Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw , I conquered

The Latin phrase Veni, Vidi, Vici popularly attributed to Julius Caesar, in English means - I came, I saw, I conquered. Apparently, Julius Caesar used this quote in a letter to refer to his swift conclusive victory. Now you may be wondering if I am writing a post to explain some historical anecdote or to narrate about some self-victory!

Nope! Recently I didn't win any battles (personal or professional), though the struggles are on, both in personal and professional fronts. I didn't achieve any big award or reward, though nowadays I am trying to filter my battles and be very nit-picky about which battles to fight on! I think it is a victory in itself - getting rid of so many stupid unnecessary battles fought with stupid people for stupid reasons. Keeping my frustration aside, I came and dusted my blog a second time this year to shower my love and appreciation on one man - who made me write so many things on my blog! Whenever I write/wrote a Love poem or something heartwarming, or fantasize about my dream man - he silently keeps swaying in my mind!

From my childhood till now, the one thing that hasn't changed is my unconditional love towards him. Yes, he had his downtime, his bad phases, and utter flop moments but when he came back, he took all possible steps - to come back with a bang. It is funny that the second post I am writing on this blog this year, is again about the same person - the same man who has won and keeps winning the hearts of millions, whose charisma and warmth are felt profoundly by all his fans and even some non-fans! The one whose manners make you feel puzzled that how can he even after all the success, take out time for many of his fans and make them feel personally involved and leverage their position. It all feels personal as if we all played a pivotal role in his success! His wit and thinking on the spot, on the feet make.one feel dumb. For his presence many of us have waited eagerly - Yes Yes! I am talking about none other than Shahrukh Khan!

But this post is NOT a review of the movie Jawaan. Many have already done that, and everyone has munched and digested the reviews, analyzed all the aspects, and elements, some showered praise, some did mud-slinging as always, and some are irritated and feel all this is hoopla! As always in mid of all this - the man rose like a phoenix and how!

Its been years, since he made a mark at box office, but after such a long hiatus....and after a series of movies that didn't work too well, when he came back...he set the silver screen ablaze and made all of us super elated! The silver screen can be called "Diamond screen" as he shined like one after over a decade! Last time I felt very good watching his movie (even before Pathan) was when I went to the movie Fan! Maybe it didn't do well at the box office. I don't bother much about numbers but the movie was impactful for the jabra fan in me!

Coming back to movies ➡️ Pathaan and Jawaan both have a different premise set, both have some pluses and some minuses, but there never was a dull moment while watching both the movies. SRK knew that we fans were craving for his magnanimous appearance, and has hit the iron when it is hot, by releasing both movies with very little time gap between the releases!

I watched Jawaan over the weekend that it was released and took my mother who loves him as intensely as I do, and was clean-bowled by just a single glance at him in the opening scenes... 

Ya ya, when each and every frame gets analyzed, you feel there could have been some enhancements, which if made, maybe the movie could have been flawless and much more bombastic -- however SRK in a meaty massy role and that too when we get to relish him in so many avatars, I believe nothing can go wrong. 

Even if a song or a scene got truncated or just removed - it just worked coz, Veni, vidi, vici - he came, he saw and he just conquered! His mass-y, a bit messy, funny, and captivating looks enthralled all fans and the neutral folks equally! Who knew that at the age of 58 - he could rock in a high-octane action thriller, the way he did! It is just a festive month for all the fans across the globe, the love he received and is receiving could be felt by each and every one of us, who eagerly waited for the success that he deserves, for his thumping victory, and his non-perishable fun quotient which just needed a break and a renewal!

Now the million dollar questions are - Why does his success feel so personal? Why does it make everyone sway crazily, go frenzy and wear bandages to show support for the movie, and flock to the movie theatres more than once? Why do people love him the way they do? 

It really is not because how he acts or dances. I think it is all because of what they receive from him, what he says, how he treats you, how he behaves, the aura, and the love he gives back!

source : here

I feel the movie if executed by any other star, may not have fared that well at the box office even with all other noteworthy actors - Nayanatara, Priyamani, Sethupathy, Deepika, etc. Personally, I feel that each and every dialogue he uttered is just for himself, he enjoyed his work the most after so long. In the stage of life, he is in at present, after many chain of events and some mishaps, the way he revived his passion felt excellent and praiseworthy. We all felt like we accomplished a personal milestone!

He has put in his extremely honest efforts and was in no mood to fail this time! He tried by all means so that his hard work and skills pay off. It is a regular action hero repertoire... I remembered many other such good flicks like Aparichit (Vikram Fame), Bharateeyudu (Kamal Hasan), and many other great Southern hits. It felt like the South Spice met  Money Heist when I watched many parts of the movie. The BEST TADKA was possible only and only due to SRK! Atlee's directions and Anirudh's BGM are on par!

