Saturday, November 26, 2011

“Rocking and Rolling Rockstar”

“Rocking and Rolling Rockstar”
Naadaan Parindey Ghar aaja.... O naadan parindey Ghar aaja, kyu desh videsh phire maara..Kyu haal behaal thaka haara!
Am just singing this song from two days and haven’t stopped yet. This movie’s music gripped me long back but it house arrested me from more than a week. It’s been long since I wrote a movie review but this master piece had enough of my attention, so here I go.
Imtiyaz ali, the man behind is a genius , a man who can not only make the hero strike the guitar chord and make it look so real but also strike the chord of emotions in everyone! He is one of the best directors India has got. I always liked Kunal Kohli for Hum Tum, Farhan Akhtar for Dil Chahta hai and Mahesh Bhatt for Dushman, Zakhm,Aashiqui and many more but this man Imtiyaz ali is different. He pours his soul in the movie. I hope he lives up to it always and directs awesome movies in forthcoming days! He is a man who can mix all kind of emotions in subtle amounts without giving you that melodramatic feel! He is the real rock star to me, who laid foundation to this and of course there is no need to guess who the other rockstars are. Am glad India has artists like Mohit Chauhan and A.R.Rahman. I take a bow to the intensity of their singing and the way they breathe life in to a song! Am ecstatic by the fact A.R.Rahman has many students! I literally closed my eyes when Naadan Parindey and Jo bhi Main and Kun Faaya Kun were being sung and enjoyed to the fullest.The other favourites are Katiya Karun, Tum Ho and also Hawa Hawa .The reason for liking the last one is the transformation of Heer, she actually springing back to life once she meets her Jordan is so damn beautifully shown. I didn’t feel a teensy weensy bit of the movie boring or unnatural or not so needed! The opening scene and then series of scenes showing how Janardhan evolved to Jordan are amazing! THAT MOMENT I REALISED THIS RANBIR KAPOOR IS NOT GONNA BE THE ONE I Watched all these years. He too evolved and how can I express my euphoria! I loved him in each and every frame/ every style/ every costume/ comic/ tragic scene and everything! Ranbir was cute in Wake up sid, a lover boy in Bachna aye Haseenon, intelligent in Rocket singh, Angry young man in Rajneeti but he seemed to be a mix of all along with many more blended emotions in him in Rockstar!
Whoaa love you Ranbir! My words are falling short to express how much I liked himJ
Nargis Fakiri is definitely pretty but an immediate glance at her reminded me of Preeti sabarwal of Chakde. Like Ranbir says to her in a scene in the movie I too didn’t feel her too hot/cool/gorgeous but she is definitely charismatic with a rose petal like complexion. She gave a more than satisfying performance being a new comer. She was very natural in most of the scenes she acted, but with her huge pout and too long nose I felt the tragic scenes and tears were little awkward. She should definitely work on them, may be the tears or the lips J, but when a person can love the pout of Angelina Jolie or a Keira Knightley I don’t know why such a fuss is being made that “Nargis and her pout or her tears spoiled the movie.” I think it is a “style/YO” statement to hate everything which originates in Bollywood and flaunt that you just don’t belong here. Can’t help saying this as I met such people lately! I watch many English movies and I absolutely love them too but I am deeply connected to Bollywood and India. I feel connected to many nice things shown in many nice movies and I request those critics who are so loyal in their job not to list out all the flop movies one by one to strengthen their crappy arguments. To me she definitely was new, spicy and acted lot better than many known faces in Bollywood who took 5yrs to a decade to bring out their acting skills. Of course here credit goes again to Imtiyaz for bringing the actress in her out! My most favourite Nargis Fakiri scene is during her wedding when she asks Ranbir with mehndied hands “can you hug me ?!” “Jaldi me ho kya?!” “Ache se karo na!!”
When I was watching that scene I felt this is one such love story I am gonna remember for long. This lovestory is neatly done and makes everyone feel that one should have such passion for their boy/girl and lead a happy life ever after though realstars and rockstars have a magnifying differenceJ. There is a Hollywood tinge in this movie, the way it was presented. Watching the camaraderie of Heer and Jordan I unintentionally remembered My Sassy Girl, Before Sunrise, P.S. I love you, The Notebook kind of movies. The hottest girl of college –Heer is full of life only when Jordan is near to her. Of course its shown love can do miracles and she gains strength in spite of her serious illness, and I didn’t find it unnatural at all as love does miracles. Oh boy, I loved that scene too where she energetically and enthusiastically comes downstairs for breakfast and when Jordan is waiting at the door, kisses her mom with a broad smile and leaves, leaving a pleased happy mom behind!
Everyone should list down the crazy things they want to do in life which may or may not be bold like Heer’s wishes, should have a crazy companion as doing a crazy act aloof is not so much fun and then get that euphoric feel of accomplishing it J Some said the ending is foggy but I guess an artist would like even that. Naadan parindey song and the hope that she will come back, I don’t think there can be a better end. Having leaked many spoilers, do not want to narrate all the scenes and spoil the broth! Rock star is like a sweet/sour/salty/hot/spicy soup. Mohit Chauhan has travelled a long way taking the silk route and gave to us that silky, smoothening touch with his voice. Want to watch him playing guitar once and strike a chord along with him. Wow the thought itself is giving me goose bumps! A.R. Rehman has done an awesome job in Kun Faaya kun so did he do a great job in rest all songs. It seems the one who played guitar in Sadda Haq is from Michael Jacksons troup. Orianthi Panagris, a 25-year-old guitarist was the lead guitarist in Michael Jackson's This is It concert. Nargis Fakiri is a half-czech half-Pakistani model.Talent either local or imported had a magical impact on those who got a share of it and this review would be incomplete without conveying kudos to Irshad kamil my most favourite lyricist !Climax reminded me of two Telugu masterpieces "Geetanjali(Maniratnam)" and "Saagara Sangamam(K.Viswanath)".Southies can relate to it!
All said and done Rockstar is a must watch and I wouldn’t mind watching it again for Ranbir, Mohit, Rehman, breathtaking locations shown in the movie and last but not the least to watch Shammi kapoor and feel that he still lives. He plays shehnai in the movie resembling the real Ustaad Bismillah Khan and with his blue eyes and killing looks Shammi still looked like the most romantic man on the earth to me! Long live Shammi and hail Rockstar. I wish it bags many awards at all possible award ceremonies. Good luck to the Rockstar team. Right now plugged in to "Aur Ho"!
My Rating : ****(4 stars)
Can’t resist saying this one more time---Love you RanbirJ
PS: I took time to write and post this review as am tied up due to personal/professional things but as they say its never too late :). Am super glad I finally posted.
Planning to watch the movie again!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 10".(Last POST) and ya my 100th POST!!"1 pic"!!!!!

