Thursday, June 27, 2013

"A random happy memory!"

Winnie the Pooh my most favorite says "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. " As far as I am concerned the smallest things take up the most room in my heart all the time! There are many memories which are hitting my brain in a surge so I thought to post one from my random collection of "teeny weeny" memories which actually are not so tiny and made me feel special. They still make me feel special when I think of them.

One boring blue Monday morning it was and I walked through the office gates after the routine bag checking was done with disinterest which became a part of my life. I was in no hurry and took long lazy steps towards my building when the lady who checked my bag shouted, "Madam. Show your Id card please." I lazily groped my waist to find the badge and frantically searched my bag but could not find it. 
"I forgot it." I replied with more monotony in my tone now as I had to go to main gate security desk to get a temporary card but before that I had to wait till all the "ghajinis"  with short term memory loss issues standing in front of me got their cards.
(PS: Ghajini is a famous south Indian movie in which Surya acted. Aamir Khan acted in Hindi and Jiyah Khan was in a supporting role)
The person at the desk took my pic and issued a card and then shouted, "Are you Afshan?!" in a booming voice. I was startled as I recollected if I violated any office policy like getting a CD inside or mailing unsolicited content to some one. To my surprise he was smiling broad flashing all his bright 32 teeth. 

I replied: "Err. Why ?"

He : "No. I read your blogs and you post on bulletin board too. Every one starts replying and you take pangas too with people." He replied still smiling.

I smiled and said, "Ya I am the same Afshan. You can access blogs and BB here too?"

He: "Yes of course. I read yours quite often. Good way to get out of boredom."

I thanked him and walked to my building jubilantly and I remember that I blogged about it that day. It was an office blog and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. It happened may be 2 years back and I was so happy that day as a stranger appreciated me and I could come out of the Monday blues. That interaction may or may not be significant but he for sure made my day. There used to many such pleasant small/big surprises when people suddenly used to recognize me. Some used to talk to me upfront and some used to mail or ping me later about it.

No I am not famous and there are many in the "celebrity" league in my office but those particular days when I used to get the 30 seconds of fame I did the happy dance. I still do. There are many such simple joys in every ones lives and blogging is one such medium where I come across sweet nothings and bitter happenings too :) The recent A to Z challenge deserves a mention here specially as I made a "Winnie the pooh and the friends" pic representing our collaborative effort. I might have already crossed the 500 word limit. Hence cheers friends. Have a great week and remember to enjoy the small joys of life and share them with people who can feel it!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 
― Rumi

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fukrey tickles the funny bone- A Movie review

Director:  Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Producer: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Screenplay: Vipul Vig, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Music: Ram sampath
Lyrics: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba , Munna Dhiman , Vipul Vig
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma , Ali Faizal, Manjot Singh, Richa Chadda, Vishakha Singh, Priya Anand and Pankaj Tripathi