Be it Ek raaja tha .... bahut gusse me tha .....or Bete ko maarne se pehle baap se baat kar - all these iconic lines were being full-on enjoyed by SRK, and delivered in no nonsensical manner!

source : here

Whatever Sena or organization files FIRs against any segment of the movie, it really doesn't matter - because success wipes it all off.

 "I feel that the more the hate mongers continue their hate cry, the more the movie will earn and soar high! "

The existence of some of the haters is a blessing to him ---- coz IT JUST MAKES OUR LOVE MULTIFOLD! Bring on the hatred and we will shower tons of love on him๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Thursday, January 26, 2023

"Mausam Bigad Gaya" - Pathaan Review

Today on January 26th I went to watch Pathaan on the second day of its release, being a die-hard SRK fan...and oh boy! I didn't regret it. I know I am MIA on my blog since the April A to Z challenge. I just got so engrossed in my daughter's schooling, works, house shift, settlement that the blog gained so many cobwebs. I think the action filled republic day made me come back in action ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pathaan pose

Pathaan is not a movie-  To fans it is an intense emotion that stirred their heart, made them hoot, sing, whistle and shout in excitement. After a series of flops, when SRK worked in something actually entertaining, enjoyable with zero dull moments - we fans felt out of the world. I was on 9th cloud when I saw too many SRK Lovers in theatre who added the festivities to the movie. The madness was palpable and the love felt contagious - This is a perfect comeback for SRK - felt like a calculated move as the movie got released on a perfect day -- with Republic day around the corner and a weekend immediately following it. I am sure both the hero and the business man in him took this step, but it was not even needed. The movie earned 100 crores on the day of opening and it became the first bollywood movie that earned 100 crores on day 1 it seems. I am not much bothered by the money a movie earns but after what all happened with SRK , news being blown out of proportions to harass him or tarnish his image and after so many trials of BOLLYWOOD BOYCOTT gang to ban the song or the movie ---- it still didn't make any difference .... the Mega hero came back with the mega come back - A day before the movie I was hoping that it should not be worst like his previous works ( Zero, Dilwale etc.) and he must be having a smart plan under his sleeve - Thankfully he did and a wave of nostalgia, happiness and enthusiasm was spread among the viewers!

Today with utmost difficulty I got two tickets in Prasad's Multiplex of Hyderabad and the best part is I took my mother with me and she entered theatre after 7 years may be !!! She thoroughly enjoyed too... After all we are fans from two different generations!

About the Movie

I think a lot has already been shared, many reviews came out and people are leaking the reels on instagram too which has the movie's surprise elements (which is bad) ----  By now many know some of the twists in the movie. Anyhow I Won't be revealing any spoilers. Pathaan is a slick, action packed , absolute entertainer with BLOCKBUSTER labelled all over it. I won't deny that initially the trailer felt tacky and there was too much of a hullabaloo in the name of VFX... but it has all elements to appease the masses and fans and even non-fans can enjoy the movie with out getting bored!

A typical Action hero who doesn't ask his nation to give anything in return Vs a good guy turned bad guy --- The story line is not completely new but the representation is too cool and the rage among audience starts just in the opening scenes when Pathaan's one battered eye is visible through long mane of his :) while he is being beaten up by the terrorist groups!

Some of the dialogues subtly refer to his real life and also the actual happenings in the country.

You cannot miss when Dimple Kapadia says, "Ab Pathaan ka Vanvaas poora hogaya - use vapis bulaao" . .. means his hibernation ended , time to call him back  - which also felt like SRK is coming back after a long sabbatical. The feverish whistles was a sight to watch in the theatre! There are some soulful dialogues and powerful patriotic scenes too - for which you should not get lost in all the high voltage action. There is a scene where Deepika asks Pathaan, "If he is actually a Muslim and if it is his real name?" - to which his response felt too good to me. The backstory, why the name and the explanation - Rather than me revealing - may be you should watch it ! There is also a goosebumpy scene with Dimple Kapadia almost near the climax -- and here is where I FELT THAT THE BOLLYWOOD NEGATING CRITICS would have oooohh aahed if the same scene was performed by some Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock and not Dimple! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

However I loved the scene. Very strong patriotism projected in that single scene!

The scene where Pathaan explains the basic trait of Soldier during Climax is also mind blowing!!

If by chance, the action in first half doesn't feel enough for the action movie lovers - the second half would surely blow their brains. It is highly electric , full of style and filled with some interesting twists - may be a logic here or there is missed - but do you really search for Logic and story while watching Marvel movies, Avengers or Mission Impossible always??!

Pathaan definitely deserves a watch in theatre! Specially after so much lull in the bollywood, this movie will BOOOM - Wake you up from the bollywood slumber - Go watch it ! I don't wanna reveal many other intricate elements or details of the story, just would summarize some key roles played in the movie!

