Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Kyra,

Kyra opened the door bell to receive a courier along with a letter. She opened it and started reading.

Hey Buddy
Read on J

You remember the day Kyra when we first spoke?
Oh! It all started when I was blue with a single poke.
I failed in a exam and my heart was almost facing a stroke.
I had to discuss this with one orthe other bloke!

I gave a gentle stroke to the add friend button.
As we spoke I realised we are so similarand it can be fun!
I told we gotta meet and put full stop to the faceless talk.
You suggested we should have coffee beach side and a walk!

It is mid-may and the sun is all set to burn me.
I felt it’s not a great idea to hang around near the sea.
You said we shall wear sunglasses and take all care we need!
For once I had to trust my friend and so did I heed!!

My door bell rings and voila, there is a surprise gift.
As and when I opened there was a card handmade cute and neat.
There was a book which I always wanted with one more wrapped package!
I realised its “You” and with abroad smile I turned the book page.

As I started unwrapping the gift I was all excited.
This was the same Lakme sun-expert kit you cited.
I was happy to get all these warmsurprises.
For a moment I forgot my worries as there were only smiles!

So, we met the day we marked in the calendar.
I was glowing and confident and needed no reminder.
You were waiting for me under theshade sipping coco water near the brick.
I recognised you and you looked as pretty as you are in your profile pic!

I thought the profile pic ismodified in picasa or a pic manager,
You proved there’s no need of it as your skin-tone is not in a danger.
I greeted and hugged you and my happiness was visible on my face.
As planned we had a coffee and explored the place!

We collected some colourful shells and made a sand house.
We clicked each other, also togetherwith the timer everytime a new pose.
After long I was having fun and laughing till my stomach ached.
We had pan cakes and many more savouries baked!

Today I wanted to write this poem in the memory of that day.
Let’s plan another meet soon when we have a break in the next may.
Thank you for the good time and the wonderful Gift!
I was all rejuvenated and everyone now says am a “Happy Feet”!

Yours lovingly,

PS: Enclosed is a surprise gift from me. Please accept and plan a visit to vizag soon or let me know if we can catch up at Bombay.Till then have loads of fun!

As kyra unwrapped it there was a framed painting of them both after they swam to hearts content along with a Lakme nail polish kit

PS: All the images are googled. I dont own them!

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SRKKR won ! Wow

"Korbo Lorbo Jitbo re korbo lorbo re yeyeyye .. I never watched IPL and watched only this time and WHO WON THE KING or KINGS !??! -- Finally the king when I so wanted him to win-- Ofcourse 3 cheers to KKR!!!!!

Finally the time has come to enjoy the song fullpledgedly . Karaara Jawaab to MCA or whatteva crap!

Friday, May 25, 2012

An Article by Sanchari Bhattacharya - Why we love to hate SRK?(I had to blog it)