After such a long gap,after too many changes in life, too much of holidaying am back to blogs just to finish this challenge and post this MOST fav and most memorable pic of me and my brother!
I simply love the old pics!! Wanna make a story of all these pics. When ever time permits will surely be doing it . For now this "One pic" of mine .As they say A PIC SAYS more than WORDS!!

PS: Still suffering from writer's block. wishing to come back soon with a bang!! :-| :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 9". "2 Songs!!!!!

This is the toughest of all challenges!!!Music is magical and divine. Its not exaggerating if you say it impacts your life. Few lines from a poem I wrote long back.

The moon lit sky is music to our eyes,

With music the world seems to be beautiful and nice!

The voice of our loved ones' is music to our ears!

A single word can dump all our fears!!

No one rules anyone in the kingdom of music,

All are under the charm of this magic!

Music brings all strings together!

Rocks our life with a bang forever!

Am not a musician .I didn’t learn any musical instrument but I love any kind of music which is pleasant to ears. I love Hindi filmi songs and romantic melodies and some Telugu songs too! From all those amazing songs I cannot chose two best songs. There are zillions of them which are heart touching. I love English songs, specially those which instantly connect with me and the lyrics of which are understandable. Some real soothing ones are like below .

Firstly Bazz Lurhman’s Sunscreen song which I feel is inspirational. Concentrate on lyrics!

