Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vicky Donor- A fine delivery of a healthy baby;)

Vicky Donor- He doesn’t donate life saving blood, kidney or bone marrow; instead he gives new life by donating sperms. A fresh story giving importance to the fact that sperm donation is not an act to be ashamed of  , its rather a noble act which can bring happiness to so many parents devoid of kids! The concept is presented in a light breeze with out burdening you with heavy emotional drama! The entire first half of the movie is filled with such quick comedy that makes you fall of your seat.  director Shoojit Sircar and writer Juhi Chaturvedi created a total comic drama which is also heart felt and doesn’t lead to heavy bannered messages or morals but just lets people know that sperm donation and infertility treatment is not a crime. Anu kapoor lived up to the role and is back with a bang and I must say the back bone of the movie and the promos showing him as a doctor treating infertility were interesting enough to pull the audience to theatres. The scene where he explains that Anshuman is Arya putr and keeps on nagging to persuade him is ultra funny.Our hero is none other than RJ cum once upon a time MTV roadie  turned VJ / TV anchor Ayushmann Khurrana (Not sure why two ‘n’s and two ‘r’ s but who ever told his prophecy must have been feeling good too as it worked well for him ;)). I personally always liked him whenever he anchored on TV for Wassup / India has got talent etc etc. He even won an award for JUST DANCE  show! He is extremely promising and being a  Punjabi he looked so damn natural in the movie. Heroine Yami Gautam also seems talented and played the role of a Bengali girl Ashima Roy. Both the lead actor and actress are budding talents from Chandigarh. John Abraham being a producer is definitely a novelty and an add-on to movie is his rum rum rum song :) Am not sure how much he succeeded as an actor but he must have become very glad by taking a wise decision.

Anu kapoor is witty and extremely funny doctor and he addressing each person as “confused sperm” “Unpredictable sperm” leaves you with wide smiles!Ayushmans mom and grand mom play equal roles in adding entertainment. Theirs is a typical Punjabi family who love themselves more than anyone else and the atmosphere in Dolly’s parlor and Ayushman assisting his mom is all natural , the scene you come across in any North Indian(Punjabi) beauty parlor!Dolly and her modern mother in law gulping down “n” number of pegs to forget their miseries is also fun to watch!! The first half of the movie leaves you in splits. The highlight and heart of the movie is the wedding scene where sophisticated, modern and calm Bengali Ashima marries Vicky Arora from a noisy ruckus creating Punjabi family. The milaap is interesting with rum rum rum – whisky song in the back ground and where two families gel well!

  After Intermission the movie gets a bit slow but as you are in full flow with the characters, story and quirky sensible dialogues you don’t get bored. The movie doesn’t harass you with loads of tears but even the slightest emotion shown in the movie gets heavy due to the humor through out! Finally as the movie ends I dint like Anshuman and his stern face and tears much, may be a fun frolic character all of a sudden shedding tears was funny or rather he needs more practice J The ending is good as they adopt a kid as Ashima can’t conceive but the only doubt I got here is can artificial insemination(with Vicky’s sperm ofcourse) not happen in case of Ashima and cant she bear a baby even if there is a pubic blockage??  Well am not sure if pubic blockage is such a serious infertility problem. Lets leave it to google and more analysis which I don’t want to do and spoil the review.  By the end of the movie the immediate feeling I had is I wanna watch Anshuman again in a much more entertaining movie with lots of freshness without being the sticky stereotype. The lady Yami is pretty with beautiful eyes and smile and acts well too so you can expect to see her around !
Theres no vulgarity or obscenity so you all can watch it along with family and no need to worry a lot as these days high school kids also know how to google and know much more than adults!
Kudos to shoojit and Juhi for showing this bold concept in a light way
My rating : 3.5/ 5

I love pani da rang song sung by Ayushmann which makes it more interesting but I start tapping my feet for the below song which is shown in the end and made me sit till the end of all titles:)

