Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some and the Others!!!

“Some people try to follow the suite.
The others can just get rude!
Some people try to outsmart you.
The others just fail and don’t even rue!!”
“Some people throw bricks at you.
Trying to make you go black and blue!
You cheerfully build a wall of fame.
Mocking the attempts so tame!!”
“The attempts are pretty hard.
The others may label you mad!
You are no saint to be glad.
The world is full of people good and bad!!”
“The preposterous ones sagely clad.
Some laugh heart fully some stay grumpy and sad!
Some have lump some money and a rich dad.
Only few have a talent which the others never had!!”
“Having Fun and happy times is the real art of life.
The bash in the hoodwink of fun may create strife!
Rather than being a threat its better to be a clown.
Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down!!

This poem was originally published at theviewspaper

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 7". "4 Books!!!!!!!

The 7th challenge is to write about 4 books!!!

1.) The Diary of a Young Girl :

I can say it’s the first book which left me vacant from inside when I closed it. I used to read the routine books (all Sydney Sheldon's & Agatha Christie's works) till I bought this one in one of the trips and I preserved it and passed on to many others. It’s the diary of Anne Frank which she wrote till she died in the Nazi camp at the age of 14.When the book ended I was wishing to flip through more pages!! Written in Dutch language, it’s now translated in more than 60 different languages. It is still one of the best sellers and listed in the top 10 or 20 most read books in the world in some surveys!

2.) Harry potter : It would be an offense in my case to take any other name. I owe my childhood , teenage and this software stone age to J.K.Rowling and the amazing imaginations, subtle morals , emotions she weaved ! The awesome era of books and movies ended but the magic never ends to me and I keep on reading them !There’s no need to talk more on this ;)

3.) Comics : I love comics. Any kind which can hook me. My most favourites are Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes.Oh!! Am a big fan of Bill waterson. He inspires me to draw cartoons! They make you smile and at the same time inspire you and hold lessons you always are in need for! I love Roaldahl’s Short stories, Ruskin Bond’s Short stories/Poems to that matter any short stories or poems which make you think. Summing up I love all the comics and any short stories books which are actually interesting, short and sweet.TINKLE is one of my favourites too:-)

4.) Eat pray Love: A book Which I recently started reading and am loving it in and out !!In the prologue and epilogue many famous personalities , publications , newspapers almost told the same thing that EAT PRAY LOVE is warm , filled with hope and that every woman should read it and its being passed between women like a secret of life . Halfway through the book I too felt the same that I should prescribe it to many women I know and also Men! Whichman won’t be interested to know how and what a woman thinks J but ya it’s a kind of autobiography and travel experiences of the author Elizabeth Gilbert in three different places where she discovers herself!! Needs little patience to read which I guess long time readers are equipped with so it’s not that tough!! Eat Pray Love..Order it now!! Its a major motion picture too and none other than Julia Roberts acted in it!!

Gosh!! It’s a tough task to chose 4 favourite books among all those books which smile and wave at you like friends!!! I love Dan brown and among Indian authors Chetan Bhagat, Arvind Adiga, Advaita Kala and many other old/new and upcoming authors around us .I have many books in "To be read” list . Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy, Ayn Ryand’s Fountain head(Which every one prescribes to read and keep on saying it’s like a Bible), Kite runner , 100 years of solitude (which am midway) and many more!!!! Depending on your mood for poetic lovers it also feels relieving to buy some works of Ralph waldo emerson, John keats so on so forth. There are many more books which keep getting added to this list and its always never tiring and never ending.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 6". "5 Foods"!!!!!!!

Five foods
*Food* Yummm yumm *Slurp* .What can be more interesting topic than this ? MEN? I guess NO!! Food has more varieties than MEN :)
My uncle teases my aunt saying: “If she is given an option to chose between chicken biryani and him , without a second thought she will file a divorce :) " .
People love food. It’s good to be a diet conscious person and take care of your body and keep a check on weight but doing it 24*7*12*365 is possible only if all your taste buds stop working and your sense organs are not working properly! Well I always wonder looking at the models, cine stars and those people who control their food cravings and appreciate them but always feel they are missing some fun and taste in life!! I get this feeling especially when I look at the not so appealing skinny and 0 sized bodies!! Anyway coming back to the FOOOD!!! Oh am a foodie.I haven’t tasted international cuisines. So I won’t sound cool by saying my favorite food is Chinese , Italian , Brazilian or Macedonian whatsoever :P Now let me not make this post long and directly attack on my Top 5 foods!

