Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw , I conquered

The Latin phrase Veni, Vidi, Vici popularly attributed to Julius Caesar, in English means - I came, I saw, I conquered. Apparently, Julius Caesar used this quote in a letter to refer to his swift conclusive victory. Now you may be wondering if I am writing a post to explain some historical anecdote or to narrate about some self-victory!

Nope! Recently I didn't win any battles (personal or professional), though the struggles are on, both in personal and professional fronts. I didn't achieve any big award or reward, though nowadays I am trying to filter my battles and be very nit-picky about which battles to fight on! I think it is a victory in itself - getting rid of so many stupid unnecessary battles fought with stupid people for stupid reasons. Keeping my frustration aside, I came and dusted my blog a second time this year to shower my love and appreciation on one man - who made me write so many things on my blog! Whenever I write/wrote a Love poem or something heartwarming, or fantasize about my dream man - he silently keeps swaying in my mind!

From my childhood till now, the one thing that hasn't changed is my unconditional love towards him. Yes, he had his downtime, his bad phases, and utter flop moments but when he came back, he took all possible steps - to come back with a bang. It is funny that the second post I am writing on this blog this year, is again about the same person - the same man who has won and keeps winning the hearts of millions, whose charisma and warmth are felt profoundly by all his fans and even some non-fans! The one whose manners make you feel puzzled that how can he even after all the success, take out time for many of his fans and make them feel personally involved and leverage their position. It all feels personal as if we all played a pivotal role in his success! His wit and thinking on the spot, on the feet make.one feel dumb. For his presence many of us have waited eagerly - Yes Yes! I am talking about none other than Shahrukh Khan!

But this post is NOT a review of the movie Jawaan. Many have already done that, and everyone has munched and digested the reviews, analyzed all the aspects, and elements, some showered praise, some did mud-slinging as always, and some are irritated and feel all this is hoopla! As always in mid of all this - the man rose like a phoenix and how!

Its been years, since he made a mark at box office, but after such a long hiatus....and after a series of movies that didn't work too well, when he came back...he set the silver screen ablaze and made all of us super elated! The silver screen can be called "Diamond screen" as he shined like one after over a decade! Last time I felt very good watching his movie (even before Pathan) was when I went to the movie Fan! Maybe it didn't do well at the box office. I don't bother much about numbers but the movie was impactful for the jabra fan in me!

Coming back to movies ➡️ Pathaan and Jawaan both have a different premise set, both have some pluses and some minuses, but there never was a dull moment while watching both the movies. SRK knew that we fans were craving for his magnanimous appearance, and has hit the iron when it is hot, by releasing both movies with very little time gap between the releases!

I watched Jawaan over the weekend that it was released and took my mother who loves him as intensely as I do, and was clean-bowled by just a single glance at him in the opening scenes... 

Ya ya, when each and every frame gets analyzed, you feel there could have been some enhancements, which if made, maybe the movie could have been flawless and much more bombastic -- however SRK in a meaty massy role and that too when we get to relish him in so many avatars, I believe nothing can go wrong. 

Even if a song or a scene got truncated or just removed - it just worked coz, Veni, vidi, vici - he came, he saw and he just conquered! His mass-y, a bit messy, funny, and captivating looks enthralled all fans and the neutral folks equally! Who knew that at the age of 58 - he could rock in a high-octane action thriller, the way he did! It is just a festive month for all the fans across the globe, the love he received and is receiving could be felt by each and every one of us, who eagerly waited for the success that he deserves, for his thumping victory, and his non-perishable fun quotient which just needed a break and a renewal!

Now the million dollar questions are - Why does his success feel so personal? Why does it make everyone sway crazily, go frenzy and wear bandages to show support for the movie, and flock to the movie theatres more than once? Why do people love him the way they do? 

It really is not because how he acts or dances. I think it is all because of what they receive from him, what he says, how he treats you, how he behaves, the aura, and the love he gives back!

source : here

I feel the movie if executed by any other star, may not have fared that well at the box office even with all other noteworthy actors - Nayanatara, Priyamani, Sethupathy, Deepika, etc. Personally, I feel that each and every dialogue he uttered is just for himself, he enjoyed his work the most after so long. In the stage of life, he is in at present, after many chain of events and some mishaps, the way he revived his passion felt excellent and praiseworthy. We all felt like we accomplished a personal milestone!

He has put in his extremely honest efforts and was in no mood to fail this time! He tried by all means so that his hard work and skills pay off. It is a regular action hero repertoire... I remembered many other such good flicks like Aparichit (Vikram Fame), Bharateeyudu (Kamal Hasan), and many other great Southern hits. It felt like the South Spice met  Money Heist when I watched many parts of the movie. The BEST TADKA was possible only and only due to SRK! Atlee's directions and Anirudh's BGM are on par!

Be it Ek raaja tha .... bahut gusse me tha .....or Bete ko maarne se pehle baap se baat kar - all these iconic lines were being full-on enjoyed by SRK, and delivered in no nonsensical manner!

source : here

Whatever Sena or organization files FIRs against any segment of the movie, it really doesn't matter - because success wipes it all off.

 "I feel that the more the hate mongers continue their hate cry, the more the movie will earn and soar high! "

The existence of some of the haters is a blessing to him ---- coz IT JUST MAKES OUR LOVE MULTIFOLD! Bring on the hatred and we will shower tons of love on him💗💗💗💗

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