Sunday, January 8, 2017

When Blues Strike...

When blues of life strike you with full force
When you feel you are not able to understand life's course
Hang in there and wait for things to fall in place
Slowly but surely the blues can turn to hues of solace
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Blues are funny, they can make you brood, smile or cry

There isn't always a clear answer to the question why!?
When blues invade you, sometimes there  is no escape
You gotta be your own magician who wears a cape!

Blues can paint every thing  grey in your mind

Blues can be defeated with blues of a different kind
Vast expanse of the blue sea and the sky, the water and the clouds that fly
The blue gladiola, the blue of the eyes and the blue of the moon can make you high
There are only few experiences in life which do not fail when you try

When blues strike, all you need to do is sit and revive

Recollect those happening moments which let you thrive
Those moments ease the other moments where you need to strive
All the moments which are happy, sad, tough, easy and crazy keep you alive!

When blues strike, exposed are your colors which actually are true

Hidden ideas and thoughts resurface about which you had no clue
When all other feelings and emotions are waiting in the long  queue,
Blues start making decisions and you just take their cue!!

The only way to get rid of blues is to splurge on all other colors around you
White to stay calm, orange to feel energetic, red for warmth, energy, rage or passion 
Yellow for joy or ecstasy, Green for peace, Pink to feel the love, a beautiful emotion
Black for royalty and sophistication, use all colors in a balanced proportion!!

Fighting the blues is not as easy as it seems to be 
Some times it takes days , at times weeks or months to feel free
You can bury the blues and stop feeling always low
Just go with them and flow with them as it helps to just let it go!!
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A very Happy Weekend to All  !

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