Sunday, July 26, 2020

Travelling Down the Rainy Memory Lane

What is the thing about memories, that makes us so energized and so happy?
Is it the nature of the memory that it is treasured deep in mind like a diamond?
Is it the very fact that memory can be relived in our head but can never be experienced again?
Is it the reality that good memories even if volatile, have the power to keep us get going!

As the downpour got heavy and the raindrops started slashing my windows fast and hard,

And as the sound of the rain pierced through my mind, holding a mirror to memories,
I went into a trance, trying as much as I can to hold on to that haze of memories...
The memories surfaced one by one reminding the happening and the happiest times!

I was a child, wearing a sleeveless smocking frock stitched by my Mama!

I ran to the window, to watch the raindrops in glee and jumped up and down, to show my love.
Letting down the umbrella and getting drenched in the torrents of rain used to be pure joy.
The heavenly happiness rains used to bring was unmatchable for me...
For some the dark grey clouds set in the gloom, but for me, they always filled the heart with rainbow colors!
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I grew and life kept going, I got too busy to observe the dancing droplets on the windowpane.

But I tried to keep the child in me intact and started writing my thoughts, whenever rains welcomed me!
The hostel life gave plenty of time and opportunity to fill the pages of my random journal.
I scribbled away to glory, all those seen, unseen, shared, and unshared feelings in me!

The greenwashed leaves and all the rain hues still don't fail to impress me.

In my child, I again search myself when she dances delightfully on catching the glimpse of rain.
The excitement and the amusement she feels on seeing the rain reminds me of my older version!
Decades back I was her and now she is my younger self exposing the same flashy toothy smile.

How I wish I could reflect the same unconditional happiness and the smile once again in life?

Does life always stay simple and the same, and only we complicate it with our expectations, dreams, and desires?
Does life plead us to be the same carefree soul, where the happiness and worries are not chained to any?
Does life hint you to live your childhood again through your child and keep counting your stars?

PS: A random poem scribbled by me during the rainy season of  Covid Lockdown!

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