One of the Movie posters

Key Roles and some details:

  • Deepika's song Besharam is not as bad. The scene after that is uber cool and she didn't feel like she is only gyrating around Pathaan (or may be they deleted some scenes after all the ruckus??)
  • John Abraham is so chic, with his tattoos and that body and also the Dialogue baazi made him look perfect

  • SRK - well I don't wanna shower my love any more. Read many other reviews shared all over the internet to understand the LOVE Explosion❤

  • DP did her best as Rubai . She skating on that thin ice felt ultra good to me (It might be a body double though but looked cool. Just leaking this detail - sorry. I won't reveal more SPOILERS)

  • The locations were mast (good) . Be it spain , Russia or Dubai

  • Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana were good in their roles. May not have long screen presence but left their impact in the movie!

  • The bodies maintained by both SRK and John - Just wow!

  • Last but not the least Sallu Bhai (Salman Khan)'s Cameo took the cake. Audience went gaga when he jumped in to the train to save Pathaan (well this is all over the internet, hence leaking) . The climax scene was also extended with another surprise element just to please the fans + audience! The references to other YRF movies is a pure marketing strategy but it worked!

  • The humor is light and funny - In the end When Pathaan says he has an appointment with Hair dresser not for hair cut but just for shampoo ;) - It would steal fans' hearts. There are many jokes which left us grinning ....

  • NOT HAVING MANY SONGS - a big boon. there are just 2 and they worked with the movie's premise!

I had a great day out with Mamma dearest who has always loved SRK - a day well spent and Salman was a cherry on the cake as my mom used to love him from 80s I believe. A wave of nostalgia engulfed us today. SRK brings the joy of 90s and the blockbuster kinda environment back to cinemas. Reading this Live mint post made me so happy! I can't get over the movie hence logging my words here. The movie is a sure shot gift to his fans after more than 10 + years. I really wish his upcoming releases work too and he keeps entertaining us. InshaAllah!!๐Ÿ’›

To phir der kyu - kursi ki peti baandh leejiye - Mausam bigad chuka hai ;)  [Fasten your seat belts - the weather has gotten stormy ]๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฅ

The song which made audience dance in theatres. It is so good to see that people are celebrating it!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Social Awkwardness and Anxiety

I have been socially an awkward person for as long as I have known. I can be called an introvert...a socially-phobic and anxious person! It is not easy to put up with me! And it's not very easy to believe it because in an office atmosphere or at social gatherings I try my best and behave as if I am comfortable. Truth be told, I would be suffocating and waiting for the ordeal to end if I have to connect and keep talking to people for long. If I really connect with a person, I talk about anything and everything, but that connection happens rarely. In the recent past ( maybe in new normal) I have a feeling that I actually can connect better only with people who read or write and rest all even if are close to me, I don't feel that spark, the joy or the connect! With writers/readers who mostly are like-minded folks, I won't be standing on the pedestal explaining my excitement, burdened thoughts, anxiety, or emotions! Anyway more on it later.

I just wanna narrate a funny incident which happened in my apartment. I went to a ceremony in a neighbor's house, which is again a big deal to me coz there r groups and then groups and just the sea of people wherever you see. Needless to say it makes me anxious, so anxious that I breathe in , breathe out at times! No. I am not kidding. I always find a quite corner in any social event , specially during family or neighborhood events or functions ! I want to be that wall flower and want every one to forget me. I know some of you must be frowning as my personality online doesn't seem the same! So I sat across the host who is a friend, and managed small talks with few around...the usual.." how are you!? How do u do? Did maid come? How's health? Are u working out" and such.

Even if I am not very outgoing, I am cordial. I try to maintain social dignity and just talk. My daughter so far is a people person - a contrasting personality when compared with me. So in that ceremony, I spot this one woman who is good-looking, has a good smile, and seemed friendly with all. A week before she had some other party at her home …and there was a last-minute invitation ( a phone call to my husband by some other member of her family) while we were all out for some long personal errand. My husband attended the party for a while, once we came back. He is quite social and has many friends among our neighbors! I was engrossed in housework, feeding Zaara and putting her to sleep. I tried saying an audible enough hi and simply tried just saying that we missed your party that day ...such and such...blah blah...I didn't even finish the sentence and I observed that she was plain ignoring me. Ignore as in, I am talking to her...and she glared at me and looked at the roof, at walls, at other people and exchanged smiles with them, etc. much to the amusement of some who were surrounding me :) and I was befuddled! I was trying to recollect if she and I spoke at any time or had any differing opinions or arguments ( in present digital circumstances it is quite a possibility). I had no memory of talking to her ever. I observed that she was talking fine with everyone but me๐Ÿ˜‚ For a while I was confused, analyzed, and overanalyzed the situation, then forgot as I felt clueless.