1.)Chicken Biryani : Yummmmm. The Royal Nawaabi Food. It’s a relief to enjoy the smell and sight  (both zoom in and zoom out )when it’s still on stove and when served on dinner table. There is a technique to make it. My mom puts a roll of wheat as a seal around the vessel lid so that the rice becomes more frilly and it seems this gives a better taste to biryani (DUM biryani it is). I never understand the technique as I always am charmed by the aroma and taste ! Cooking Hyd biryani is all together a different art ! But I like the native Andhra biryani better with Gongura chicken (spicy). I like almost all varieties of chicken! Lucknowi Biryani was also OK. Am No mutton / Prawn / fish eater. I try fish once in a while as they say it’s good for heart.

2.) Mango Pickle: Well frankly speaking am not interested in vegetables. They all look same to me!! I daily have Dal and vegetables as I have to have them and am a diet conscious person and no hard core meat eater ! But ya if I have to take one name I must say I love “Kairi” – Mango Pickle!! Which is again in the native Andhra style not like the one from other places with a tinge of sweetness! One should taste the Andhra Avakaya with ghee in rice. Its mouthwatering . Even when am typing this its appetizing! I bet you would be mesmerized and may close your eyes when you actually eat as directed by me. Well Avakaya should be prepared nicely ofcourse!! The curd rice and Mango pickle is a hit combo too which is like a fast food when no food is in reach and nothing can be cooked and you are in a hurry!

3.) Maggi Noodles with Ruffles lays chips : I religiously decorate my plate whenever I make Maggi noodles or mom makes and I many times have it outside too . Everyone has their own Maggi story as they advertise it ! Maggi is the bestest and the fastest food among all the foods invented so far and available in too many flavours. Chicken maggi , egg maggi , veg maggi , Paneer maggi. Yummylicious with Ketch up. Recently When I have been to client location I had total 10-15 flavours of maggi for a month or so!!!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAGGI! Of all I had I loved Corn Maggi .Lays chips as a side dish is good with Maggi!

4.) Chat : Well who doesn’t love chat. I drool even by seeing the menu. Samosa chat , Ragda chat , Sev puri, Raj Kachori, Dahi puri , Pani Puri , Bhel puri , Pav bhaji Extra pav, Papdi chat so on so forth !Chat Bhandar is the most fav adda to me when ever I meet my friends/ cousins or even if I am alone and have nothing to do ! If there's one thing I can never stop eating it would be chat after the chicken!! If after all recessions and great depressions I lose my job then I will surely start a “Chat gaadi”with few friends and add  few special native cuisines to the menu. I am glad I got a chance to taste the original Rajasthani chat lately when I was in Jaipur!

5.) Kaddu ka kheer/ Sheer khurma : I don’t have a sweet tooth and eating too many sweets makes me feel drowsy at times  ( I don’t really know the reason). I don’t enjoy sweets. But two sweets which I can never stop relishing are kaddu ka kheer and sheer khurma. Sheer khurma is Ramzan special all over the world, and there are many varieties in it . The one with condensed milk is called sevayya !There is a variety with dry fruits and there is also dum ke sevayya which are orange in color and crispy ..Chauba acts as topping made of khopra (dry coconut scrape) and baadaaam , akhrot and other dry fruits. This topping is yummier than the sevayya to me .Making Kaddu ka kheer is again an art. Have it with Milk maid and mail me if you don’t feel heavenly !

Am too hungry now so
Khuda hafeez :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 5". "6 Places"!!!!!!!

Six places I always want to visit!!!
It’s very tough to write this coz I am not much in to travelling and there are very less places which I already visited but there are many in my list which I would wantto visit!

Some things in this post may seem repetitive but well as it is a post about me cant help the repetition !:)

1.) Before mentioning big big desires I want to roam around INDIA which is the biggest desire. Around the India in how many ever days it takes. An expedition, exploration, a relaxation. Among the places I saw the ones I wanna go again and again would be Vizag(for beach), Mumbai (for its vastness), Coorg, Araku (for serenity), Hyderabad(for obvious reasons)!Among places which I have never visited Shimla , Kashmir , Goa , Kerala , Pondicherry ,Andaman and Nicobar islands and many hill stations are in hit list. Tajmahal one of the wonders is a place which i already visited but would love to visit that historical part of India (Ajmer, Agra, Rajasthan) again and always!! Our india is always Incredible
check out this interesting vedio :
2.)China: Yes I wanna visit China. “Great wall of china” has reputation as the only human work on the globe which is visible from the moon. Have a strong desire to go and stand on it . I always feel mesmerised by the ancient civilization , history , clothes , traditions ,people of china. Would love to explore the place and use chopsticks too, but maybe I have to survive only on noodles and fried rice till I stay there :p .Would love to peep in to Chinese prophecies and see what Kung fu , dragon and Martial arts are all about :D and ya I would love to hit Japan too and check out some erupting volcanoes!!
3.) Egypt: The pyramids and mummies.Aren’t they mysterious?!! Who would not want to get a glimpse of this wonder once in life time? If I get a chance I would definitely explore Egypt and obviously would love to thoroughly understand the culture and traditions of people there. It’s always fun to meet new people
4.)Niagara falls: It would be one of the best days of my life when i get a glimpse of these humongous, one of the largest water falls which extend between Canada and Newyork. I don’t have the exact data of their height , length and width .If ever I get a chance to visit I would be ecstatic and won’t b able to describe how exactly I would be feeling watching this natures wonder!

