Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 'Clockwork Man’ by William Jablonsky - Review

Firstly my aplologies as I couldn’t read book for long due to some personal tie ups .I finally decided I should post a  review for Blogadda as I crossed the dead line already. I started reading but was stuck with few issues. I had to go on an unplanned trip, was sick for a week, had job interviews etc so as there was lot in my plate I couldn’t finish it. Even now I feel I wont be doing justice to the review as I read it in a disturbed mode and as I was asked to submit by EOW(End of the Week)
I picked up ‘The Clockwork Man’ by William Jablonsky with great enthu as it is of scifi genre which usually is not my cup of tea. I previously read Time line by Michael Crichton and I don’t remember many short stories I read. I for sure remember movies like E.T, wall- E etc .The tagline is catchy “Created to fascinate, designed to serve, until he broke free”. This book is about Ernst, a mechanical clockwork man, invented by Karl Gruber who is a world famous clockmaker and Ernst is his priced possession and the best of his creations. Ernst is treated like a family member. Every one used to like him except the grandmom who visits now and then and Giselle’s brother who always used to play pranks on him.
The way Ernst behaves and talks as per the commands given to him and the way he falls for Giselle (Gruber’s daughter) I remembered the movie Robo (South Indian movie in which hero is Rajnikanth) and the robot falling for for Aish . In some pages I remembered I- Robot ofcourse.
image courtesy: Google !(I felt this fits the making of our Ernst)
I liked the way the story starts in monologue tonne, which is Ernst’s diary, which he wants to write as humans may get interested in his experiences. The story dates back to 19th century, when Ernst starts scribbling his daily happenings, experiences with his master and family, especially Giselle, the inventor’s daughter with whom he falls in love an emotion which is unlikely for a machine. Many other emotions too are embedded in it like guilt / fear which he feels is actually due to some fault in the system! He is mostly admired but is always in dilemma whether the society will accept the real him or not. Does he have to live like a lifeless machine and will he forgive himself because of the happenings? This you have to read for yourself and see the interesting turn of events .
Am not in to sci fi category like I told but honestly this book is engaging . This would be my 3rd sci fi book after Time line by Michael Crichton( Who also wrote Jurrasic Park) and Dooms day conspiracy (Sidney Sheldon) . I would definitely say this book is better than the other two. As I watched similar kind of movies,  I could very well connect to the storyline wound around a clock work man who wakes up and continues his diary again in 2005. The different timelines are narrated perfectly.
The characters are also well portrayed. The beautiful Giselle, Master mind Karl , his son Jakob who is rude and jealous towards Ernst all were nicely sketched.  Germany,  the second world war and its history are also interestingly described. When characters like Thomas alva Edison and Henry ford enter I could almost imagine their real self! Ernst’s intimacy with Giselle and his logical persona during adventurous encounters for sure make him a hero. Read for yourself and know how the story ends.
When I started reading the book  I thought I may not go beyond 50 pages but strangely It was engaging and I was able to finish it . Do read if you love sci fi genre and do try if you are not a sci fi lover .You will not be disappointed! William Jablonsky a name which I never heard before but am glad I know him now. I wonder why he is not so famous. Special kudos to him for awesome narration and making the otherwise monotonous storyline an interesting one! Lastly  I felt human feelings which lead to complications in humans if are generated in a machine will lead to a  bigger mess :) I tried my best to present a good review!
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Woman makes poem beautiful or poem makes woman beautiful- U decide;)?

Was thinking how Great poets write poems on women and how lyricists write those beautiful songs and just gave a try;) Do not laugh at this and once I finished felt like dedicating this poem to one of the most beautiful women ! I randomly linked the pic with this poem. Do not point facts / logic as it is a POEM :) Read on

"I thought its a black pearl shining on a golden necklace,
then I realised its a mole shining on your golden face.
I thought the sculpture of Khajuraho became alive,
Then I saw you dancing classical, break and even Jive!!
My heart gave a skip and I coudnt stop staring at you.
You ignored me as if I am a false alarm when every bit of it is true!!
I lose my senses when you smile and your eyes beam.
Holding your hands and being with you is my dearest dream!!”

----  Afshan------

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can the happening night turn to be a man's plight??- WE CAN ONLY WISH!!

After the recent Guwahati crime felt like drawing this . I shouldnt even call it a crime, actually a heinous non human act which people in our country do and roam around royally and happily as if they have won a gold medal in some stripping competition. Shame on us. Shame on the society who can shoot but cannot stop. Shame on the manliness of people around who were actually watching (enjoying??) the act. Woman can never be safe ! We can only wish that she gets super powers when ever she comes across a monster(s) and faces them .

We can only wish. The below hypothetical cartoon just to hope and pray that a day will come when we can attack, when people will actually behave like humans, when a woman mayoppose the crime herself. !

click on the image for better view! (for some reason Image is not clear. You need to open in a new tab or please save and zoom it :-|)

My sincere advice to all women around

1.) Please dont go out to late night parties in the notorious spots/bars of a town/ city. You may argue y advise us ? why not oppose MEN! But my dear ladies as U can see we are not strong enough to fight back! How many more incidents you want?

2.)Plan any get togethers / parties / outings as much as possible in day time. For beasts it doesnt matter day or night but broad day light is safe compared to dark hours

3.) We are not given licence to weapons but I can say be atleast prepared. Be little tough and brave. I know to say its easy but just make yourself tough and strong! Carry pepper spray etc for self defence.

4.)Do not argue or try to prove your point even if you are right or complain or create a ruckus in a unhealthy non-human atmosphere

5.)Lastly Please see the below pic and teach your offsprings (SONS) along with your daughters.

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Pigs are still slaughtered in broad day light but these people are free. Can they really meet a pig's end!!???

Monday, July 9, 2012

Favourite of all clicks[on the way to Rohtang Pass]

just a trailer of the heavenly trip before I start a detailed post on Manali. This is taken on the way to Rohtang Pass

"When God Spoke to Me!"

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