I loved it.Originally at

Let's kick the superstar when he is down, for god knows he makes good copy and helps us grab eyeballs, says Sanchari Bhattacharya.
When Neha Dhupia [ Images ] had famously said 'Only sex and Shah Rukh Khan [Images ] sell', she probably would not have guessed how oft-quoted or prophetically accurate that statement would remain years down the line.
Shah Rukh Khan sells.
You can love him or hate him or remain indifferent, but you cannot dispute the fact that the man wields celebrity power like no one else does.
That is why, even after three of his recent films met with a lukewarm response, he still gets to work with the biggest directors and banners in the Hindi film industry. That is why he can sell anything from toothpaste to innerwear to, unfortunately, fairness cream.
That is why an incident at the Wankhede that could have been resolved with a few apologies and cordial handshakes has snowballed into the biggest news story of the week. It has led to screaming headlines about a superstar losing his famous cool, an outbreak of pejorative comments on social networking sites, and a formal police complaint.
Unlike my colleague Harish Kotian, I was not present at Mumbai's [ Images ] Wankhede stadium the night the now infamous brawl happened between Shah Rukh and officials of the Mumbai Cricket Association.
Like most Indians, I read about the incident the next day. And I watched the drama unfold on television, as everyone remotely connected with the incident rushed to milk it and get their 15 seconds of fame from the not-so-pleasant encounter with the superstar.
So MCA officials, frothing at the mouth after being put in their place for once, spoke about how Shah Rukh was drunk, how he had ranted against them, even how he had 'misbehaved' with a woman there. There was even talk about filing an attempt to murder case against the actor and banning him for life from the Wankhede.
The media gleefully lapped it all up, going on and on about how 'Shah Rukh Khan was in trouble again', 'Will he be arrested?' and the rather tiresome 'Is this SRK's [ Images ] mid-life crisis?'
Shah Rukh Khan sells, we all know that. So we put him on our front pages and television channels and Twitter posts and in columns. For the mere mention of Shah Rukh Khan attracts millions of page views and readers and viewers.
Who cares about what Manmohan Singh [ Images ] said in Parliament or why the Rupee is sinking? Let's all kick the superstar when he is down, for god knows he makes good copy and helps us grab eyeballs for our happening social networking sites which otherwise have exciting updates about being stuck in traffic and having idli for breakfast.
I am NOT defending what Shah Rukh Khan did or did not do that night. Yes, as a public figure he should not have lost his temper. Yes, he should not have used that kind of language in front of the very children he was supposedly protecting. Yes, he could have taken the higher ground and resolved the situation by walking away.
But should he apologise to the MCA officials whom he supposedly abused?
Hell, no!
Anybody who has had any kind of interaction with the men and women who run the premier sports organisations in our country can testify to the fact that they suffer from hallucinations of being demi-gods.
Much like top politicians and bureaucrats, many of them are drunk on their power and are often ill-behaved. Many of them treat the sports bodies they govern as their personal fiefdoms.
If you listen to the recording of that night's ruckus, when Shah Rukh is injudiciously invoking their mothers and sisters while asking them not to touch the young girls present, you can hear some of those present provoking him and threatening him too.
No amount of provocation may justify Shah Rukh Khan's outburst at the Wankhede. But the only people he owes an apology to are his daughter Suhana and her friends who watched, shell-shocked, as the situation, spectacularly, got out of control.
Those children should not have been forced to witness an ugly spat like that and should not have had to hear SRK mouthing such uncouth words. For that, he owes them an immediate and sincere apology.
But to the MCA officials and security officials that he allegedly heckled that night, he owes squat.
Not surprisingly, in yet another exhibition of pettiness, the MCA has banned Shah Rukh from the Wankhede for five years for his 'disgusting' behaviour. Ironically, the announcement came from the MCA president, a former Maharashtra [ Images ] chief minister, who was sacked after 26/11, and is remembered most for insensitively taking a film director through an attack site hours after that horrific siege ended.
This worthy was recently slammed by the Supreme Court for misusing his powers and granting prime land to another filmmaker.
At a press meet on Thursday, Shah Rukh had pooh-poohed the MCA's threats and said it would make no difference to him if he was banned from the Wankhede for life.
It would not matter to him, sure, but such bans would make a world of difference to the many self-righteous cricket officials and pundits. They get to air their malice or advice while they enjoy their brief moment under the media sun, while riding pillion on the fame of the man Wikipedia terms as 'one of the biggest stars in history'.
As for those who have so much to say about how a celebrity like Shah Rukh Khan needs to be on his best behaviour in public all the time, please remember he is human and is entitled to his mistakes -- just like the rest of us lesser mortals.
On most days SRK doesn't make for an easy target. He is a happily married man who is image conscious enough to be extremely civilised and charming in public. In his interviews, he speaks about how much he misses his deceased parents and how much he loves his children.
Other celebrities may get away literally with committing murder, but King Khan [ Images ] is now hauled over the coals because he verbally abused impertinent men puffed up with their self-importance.
King Khan doesn't need me, or anybody else, to defend him. He has taken it all -- the jeers, the catcalls and the unkind reviews -- on his chin for years and he will continue to do so.
This time, for a change, he decided to hit back. He stuck to his guns and refused to apologise. Good for him!
I would like to believe that the millions of fans he has across the world will stand by him through this incident and probably adore Shah Rukh Khan a little bit more for taking on the panjandrums of sportsdom, just like his alter-ego Kabir Khan [ Images ] did in Chak De.
Sanchari Bhattacharya

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Half Baked Head---(12.)



PS: Thanks to Angry birds

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nostalgic- Remembering my "first" Friends meet!

The Summer that year
Why did you want to join this college?

Sekhar(with a hulk like body): "Well, there’s no great reason. It’s closer to my place.  It’s convenient.Crowd was disinterested.

Sekhar: "The campus is lush green and magnanimous".

Crowd: hmppff!!

Sekhar: and and girl is in civil engineering.

Crowd: hoot!! Hoot!! Claps!! Yee yeyeye! "Come on Boy!! That’s like some answer" J

Reema(Senior): Who is your girl?We need an introduction?