This song is the first English song I loved a lot and understood the lyrics and learnt the songJ. Its touching

There are many love songs which sweep you off your feet , but the below two songs can make me really dreamy or emotional depending on my mood

There are many Telugu songs too! Depending on mood the choice of music/ songs differs. Now i feel like humming the below song

The list will go on! Music is the food of life :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 8". "3 Movies!!!!!

Life is beautiful : A movie I watched “N” number of times ! It's originally an Italian movie which shows the story of a Jewish Italian Guido Orefice. I don’t even know the real names of the actors. There’s our hero Guido and the leading Lady Dora who is extremely stunning and there’s a sweet kid Joshua (or that’s how its pronounced).It’s a story of happenings before and after world war II .Absolutely not an over dump of emotions but very touching and by the end of the movie you can only appreciate the valour of the man Guido. A must watch! You can see the atrocities and the horrible consequences of world war and how Dora and Guido were separated and how he tried to keep the kid always happy! It’s an "Academy award" winner movie. Most of you would have watched it.

Bolly wood Romantic movies : To me the best of all romantic movies are “Dilwale dulhania lejayenge” , “ Yes Boss” and “Dil se”. Of course most of the SRK’s movies fall in this category! “ Hum tum” and “Jab we met”can also be added to the list. I watched these movies many times just to feel dreamy again and again :P If I keep aside how realistic or reelistic they are I LOVE them. Some more movies which are very colourful and you feel like watching them whenever you are bored are “Hum dil de chuke sanam” ,“ Hum aapke hain kaun”, “Saajan”, “Dil” ,“Chandni” ,“Chaalbaaz”, “Cheenikum” and many more. The names I take will be in a very haphazard way and I love Hindi movies though few are over done. Bolly wood masala, vibrance, music, songs never fail to impress me. Bolly wood is like a Grand Gaka!!

My Sassy Girl :
A Korean Romantic Comedy. Being an Asian movie it portrays the emotions like any other Indian movie but in a subtle humorous way which relieves you. At the same time it highlights love, relations and emotions. I became a fan of Jun-Ji-Hyun the Korean actress after watching the movie. There are many other Korean movies which I want to watch but not getting time. Their movies are short sweet and heart touching! After watching the movie I practised Korean style of talking with all my friends and cousins “Bring that plate aooooo" or “ Pls pass the chipss wooooo" stretching every word;) It’s always fun: P! Even now whenever I feel like I watch this movie!

Taking just the names of 3 movies seems horrendous!!! There are many nice movies which make you feel good, make you think ,which can connect you to real life or take you away from real life for 2-3 hrs , make you feel real life is better after those 2-3 hrs , so on so forth. If I have to take some names which are near to my heart “Shaw shank Redemption” –A movie which changed my thinking process.“Forrest Gump” - I love Tom hanks. “A Cinderella man” --- Shows the “Great depression” impacts on a family and how they over come. Russel crowe at his BEST! “Pretty woman” is another favourite and many of Julia Roberts’, Jim carrey’s , Adam sandler’s movies who on the screen like a laugh and who are so damn natural

“Satyame Sivam” --- Kamal hasan / Madhavan starrer movie which always leaves me in tears and I think for long after watching it! It’s awesome. Must watch with subtitles if you don’t know the language. One of the Kamal’s best though there are many. (Its remade from some English movie Planes Trains and Automobiles) . I love some Telugu comedy flicks too which are very relaxing like Nuvvu naku nachavand “ Manmadhudu”. Shekhar kammula’s movies— without mentioning him my post will be incomplete. My only fav director in Telugu as of now .Love his major works“Anand” and “Leader”.

I love animes. Mostly Japanese Animations.”The Grave of fireflies” being my fav, Monsters Inc , Ice age and many more are interesting . Well I can’t keep on writing here as the list will never end. YES AM A BIG MOVIE BUFF!!

Last but not the least well it’s obvious I watch all
Harry potter movies .Though I prefer books to movies, movies breathe life in to characters and hone the imagination so I LOVE THEM!!!

Have fun

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some and the Others!!!

