Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 21. I care about this!

The Day 21 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" - 21. I care about this…: What do you truly care about?

I banged my head on this prompt. There are plenty of things which I truly care about. I care about my husband , mom  , dad , close friends , cousins etcetera etcetera but I have done many posts on pics of people I love the most. I thought about issues in society which I really care about - atrocities on women, rape , having no civic sense etc etc! I really cannot and do not want to show it all in pics. The very thought of all these happenings boils my blood and a pictorial representation is some thing which I am staying away for now!

I finally came to a conclusion that if you really want to care about so many things you must and should care about yourself! Yes - Self love is the best. Being  narcissistic is advised some times. The love you have for you should bring a good change in you. It should inspire others to be like you. It should make you feel awesome about your self. You should feel that you can compete with only you and no body else. I know I know its very tough to follow but it is definitely not tough to implement. This post might sound simple and silly but it is actually not so silly. I am trying to keep it short and simple. 

I really care about my body. I am no zero size and I am not aspiring to get the shape of so and so. I am addicted to gym and I don't want to stop going there (*touchwood*). When I used to go to office gym many aunties (sorry for the terminology) who stick to their seats as if its fevicol ka jod  used to mock or discourage me. I used to pay deaf ear and bask in the glory of their jealousy :P

If some one pointed out the change openly I used to be so happy. It motivated me to run more on treadmill, to increase the rpm on my cycle or to bend more to touch my toes. I am not flexible like madhuri dixit or Hrithik Roshan but work out definitely increased my flexibility , strength and capacity to sweat out more!

Taken just today in gym ;)

  • Daily regime of exercise makes you feel good. The feel good endorphins are released when you exercise. Of course sex and even hot peppers release endorphins but that is just not enough :)
  •  Endorphins areneurotransmitters, chemicals that pass along signals from one neuron to the next. Neurotransmitters play a key role in the function of the central nervous system and can either prompt or suppress the further signaling of nearby neurons. (source : google). Endorphins give you the kick which a drug like opium or morphine also cannot give. Isn't it a good kick ? ;)
  • Exercise keeps you fit and fine and healthy. You all know that for a person who works out there is a low risk of heart diseases, brain diseases and in short you can develop immunity and fight any disease !
  • Exercise even helps in preventing cancer. CANCER is the biggest enemy of India now - a - days!
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis - two more enemies of India can also be shooed away with a proper pattern of exercise!
  • It improves your sexual life and helps you stay stress free! It is the best stress buster. It can be a 30 min walk , gym , aerobics , pilates , yoga what ever suits you. Important thing is you should enjoy what you do and do it in combinations otherwise your body will not respond to a routine pattern after few months!
  • Exercise also clears your skin and keeps pimples and blemishes away. The sweat glands and sebaceous glands (oil glands) do their work. The glow is better than any facial :)
  • Last but not the least before you realize your weight will drop. It will not happen over night for sure. You need to be realllllllly patient for this! 
Stay away from people who pressurize you to undergo their treatments which have sky rocketing prices. Stay away from gyms and trainers who take butt load of money and guide irresponsibly. Enquire properly before you join some where. If you cannot join a gym walk or buy any equipment which you can use at home. Buy and use it . Do not dust it every weekend :)

I don't want to list all other GOOD REASONS to exercise daily. You can google and know them. We all google them but we never really implement. Even I was dormant for an year and got lazy after wedding. Now I woke up and realized what I was missing in my life. Once I realized there was no looking back. I joined the gym near by and I am almost regular other than a day or two in a month or I take a holiday if and only if I am really sick! I am hoping and praying I continue this :) 

Yesterday I saw something shared on facebook . It was an ad outside a gym which said - "You want to be a whale or mermaid this summer ?:)" - Think ! Some ads just hit where it hurts ! People are going gaga over maintaining a perfect figure but going overboard is dangerous. The gym personnel always feel what you do is insufficient or you have flab here or there. Do what all you can and don't over do it and go to extremes till you fall sick. Let people blabber. 

Some one replied that mermaids don't exist and even if they do they are always confused and live in pain thinking whether they are humans or fishes. On the other hand whales are smart and happy! So true but my honest opinion is even if whale is smarter and happier than mermaid one need not be in the size of a whale.:) You need not become a set of bones but you should know what will make you feel good and what will improve your health:) ! No need of doing it for others. Do for yourself and see the difference!

So what are you waiting for. Get up and get going. Care about yourself. Don't be a couch potato!

Last but not the least hygiene is important too.Listerine helps me to maintain good breathe and I feel using dettol as a disinfectant on your sweaty clothes and once in a while during your bath does help!

Have a healthy day today and everyday all of you ;)


  1. Of course one must care about their health and hygeine.... nice post.

  2. Really neat post, Afshan. Personal health & hygiene... cannot lay enough emphasis on their importance.

  3. Replies
    1. @Rainbow Hues : Thank U Kaajal

      @Chicky : Thank/s ! Yep we often forget but a revival post is good no ;)

      @Meena: I am think its area :P U do eat up words

  4. Loved your take here. It is especially God sent when I am contemplating between either joining a gym or starting to go for run in mornings. Whatever I chose I begin tomorrow!!!

    1. Tomorrow is the new today :P
      Ya it happened to me for few days . U really have to push and throw ur self in gym or on road for a walk . No other go !:-/ :)
      After a fort night it will become a ritual

  5. :-) Great theme for the prompt, Afshan! If we don't take care of ourselves, who will? :-)

    1. Thank U vidya ! Ya None can take care of us like we do :)

  6. Well said! They say, love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world! Admire and appreciate your love for a healthy mind and a fit body! Way to go, Afshan! A fabulous take on the prompt :)

    1. Thanks a lot Shilpa :) !
      Ya self love above any other love. True

  7. I have a gym phobia. I always end up with a back pain when I do visit it. So I settled for refreshing morning walks instead. It is good to care about hygiene and health. Good one.'


    1. Morning walks are actually good. Am used to gym hence I prefer but morning walks r fresh and happening too !

  8. Foremost priority is to care about oneself.

  9. I love how you did this post! You really expounded on the simple idea and photo. Oh, by the way ...

    I've nominated you for a Liebster, as well as a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! For more details, please see my post about it. YAY! :)

  10. Lovely post! I love the last line..dettol wala and the good breath. The reason I stopped going to social salsa ;)


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