5.) Europe-Italy: No “The davinci code” book/movie is not the reason for this thing to creep in to my mind.

From long somehow “Italy” used to sound fascinating. A country of art, love, romance! In Roman mythology Cupid is the God of desire , affection and love. Well not to fall in love ;) but would love to know the secrets of this wonderful place!!I would love to go to the place and explore the works of Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo likes and Italy is worlds top Wine producer. Well have to see how enchanting and how sedative the place is if at all I go ;)
6.) Home: After I finish my expeditions and explorations around Egypt, China, Niagara , Rome I would always want to come back to my home sweet home where ever it is J
PS: Given a chance I would go around the world not in 80 days but 800 days to that matter any number of days may be the whole life well revenue is one thing to think of: p actually the only thing to think of !!!!.......

Friday, August 12, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 4". "7 Wants"!!!!!!!

7 Wants!!

!! Now comes the most favourite part of the challenge …7 Wants !! I was waiting for this one
Seven Whoaa ..Number feels Magical!!!J Ole Ole
Here I go
* I badly need/want a “Thought Machine” [Like a magic quill Kind] which can read my thoughts and simultaneously type them out in a word doc or on a paper. It’s a pain to type ! It should read my thoughts as if am dictating and pen them down with the needed editions and truncations ;)

* I want to write a book whatever might be the time I take I gotta do it!

* Whenever a weekend comes there are many Hangouts but to me an ideal hangout will be a still lake side or river side[Not like the smelly Hussain sagar] with colorful pebbles , waves touching your feet gently and gentle breeze letting your hair fly , where you can sit , spread a mat lie down , listen to music and relax [a drizzle is always welcome]. I would want to go to such a place at least once in a month and to a sea shore at least once in a quarter. Planning to go soon :)

* I want to visit any serene hill station frequently and stay away from pollution , buzz and people

* I want to learn skating!!!This would be very silly to say but when I saw Salman and Raveena Skating when I was in school in the song “ Kabhi tu chaila lagta hai from Pathar ke phool” I wanted to learn skating and joined the summer classes in the near by town club but I FORGOT NOW how to skate ! So wanna learn again.

* I want to learn Sketching. I do pencil sketches but want to excel in it and want to learn stitching and painting from my mom who excels in it.

* I want to sing!!!I mean seriously learn singing!! Not to participate in “Indian Idol” or “X-factor” but I believe I have a good voice 
Good evening!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 3". "8 Fears"!!!!!!!

Fears !!! Yeowww .. Even when I write this word . I feel shaky and scared !! K But when I give a second thought like Harry potter “I Fear the Fear most” ,like when he looks at boggart it turns to dementor !!! J

For Non HP folks -- > [boggart is a shape-shifting creature that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear]

[A dementor is a Dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them]. I Fear the fear most but the sources which generate fear are sometimes many sometimes None!! I show vigor at times and am quite a cissy-missy many a times!

Ø Energy Drainers: I fear them a lot. They are as good as Dementors!! Trying to demotivate you all the while. Trying to magnify your negatives , pulling you down , making you feel hollow. Well theres nothing much to say about them. I have spoken a lot on them. I shoo them away may be with the help of a patronus (some nice feelings and people around).

[For NON HP Folks-- A Patronus is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor feeding on it, rather than him. In order for it to work, you need to think of a memory. Not just any memory, a very happy memory, a very powerful memory… Allow it to fill you up... lose yourself in it... then speak the incantation "Expecto Patronum"."]

Ø Fear of people who install fear in U: I can’t elaborate the varieties in it!! There are these terrorists and all kind of criminals who make innocents disappear like puff of a smoke and I can’t mention few things here. FEW PEOPLE install fear in a fashionable way by sending Fwd mails by showing “LIFE AFTER DEATH SCENES” and how you are burnt in hell if you are not god fearing ! ! Engulfing fear around peace, divinity and gentler things is something which I never understand and have stopped understanding! I can neither fight nor overcome this fear!