“Some people try to follow the suite.
The others can just get rude!
Some people try to outsmart you.
The others just fail and don’t even rue!!”
“Some people throw bricks at you.
Trying to make you go black and blue!
You cheerfully build a wall of fame.
Mocking the attempts so tame!!”
“The attempts are pretty hard.
The others may label you mad!
You are no saint to be glad.
The world is full of people good and bad!!”
“The preposterous ones sagely clad.
Some laugh heart fully some stay grumpy and sad!
Some have lump some money and a rich dad.
Only few have a talent which the others never had!!”
“Having Fun and happy times is the real art of life.
The bash in the hoodwink of fun may create strife!
Rather than being a threat its better to be a clown.
Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down!!

This poem was originally published at theviewspaper

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 7". "4 Books!!!!!!!

The 7th challenge is to write about 4 books!!!

1.) The Diary of a Young Girl :

I can say it’s the first book which left me vacant from inside when I closed it. I used to read the routine books (all Sydney Sheldon's & Agatha Christie's works) till I bought this one in one of the trips and I preserved it and passed on to many others. It’s the diary of Anne Frank which she wrote till she died in the Nazi camp at the age of 14.When the book ended I was wishing to flip through more pages!! Written in Dutch language, it’s now translated in more than 60 different languages. It is still one of the best sellers and listed in the top 10 or 20 most read books in the world in some surveys!

2.) Harry potter : It would be an offense in my case to take any other name. I owe my childhood , teenage and this software stone age to J.K.Rowling and the amazing imaginations, subtle morals , emotions she weaved ! The awesome era of books and movies ended but the magic never ends to me and I keep on reading them !There’s no need to talk more on this ;)

3.) Comics : I love comics. Any kind which can hook me. My most favourites are Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes.Oh!! Am a big fan of Bill waterson. He inspires me to draw cartoons! They make you smile and at the same time inspire you and hold lessons you always are in need for! I love Roaldahl’s Short stories, Ruskin Bond’s Short stories/Poems to that matter any short stories or poems which make you think. Summing up I love all the comics and any short stories books which are actually interesting, short and sweet.TINKLE is one of my favourites too:-)

4.) Eat pray Love: A book Which I recently started reading and am loving it in and out !!In the prologue and epilogue many famous personalities , publications , newspapers almost told the same thing that EAT PRAY LOVE is warm , filled with hope and that every woman should read it and its being passed between women like a secret of life . Halfway through the book I too felt the same that I should prescribe it to many women I know and also Men! Whichman won’t be interested to know how and what a woman thinks J but ya it’s a kind of autobiography and travel experiences of the author Elizabeth Gilbert in three different places where she discovers herself!! Needs little patience to read which I guess long time readers are equipped with so it’s not that tough!! Eat Pray Love..Order it now!! Its a major motion picture too and none other than Julia Roberts acted in it!!

Gosh!! It’s a tough task to chose 4 favourite books among all those books which smile and wave at you like friends!!! I love Dan brown and among Indian authors Chetan Bhagat, Arvind Adiga, Advaita Kala and many other old/new and upcoming authors around us .I have many books in "To be read” list . Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy, Ayn Ryand’s Fountain head(Which every one prescribes to read and keep on saying it’s like a Bible), Kite runner , 100 years of solitude (which am midway) and many more!!!! Depending on your mood for poetic lovers it also feels relieving to buy some works of Ralph waldo emerson, John keats so on so forth. There are many more books which keep getting added to this list and its always never tiring and never ending.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 6". "5 Foods"!!!!!!!

Five foods
*Food* Yummm yumm *Slurp* .What can be more interesting topic than this ? MEN? I guess NO!! Food has more varieties than MEN :)
My uncle teases my aunt saying: “If she is given an option to chose between chicken biryani and him , without a second thought she will file a divorce :) " .
People love food. It’s good to be a diet conscious person and take care of your body and keep a check on weight but doing it 24*7*12*365 is possible only if all your taste buds stop working and your sense organs are not working properly! Well I always wonder looking at the models, cine stars and those people who control their food cravings and appreciate them but always feel they are missing some fun and taste in life!! I get this feeling especially when I look at the not so appealing skinny and 0 sized bodies!! Anyway coming back to the FOOOD!!! Oh am a foodie.I haven’t tasted international cuisines. So I won’t sound cool by saying my favorite food is Chinese , Italian , Brazilian or Macedonian whatsoever :P Now let me not make this post long and directly attack on my Top 5 foods!

