Monday, May 6, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 6 - Broken

The Day 6 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life6. Broken: Is there something broken around you? Shoot and share it.

I had to almost break my head while searching for some thing broken at my place. No one preserves broken things and I already saw broken eggs and utensils as part of today's challenge. Finally I remembered a pair of ear rings which were broken long back but I still use them as I love them.I am addicted to junk jewellery. One of the ear rings was broken just the second day of purchase :( An embedded black stone came loose of one of the ear rings. It is negligible but still visible. Find it in the pic below

Can you see a black stone missing in the right side ear ring?
One more cute thing which was broken by me is a key chain we bought from Singapore. A key chain in the shape of a slipper. A slipper/chappal key chain is considered to be a good luck charm :) Now don't ask me why and how! I simply couldn't resist buying 10 similar key chains. I gifted them to cousins and friends. Irrespective of the famous belief people have that this key chain is lucky it felt so good to gift them!
Can you see that all the white stones are missing
in the flower on top of the key chain?

This is a brand new unopened key
chain. Uploaded just to display the
beauty of the flower with shining
stone petals :)

Even if the key chain is broken I still use it because if I stop using it may bring bad luck .

LOL . I hope you didn't believe it. I use it because it is just so pretty. Same is the reason for wearing the ear rings:) Hence they are my broken but beautiful possessions!
Find them at Instagram -"BROKEN"
I can wear the ear rings and hold the key chain. Ain't they both matching matching ;)?


  1. Aww... I hate it when the earrings lose the essentials :(

  2. Ohh Afshan! You are too cute! And I loved that keychain!

  3. they are what I could define as Rassi "tooti" par bal nahin gaya :D


  4. Oh yes, plenty of these. It is so irritating when it happens.

    1. yeah :( true ! This I can still use. some go waste

  5. Ohh Afshan, I just fell in love with your keychain!!! :D

  6. The slipper key chain is so cute! Slippers as good luck charm...that was interesting to note. Never knew about that!

    1. I knew it when a US cousin of mine gifted a rubber slipper key chain saying tthere they believe its a good luck charm- shoos away evil eyes :P etc
      Dont really know the reason

  7. what all we girls do for things we love haan?? :D

  8. Afshan,I love the key-chain. It is so cute.

    I too keep junk jewelry even if it is broken, I don't wear them, but I like to buy pretty stuff and collect. :)

  9. That earring is so pretty...It is really a pity when something you love breaks...The slipper key ring is supah cute :)
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  10. I hate it when small stones fall off earrings that I love!!
    cute key chain! :D

  11. Lovely and so creative. Think I'd keep the chain as a piece of art rather than use it.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  12. Those are all very pretty! Too bad they got broken!

  13. That key chain is so lovely :)


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