Ø Fear of losing people: This fear used to grip me a lot earlier!! Wanted to mention it as I had it for long (may be I still have itK). Am kinda used to good-byes now!! While leaving school and some age old friends I realized bidding Farewell is not my cup of tea when I had shed tears very easily!!!Later on there were many such junctures and I GOT USED to it. But still the fear sustains. May be this is the reason I sometimes fear of getting too close to the most likeable people!!

Ø Fear of getting old: When I see old age homes or for that matter the elder citizens (retired folks) at home! I fear THE IDLE LIFE a lot!! Sometimes it feels like “THE IDEAL LIFE” is over. Its fine if you stay occupied with few works!!But I fear WHAT IF I STAY TOTALLY IDLE? What if I AM LEFT LONELY? What if my hair is totally grey? and there is NONE AT HOME!! Sorry if am giving U jolts J but I do have such fears :D – ( Few days back some one wrote even when I turn 80 and am swinging in my old rocking chair I will be reading Harry potter ;)—May be I can do this!!! Slowly, feebly turning page by page. The 7 books may keep me alive for 7 more years :P )

Ø Fear of Memory Loss: Sometimes I get so overloaded with thoughts and ideas (mostly before or after sleep: P )that I feel When I wake up I will forget everything including "who am i?"!! or at times like some short term memory loss I may forget in next half hr. Sometimes I have an instant urge to pen down the thoughts as and when I get them. its not possible all the times and when I try recollecting them later they aren’t that effective.

Ø Fear of getting adapted: I can’t easily get adapted to a new place, new people, new food , new climate. It’s not actually a fear but U Can say DISCOMFORT. If I shift to a new place it takes me at least 3-4 days to get a proper night’s sleep J

Ø Fear of being able to easily trust people: This quality has not helped much! And most of the times the stark realization is being nice takes you nowhere. Doesn’t mean being rude takes U some where !! :D You have to just keep oscillating between both depending on situation and sometimes it feels that you should JUST NOT REACT!!I often think Life is flowery bedded and then realize one shouldn’t trust blindly! But sometimes our whims , reflexes act fastest and decide for us!!

That’s it I CANT THINK Of many more fears May be I need to end the number with 8!!

Ø Fear of Food cravings: With lavish spread of food in a city like hyderabad this is the commonest fear anyone has ;) ;) Tempting the taste buds and then feel guilty :P ! If I go to a wedding I try hard to not give a head turn in the direction of that favourite pastry or kheer or many varieties of spicy chicken. But if the whiff is too strong and pulls me like a snake charmer pulls the snake well You know the consequences right :P

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 2". "9 Loves"!!

Well Well Lovehttp:// !!!
Love is in the air.. If we keep on telling what all we love I am damn sure the list will go from Kashmir to Kanyakumari but as part of the challenge started on sunday(due to time constraints couldnt continue immediately :| )I want to pen down the Top nine Loves of my Life!!! After revealing secrets which almost seem like my “LOVABLE” wishes/desires I don’t know what exactly to write here:-o Anyway here I ago!!
1.) Home sweet home: Who doesn’t love it. It’s quite silly to mention. But as I am starting from 1. I need to say . Home, Mom , Dad and My elder Bro. Where ever I go on this earth ,would always love to come back home and rest in peace
2.) My Huge Book Rack!!I want to expand it to a mini library and when I get old I am damn sure if my eye sight is good [after the laser treatment, cataracts so on so forth :P ] I will keep on reading
3.) Music/My IPOD: Especially all the Hindi melodies, 60s to 90s. Need to collect more n more! It’s so soothing and whenever I listen to them where ever I am, travelling in a bus, waiting for the train, engulfed by my thoughts, music just gives the relaxation needed and outlet for thoughts
4.) My Laptop: My dear dear laptop . If given a chance like in some villages people marry trees first as its some faith they have, I would marry my laptop :P It helps me to “Write” . This writing habit emerged coz of my laptop, so I love it!
5.) Mom Dad’s Wedding Album : I Love browsing through it again and again and I feel so thrilled every time and love browsing through the things she preserved like wedding gifts , saree etc etc! I feel excited.I LOVE THEIR MEMORIES! Till date I argue with them why didn’t they try to get a vedio of wedding L
6.) Home Made food: Take me to Taj, Take me to Oberoi or any other newly opened restaurant in the city especially Hyderabad being a place famous for FOOD I would always want to come back home and have that elaichi tea made by my mom or maggi noodles and chicken biryani . As a matter of fact anything and every thing made by her. I hope I learn atleast 20% of her skills and survive
7.) Slam Book/ Poetry: I always hold it carefully (the school slam book) as if its “Handle with care” thing in fear of spoiling it .The whole scribbling in the book is too near to my heart. Especially written by some of my teachers which are imprinted in my brain but I still love reading them again and again. How they felt about me!!!!!(The most favorite one is by my English mam Rezina) and I love spontaneous poetry written by me or my friends
8.) Family Get togethers: Earlier it used to be summer holidays from april till june for which I used to eagerly wait the whole year. There is no scope for it now but whenever we meet its all “ruckus” and feels like good old times are back! Now that there is a third generation my new loves are the kiddos Omi, Dani , Husna , Suhaan , Tabish and Ayaan !!ofcourse there’s no risk to show partiality here. Ayaan is my hero J
9.) My Friends : Yes life is so dull and incomplete in their absence . Today I read in some mail “Friends are the Family U choose for Yourself”. I Love those dear ones whom I can reach any time and talk anything without giving a second thought.
That’s all for now!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Day You Challenge--post 1. Ten secrets!!