1.)Chicken Biryani : Yummmmm. The Royal Nawaabi Food. It’s a relief to enjoy the smell and sight  (both zoom in and zoom out )when it’s still on stove and when served on dinner table. There is a technique to make it. My mom puts a roll of wheat as a seal around the vessel lid so that the rice becomes more frilly and it seems this gives a better taste to biryani (DUM biryani it is). I never understand the technique as I always am charmed by the aroma and taste ! Cooking Hyd biryani is all together a different art ! But I like the native Andhra biryani better with Gongura chicken (spicy). I like almost all varieties of chicken! Lucknowi Biryani was also OK. Am No mutton / Prawn / fish eater. I try fish once in a while as they say it’s good for heart.

2.) Mango Pickle: Well frankly speaking am not interested in vegetables. They all look same to me!! I daily have Dal and vegetables as I have to have them and am a diet conscious person and no hard core meat eater ! But ya if I have to take one name I must say I love “Kairi” – Mango Pickle!! Which is again in the native Andhra style not like the one from other places with a tinge of sweetness! One should taste the Andhra Avakaya with ghee in rice. Its mouthwatering . Even when am typing this its appetizing! I bet you would be mesmerized and may close your eyes when you actually eat as directed by me. Well Avakaya should be prepared nicely ofcourse!! The curd rice and Mango pickle is a hit combo too which is like a fast food when no food is in reach and nothing can be cooked and you are in a hurry!

3.) Maggi Noodles with Ruffles lays chips : I religiously decorate my plate whenever I make Maggi noodles or mom makes and I many times have it outside too . Everyone has their own Maggi story as they advertise it ! Maggi is the bestest and the fastest food among all the foods invented so far and available in too many flavours. Chicken maggi , egg maggi , veg maggi , Paneer maggi. Yummylicious with Ketch up. Recently When I have been to client location I had total 10-15 flavours of maggi for a month or so!!!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAGGI! Of all I had I loved Corn Maggi .Lays chips as a side dish is good with Maggi!

4.) Chat : Well who doesn’t love chat. I drool even by seeing the menu. Samosa chat , Ragda chat , Sev puri, Raj Kachori, Dahi puri , Pani Puri , Bhel puri , Pav bhaji Extra pav, Papdi chat so on so forth !Chat Bhandar is the most fav adda to me when ever I meet my friends/ cousins or even if I am alone and have nothing to do ! If there's one thing I can never stop eating it would be chat after the chicken!! If after all recessions and great depressions I lose my job then I will surely start a “Chat gaadi”with few friends and add  few special native cuisines to the menu. I am glad I got a chance to taste the original Rajasthani chat lately when I was in Jaipur!

5.) Kaddu ka kheer/ Sheer khurma : I don’t have a sweet tooth and eating too many sweets makes me feel drowsy at times  ( I don’t really know the reason). I don’t enjoy sweets. But two sweets which I can never stop relishing are kaddu ka kheer and sheer khurma. Sheer khurma is Ramzan special all over the world, and there are many varieties in it . The one with condensed milk is called sevayya !There is a variety with dry fruits and there is also dum ke sevayya which are orange in color and crispy ..Chauba acts as topping made of khopra (dry coconut scrape) and baadaaam , akhrot and other dry fruits. This topping is yummier than the sevayya to me .Making Kaddu ka kheer is again an art. Have it with Milk maid and mail me if you don’t feel heavenly !

Am too hungry now so
Khuda hafeez :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 5". "6 Places"!!!!!!!

Six places I always want to visit!!!
It’s very tough to write this coz I am not much in to travelling and there are very less places which I already visited but there are many in my list which I would wantto visit!

