Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 19: My favourite view!

The Day 19 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life19. My favourite view: What’s your favourite view? Your kids sleeping? Your loved one? Do share.

Most of the pics shared till now in the challenge are my favorite views :) Anyhow sharing few for now. My favorite view is always from my kitchen window. I have taken  too many pics standing there. There are sunny pics, full moon pics , rain pics and also early morning clicks. For now an early morning pic taken from my window. I may miss the mundane things and also the routine stuff inside the home but I never miss to stop by the window and enjoy the view for a while!

View from my kitchen window

Nature's wonders always amuse me! Below are few more favorite views.
When ever I fly I make it sure to click if I see interesting patterns in clouds. People surrounding me may look at me as if I am a newbie to flights but if they don't want to enjoy the view they are at loss :)
Don't you feel you are on cloud 9. Not sure where heaven is but it for
sure feels near :) Not a clear  view as taken with a mobile

Moon rises , beaches, waves and palm trees which add a magical aura are always my favorite views. I can endlessly stare at them . Below are few more clicks. You are lucky if you have a beautiful view while working in office. If you don't have go to a corner which has a soothing view and relax for a while.

Moonrise- Sea side. Palm trees and waves.
Who needs a different view ?
Who doesn't like colors and greenery around ?? I love the below fields which you abundantly find in hilly areas. They are mostly found in states like U.P. and Punjab in India. I found these sarson ke khet on my way to Jim Corbett.

Totlakonda complex of vizag. Beach view from the rocks and hills
always makes me dreamy!

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin- William Shakespeare. 

So true it is! :)Good morning and good day :)


  1. Amazing views... The clouds one and the moon on a blue sky is a fab capture :)

  2. Very pretty pictures...esp the one of the clouds taken from the plane!

  3. Lovely pictures. Each one of them stand out on their own. Ya, even I stand near my Kitchen window to gaze outside. Actually my Balcony and Kitchen window have same views so if I like what is outside, I step out :)

  4. Lovely views indeed. Loved the Sarson ke khet the best.

  5. All the photos that u have put up here are amazing. Very difficult to pick one fav!!! Seriously!

  6. @Shilpa : Thank You . Ya moon in sky is a lovely view

    @Kaajal : THanks :) Clouds pic is not clear but I still love it

    @Reema : ya all those bful views never fail to get our attention !

    @Meena : U meant better :P ? thanks

    @JYothi :Thank U

    @Janu : thank u

    @Smita : Thanks a lot :)

  7. Your perspective makes me question myself so many times. I love your blog girl.

    1. Thank you Pallavi
      It's not exaggeration if I say u made my day
      Thanks a lot :)

  8. such beautiful pics!! :)
    I loved the view of the clouds :)


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