Sekhar: No Mam. She is just my girl. She doesn’t know me.

Standing at 5’ 11’’ tall Sekhar, addressing a very short but very active, funny and chirpy senior girl as mam and fearing her, was a funny sight.

Reema: "So what? She will know if u want her to, right?! Let’s arrange an intro with her."

Sekhar nodded gulping. Actually his girl is the girl whom he saw only once on the very first day he joined the college and it was love at first sight, so now he was clueless how he will plan this meeting :P (Boyzzzz J)

Ruchita (The topper with an air of importance and an almost know-it-all Hermionishh face): Well. I was even getting ECE in ICE college but I preferred this college as I wanted Computer science and I was getting a free seat here.

Crowd : oooooooohhhhhhhhh...ahannnn.. aaaahhh!

Hemant(Sr): So you could have gone for ECE, right? Landing in a software job is no big deal these days !!

Ruchita trying to smile cleverly: Oh ya,but somehow wanted to get hold of the subject before you land in the job!

Hemant: Oh, so you want to get hold? 

Ruchi (feeling a bit odd and tensed this time): Ya

Hemant: Abey Ram! Pass on those assignments . This topper here will do it for us. Ok mam? Finish it off by tomorrow evening.

Ruchi : But sir it’s just been a month and I have classes from tomorrow.

Hemant, with a stern tollywood villain look on his face: So what? We also have classes. If you haven’t finished assignment, I guess Reema will take good care of you back there in Hostel.

Tarun, with a chocolate boy face, stood up and replied: I actually wanted to do Marine Engineering and work on ships. Bad luck I dint crack my IIT. I tried to join at least GITAMs which is near sea but didn’t get a free seat even there. Finally, I had to come and join this college adjacent to Krishna backwaters. I regretted it in the beginning,but slowly the green trees, colourful girls and the pleasant evening winds are getting impressive day by day and am enjoying it!

I guess that was an impressive answer for the evening and Tarun didn’t get much in return from seniors other than a request to dance which he gracefully and happily did and he even asked if he can get his choice of song JNeed less to say he had definitely left an impression on few of the girls from the same batch.I got some trigonometry calculation to do as part of the ragging as I was from Bi pc but a girl whom I saw first during admission saved me saying “ I KNOW HER” and helped me with calculation. Kyra  was her name which I never heard before . Kyra, a girl with silky straight hair, had two other roomies who were from different group. All three were so pretty, especially Kyra. I don’t know the proper reason for liking her. May be as she tried to save me by helping me with math or I loved her hair or skin but I liked her the very first day! Few big shots of hostel knew me coz of herJwhich included trendy-sandy/Sandhya, the tallest and the most modern Spoorthy and her batch who were like “We THE SPICE GIRLS” of the hostel. Though I had no intentions to join the group, I felt good as they will not burden me with their stupid ragging. The hostel, friends, college were all too new to get used to. Other than few interesting things from our batch like a guy who was always funny --  Janardhan, whom we all called Jantha-Janardhan as he was always among people, like he is “born for people” and he always wore a happy dent smile with all bright flashy teeth.I never understood how he managed it!!Then there was Ravi who was a football player, another hefty person and a serious spectacled Sreeram, who had high ambitions and Venkat and Raj. These were few interesting blokes we all wanted to know and gel along. But there was no right opportunity and no proper unity among us, I mean girls. There was Ruchita, whose air of importance was so high that in that tornado speed of her air everyone was blown off! There was Suma, who was a simple girl, who doesn’t talk much, whose silence is like a silent killer. She attracted most of the boys or at least she said so to us  but I can’t say more about her or grade her by saying “people seem bright till they talk“ as she hardly spoke and when she spoke it was about the list of the boys, all new and old, who spoke to her for the day. YA we all ENVIED her. No points for guessing it!!

Kyra and I gelled along well. Her roll no. was next to mine. So naturally we bonded and we were together. The other girls were Leena from Delhi(the major reason which made most of the boys talk to her), Hema and Chaitanya (who doesn't shut her mouth once opened). Months passed and soon we were about to finish the first semester.We all along with some other girls and boys planned to meet at “HOT BREADS” . It was mid April and we were just done with lab internal viva. After summer break we would be having externals, so we thought just a get together is needed as we had free time to know each other better. Hot Breads is a famous Bakery/Restaurant and the plan was sudden and we all wanted to start at college at 10 in the morning. Usually there is always a problem for public transport (autos and buses) near our college premises as it is 10kms away from the town