Fukrey – I didn’t know the meaning of the word till I went to watch the movie. No one told me what it meant but I realized it just means people who are good for nothing. I went to the movie on a weekday just for 100/- a ticket to a multiplex and I must say it is a total Paisa Vasool movie.  The movie stars Dileep aka Choocha (Varun sharma ), Hunny (Pulkit Samrat ), Laali (Manjot Singh) and Zafar( Ali Faizal) as Fukras and Richa Chadda as Boli Punjaban. Other than Zafar whose role is slightly dim all others are top notch performers. Zafar plays a music genius who is struggling to prove himself and suddenly faces financial crisis due to his paralyzed dad.  Varun Sharma is a promising debut and has a long way to go. Pulkit Samrat is smart and can tickle your funny bone anytime. After Bitto boss a movie which didn’t fare well this movie sure gave him a chance to project his acting skills. Manjot Singh is a natural.  The girls don’t have a prominent role but are not wasted. Priya Anand is apt for the role and ambarsariya song just beautifies the sparks flying between Hunny and Priya. Neetu played by Visakha Singh is Zafar’s girlfriend and Laali’s tutor. Music by RamSampath suited the story.
The story revolves around four guys whose sole ambition is to earn money by hook or by crook. Each has his own problem to solve for which he is badly in need of money. From the first scene you will be rolling on the floor laughing due to the silly, slapstick humor which sometimes makes you think about your student life and the unlimited fun you used to have if you are not a student now.  The story is set in Delhi. Though authentic Delhi is not shown much the director succeeded in showing what he wanted to. The students , tender age , infatuations , ambitions , friends and the attitude to do or die for them is all woven beautifully around a string of humor. Humor is strength of the movie which keeps you glued to the screen and increases your interest in the plot.  The movie reminded me Kamal Hasan’s Pushpak at few junctures. Especially the role of the beggar is similar to a role in that movie! I even remembered a Telugu movie “money” where there is run and chase due to the desire for money. One can see the Delhi-bellyish kind of atmosphere at few junctures but honestly I felt this one is better with more humor.  The youth factor and the enjoyable humor definitely make Fukrey a fresh cake out of the oven.
Varun Sharma is a laugh riot. The moment he opens his mouth and starts narrating the tall tales and his desires to get a woman at any cost in life will make you split your sides.  Pulkit complements Varun and the duo together gives you a laughter therapy! One more character which has to me mentioned is Pandit ji at college played by Pankat Tripathi who also acted in Gangs of Wasseypur. His one liners and punches are also LOL worthy. You feel that story is losing its pace when Boli Punjaban enters the screen and sets it on fire. She not only handles but also masters all the illegal ways of earning money. Post intermission it’s all run and chase with humor intact. Richa Chadda is the best choice for the role and she lives up to it. Her energy and tongue scares the shit out of people and her interactions with Varun are funny too.  Varun, Manjot singh and Pulkit possess the skills to get promising roles in future too.

To know how Choocha’s dreams actually have the power to make them rich and to know  how the chase ends and whether they earn the money or not you have to go to theatre and laugh till your tummy hurts. In midst of comedy films where one has to tickle oneself to laugh Fukrey is a pleasant surprise and there’s nothing really cheap in the movie. Music is peppy and soft too. If ambarsariya is soul ful, jugaad and fukrey make you tap your feet. This movie is for those who don’t want to find logic in every snippet and laugh heartily. Fukrey will totally make your day colorful.
My rating: 3.5/5

The below song - Karle Jugaad karle is creatively shot :)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Client Review!

" I am sorry Peter. I over looked that bug in my module."

"But how could you be so reckless John? Now I have to deal with the client side right?"

"I am really sorry Peter. If you can give me two days time I will be able to fix it."

"How can I give you two days time John? Client review is to noon!"

"Give me a while Peter. I will see what I can do!"

* After 2 hours *

"Hello Peter. I identified the solution to the bug but it has dependency on Samuel's module. So I can fix it only if he comes to office."

"But Samuel is on sick leave right? Will he be able to come?"

"I am not sure about it Peter!"

*After an hour Samuel  who is suffering from severe cold and fever comes to office and fixes the issue*

They all join a conference call.

"Hello Peter," says Samuel in a hoarse voice.

"Ya Sam. I am so glad you came to office in such a short notice. A big thanks to you buddy!"
Photo Credit : MorgueFile

"Aah. Its OK Peter. I have fixed my issue and discussed all the changes with John. I really can't stay for long in office. I am sure John can handle the module now!"

John: "Yes Peter. I understood the steps. I will submit the module in an hour."

Peter: "Bravo! Thats a great job team. Please take a day comp off Sam and good luck John. I appreciate the  dedication and flexibility of your team."

Saying so Peter ended the call.

The above scenario is quite natural in corporate offices specially in IT companies. Reviews, codes, bugs and testing the whole life revolves in this vicious cycle which never ends :)

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Friday, June 14, 2013

An eerie chat!

The night before I was reading a book and doing some research parallely to write an article on celebrities who died in a mysterious way. Just then my mobile blinked with five add requests on we chat. First one showed a name Jiah Khan and the number was 03062013. Second one was from Marilyn Monroe , third from silk smitha, fourth from Divya Bharathi and fifth from Parveen Babi. Every one had strange phone numbers which looked like dates. I got scared to accept the requests. I was feeling too jittery but still gathered courage and added all of them.

Jiah Khan : "Hello Afshan. Hope you are doing good."

Me:  "I am good but who are you and how did you know my number?"

Jiah Khan : "I am of course the actress Jiah Khan. We just realized you were trying to write an article on celebrities who had an untimely death. Thought we could talk to you!"