Challenges are challenging and most of the times stressful and sweat on the brow is for sure guaranteed to reach the zenith but no challenge will act as a stress buster as much as the below one does and by the time you complete it you will feel good on accomplishing it and it will for sure bring a smile on your face. Well so if you feel like taking it up enter this 10day You challenge and pen down ALL ABOUT YOU!!!Here I go with my first day.10 secrets about me...aaaha!! Hold on.. Secrets which can be revealed ofcourse. The darkest and deepest secrets are meant to be secrets. So here are few secrets which can be shared and few are like open secrets J

So read on friends and take up the challenge if you like it !Meet again tomorrow

1.) I want to spend a week in future ofcourse in a remotest / least populated island with my most fav person .They say Pitcairn Islands in South pacific ocean is one of the least populated islands as of now with just 50 people(9 families precisely). If going there is not affordable atleast phuket islands or some other islands but a week atleast. Is some body saying amen!?? IF NO say it J

2.) I really hate people who just jump in to blogs / write ups and keep abusing in the name of criticism and who themselves cannot write a noteworthy or praiseworthy or comment/critic worthy stuff. All they want to take is “The magnifying of your negative aspects” challenge. I keep a distance from them(VERY LONG). If they try and get approachable well they get a piece of my mind in return

3.) I am obsessed with workouts be it daily walking or gym and am a foodie too and I though get hyper at times when I hog on food J I know how to balance it and am ready to join the group of people who ever have such real obsessions and share and take tips but people who never have an intention to work out keep giving or asking tips which makes me laugh

4.) I have strong liking for people who speak their heart out and who are naturally witty / funny when needed and keep their heart to themselves when situation demands be it a man or woman and a strong dislike for people who keep on highlighting “I SPEAK WITH ALL MY HEART” continuously as if I use my liver and kidney and who try to bring out their over-witty-funny-smarty nature with lotta effortJ

5.) I would love to take part in Burkha dutts “We the people NDTV” .if not take part just sit in audience beside burkha atleast in one episode not coz am crazy about her but as i need to grab the microphone to ask too many questions !!

6.) I love my girl friends (the closest ones). Am quite partial about them as I can speak my heart , liver , pancreas and kidney to them ;) and they can really understand it and come to my rescue especially when I fall face flat . Sometimes they understand it even when I don’t speak unlike many boys! I will anyways be writing a total article on girl friends sooner!:)

7.) I love Shahrukh khan. This love is MAD and unconditional and nothing can be done to repair it. He inspires me and I have a burning desire to meet him before I die and if possible take his interview and my most imp que will be “How do you handle the brick bats along with appraisal and move on in life and be successful?” and I wish my pulse rate to be normal when he shows that twinkle in eyes and that dimple in cheeks and gives some witty answer when that adams apple keeps tumbling![oops my *hearts already skipping a beat ;)*]

8.) This bit might not be possible but I want to stay with my parents for ever even after wedding. If not stay at least want to meet them very often! I DONT WANT TO BE A GUEST

9.) When sitting idle in rain, sleeping on terrace in cool breeze or browsing through diary , old books , old albums I go back in to memories and it always feels good/bad.

10.) Last but not the least I have nothing against God/Gods but I cant stand his Fans association.

There are many more OPEN secrets :) but it has to end at this bend when it reached ten !! So meet ya soon again may be tomorrow with the second challenge J

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