There was no sight of an auto. Kyra, Leena and I didn’t want to make it a flop show. We insisted we have to go. “We will manage it somehow. From the top of the bridge we may get some bus or an auto. I AM SURE” —Leena assured us. Chaitanya, who always wants to give a long word of caution, said “Think again yaar. Hot Breads is not even in a walk able distance. I can’t walk all the way till there plus my back is aching as yesterday Sophie and Lakshmi splashed water on me from that hosepipe. Aaahh“. We all were laughing looking at Chaitanya’s painful face and remembering how she was running yesterday in the square corridors of hostel to escape their full on ragging and finally got bolted in bathroom and when she came out  she was a building to be extinguished as everyone attacked her. I too had a sore throat due to all shouting and singing in the mike till after 2 in the morning as Seniors arranged a fresher's party in hostel day before.Somehow we made up our minds,we will go today. We will not delay knowing the boys. It’s the end of 1st sem!

We were waiting for some transport when Tarun, Ravi and Raj wearing their Ray Ban cooling glasses and their new jeans and tees came on their respective bikes. Sreeram, Venkat and Janardhan were sharing the backseats. They were also looking good. But Kyra  and I were staring only at Tarun, who was too cute that day wearing a chocolate brown Wildlife Tee shirt  with an impressive cheetah print on it and a pair of blue Levis jeans and brown shades .Even his watch seemed nice on him. He has got some nice taste. As we were lost in thoughts, Sreeram broke the spell saying “So girls, we can walk. Three of you can share the bike with these three people and Venkat, Janardhan  and I will walk with remaining three of you! Even before Kyra and I took a step forward, Ruchita went and sat behind Tarun. Silent Suma sat with Ravi, and Raj and Leena were happily smiling at us. I was like almost crying. Not that I have to walk but as Ruchi is going with Tarun! Tarun, mischievously, smiled at me! GOSH! Did I make it so obvious.!!??

I murmured “This is cheating. Now we have to walk all the way”! Chaitanya was almost fainting. Kyra said “Its ok, Janardhan, Venkat and Sreeram are there. I guess we can walk. The climate is also not that bad!” but the sun was  actually ablaze that day!  Chaitanya made a face, exchanging looks with me, Tarun and Sreeram she finally agreed.

Tarun said ”Hey in return journey, we will drop you people. These people will take autos or manage somehow and reach college.”

At this Ruchi beat him on the back and said “Hey Tarun! You can’t cheat us yaar!”

Even if I was starting to get irritated I tied my scarf and said “chalo lets start”

So we walked all the way along the river in to the town till Hot Breads (around 10-12kms) and I must say it was effortless with  Kyra pulling chaitanya’s leg all the while, Janarthan’s share of stories, Sreeram’s experiences, traffic free roads , and we stopped wherever possible for some cold drink or a cup corn.
Kyra was even giving tips on how to protect my skin in summer using Lakme sun expert and how particular she is about all the products she uses. Her dream ambition is to be a skin expert and open a beauty clinic and increase people’s confidence.  
Her eyes were sparkling when she told this and I thought “Why not? In India every one feels confident only if they are fair and have a clear skin or atleast thats what the ads make us believe right?”  We walked in groups. Me and Kyra were continuously chit chatting about what we want to do in life and many other past experiences, gossips, nick names etc etc. The walk seemed easy. We had coconut water, Sugar cane juice and were sharing ear phones of Kyra's music player constantly shuffling the songs and shouting excitedly at our favorite numbers. We were actually enjoying a lot !

All in all it was awesome minus Chaitanya’s ramblings. We reached Hot Breads. The machos were already sitting with their respective damsels and we had to take the remaining seats!!! They were surprised to see that we all looked fresh inspite of walking under the sun for more than an hour and half (as we took interim breaks)! Whether it was due to the Lakme-Sunexpert I applied which is given by Kyra or the smiles we were having due to better compatriots I am not sure but I was all glowing!
They ordered some cold coffee for us. After that we ordered pizza and some pastries and whatever each of us wanted. We were laughing loud. Myself, Sreeram(who was no more nerdy ;the first impression I had of him), Kyra, Janardhan , venkat and Chaitanya naturally formed a group and Hema and Leena were talking. Ruchi, Tarun, Ravi and Suma were also trying to talk. I said trying to talk as I saw the painful expression Tarun was having on his face when Ruchi’s chatter-box mouth was not shutting. She was talking about her future paper presentations, her ambitions, her dad’s job and Ravi was giving her a good company. In a way, both were enjoying each other’s conversation and achievements. Suma was a silent spectator. Tarun, silenty, sneaked out and went out as if to check for something he had forgotten at the bike and when he again came inside with a sigh of relief he joined us. Ruchi gave a sharp turn. Tarun smiled at me. It felt good. But as I was already having nice time, it was not an “Aaahaaa” moment to me but as poor chap was troubled and loaded with heavy conversations, we both didn’t mind making his mood a bit light.  Finally after 2-3 hours we dispersed. But this time day-scholars to their homes and we hostellers in autos to the hostel J. It was the first eventful outing for all first years and a memorable one to me and the reason for writing it is I went to the same bridge  recently where we walked after many years and there was a sudden surge of the memory of that day and many more things but for now only this which is still fresh in my mind J