Me: " But how can you be online?!"

Jiah Khan: "Worry about it later. Don't you want to talk to us?"

I sat with all my attention on my we chat window and responded to Jiah.

Me : "Of course. You can talk and hello all of you!"

Marilyn , Silk Smitha , Divya Bharathi , Parveen Babi : "Hello dear!"

Me : "It feels so weird to even talk to you all. I feel so bad that you all had to die in a mysterious way!"

Divya Bharathi : "Ya! God's ways are mysterious at times!"

Me : " You were my favorite Divya! I used to adore you."

Divya: "I know. Feels good to hear it anyway :) ."

Me : "You died at the age of 19. I felt so bad. If you were in movies for some more time I am sure you would have given a tough competition to all!"

Divya: "Thats a compliment. Thanks!"

Me: " Apologies in advance for my question. Was Sajid Nadiadwala responsible for your death or was it a suicide or an accident?"

Divya : "Apology accepted but lets just say fate killed me. I was like a candle which glows its brightest before it dies!"

Me: "I am really sorry Divya. Do you know that after your death you were immortalized in Iran as a beauty queen. You still live in our hearts!"

Divya: "Thanks a lot!"

Me: " You are just 25 years old Jiah and you committed suicide. Why were you so frustrated :( ?"

Jiah : "You can read it all "here"

Me: "I have read it but the thing is you had a bright future ahead of you. Why is every one making a man the center of their universe? It saddens me to the core."

Jiah : "You will not understand it. It is very tough to live like a normal person and react to normal emotions when you become a celebrity!"

Marilyn : "More over if you are weak you will be considered a misfit."

Me: "Hi Monroe ! You are an idol to many you know. People believe your quotes till date . I myself have few saved in mobile. The below one is one of my favorites."

Marilyn : "Oh ! Thanks. That feels good."

Me: "You inspired 1000s of women but you left us too soon dear Marilyn. You are an inspiration."

Marilyn : "Like I said you are more valued when you are gone :) "

Silk Smitha : "That is true and some times others get value when you are dead . I have seen Vidya Balan reaching the zenith of he success after acting in a bio pic based on me!"

Me: "That movie for sure moved me Silk. Wait. Your original name is Vijaya Lakshmi right ?"

Silk: "Yes. Thanks for reminding me my name. Brings back many memories!"

Me: "You died early too at the age of 35. I will not ask the reasons and bother you but I want to appreciate you. You indeed were successful till you lived!"

Silk : "Ya success till it lasts gives you name and fame and getting true love and respect is next to impossible in film industry!"

Parveen Babi : " Ya people don't even recognize you when your glamour fades. They don't even knock at your door to even show pity. My body was found by police 3 days after my death. Even my last rituals were not done as per my wish. I was a Muslim but got converted to Christianity but my relatives buried me as per Islamic rites"

Me: "I am sorry to hear that Parveen. You were a role model to many you know. Your westernized features revolutionized bollywood. Jawaan-e-Jaanemann is sung by many till date"

Parveen : "Thanks for your appreciation . Stardom or the thoughts of it don't entice me any more."

Jiah : "Neither me!"

Marilyn , Silk , Divya  : "Neither us!"

Marilyn , Silk , Divya , Jiah , Parveen : "O. K. Afshan. You have a good time and stay happy. Its time to leave now!" 

Me: "Please stay for some more time. I want to ask few more questions."

Jiah : "Now we have some other important work to do. If we want to contact you again we will add you using the same number. Till then take care!"

As she typed that last sentence all their names disappeared from the chat. They were not in my contacts list any more. I did not even say bye. As I watched the screen I felt that my kitchen was glowing bright . It was so bright that I got momentarily blind. When I slowly lifted my head to look in that direction I could see the back of five women who stood hand in hand. They slowly vanished from there. The next day it came in headlines of TOI that many people saw spirits of few women in their residential areas during different hours of the night. My article was half way and I was still in shock remembering the chat from the night before. I realized the phone numbers were their death dates. Just then my mobile rang with a beep sound and I got an add request on We chat from 29072004 with a name Nafisa Joseph flashing bright . . . .

