Friday, May 24, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 24. Go

The Day 24 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 24. Go: A green light means go, but what else symbolises this energetic word?

Nature symbolizes a "GO". What else? Nature gives us resources which make our life easy. It is our duty to protect our water bodies , forests , trees and vegetation and every thing which is natural to stay happy. Nature gives us pleasure and rejuvenates us. Below are the pics from Hogenekkal falls which is called "India's Niagara." I was spell bound by these humongous falls. Its a delight to watch water falls which are always going and flowing non stop :). We are nothing compared to these nature's wonders! Check them out. They are divided between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states.

Breath taking

This was clicked from the view point. "Panorama" view!

Coracle ride is must if you happen to visit. It was
raining when I went which added to the bliss
When nature calls , no not that nature call. When THE GREEN nature actually calls U can only "GO" !

 Deviation from nature is deviation from happiness 

- Samuel Johnson-

By the way the song Dil hai chota sa from Roja has been shot here . Check out the last two minutes of the video ! My heart jumps in joy when ever I hear or watch it;). In my opinion Roja is A.R.Rehman's bestest music.  Hope you also enjoy!


  1. Those falls truly are majestic. A very different take on Go. Good one!
    Coracle ride must be so fun!

    1. ya it is fun . At some point it swirls round due to water movements
      WE enjoyed to the fullest :)

  2. The pics are so beautiful. I'm a nature lover too and feel at peace surrounded by nature. This song is one of my favourites too :)

  3. Lovely take my dear & awesome photos!

    1. @Diana: Ya its a bful song no ! No song matches its beauty to me :)

      @Smita : Thanks yar

  4. Love the way you've interpreted 'Go' ... You go girl

  5. Must visit this place this year. Loved the pictures.

    1. @Rainbow Hues : THanks

      @Franderian : Thank U :)

      @Jyothi : Ya its a must visit place. I am planning to go again

  6. Yeah..this is a beautiful place to be. When we were there, we saw the Solomon fishes going against the flow for breeding.

  7. Those waterfalls look amazing! Brilliant photography, Afshan!

  8. wow!! I love all 3 pics and the song!
    I never knew those boats were called Coracle in English! heh! :)

  9. Those are lovely pics! I love the Roja song too.

  10. @JANU : :) Ya Really ! I never came across sucha bful scene :)

    @Chicky : Thanks chicky

    @Pixie : Thank U ! Ya I too knew only when i went thr

    @Shail : THanks


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