It’s strange whenever you visit a place to which you are connected for many years, however modified or renovated that place is, you won’t be able to visualise the changes made to that place but instead your mind’s eye will open up and the strong colourful memories binding you with that place will come dancing in front of you. Same happened to me when I was travelling after I attended a wedding and was crossing the Krishna River and the bridge The revival of memories always rejuvenates me! So I suggest that everyone has to visit the good old places once in a while and relive those moments. It was definitely an "Aaaahaaaaaaa" moment to me. Venkat and Sreeram are doing jobs in US after their MS. Ruchita is doing her PHD. I joined a software company and so did many others. Kyra is working as a lecturer and has joined skin-care courses at "Lakme Salon" and is planning to start her beauty parlor soon. So she is actually pursuing her dream and we still chit chat for hours over phone.

PS: The image above doesnt show our faces :P Its my fav wallpaper from the movie HAPPY DAYS which beautifully shows the day to day happenings in a college and rest all images are googled.

Contest or no contest I really do love Lakme products  specially the sun-screens , face washes with different fruit flavors , moisturisers , eye liners , nail colors their Salons and what not. To know more do Drop by  "I-Love Lakme" page on Facebook . 
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Jai ho Zuker berg ki!

Vah vah zukr berg , even titanic dwellers wouldn't hav faced such a mental confusion when she hit the ice berg! It was the moment when foes turned friends and friends turned foes and some loved each other more dreaming of life, but here U r controlling peoples lives, playing mind games ,sending each and every shit load -sorry upload as a notification, giving subscribe and un-subscribe offer and increasing the curiosity more when it comes to unsubscribed stuff, hide/ undo/like/unlike/block/unblock--- u created all the feelings here to express. 

You created A wall which can be opaque/translucent and transparent at the same time. Vah zukr vah tennnu kitti fikr saale oops saare jahaan ki.jai ho
Click on the image for better view!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

kaamiyaab Parinde- Ishaqzaade!!

Movie name : Ishaqzaade
Release Date: May 11, 2012
Star-Cast: Arjun Kapoor,  Parineeti Chopra
Director: Habib Faisal
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Genre:  Romantic Drama
My rating : 7.5/10

Based in an imaginary town of UP named Almore Ishaqzaade is a passionate love story which already generated a lot of buzz even before release coz of the attractive new faces, music which you can listen in a loop, a bold and rebellious Parineeti who is shown as the person who loves guns and shooting and a young lad Arjun kapoor who can make girls swoon with his reckless attitude in promos!
Habib Faisal is definitely an intelligent director who shows all the nuances of small towns of UP compared to metros and also the ruthlessness, arrogance, plots , passion along with aggression in  the rustic aura which doesn’t fail to impress you. Three cheers to even the Cinematographer Hemant Chaturvedi who showed it in a natural way and all the songs are shot with in the suburbs of almore which makes it look realistic instead of Alps of Switzerland like in a routine Yashchopra imaginary song. Good to see a comeback of  chopras and I feel glad that bollywood has finally come out of its comfort zone of Mumbai and Delhi and is all set to show the nativity of places like Kolkata in Kahani, Lucknow-Kanpur in Tanu weds manu!

The political rivalry between Chauhans and Qureshis from ages makes even their heirs loathe each other who since school days start swearing. They grow up and the ambition to eradicate each other’s dynasty is just ablaze. Parineeti Chopra as zoya or rather Parma’s (Arjun Kapoor’s) Joya is so damn natural. Her sparkling eyes and body language show how strong , confident and passionate she is to be on her Dad’s MLA throne no matter whatever it takes. She is not in the league of village girls who are submissive and are not extravert. She doesn’t mind to trade a Katta(Pistol) with her brand new gold jhumkis to be safe and shoot the culprits who are on her way! On the other hand she is so innocent to trust anyone and believe that she can make things work! She steals the show in the entire first half where she even wears her dads resized black kurta for election canvassin g !Am sure this attire will soon become a style statement among girls who will try imitating zoya!

