Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 18: Want(s)!

The Day 18 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is 18. Want: What do you want in your life??

The needs and wants are again going to intersect in this post of mine. There is a thin line between them but wants are some thing which can wait in my case but some times wait gets too longer :-/. Anyway in the below collage I am showing few things which I badly want. I want them real bad.

I want to write . Write a lot. Write even when I am exhausted, when I am lazy or even drowsy. I want to write more than I think I can. That pic on the left most corner of the collage is of me typing out a story which frequently gets halted. I hope my grey matter remains mobile and pumps creative juices. I badly want to get a job . The one with me sitting at a fountain was clicked in Infosys and the one below it is the beautiful Infy swimming pool. I have done temporary jobs in the last one year. More than money want some thing to stay occupied and have an active social life like before. Trying to shift gears to a permanent writing job and hoping it works when I get a good opportunity. I want to read more and more books. My meager reading disappoints me sometimes! I want to travel to all the breathtaking places and feel like I conquered the world. The waterfalls in the collage are Hogenekkal falls - 3hrs from Bangalore. I want to cook better than my husband ;) This is the veg bagaara  rice (Hyderabadi cuisine) which lead to many compliments !

If you want to know more about my endless wants or wishes you can refer to my wishlist which I scribbled during the A-Z challenge.

Last but not the least I want to meet SRK. If I get an opportunity to do so one day I will just not let it go!

The above one is the picture of SRK's photo frame in Ambiance mall - Gurgaon at Bluo where we played bowling. Taken from my phone and effects added by photomania app in Facebook. There were many more pics of SRK in the room. Needless to say I got bowled and got absorbed in clicking and forgot bowling :)


  1. I would want to travel a lot too; money definitely; Write - yes, active social life...yes, read...too, job - not so keen. SRK...I have met :)

  2. Love to do some of the things mentioned, like to travel, read and ofcourse would love to meet SRK ! I love that energy and enthusiasm of his .. nice post!

  3. Perfectly achieveable wants, Afshan! May they all come true for you soon and even meeting SRK :D

  4. May be I should work on getting you a personal autograph in the meantime?
    Love you Afhsan, I really do! :-)

  5. @G.Angela : A hyfive on that . May ur wishes come true too

    @Shilpa : Thank U shilpa :)

    @Aarti ; I Love u too ;) Can you get that autograph . Really ?? *Gulp Gulp*

  6. Nice list. I hope it happens for you. :)

  7. nice list of Wants!! :D
    I want to write and travel and meet SRK (why not?!)


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