Monday, September 8, 2008


The Lonesome nights and the days,
still time is flying in such a fast pace!
Where am I leading to?
What am I up to?

A drizzle and even a holiday used to make me feel WOW.
The civil dress on Saturday and fun filled Sunday are lost now!
Was always in a crowd with hell lot of noise.
Being claustrophobic now I prefer silence and poise!!

 Getting wet in rains used to be my pleasure.
Now the muffled soil and its essence just bring the memories back in leisure!
The rainbow colors, the hide and seek played were “the Best”!
The radio and music are the only partners now:::where are the rest?

There was no calculation in any relation.
A friendly hand seems a puzzle now, a violation!!
Is this mad to feel with heavy mind collision.
Will this persist with out any solution?

Time just slipping away from hand like sand.
Day to day errands giving me sufficient grand.
Along with me a bunch of folks of same and different band.
There are invisible strands on this “ ROBOT LAND”!

No place and time for emotions as a professional.
To work and have periodical fun is a conditional!
A question to god Why is heart made of such delicate glass?!
while the rest of the human body is a hard mass!

When the Sun shines up in the sky so bright,
like a bountiful crop for harvest waiting for the time right,
may be all my compatriots sharing the same thought.
Thinking whether to express it or not!

Life sometimes a brief candle with the two ends burning,
Sometimes an endless mile; a bus wheel turning!
A friend to share the lonesome times, a silly thought,
freedom to love, freedom to shout, freedom to just freak out!

A handshake and a daily hi , just say it loud and let it ring!
Past present and future We all are a part of everything!!

--------------------------BY AFSHAN-----------------------------------------

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