So folks enjoy this movie which can also be named as “Entertaining sperm” J

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ab tak "pachpan"

No its not a sequel of ab tak chappan or any new TV show hosted by Nanapatekar and there is no remotest chance of me killing 55 as am a non-violent creature though not a staunch follower of Gandhi ! This number in a way boosts me and also I feel a bit low...Go down for more details

 55 is my number of followers. Even If I am blogging since 2007 I never was cautious about number of readers but now I feel little weird and at times low as many have become famous but am still struggling as to how to promote what I write or at times I think Let it be. Why to promote ? I would like to call them readers as followers makes me more of a politician or a person doing a morcha for a cause. They may read but mostly they dont! Many add me and then forget. You may ask me how I know this? I know coz its the same I do when there are too many blogs on my plate. After all I cant sit on lappy 24*7. 

My blogging started with a post on "Taare Zameen Par" I didnt even know that it should be termed as movie review then, though it wasnt exactly a review but it was all about how I felt after watching the movie. I very well remember the day I wrote it. I mailed to few friends of mine along with my brother and some from my close knit group introduced me to . I did find the idea amusing.Hitherto I wrote many more movie reviews and slowly some stories and articles about peope around me ,about people who are world to me, about what kind of people I feel like having around me!

My brother encouraged me to start one and gave me tips as to how to start a blog , colors  , themes etc etc by showing his own blog "Chronicles of Shadab" . He is not blogging much these days!!!

After that one fine day there was no stopping me! Actually on a second thought there was plenty of "stopping me". There were  flat stretches of boring routine @ work , some, OK MANY unfulfilled aspirations , some broken dreams , broken  wings , lost friends , valleys of frustration etc etc . There were too many emotions all these years of which I could not Pen down many coz blog needs a jog! I didnt meet the pace of a regular blogger . I was and am a slow cycler and I always win in it :). I dont know too many techniques to promote my blog like I wrote here  "Indiblogging- A Rat Race"

I seeked advise from many famous bloggers. Some were kind enough to give replies , some just passed on a rude smile and some were too involved (with themselves) to notice .I wondered and am still wondering how some become famous and some "ALMOST FAMOUS" - by hook or by crook.
I am always attracted to cartoons - scot adams and Bill waterson being my favourites. With that inspiration I started a series of cartoons and successfully completed 10 of Half Baked Head Series. You Can see them on my blog with a label Half Baked Head Doodles ! I am good at poetry . It always brings me in mood however bad are the days or dry!! Did it rhyme ? Oh man am in love with any thing which rhymes - Lyrics of a song , Hindi Shayri , some names which rhyme - Ofcourse my name Afshan Khan too! This love doesnt mean I would name my future kids as shahjahan khan or rizwan khan :D 

You can check my poems tagged with label poems on my blog!

So all the above and many more things are there which inspire you or which dont inspire , some things you want to write and tell the world - SEE I CAN EXPRESS SO NICELY and then between the lines you mean "Hello. Its not free of cost ! Do drop by and read totally and leave a comment or follow me. IT WILL MAKE MY DAY" !!

But ya some how I didnt succeed as lot when then number of followers/ Readers is taken in to consideration! I guess I need to improve a bit or may be a lot !When it comes to "how to become famous"  there are only two routes as below !( I LOVED IT)

Whether I become famous in a year or two or whether  I finish my book in 2-3 years or don't but I will keep on putting my efforts and try to become "FAMOUS" from being "Almost Famous"!

Yes thanks to the 55th follower Dr.Sneha Rahatekar (A Colloquy Of BitterSweet Love) , RuperttWind (who boosted me with few good words), all the indibloggers who are most of my readers(For those who dont know indiblogger,here you are-> "Indiblogging" )and all the readers who almost read any thing I write and even followers who added me!