The recent suicide and many other related articles I read made me write this post. How many ever questions we ask, the answer to why people commit suicide is always complex. Hope the suicide rates drop and that momentary decision to commit suicide gets altered!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My first best friend- My Papa!

It is very common to see mother’s day posts and every one praising mother to skies. While mothers love is unmatchable and divine there is one more being whose love is not mentioned frequently in articles or blogs. I am not saying it is not mentioned at all but the frequency is less compared to the number of times a mother’s love is described. A mother's pain and myriads of emotions she bears those 9months can never be understood by anybody else but a father and his joy which has no limits is often side kicked.  A father also goes through most of the emotions which are inbuilt in a mother. It seems when I was born my parents were extremely tensed as they didn’t want a boy again. My father was praying it should be a baby girl and my mother was hopeful that it will be a girl.  Hearing my first cry it seems my granddad shouted outside the labour room, “Such a loud cry can only be of a girl!” Being a father of six my granddad knows better than anyone else  :) . My parents’ dreams came true when I came on this Earth. My dad said he got his promotion immediately after I was born. He calls me his lucky charm.  My brother called me “bobby”.  Not sure why he chose that name but it feels cute even now when I think of it. I am always told that I am my dad's xerox .Even our mannerisms and behavioral patterns match. 

My dad in no time became my hero. I was pampered the most and he always is a confused soul as he can’t decide whose side to take when ever I argue with my mother wholeheartedly. It’s a tough challenge to him as deciding between two women whom he loves the most is a punishment. Secretly he used to take my side and he still does.Just when I think of dad a surge of memories attack me. I remember a scene vaguely as I was in lower kindergarten then. It was my first day at school. I was stark silent as I was leaving my comfort zone and the cozy lap of mom and would be sitting on the wooden benches in midst of unknown faces.  I was petrified as soon as I entered the school which was a foreign land on the first day and my dad’s hand would have reddened due to my tight grip! Even if I was scared to death and even if my senses were not sharp enough all other swarming faces which held an expression of anxiety mingled with fear which was similar to mine relieved me.   It seems I wore a military uniform dress that day but my expression was no match to a military officer. As I entered the class room fighting back the tears my dad anxiously stood by the window and kept an eye on me. After half an hour or so the teacher entered and I gained back my composure even if my expression was stern. After he got convinced that I will just do fine my dad left the school. Whenever he narrates it with shining eyes my heart goes for him.

The Photo Phobic cake cutting session!

My dad is strongest to me. He can just fix my things, problems and worries. He conjures up anything even before I ask to make me happy. I remember the Asterix – Obelix comic books he gifted to me and my brother. That was the first ever story book in my life. Most of my bed time stories were from that book. I equally loved the doll he got me from Bangalore. No it was not a Barbie. It did not have a zero size and was prettier than Barbie. My mom stitched frocks for her and I named her Sophia!
Being the youngest I was pampered the most at home. I still am pampered a lot.  I was camera shy. An absolute photo-phobic person I was and my dad used to narrate stories to make me stand in front of camera. If I like something he always makes it sure that he gets it for me. I very well remember the day I started loving laddoo made of boondi (Indian sweet dish). My dad used to get them frequently till my mom warned him to be diet conscious! My dad spoiled me a bit. The way he always provided what all I needed made me happy in my comfort zone. When I stepped out of home and moved to hostel to live in the most uncomfortable zone of my life I howled. I cried like a baby. I missed mom but I missed dad like never before. We wrote many letters to each other. I still have them preserved in my diaries. The emotions expressed by him through writing moved me more. It was tough to say bye to mom and dad.  Thanks to hostel, those letters are my treasure trove now!

I was always reminded in letters that in just a month we would meet again or in just a week he would come there due to some official trip. The letters kept me going though they got replaced by cell phone after few months. Letter writing is much more lively experience even if there is no live chat in it!