Parma’s reckless “Go to hell” kind of intimidating character and also the silly grin would already have won many girls’ hearts. I read in news paper that he reduced his weight of around 120kgs to become what he is now and Salman Khan was his trainer! Holy cow! You should watch his abs and such a firm body. Its hard to believe he was obese once. Being the Bombay boy he is so lively that you will believe he is one such rebel kinda launda who always roams around flaunting his gun. The chemisty between the two is sizzling! He is fiery and self assured guy who makes a fantastic debut and doesn’t need the back up of dad or cha-chas. He is lot better than them all !:)

By Interval you will realise Parma is a sleazy chap whose morals are zero. The scene where his mom dies pleading Parma to correct his mistakes and in the immediate next scene where zoya cries will definitely evoke emotions in you but in second half hate turns to love so rapidly that it surprises you! Movie is a bit slow in second half with the only chase , run and escape scenes. Gauhar khan needs a mention here as she lived up to the role of prostitute in Kwality baar with two sizzling numbers Jhalla wallah and chokra Jawaan which is feet tapping and also a short sweet role where she rescues our hero. Needless to say that rest all songs are quite gripping as they are already popular. Kudos to Amit Trivedi.

The plot though is predictable is not boring till the end and the religious differences and hatred   which makes politicians or factionists kill each other is shown naturally the way it still happens in many remote parts of India. Hatred is same even in cities but the hatred of religious communities towards lovers is much stronger in villages.  Anil Rastogi [as Arjun's grand-father], Natasha Rastogi [as Arjun's mother] and Ratan Rathore [as Parineeti's father] are natural to the core. Second half is haphazard .In the last 10min where there is an unnecessary chemistry lab chemistry between hero heroine you want the movie to end and chase to stop but as the movie  ends you are speechless and unsure as to how to react! It kind of leaves a lacuna but then it is a story and not a moral science class so you cannot find a moral or lesson in it! 

Powerful script packed with action, comic tit bits, fresh music and amazing actors! Go for  this movie with out a second thought. Its a full paisa vasool and its tough to say who is the best among Zoya and Parma. Zoya  at her best and generates high voltage and adds spice to the drama and I can only give a big hug to Arjun for this award winning performance! Right now tuned to Halaalon me haraamon me Ishaqzaaaaaaaade. Below is a glimpse of the title song though my fav song is Pareshan. Love the music :)

My rating - 3.5/5. 
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some bful snapshots of a bful rainy evening!

beautiful evening and bful sunset

Sudden evening drizzle

Sudden sand storms which are quite frequent here

Never loved yellow so much!


Chao! Happy Weekend:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Round Figure- We all feel bad pcch :( [No its not about the body figure]

What is it with round figures??Dont U feel bad when U scored 79% and literally let out a sigh saying "OH YAR" Just 1% from 80!but no worries i will say 80 to all - a round figure:)

Dont you feel odd to buy 9 chocs when spending some extra money will giv u 10 !

Dont U feel like wanting some more or may be one more when U have 29fans on some whatteva FB page U created!then it becomes 35 -- 39 and cycle repeats!

Dont U feel like having 30 likes when there are 29 on ur pic/ post /any thing under the sky u talk!? -- DEDICATED TO THE FB OBSESSION many having lately and also dedicated to whatteva odd even or round figured number likes I GET here ;) By the way "0" is also ROUND:) and dont keep "THE ROUND" to be good when it comes to body -- Afshan:)

“You feel like having greenery in the blue ground.

You don’t want to hide behind a wall, You want to be found!

If you are unheard,U make a lot of sound.

You shout in a rage or cry as if you got a wound.

Then there come the fans and the fellas one after the other in a round!

These figures are better than your savings. You can smile and turn around!!”