Thanks to many other silent readers( It would be really great if you like some thing I write and you mind telling me that :) )! It would really feel "GOOD/ GOODER/ GOODEST" and also super glad like I got too many goodies if you are kind enough to let know your opinion on any write up !! This special mention as I have followers but very less readers. If U read and let me know I will also know what you write . Its Viceversa - some one who has 200+ followers/ readers told me this! Not coz he told but I really can go to the blog and read if I know some one reads my blog too :)

TO my friends who are always supportive XOX (Some one told me this icon means hug! Pardon me if its not ;))

To my husband , mom, dad and bro who understand my passion for writing-- Love and lots of love. I feel great to have U all. You guys holding my back is enough to keep going!!

SO till we meet again lot of love / cheers &

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Sun to Rain"

 Bright yellow and burning was the blazing sun.
 Sweat all over and then having lemonade was fun!
Staying indoors was boring to save the skin from a burn.
 If only I was the fastest like Cheetah I would have run.

 Some angel heard my wish and there are showers.
 Pleasant it is around and neat are the flowers!
 Not  sure if its natures repercussion or Gods powers.
 It is a playful time for a kid and awesome time for lovers!!

I almost danced in joy seeing the weather change.
Events happened all over the world in a range!
Earthquake some where and tsunami alert did sound strange.
Is the foresight true finally as told by Mayans or some sage?

When I read in the news the ice in Arctic is melting,
I imagined volcanoes erupting and stones pelting!
I thought there's lot to do, not so soon GOD.
As a second thought something made me prod!!

What I can do today, why delay to tomorrow?
There are many things to be done in a row!
Tasks can't be finished with just a frown on the brow!
With a hope to finish many tasks a seed of beginning I sow!!

PS: We never know when world ends and when we really have to witness it but this poem just written randomly with a desire to finish so many pending things. Even if they are unfinished I would be glad I wrote this!!:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ghar Se Nikalte hi!!

A childhood fav song when I thot Jugal hans raj will b choc boy frm then!! ALAS he wasnt and Good they both acted only in One movie with Fab songs:)! This song suddenly came on Sony mix and was a source of memory revival .. Love this one

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Half Baked Head --- (10)

Click on the image for a better view!!!:)

Disclaimer: These cartoons are based on events witnessed , heard or guessed by me!! Resembling any body else is very much possible!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short listed in TOP 25 in "Tum-Bhi" Short story writing competition!

I felt glad when my friend called me up and told that am in top 25 of TUM BHI Short story writing competition. Its definitely encouraging to see that am at 15. Don't know about winning but such a platform inspires all budding writers!

Short listed entries are below. 

There are many more good stories written by other participants too .

Short Story Writing Contest

Here is the Super 25 Shortlist of Short Story Writing Contest:

Sr. NoStory WriterShort Story
1Deepti MittalReet per Khichi Lakeer
2Assad KhanBlind
3Banu DaiLove Untold
4Nikhil SrivastavaVada Story
5Jesse RaineGetting out there
6Ekta PatelSilent Witness
7Chandan KumarThe Deadly Prank
8Amogha RThe unseen rendezvous
9Chandru BhojwaniSaya
10Arpa MukherjeeAdnama
11Amogha ReddappaA step forward
12jerremy spurginThe great mysterious
13sanjay vermaDurghatna
15Afshan ShaikRendezvous at Insync
16vibha batraThe Survivor
17Sriparna SahaEnd of an affair
18Majid BazmiAkela
20Abhishek SaurabhAbhishek Saurabh
21Mayuresh KanvindeThe Strange Case
22Aditya SinghThe Servants
23vandana kumari jenaIf the Truth Be told
24vandana kumari jenaJudge Not
25Renuka VishwanathanThe Lone Wolf


Winners Announcement: 25th April 2012

Get the latest contest updates for announcement of the winners - and!/tumbhi

Thanks Readers:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Paranormal Activity- The Spookiest watch!!

 Paranormal activity!

