Friday, May 31, 2013

The "Small" Wonders!

World is big and everything embedded in it is a wonder.
We used to stop by every creation for a while and ponder.
Remember how we used awe at the sky and the thunder?
How we used to escape from mommy when we did a blunder?

Remember the pleasure of playing hide and seek in a huge play ground?
And the person you were searching was standing just around.
Do you remember the shouts and screams when he was found?
Remember the fights over silly things on a muddy mound?

 Do you remember the endless games even on a hot sunny day?
Remember the gentle breezes drying your sweat in a soothing way.
Remember the tender grass on which hours together you used to lay.
Remember the petals you used to collect when the wind swayed them away!
Remember the diary in which you preserved the petals even if they were wrying?
Remember how the petal held your name in capitals in your neat hand writing?
The preserved petals and the foliage dry up and the ink gets smudged.
So are the memories which in the diary are deeply submerged.

Today as the sky roared and the clouds exploded in to rain,
I remembered the beautiful memories and good old days once again.
It is strange how the rains and the memories are tightly intertwined.
The room holding the past in the brain opens up and the episodes unwind!

Past is the place to visit and not to live but the mind refuses to come back.
Appreciating every small wonder always should not be a child’s knack.
Tomorrow when you go out check the flower in its full bloom.
If you want your present will be exhilarating too. Do not let the past loom!

Stop by the garden when you feel down and smell the rose.
If you feel good about it write down a poem or prose.
Present becomes past in no time so remember to overcome the sorrow.
Moments spent today become beautiful memories for tomorrow!

This post is written in response to WriteTribe Prompt # 4


  1. Beautiful poem, beautiful message. It is only when I read this I realised how many different experiences one goes through during one's younger days without even realising it at that time.

    Thank you. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Raja !
      Ya later when we grow those moments seem GOLDEN !

  2. I find it very difficult to write poetry and envy those who can.

    Nice effort.

  3. Lovely write. When I was little I used to press flowers and then stick them in a scrapbook - I did that on our trip to Kashmir.

    1. Wow Thats cool :) I used to do it in my diary
      thanks for comment suzy

  4. Fabulous poem. The journey of lifeis full of suspense. The last stanza is very soul stirring!

    1. @UshaMenon : thanks for dropping by
      Am glad U liked it !

  5. Nice poem. It is amazing how a rose can inspire such poetry and prose in us.

  6. I am spellbound by your mesmerising poem so beautifully written.. every word felt so true.
    Loved each word and stanza. :)


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