Image courtesy :

-----DEDICATED TO Facebook---------and also to all who believe FB has power to heal and seal all possible wounds

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jannat2 - Mannat ye hi hai ki ab na bane ye Jannat :P

Jannat 2

Jannat of 2008 is watchable due to the cricket concept and amazing songs and a better heroine and story! The film makers think that Jannat1 can be tossed stashed or rather crushed with 2 good songs , a new  babe who most of the times reads news headlines when it comes to delivering a heavy dialogue and present the movie afresh and fool the audience. Esha Gupta must be thinking audience will go mad seeing her curves but by now she would have realized there’s no scarcity of curves and shapes  amongst the bollywood heroines! The element of the movie which is more irritating is the another babe oops I mean boy- the lover boy whom we are watching since times immemorial kissing passionately , loving unconditionally every other girl in every other movie. Even if he used to shower the similar romance and love in most of his movies it was a delight to watch him. Once my friend told “jis tarah o toot ke mohabbat karta hai na”- that kind of acting only he can do! But in Jannat 2 our hero himself seems bored of kissing, stereotypic dialogues, passion and romance along with the gunda – gardi and illegal tasks he finishes like in any other movie for instance Jannat1 or Once upon a time in Mumbai where he lives up to his role.  By the way Once upon a time reminds me Randeep Hooda who played police officer even in OUATIM ! He is a fresh edition to the movie along with few others whom you will recognize almost immediately like the other fellow police officer who drives taxi in Jab we met and Emraan’s close friend Balli who killes Jessica in “No one killed Jessica”. Good to see the movie offered roles to the forgotten faces.  At least something good out of all the monotony ! Randeep Hoodas acting and dialogue delivery is simple and nice as always but I can’t say he did some thing new or better acting from what he did prior! Moreover whenever he goes to coin box to listen to the voice mail box of his dead wife, instead of getting emotional I was wishing either the scene ends soon or movie gets better by a sudden twist where his dead wife’s ghost starts talking over phone! Phew man!! I was tired. I hope some director gives him a different role, may be a mafia instead of police officer from next movie or else he will also start getting bored like Emraan Hashmi !

One or two twists in the story were too predictable and so there was no strong suspense element, neither a heart touching scene nor a strong story. After Interval you will start eagerly waiting for the movie to end. Compared to Once upon a time in Mumbai where both Randeep and Emraan acted this movie shuns away as there were no great dialogues! Theres only one chase scene which is little funny!  Atleast they could have mouthed few new “BAD WORDS” other than the Behen chod which the police officer, Mangal singh Tomar(The Bad man) , Emraan [a bad man foreever confused whether to do something for greater good or stay bad and flee ]and everybody uses.
Director Kunal Deshmukh and Bhatt should try some other technique to make scenes really hot or sensuous rather than showing Emraan’s or some one else’s almost hidden/blurred half naked butt and a objectionable scene and a bold dialogue which gives a A . It’s a certificate which film makers consider as a degree at times and feel glad about it. A movie with Just a A- certificate and B- Boldness , C – chod word, D- Dirty picturesque  element cant be a hit. It should have other elements too like E – Everlasting dialogues (atleast 2-3), F – Fun and frolic characters who can actually make you laugh, G- Gaane which are unheard of  and many more elements and above all a strong script and story where actors can give their 100%. Only good thing is they shot every thing in Delhi, songs at India gate , Qutub minar , a chase scene in Nizamuddin which may excite the delhittes but not the outsiders . Movie makers used some brain and didn’t spend a lot in foreign locations!

My rating for the movie is **/5 

 1 star for songs even if the back ground music is a repeat of Jannat as you can never forget the wonderful music so a star in its memory
The other 0.5  to Randeep Hooda and the remaining 0.5 to Emraan just to remind him he can do much much better ! Lastly a funny thought comes to my mind that the director and producer could have done better by announcing some surprise gifts to viewers who can tell the exact number of times “behen chod” and “chutiya” come in the movie! So this is “Jannat” reloaded for you friends. If all your options are closed and all plans get cancelled you can go for this movie if you are a Emraan’s  fan (which I am not but went as that’s the reachable theatre and had nothing to doJ) . You cannot avoid Rahat Fateh ali khan’S TERA DEEDAR HUA and Shafaqat’s TU hi mera
I heard the movie is being edited to make it suitable to telecast on TV.  Leave the vulgar wordings or the single bold scene it holds but will you now watch it if it comes on TV?  I will say you can watch it as there is no need to spend 250 bucks J Bas ab yehi mannat hai ki na bane ab aur ye jannat!

Lets meet some other time hopefully with a good movie and better review. Till then Happy Weekend J!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tribute to Titanic- A ship which never sank!!