God am getting goosies even while taking the name of this movie. From many months/may be an year or two I wanted to watch this movie but somehow as they say when its time its time and to me it was such a bad time that Paranormal activity 2 got telecasted in HBO on a Friday noon when I was all alone at home, sitting idle and this movie was the only best option I had to spend my noon. I preferred it over the routine boring soaps and many other movies which I watched “n” number of times. So I  switched on the TV and wasn’t scared much till the hidden security cameras were installed all over their place(who ever watched the movie will understand it.)Director Tod William’s Screen play/cinematography/story/editing’s brilliance is worth applause! I never got so scared by watching any horror movie so much! Before watching this I got only scared by watching “The Orphanage” and “The Grudge” at times but this movie really scared the shit out of me MAN!! The start was very slow, calm and silent but there lies the beauty of the movie. It proved that its not needed to show grotesque and gory demonic faces sucking blood from innocents to scare the viewers. The silence is more horrifying and the “found footage” technique used in movie where Kristie and Daniel get security cameras installed at home make the movie more effective when compared to normally shot horror movies.         

                                    A shot from the movie[I coudnt browse many images too :-( ]

 I think the director all the while was just holding a handy cam or just mounted the camera on tripod(as per Wiki) and shot few scenes! It makes you feel as if you are there , live in all those scenes! I shouted loud when Kristie is having tea in kitchen and all the cup boards and kitchen drawers open by themselves with a loud bang.  I just couldn’t watch beyond it. I closed my eyes and peeped through the gaps as I didn’t want to miss what all is happening on the screen! We always use spooky/ gory/ horrifying to describe a good horror movie , but this one stands apart as it made me feel “Am being watched” and as if I  was standing infront of camera and watching Kristie, Daniel, Hunter closely. I was scared by myself L . It was a quite afternoon with none at home! I literally wanted company and updated my FB status that watching it all alone is an add on to the effect. It didn’t help me as my friends scared me more by saying to switch on all the lights as sun sets/ lock the doors/ don’t go in to kitchen/ opem the fridge etc etc!!! L How am I going to make my dinner? Was the biggest question I had at that moment. With me the thing is if am involved am totally involved and if I cant get involved no one can try and make me concentrate.

 Here I was involved so much that I got startled as soon as my phone rang when I was watching the movie.  I reduced the volume and took the call only to find out that its some automated customer call asking me to select a dialer tone. Don’t know why but every thing was adding to my fears! I was  getting scared beyond limits but I didn’t change the channel. My curiosity increased when Kristie is dragged by some invisible demonic force in to basement and she is possessed. Every scene from that point was so natural as if you are watching it live and I just held my breath to see whats gonna happen to hunter. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and read in wiki , the whole story  . I was astounded to find a blurry figure of Katie in the background who is possessed by the end of the movie and she kills Daniel and next gives such a hard punch to Kristie that she is lifted upwards and falls back with all force. She takes hunter (the baby boy) from Kristie and goes away, Hunter’s initial cries turning to laughter.

 To know more go to . Ali comes back from school picnic and finds them both killed and Katie and Hunters where abouts remain a mystery!

Phew the movie was over.  I let out a sigh of relief but didn’t change channel or switch off the Tv.  I WAS disturbed even by the background score of camera getting adjusted during the titles after movie ended. Irritated by the sound I changed the channel but god the images were so clear in my mind and  I was continuously remembering the scenes from the movie. I switched on all the lights and also the light at stair case and veranda. I prayed and took a bath, all the while trying to forget it but the movie came back with all force in to my creepy mind which was all set to bring even all other horror memories on to surface. I cursed myself for watching it alone and made some tea for myself to feel better. Oh god , the lonely feeling was haunting me L

