nights just after 8-9 P.M. we used to shiver and the fog used to drench the car's window panes. But the chilly weather is enjoyable and the joy of eating hot jalebi or samosas in Delhi winter is incomparable!

Delhi has tombs of many Mughal emperors. In December 2012 on one wintery evening we visited Humayun's tomb.  It is the tomb of emperor Humayun and is quite famous. The intricate designs and patterns are a delight to watch for any artist. We arrived late and it was almost the closing time in the evening by the time we went inside. The guards were politely asking the tourists to leave and whistling everywhere but we managed to sneak in to the tomb requesting them saying that our stay in Delhi is about to end, which was actually true. We clicked few pictures and then I went inside near the actual tomb and was lost in thoughts, thinking about the history and awing at the architecture. I suddenly turned around saying something to my husband Imran, but it was stark silent and could see no one in the vicinity. Thanks to my fetish for horror movies, I felt I saw some shadow behind me. I again turned around but could only see some shadow of tree and a lamp dancing on the wall in the evening shade of light.

Illusion can be the cruelest thing. I still was feeling presence of some one or  some thing near that tomb area. The age old belief that historical monuments for sure have spirits roaming around didn't help much and specially if it is a tomb then undoubtedly the spirit would be lingering there as per the stories we read and movies we watch! I gasped. My throat was suddenly dry. I kept calling Imran and quickly walked towards the entrance. In an attempt to immediately get out of there I stumbled on a cement block and almost broke my toe. I took the support of a near by pillar and was able to stop myself from falling flat on face. Some repair and renovation was happening and there were many paint buckets and wet cement patches here and there in the tomb. I successfully came out. Those few seconds felt like hours. I saw Imran some where, 20 feet away from me happily clicking the sunset. I ran towards him and bursted out, asking  him why he left me all alone inside the tomb! After hearing an earful he understood I was scared and started laughing loud. I joined the laugh too but trust me when fear grabs you, it can show you visions !
Tomb clicked from outside
Sunset from the tomb

We happily came out after clicking some satisfactory snaps of the tomb. The architecture is beautiful and mimics Tajmahal a bit. Many bollywood scenes and songs are shot in this place. One such famous song is shared below. It feels lovable and peaceful whenever I listen or watch this song!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Click Baby Photography Review"

Recently we got our baby photoshoot done by Suryakant Raut from who is a maternity and baby photo shoot expert. He covers variety of occasions of new borns and  also makes creative videos and potraits. The session started at about 11:45 A.M. at our own place and lasted till 3 P.M. in the evening. When he entered with a huge trolley bag full of props and frames, it felt like some magic show or a dance show was about to start and when he revealed all his props and plans we all were exuberant and it sure felt magical. Even if you have all the  equipment, props and every thing set up for the shoot, with out real enthusiasm, patience and passion a baby photo shoot is a bad idea and Suryakant seemed to be having loads of them which gave me an idea that the session is going to be extraordinary.

As it was scheduled on a hot summer day, I was worried that Zaara would get cranky and not co-operate at all but surprisingly she was enjoying the shoot and Suryakant was also wonderful in persuading her. The way he waited for each best shot and tried to calm her down patiently showed his experience with babies. We were super happy that she listened and was calm through out the shoot, posed for us in whatever way we wanted and the bonus was that she smiled a lot too! Luckily he captured most of  her smiling  shots.

Then came her feeding  time and we all took a break for about half hour till she again got in to good mood. All shots were  done in sync with our house environment. The props were carefully chosen so that they blend with the design of our  home and garden.

I loved the intricacy of the photography. My most favorite shot is shared below. She seemed like a blessing from heaven in mid of the plants as if she was given birth by the mother earth. I just can't stop appreciating this click. There were many more dreamy, dramatic, funky , funny snapshots which captured our happiness perfectly.
One of the many amazing shots
I also loved the shot shared  below where our baby is holidaying on a sunny morning. I can write a story for each photograph, such is the detailing of  the  photoshoot. I feel bad as I did not get my maternity shoot done by him. I  have seen his work on the website and it is fantastic. I am not sharing all the clicks here but you do get an idea of his work on looking at these pictures!
With Sunglasses
I thank Suryakant for enthusiastically finishing the photoshoot and I also want to thank his team who covered our cradle ceremony. Both the outcomes are  beautiful. I feel so elated on seeing the result of his hard work and wish him success and many more milestones! Happy that we bumped in to and decided on getting this shoot done!
Our beautifully decorated cradle from the ceremony captured aesthetically

If you are in or around Hyderabad you should opt for all your baby events. To know more contact him on facebook at Click Baby Photography!

This is also my third post for A to Z Challenge 2017 #atozchallenge

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