Friday, May 10, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 10- Star

The Day 10 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is 10. Stars: Whether in the sky or elsewhere, find some stars and take a photo.

As the stars can be any where and not just the sky I found few unique stars for today's prompt. First one is in the sky ,the stars you usually find on the Diwali night. Man made fire crackers compete with the god made stars doubling the beauty of the sky and earth. Find the "diwali" stars below
Diwali Night
New year night
This is a poem I wrote on the ethnic day  at office just before Diwali in my cubicle
2 years back. You can find many stars on it :)
Find one more dazzling star on top of the minar of Ajmer- Sharif Dargah. I was lucky to click it using my Nokia mobile 2years back. Cameras are not allowed inside the Dargah so I had to carefully click it after the sun-set when no one observed. By the way it was a shivering winter night.

These pair of star shaped flowers are present at home in Hyderabad. I am not sure what they are called. I am guessing it is a Mushanda flower :) If you know do let me know!

Thank you


  1. All the clicks are wonderful starry pics. The crackers are dazzling and lighting-up the night like a thousand stars! Good ones for the theme :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa. Yep I am always on the terrace on a diwali night. Love the sky lit up !

  2. Like the Diwali pics. What camera did you use to click them?

  3. Wow diwali for stars ehh :) Thats cool... and a poetry for Diwali.. that is so cool of you yaar :D

    1. Thank u Bhavya
      Ya stars instantly reminded me these clicks :)

  4. thats a good variety of stars


  5. Such beautiful renditions of Stars! Loved them all, specially the crackers in the night sky!

  6. Loving it. I am getting fresh ideas for today's prompt.

  7. I loved this assortment of stars!!! Seriously lovely!

  8. I loved the flower. :) Sparkling stars everywhere! :)


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