I may get a scolding from mom or my brother may point out the mistakes in me but my dad always has a soft corner for me. This is the reason I can never imagine an aggressive or angry dad. Those rare scenarios when he becomes one I get scared to death. I made him angry many times.  He patiently tries to explain to me while I listen impatiently. As teenage attacked me I became an impatient soul like many others who go through troubled teens. He never pressurized me to become what he wanted me to. He sacrificed many of his joys and mom and dad killed the time they can spend with each other just to be with me whenever situation demands.  As I grew I started staying isolated and used to sit bolted in my room. I loved spending time with my self. My dad never complained but I knew he used to feel bad. His busy office hours gave him less time to concentrate on what we were studying and how.  It was my mom’s sole responsibility and he just used to sign the progress reports and honestly he never looked keenly at the marks or grades which eased the atmosphere at my home. He knew his kids have passion and will do something good in life. His confidence was and is our driving force. The day I got district first my dad was asked by local news reporters about my ambition and what my parents were planning for me in future ? My dad just replied he did not even give a thought. Whatever I like he will vote for it and he knows that I love biology so if I want to dive in to it he will be happy and he will encourage! I loved my dad little more that day. Just after my marriage I realize how much I miss the daddy moments!

He never taught anything by saying or dictating. He just created an easy atmosphere for us to watch and learn. It’s true that kids learn from whatever they see. Even if I am not perfect like my dad I try to mimic him when I have to decide something and I try to think the way my mom and dad will think if I have to come out of a complexity! He worked as manager throughout my child hood and is still working in a reputed corporate office. I admire his zeal to work even if he has the option to retire and rest and I love the way his college friends and colleagues love him. Recently I have been to their reunion and I felt proud to see that everyone remembered my dad and adored him! The below is an old poem I wrote.

I Love you Mom Dad

Every secret I shared even if it is unimportant and wee.
Everything and place which together we always see.
At my smallest victory her face will be in glee.
To my wishes and impossible demands she would always agree!

When I am dull she would give me a good book or story to read.
She would stand behind and give me all chances to lead.
To my tall-tales and deeds she would always pay heed.
Without me uttering a word she would recognize what I need!

After entering the home he will instantly search for me.
From my tot to teen to present days the habit hasn't changed somehow.
I say you are the head of the family, a master to all the three.
He says I am the princess of the kingdom of four and takes a bow!

He is always on the move to fulfill my craziest desires.
We cut jokes on each other and throw satires.
A friend and "the best" he is, who comes to my rescue.
To pull mom's leg his face lights up in a bright hue!

Today I realized what I am missing.
No one can stand for you like your parents do.
Keep the whole world aside and keep them on the side which is true.
How much ever you love them, there will always be due!!

This is  for a contest "Papa Kehte Hai" by . Thanks for making me a winner :) !

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Beautiful Vision!

Those beautiful eyes had so many unasked questions. Few were intimidated by her wisdom. Her smile always reflected in her eyes. There were oceans of knowledge and the girlish innocence behind them. Her gaze could penetrate one's heart.  Her eyes posed questions every minute. Her eyes reflected her dreams, desires, ambitions and aspirations. When she was lost in thoughts her eyes used to take her in to the fantasy land miles away. She had a new thing to do in her list every day. Her writings make her immortal.If you are unruffled by her vision then you must be really blind!
Image source : "Helen Keller"
This post is dedicated to Helen Keller. Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree (Source : Wiki) .

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.” 
― Helen Keller
One more image I wanted to share. She is an Afghan girl
Image source :

100 Words On Saturday

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Conversation with Khans!

After a friend suggested I downloaded we chat from appstore which is a beautiful app to chat with any one on the globe and do much more. I won a contest and got an opportunity to talk to the "Khans" of bollywood. With out Khans bollywood is incomplete and I cant thank my stars enough for getting a chance to chat with the Khans. I not only got an opportunity to chat but also to record and present it to the world. Now who is not interested in their cat fights , cold wars and open rebukes.

In short Indians are fond of any news or gossip bollywood dishes out. I was given a date and time when all the Khans would be "online". I added and invited all of them to a group chat. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Shahrukh Khan of all was online first. The conversation went some thing like below

Me : Hey Shahrukh ! I can't believe its you !

Shahrukh: You gotta believe Afshan. Chote chote mobiles me aisi badi badi baatein hosakti hai ( In small mobiles big things do happen) ;)

The sentence ringed in my ears exactly in SRK's tone!

Me : Oh ! I am just lucky to get a chance like this Shahrukh. I am a big fan.

Shahrukh : Loads of love and hugs to you Afshan.

Salman: Ohhu Ohhu!

