Monday, June 20, 2011

The colours of nature!!

The dark black clouds spread in the sky,
Sucking all the brightness before they cry!
They shout in rage and burst in to heavy showers,
The relief and calm is soothing like it is after tears!

First the bright white lightening and roar of the thunder,
It shows that one can be bold and pretty stronger!
Then the sudden mist of rain drops and torrents,
Strength has limits, to let out fears there are no warrants!

The green plants and the bird cooing once washed by rains,
The nature’s canopy can fill peace by a single glance!
Your mood on watching the rainbow colours will enhance,
The smell of the mud can just leave you in a deep trance!

Then there are bright blooming red, yellow pink

When you see a pair you feel they are entangled like lovers!
A kid’s smile and the multi colours have same powers,
Both bring bliss however wavering might be your hours!

The colour of the sky and sea so pure and deep blue,
Gazing at them makes you feel godly and true!
The vast creations where they start and end there is no cue,
The sky and sea merge at some point blending the hue!!

The withered leaves of a tree so brittle and brown,
They no longer breathe life they always fall down!
Indicating the past should be forgotten saving a frown,
A new memory and a new life helps rather than a mourn!!

God’s nature has different hidden lessons to learn,
To just sit and watch it is a great treasure one can earn!
When you cross the phases of life and wherever you take a turn,
These things will always be with you stars, sky, sea moon and the sun!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Half Baked Head---(9.) {Bonding Over a cup of Coffee}!!

Click on the image for a better view!!!:)

Disclaimer: These cartoons are based on events witnessed , heard or guessed by me!! Resembling any body else is very much possible!

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