I called up my husband and asked him to come back soon as he had to return by 11 that night and even our owners who live down stairs left for U.S.A. recently !He scolded me for watching it in wrong time if I was so scared  and promised to come back soon. Then  I browsed through some blogs and got engrossed in reading and when my stomach was roaring I realized I hadn’t eaten any thing and the time was 09:45  in night. Shit man!why did I delay my dinner?:( Now I had to go in to kitchen all  alone. I switched on the TV. Put some music channel on full volume and then made rotis and had the fastest dinner ever and came back to my original position, a chair with laptop on my lap. I was counting minutes now for him to return who told he is almost done and finally returned at about 11. Even when he knocked I double checked before I opened the doorL
Phew such was the scary experience I had after watching the movie. Silence and calmness is more haunting seriously! I am very eager to watch 1st and 3rd parts too but am not able to pick enough courage peopleL but I have decided I will never watch paranormal activity to that matter not even any silly horror story alone. Mind plays merciless games with me!  I don’t know if any of you had similar experiences. If yes do share and give me ideas to be gutsy enough to watch other two parts too as I really loved the movie. Kudos to the people who ever got the idea of  making a movie  like this. A round of applause to Tod Williams, Michael Perry and all others who played a major role in making this one of the most horrific watches
PS: I hope to get teeny weeny amount of guts back after writing this

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Indi- blogging"- A Rat Race?

Hello People!

I told Hello in red and bold coz I wanted to grab attention if not a handful atleast a half wrist !
Attention seeking disorder- I know many including me are suffering from this with the increasing number of social networks and increasing number of blogs / writers or may be I should say an increasing number of Computers/ laptops. Anyone who knows basic MS DOS is a writer these days. Well by now u know this is a rant - post but I just couldnt resist posting this after reading this . I thought I can be better off by taking little load off my chest too.Every thing is almost written by him. I  just want to add icing on the cake and justify each and every point and to add some more points .Ya, these days its all about the rat race till you become popular/ get likes/ comments and votes (when its an indi thingy). If you win the race the pursuit is fruit full and that one large phase of your life is called "Pursuit of Happyness" and you will live happy forever provided you are always in the pursuit to win the race and You need to follow the below top ten  tips to win on Indi/ to get votes/ Readers!

1.) Read any one and every ones blog. Follow any one and every one and add them to your indi network

2.) While doing the above dont forget to be a self obsessed self loving self important blogger . Its all about me / Moi/ Main / Myself

3.) Even if you cant read the shit what some write, hold your breath and drop some silly comment like "Great way to present the situation". " U made me thoughtful" and blah blah [IF you have too many followers U know better than me] ;). These are true lies. Lies which will lead to the truth that "U will be finally followed!"

4.) Dont try to correct grammar or give suggestions to popular people coz U will be clean bowled and the minimum trafficking you have will also come to an end

5.)In schools/ colleges in some places they have removed the grading system just to make students feel good but you can never fool around on blogspot/ indiblogger. Its all comments and votes which matter to make people stop by your blog -- MORE THAN THE CONTENT IT SELF but but if you have good content too then NONE can stop you! So concentrate on what you write too , atleast frequently when your attention gets diverted from votes

6.) Its just a mis-conception that pretty prof pic makes people read, coz I have seen old people who really write well having  good number of followers, but Ya I wont deny a pic says more than the blog post. There were cases where pretty pics grabbed prizes when there were better posts in top 20- 30

7.)Be on blog day noon evening night and mid night. You should be totally jobless to be famous in this area coz what you give U get. You give 100% attention there are fair chances that U grab attention too. 

8.)Try to blog every day.[Its tough for people who are in 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 jobs but I know many who take out time and allot an hour or so for blogging] Take any random topic and add some negativity , positivity and then neutrality,take some swear words if possible (as it looks uber cool), Use two three great lively pics like I used here, say Thanks to your readers from the bottom of your heart every now and then and all the while dont forget to write "Good" posts coz crap doesnt sell for long!

9.)Tell whats happening in your life all over the blog. Well blogging and boggling dont have much difference in spelling. It will make U a regular to the blogging world. I cant say that you will become a Ayn Rand / Salman Rushdie/ you will make it a Wings of fire but ya you will for sure grab attention. People are always interested to know about others personal life some times straight, some times hidden between lines and if you post a personal pic it will be an asset to the post!