Me: "OOPS! Salmaan Khan. You are finally online. Wow!"

Salman: I came online five minutes back Miss. Afshan. Was just keeping silent as you were busy with your hero!

Me : "Oh. I am sorry Sallu. I am so glad you came!"

By that time every one was online.

Me : "So we all are finally here. Its like a dream come true ! Wow. I still can't believe it. Pinching my self hard to believe : ) :) "

Saif : "waaaw . Don't pinch hard baby. It might redden and pain but laal mere dil ka haal hai!" (red is the color of my heart.)

Me: "Saif ! Welcome to We chat." 

Aamir : " Oh my God ! What a bad opening line it was Saif.  Looks like you are adopting the humor skills of some one else."

Me : "Hello Aamir . How you doing ? Why don't you have a pic on your profile?"

Shahrukh : "Perfect people don't do self promotion Afshan. Don't you know that? ;) "

Me :  :)

Aamir : Who needs a pic when I am all over. "Humse door jaoge kaise, dil se hame bhulaoge kaise ... hum woh khushboo hai joh saason mein bastein hain, khud ki saason ko rok paoge kaise!" (How can you go away from me? How can your heart forget me? I am that fragrance which lives in the breath. How can you stop breathing?)

Me: "Wow! Good one Aamir!"

Salman : "Wah ! That was some opening line Aamir. Bravo!"

Shahrukh : "Some one is trying to copy some one else's forte of romancing here!" 

Me: "Guys please don't start here. Let me hop over to others and Aamir please put up a pic. It will make us feel good."

Aamir : "If you insist. Hmmm . Ok I shall put one!"

Me: "Hello Irfaan Khan. Why so serious ?"

Irfaan Khan : "Because I don't talk nonsense and waste time!"

Me: "OOPS! Sorry Irfan. So my question for you is how does your success feel now? You have been in foreign movies and both fared well. We all loved Slumdog and Life of Pi and Paan Singh Tomar was sure a legendary movie. Congrats on your success!"

Irfaan : "Feels good to see that you at least recognised it. Good films have no value and no awards you know".

Shahrukh : "Oh! Stop cribbing Irfaan. You already bagged an award and still you are not happy!?"

Me: "Anyway . Welcome Arbaaz. It is nice to see you after a long hiatus."

Arbaaz Khan : "Glad you noticed now. Other wise I was thinking Munna to badnaam hogaya!"

Saif : " Ya Ya ! You are going to put Munna badnaam hua -  a gay item song in Dabaang 3 or what.? LOL!"

Shahrukh : " Ha Ha! That was a good one Saifu . Gimme five!"

Salmaan : "Zyada baat kia to itni ched karenge ki conphuge hojaooge saasen kahan se le aur @@#*(@ kahan se!"

Arbaaz : "Wait and see all of you . With Dabaang 3 we will earn so much that we will be buying all the IPL teams."

Saif : "Aah ! Wishful thinking Arbu. Who will watch Sonakshi Sinha again and again? I mean C'mon man she comes in my dreams and scares me these days!"

Salmaan : "Hold your tongue Nawaab Saheb. Your wife acted in fevicol song. She was obliged to act with me ;) "

Saif : "And that is why Dabaang 2 was a hit!"

Shahrukh : "Give me five again Saifu!"

Aamir : "These petty fights are some thing which don't interest me. Thats why I don't come to award functions or such group chats!"

Shahrukh : "Ya Ya! It is rightly said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy :P "

Me : "Shahrukh please. Aamir doesn't like jokes . So please refrain !"

Shahrukh : "O.K. Shhh. All of you! Let M.R.Perfect talk here!"

Fardeen :Sniff Sniff

Me : "Oh my God ! Fardeen. You were also in the group right ? Why didn't you say hi? I am really sorry Fardeen !"

Fardeen: "I am really hurt. I want to leave this conversation. No one noticed me."

Me : "Listen Fardeen. I am really sorry!"

Saif : "Arey vaise notice bhi kaun karega ? Who will notice you man ? Pyar tune kya kia aur uske baad tune kuch kaam kia ? "

Shahrukh: "Oh my God! Saif. You are on a roll today. What did Kareena make in break fast man? My stomach is aching from all the laughs!"

