Friday, September 17, 2010

Komaram Puli Review

KOMARAM Puli review

Saw this most awaited movie by all telugu janam on the Eid/vinayaka chaviti day and it took a day for me to come out of trauma or coma whatever… The situation was like Where am I who am I? and why am I watching this movie!! Power star power star!! Why is this song made :)

Amma talle normuyave I wanted to tell the same to the heroine Nikheesha patel who had characteristics to make boys ogle at her and nothing greater than that..When ever she came on screen. I got the feel that rakhi sawant can do much better. It would have been a grt comedy show atleast. She with her thick kaajal and meagre clothes was no less than a item girl. And Shreya! God knows y she appeared in the movie firstly. The scenes were so vague and story line so baseless that in intermission I went out and purposely returned very late ..Rest of the GVK mall was much better .Shreya comes in a item song by seeing which my bro who likes her got really pissed off :)and then she is with the bad boy team (manoj bajpai) then suddenly she calls up the Puli team (good boy team) and says she is x police man Hussains GF . (To be noted Hussain is killed by manoj) ….Next moment she dies by hit and run accident . Weather she is really manojs girl ..hussains girl or a mental girl!! God knows:)
It’s a open question to the viewers!!So sreya appears and disappears soon after the ph call to puli. PULI the name itself is so comical. The serious storyline is absorbed by the very name of the HERO!! I heard komaram scenes got absorbed after some agitated folks raised voice against it….THANK GOD and thanks to them for raising an agitation …..Pavan kalyan was for sure looking good with broad moustache …The manly look which again got absorbed by his “ KHUSHI “ style of walk in black commando dress (LOL ) I still cant resist my laugh on remembering this…and one more funny thing is the other police officers in puli team standing still like statues when ever our puli is resolving a case or watching monitors…I was continuously jeering at that scene so was the whole theatre :D:D …they come in to senses when our puli calls them ..if he calls“dilip” ...... he is out of coma and responds yes sir :)
Puli is ready for prajarajyam campaigning all over the movie… A police dies ..HE is ready with a Loooooong baseless speech for prajarajyam.. He gets a bravery award ...he is ready for campaigning again. Given a chance he campaigned making the audience bang their heads cursing their partners who believed its gonna be a good watch and spent 150/- per head…..
Pulis mother’s over agitated and over emotional dialogues also didn’t help. She is the same lady who acted in Vedam ….She was so good in it (she is the one who comes along with her father in law to sell kidney in hyd and get some money) ..One dialogue which made me laugh my A** off was “Meerandaru taravatha policulu ra “ vadalantivadu kadu :” (which means U r are Polices Little son is not like that ) I racked my brain to understand IT!! Then I realized when pavan is in her womb she teaches him to march LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT….this was the moment when I laughed LOUD In the theatre and every one in the front row…turned around to have a look at me and they too laughed…. So this puli who is police even before birth can even do special stunts ….I think these special stunts only made his delivery easy…. U KNO WHAT he is born in the river ….when his mother is hiding from manoj bajpai and co… running away from they are after her after killing her husband who is a police… puli is born in the river it self…IT’S A MIRACLE…….like some 8th wonder…………..:-o she lifts him and looks at his face too----- Umbilical cord still attached:-P…

But remember folks its puli who is born and pulis mother who gave birth so both r saved!! They are safe…and next scene is grown up puli saving girish kannad in bangkok or some where where he jumps from one building to the other better than the spider man… I guess director wanted to show him a super natural kid with some abnormal powers !! Puli is against love and wedding….(Very sensible right or else the kids also will be abnormal ;)) but then nikheesha with her jet black kaajal ( I wonder how she was able to see) attracts the mother and the boy and manages getting married to him (My condolences are with puli or the girl am not sure)!!! Puli is after Manoj ..he manages resolving the case in midst of so many confusions like shreya getting killed ….and dilip (police) being from manojs team..There is some Nixon around whom the story revolves…but then very vague twists and turns show Nixon is finally DILIP..That was only revelation which was little not so expected …Finally in climax puli manages showing the real colors of manoj by some secret camera on CNN bbc and all over the world !! and traps him……Finally when movie ended I wanted to come out ….and get the movie outta my head …and relax… took nearly a day and half to come out of puli trauma …..(Not to mention after a couple of tea breaks(to get rid of headache) and some nice book reading)
Komaram in the title was objected by the pratyeka Telangana fighters though it appears on posters and every where…The only masala which is added to the movie is KOMARAM being striked out or white washed on some posters in some galli theatres
So folks BEWARE Of this movie..dont waste your money on multiplexes atleast..If you are a die hard fan of pavan and WANT To see it…watch in a theatre where ticket ranges from 35—50/-
Seems Ar. Rahman was also forced to give music to the movie….and the songs seems as if he did it with lotta disinterest :-)
PS1 : DO NOT Watch in multiplexes
PS2: I hope pavan doesn’t become one more balayya and just entertains us with khushi kind movies which suit him a lot
PS3: FOR gods sake nikheesha patel has to be banned from telugu industry.. One more patel came yrs back…amisha patel who was far better
PS4: am confessing one thing.. SOme how i liked the song amma tallle normuyaaaaaave Noti Mutyaal Jaaarneeyake;) (which means hey girl ...just shut up don’t let the pearl like words get wasted)
Good evening friends!! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

EId mubarak and Ganesh chaturdhi wishes too!!!

Have a blessed Eid
and Happy Ganesh Chaviti!!!
May god bless U all Fulfilling Your dreams and desires !!

Two festivals on the same day is an indication of GODS
being ONE!
lets be united and wish for every ones well being
and i really hope there will be many more environmental friendly Go green Ganeshas!!! like the one in the pic
HAPPY festival to all

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