10.) Write heavy topics/ Women oriented ones/ heart wrenching ones/ Rights of a man/ woman/ About politics / Movies in such a presentable way that whoever would be the judges when they read your post will not think twice to make you a winner!

Last but not the least when ever they say votes do not matter. Just strike off the not and get these words clear "Votes do matter" and at times only they matter. Well I really dont know how people do vote appeal coz am not good at marketting and I reallly dint even follow the above tips! I succeded a bit by following 1 2  and 3 but couldnt fake for long :(!

Well what I can do the most is write , tell the world and wait!
"Hello World" I have written this! Would be glad if you read and comment. Would be super glad if you feel I write stuff good enough to be my follower but If you dont give a damn , well I will feel sad for a min and then   I would stop giving a damn too coz away from the blogging world there are too many mind blowing and therapeutic things to do and writing is also one of them!
Cheers friends!
Comments/ brick bats invited.
Suggestions to improve trafficking are also invited- If I can follow and increase my readers , well its definitely a boost.

By the way one imp thing I forgot is dont rely on friends and their likes/ comments:) Theres always a cold war between your known blogger friends and you! Relying on strangers is a better option coz even if they ignore you you wont feel that bad!

 I have cribbed after long , well not so long ;) and am feeling good about it.
Thanks folks!

Good night:)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"The Patience"

I was pampered and looked at with fondness.
Was not aware what it means The patience”!
I slept on Mommy’s lap.
It was heaven, rest of the world seemed crap!

I am the best in my buddy group.
People laugh at my jokes and told am funny!
I can make any ones morning double sunny.
I was the culprit who made faces and was a dupe!

I was supposed to grow up and be an inspiration.
Was asked to follow the society’s suit!
Rules were framed which meant no strict violation. 
That was the first test of patience when I opted the route!

I lived to myself and never gave a damn.
At times I was noisy and at times calm!
Felt I can set rules of my own and of any form.
It’s tough to implement, my mind was in Jam!
I groaned at the prospect of being grown!

I am a part of corporate hub.
A 22yr old damsel moved to the city from suburb!
I forgot who I am from 9 to five,
for in a day umpteen times I need to lie!

Lies are more respected here.
Dreaded are honesty and a statement without fear!
The most despised fact is a tear.
You are a weak idiot if u can’t be a Liar!

I grew and so is my patience.
It was a pebble in the start,
now it is a tall mountain peak with a fence around.
Hence, I will evolve and break to join the pebbles on the ground!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roti :D

My first attempt to make a roti and it came out in the perfect shape of Australia map along with a torn piece of Tasmania and also pieces resembling archipelago of new-zealand
Well it tasted good ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I Love U" Mom Dad!

Every secret I shared even if its unimportant and wee.
Every thing and place which together we always see!
At my smallest victory her face will be in glee.
To my wishes and impossible demands she would always agree!

When I am dull she would give me a good book or story to read.
She would stand behind and give me all chances to lead!
To my tall-tales and any deed she would always pay heed.
With out me uttering a word she would recognize what I need!

When am sad she becomes impatient till she makes me smile.
I assist her in all the chores just once in a while!
She never fails in her pursuit to make me happy.
She is forever concerned though at times I am sloppy!

After entering the home he will instantly search for me.
From my tot to teen to now the habit hasn't changed some how!
I say you are the head of the family, a master to all the three.
He says am the princess of the kingdom of four and takes a bow!!

He is always on the move to fulfill my craziest desires,
we cut jokes on each other and throw satires!
A friend and "The Best" he is, who comes to my rescue.
To pull mom's leg his face lits up in a bright hue :)

Today  I realized what am missing.
No one can stand for you like your mom and dad do.
Keep the whole world aside and them on the side which is true!
Coz how much ever you love them, there will always be due!!

PS: Written due to surge of thoughts . Tomorrow I will be leaving home of course to come back again but why does this time run so fast ?
Why can't the moment always last!!

always - allways :)
Miss u :-|

"When God Spoke to Me!"

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