Saif : "He was in "No Entry" after which Salman never gave him entry in any of his movies. LOL!"

Shahrukh : "Guys. I need a loo break! I am dying laughing here."

I was suppressing smiles but as I was the host I did not reveal it. Fardeen left the conversation angrily.

Me : "Guys. Please behave. I was given just one hour time slot to talk to you all and ask questions but you guys are just too much. Please co-operate. We are running out of time! My apologies Fardeen. Hope you check my reply later!" 

Salman : "Just because you acted in a zombie movie which fared well you don't have to sit on cloud 9 Saif.  Don't forget Agent Vinod and Cocktail where only heroines played pivotal role so that the whole team could be saved from bankruptcy. By the way do you know that your look alike works in a gas station. I am forwarding his pic guys. Have good laughs!'

Shahrukh : "Oh! Come on Sallu. You don't have to be so rude. Ya we all know Ek tha tiger earned 100 crores and all that but even kids are not watching when it is getting relayed on T.V.!"

Irfaan leaves the conversation.

Me : "Guys. It is my sincere request. Please stop fighting. Irfaan got pissed off and left even with out informing!"

Salman : "Ya Ya. Jab tak hai Jaan over acting karega na khan!" 

               (Till he is alive SRK will overact!)

Aamir : " Sorry Afshan. I also have no time for this nuisance. We shall chat some other time. I also have to go for shooting of a song from Dhoom 3!"

Saif : "LOL!" 

Aamir : "What is so funny in it ?"

Saif: "Action movie and you! The combination is slightly funny."

Aamir : "See you Afshan. I have no time for these virtual skirmishes!" 

Me : " "

Shahrukh: "You mocking JTHJ. You know right that I smooched your girl Katrina. Did you watch the movie ?"

Salman : "Enough of this nuisance. Sorry Afshan. Even I have to leave this conversation!" 

Arbaaz : "Bhayya! Wait. Even I will join you. Have to discuss the budget of Dabaang 3 . Bye Afshan!"

Saif : " Ha ha ha . Some one's sentiments got hurt Shahrukh. You should not have done that!"

Shahrukh : "Arey its ok. No one is  prudent here. By the way is your tattoo intact? Your wife won't be happy if it got smudged or some thing!

Saif : "Oh ! Come on . I do have it. There is no need to flaunt it always right ? Anyway I am getting a call from Kareena. Its time for yoga classes. Sorry guys. I too have to leave!"

Me: "Saif before you leave can you please forward a wedding pic which is not seen by many. I would be humbled!"

Saif : "Of course pretty lady. You are the host. Here you go!"

Me : "Mashaallah! It sure is royal Saif. Thanks a lot"

Saif : "Pleasure is mine. Ciao all of you!"

Me : "So its just you and me now Shahrukh and my one hour is also over. I just want to end this conversation by saying that I love you a lot and I am eagerly waiting for a fun movie from you!"

Shahrukh : "Sure dear. Wish me good luck. Even I have to get going. Wish you all the very best!"

Me: "Can you please forward me a latest  still from Chennai Express?"

Shahrukh : " Here you go!"

Me: "Wow Shahrukh!You made my day. All the best for the new movie and see you!"

Hence the conversation finally ended with many conflicts between KHANS. So you now know what happens when all Khans come under one roof , I mean one chat group ! I was not able to ask much but it for sure gave fodder to news channels for a week.News channels got in to disputes to buy the copyrights of this recorded conversation!

I became famous over night and earned a lot. 

A person who can interact and chat a lot connects well with the people and remains a "people's person!" So what are you waiting for? Download "We Chat" and chat away to glory! I am hooked to we chat from the day I downloaded . Few plus points are

  • Unlike many other apps we chat works with a unique id and you can use it on a tab or an ipad or ipod too.
  • The special emoticons are cute and funny.
  • Video call is pretty clear and it feels good as it is free of cost :)
  • Voice message option is great too.
  • One more great feature is you can log out when you are not using it :)
  • If you want to know who is online you have a unique shake option and also a look around option if you want to make new friends. 
All these features make this app quite unique!

Do check out the cool "We chat" ad and the details on You tube -"here"

This post is a part of "Indiblogger's"   "We Chat With Anyone, Anywhere" contest.
Thanks for reading.

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