Some things in this post may seem repetitive but well as it is a post about me cant help the repetition !:)

1.) Before mentioning big big desires I want to roam around INDIA which is the biggest desire. Around the India in how many ever days it takes. An expedition, exploration, a relaxation. Among the places I saw the ones I wanna go again and again would be Vizag(for beach), Mumbai (for its vastness), Coorg, Araku (for serenity), Hyderabad(for obvious reasons)!Among places which I have never visited Shimla , Kashmir , Goa , Kerala , Pondicherry ,Andaman and Nicobar islands and many hill stations are in hit list. Tajmahal one of the wonders is a place which i already visited but would love to visit that historical part of India (Ajmer, Agra, Rajasthan) again and always!! Our india is always Incredible
check out this interesting vedio :
2.)China: Yes I wanna visit China. “Great wall of china” has reputation as the only human work on the globe which is visible from the moon. Have a strong desire to go and stand on it . I always feel mesmerised by the ancient civilization , history , clothes , traditions ,people of china. Would love to explore the place and use chopsticks too, but maybe I have to survive only on noodles and fried rice till I stay there :p .Would love to peep in to Chinese prophecies and see what Kung fu , dragon and Martial arts are all about :D and ya I would love to hit Japan too and check out some erupting volcanoes!!
3.) Egypt: The pyramids and mummies.Aren’t they mysterious?!! Who would not want to get a glimpse of this wonder once in life time? If I get a chance I would definitely explore Egypt and obviously would love to thoroughly understand the culture and traditions of people there. It’s always fun to meet new people
4.)Niagara falls: It would be one of the best days of my life when i get a glimpse of these humongous, one of the largest water falls which extend between Canada and Newyork. I don’t have the exact data of their height , length and width .If ever I get a chance to visit I would be ecstatic and won’t b able to describe how exactly I would be feeling watching this natures wonder!

5.) Europe-Italy: No “The davinci code” book/movie is not the reason for this thing to creep in to my mind.

From long somehow “Italy” used to sound fascinating. A country of art, love, romance! In Roman mythology Cupid is the God of desire , affection and love. Well not to fall in love ;) but would love to know the secrets of this wonderful place!!I would love to go to the place and explore the works of Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo likes and Italy is worlds top Wine producer. Well have to see how enchanting and how sedative the place is if at all I go ;)
6.) Home: After I finish my expeditions and explorations around Egypt, China, Niagara , Rome I would always want to come back to my home sweet home where ever it is J
PS: Given a chance I would go around the world not in 80 days but 800 days to that matter any number of days may be the whole life well revenue is one thing to think of: p actually the only thing to think of !!!!.......

Friday, August 12, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 4". "7 Wants"!!!!!!!

7 Wants!!

!! Now comes the most favourite part of the challenge …7 Wants !! I was waiting for this one
Seven Whoaa ..Number feels Magical!!!J Ole Ole
Here I go
* I badly need/want a “Thought Machine” [Like a magic quill Kind] which can read my thoughts and simultaneously type them out in a word doc or on a paper. It’s a pain to type ! It should read my thoughts as if am dictating and pen them down with the needed editions and truncations ;)

* I want to write a book whatever might be the time I take I gotta do it!

* Whenever a weekend comes there are many Hangouts but to me an ideal hangout will be a still lake side or river side[Not like the smelly Hussain sagar] with colorful pebbles , waves touching your feet gently and gentle breeze letting your hair fly , where you can sit , spread a mat lie down , listen to music and relax [a drizzle is always welcome]. I would want to go to such a place at least once in a month and to a sea shore at least once in a quarter. Planning to go soon :)

* I want to visit any serene hill station frequently and stay away from pollution , buzz and people

* I want to learn skating!!!This would be very silly to say but when I saw Salman and Raveena Skating when I was in school in the song “ Kabhi tu chaila lagta hai from Pathar ke phool” I wanted to learn skating and joined the summer classes in the near by town club but I FORGOT NOW how to skate ! So wanna learn again.

* I want to learn Sketching. I do pencil sketches but want to excel in it and want to learn stitching and painting from my mom who excels in it.

* I want to sing!!!I mean seriously learn singing!! Not to participate in “Indian Idol” or “X-factor” but I believe I have a good voice 
Good evening!!

"When God Spoke to Me!"

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