Whether or not it’s a 3d I fell in love with movie all over again. It’s mesmerizing, amazing and tearful. As there were no great movies that weekend ( I for sure didn’t want to spend money on Bitter boss or Louse full2[Pardon me if you enjoy the AK comedy] . Am sure both will be telecasted in a month’s timeJ and I know Titanic was and will be telecasted in a loop but somehow I see myself walking to the counter to buy tickets at PVR where 3D effect is meager or rather 0. With or without 3D glasses the effect was some  other than when the magnificent beauty starts sinking. That was the only scene which was blurry with out glassess. If u really want the 3D effect go to IMAX . All other theatres screening the 3D are lousy. As you all know its re-released on Apr4 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the tragedy. I couldn’t resist from praising the man behind – JAMES CAMERON and the way he executed each and every frame which grips audience’s attention. A reconstruction of the Titanic was built at Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, and scale models and computer-generated imagery were also used to recreate the sinking. Three cheers to Cinematographer Russel Carpenter and theres no need to mention how charming the love birds Kate and Leonardo are in the movie. My schooling was in a normal suburb where even English movies were released in locale language. I very well remember Titanic was first movie I saw in English in theatre. Ya I am not kidding , I even saw Jurassic Park and Mighty Joe Young in TeluguJ Well it was more fun due to obvious reasons!
The famous Titanic poster below!

I watched this movie again with same rapt and attention and emotion!.The admirable beauty of Rose makes many men go crazy for her and Jack- What to say about him- The perfect man for that role and loved him there after in many movies! So much of sweet and soft  love along with roses , butter  and honey is served to you so elegantly when you just entered high school! What more can you do than deeply falling in love with the characters and imagining that’s how love is at that tender age J That’s what happened to me when I watched Titanic in 1997. We Indians or for that case many across the countries are a bit filmy and fall in to the valley of emotions by a mere nudge!
Many people expected a better 3D view of below scene but few things never change. It was edited and truncated mercilessly back in 97 and history repeats even in the PVR of one of the largest malls in India!:)

The famous titanic pose below which is morphed/modified and tortured by many and every other person on the earth got themselves captured in this pose but nothing feels better than the real one. Movie feels fresh and I get amazed all over againJ
I danced along with Rose in Joy when she breaks the hand cuffs in order to rescue Jack. I was in rage when a less prospered person is shot dead by one of the person from captains team and then he shoots himself. I was audibly letting out a sigh then and suppressing my sigh a bit now! I was furious when Rose is commanded by the rich ruthless Fiancee and also her mother. 
I pitied her. I loved Jack and loved her dialogues when she says : “Shut up mother! The ship is sinking” when the rich lady complains about less space in the life boat !
The trauma, frustration, love, helplessness a person feels and faces when the most preserved thing he is gonna lose which is his life is shown so  heart touchingly that the first time I watched it I was in tears and after all these years when I watched I find my self fighting back tears not only when Jack dies due to icy cold water but also when captain locks him self in the cabin, when people fall from the half split ship in to the sea like lizards falling from the wall, when a baby boy alone screams at the top of his voice and Jack and Rose rescue him, people playing music irrespective of happenings, people dying , running for life not knowing where to run and what to do and when so many people some at the zenith of death , some already dead are floating hopelessly and a boat comes back searching for any one alive! The scene is very realistic and all people seem to be like just  frozen ice fallen on to the surface of  sea!
Rose lives and story ends with a new hope and with a “heart  of the ocean” diamond locket in her pocket which she throws in to the sea after narrating all the happenings in Titanic to the team searching for the diamond!
In the last scene I again felt the same rage , same emotion I felt years backwhen Young Jack and Rose meet near the clock ! I so wished it turned true and those two faces always swarm in front of my eyes and to me A perfect love story is Titanic. Never did any other movie made me so emotional !
Titanic is a imagined  story by Cameron with little dependency on few facts who was fascinated  by ship wrecks and wanted to make a movie from long.
"The story could not have been written better...The juxtaposition of rich and poor, the gender roles played out unto death (women first), the stoicism and nobility of a bygone age, the magnificence of the great ship matched in scale only by the folly of the men who drove her hell-bent through the darkness. And above all the lesson: that life is uncertain, the future unknowable...the unthinkable possible."
— James Cameron

There are many interesting facts and myths about real Titanic which you can google and read. To me it remains one of the evergreen love stories with an evergreen love song sung by Celine Dion(First song where I learnt English lyrics and practiced singing). 

This post in memory of the movie- a beauty which entangled me in its charm!
See you soon again. Below is Titanic 3d review as interpreted by a kid . Fun to watch and got circulated in FB post rerelease J Happy weekend ahead

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