I had my lunch (that is important ๐Ÿ˜œ), spent some time, and finally left. I went on with my day but that event was poking me in the back of my mind! Anyhoo I buried it.

In the evening we all decided to go to the park for a walk. As we entered the elevator, there were a bunch of kids... playing, shouting, and in their usual high spirits! Zaara knows most of them and two slightly elder kids  (a 10-11 yr old and maybe an 8 yr old) who like her a lot started talking to her and pampering her! The 10-11-year-old girl suddenly looks at me and says:

"Aunty. I wanted to meet you from so long!"

I was puzzled, and asked : "Me???"

"Yes Aunty. I read your blog so!"

An elated me: "Wow ! Really?"

"Yes. I specially read Zaaras posts. That poem and also Zesty Zaara (she was talking about my A - Z posts) - they are just awesome!"

"Thank You so much. I feel awesome too as you read it. But how did you know my blog ?"

" My uncle read it and he showed to me!"

"Oh! So cool."

"Yes Aunty, you should show to Zaara when she grows! She will love it!"

I said Ya definitely, and we reached their floor. We said bye to each other. 

I was amazed by the acknowledgement and calm attitude, a 11 year old showed! Felt surprised by the fact that she could read my blog so well.  I spoke to her with so much ease. I loved every bit of that happy and honest talk.

As the day ended, it dawned on me that I may talk well with only a select group of adults, but I can manage talks with all the kids! The little girl made me so happy and I forgot the awkward moment from my morning!

And here comes the crazy twist - the girl who honoured me with her appreciation is the kid of the lady who gave me cold shoulder ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ It felt super crazy once I realised it. I mean God has his own ways I suppose! 

The reason I am writing all this on the blog is cuz I am comfortable here. I can speak to myself and share my thoughts transparently with a few like-minded folks. If you are also socially anxious like me, you will understand what I am saying! If I talk all this with some other friends who even after knowing me pretty well, would still say, "Take it easy!" and label me an "OverThinker!"

To some extent they are true, overthinking never helps, but not being mute and sharing thoughts does help...so here I am writing it on my blog! 

By the way for doing what - I was subjected to a cold stare and shoulder still remains a mystery!!๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช but what is life without a little mystery isn't it? Have you ever been in a socially awkward situation? Are you an introvert? How do you handle yourself in social gatherings?

Do share your experiences :) 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Ramzan Memories of 90s

As I sit engulfed in the aroma of eid-ul-fir/Ramzan delicacies being made by mom  (Sheer Khurma, biryani, dal cha, dry fruits mix as a topping, bhaji and chicken fry), I am trying to recollect my best Eid memory so far.

Nothing matches the joy of Ramzan spent with my naana naani (grandparents). I vividly remember early and mid-90s, those Eid days when usually our entire family clan reunites. My grandma has four daughters and one son. We lived in the same town Ongole in the closest vicinity to my naana naani and uncle, aunt ( maama maami). All the other daughters were in different cities. Usually, all the sisters and the only brother meet every Ramzan! I used to go there even before a week, to take part in preparations and have fun. My naani used to have a very old sevayya making machine...it is a machine in which you put in the wheat flour and rotate it. A sieve with very narrow holes is fixed to the bottom of the machine from which sevayya would come out....it has to be operated manually! The sevayya is collected on plates and dried in sun. It is also collected on the backside of bowls, or trays. They would look like very thin noodles. Once dried and scrapped it takes the shape of the container, the sevayya is then preserved in huge steel boxes only to be opened on Eid day!

Getting Mehndi/Henna on hands a night before Eid is a beautiful ritual

Even a morsel of sheer khurma is heavenly. The dry fruit toppings ( cashews, dates, raisins, etc) and the grated coconut are mixed together - we call it "chowba" in Andhra. Frankly eating sheer-khurma without this topping is a crime! Ramzan festival date is declared after the moon sighting and hence is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world. In the USA and UAE Eid begins one day before it does in India! Everyone distributes food and gives alms to whoever is in need during the Ramadan month!
Dum Ke sevayya with "chowba" as topping

Sheer Khurma

Once the entire family offers Eid ka namaaz and wish Eid Mubarak to each other, they gather and relish generous bowls of sheer khurma! My personal favorite variant is Dum ke sevayya laden with khoa/mawa....I don't know if it's magic in my naanis or mother's hands but my mouth waters seeing that vibrant orangish-brown colored sevayya with the khoa sprinkled all over it. Another version is Mutton Kheema sevayya for non-veg lovers. Once cooked the aroma would reach the end of the street you live in❤️๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ Either chicken or mutton biryanis are cooked here in Andhra Pradesh /Telangana along with raaita (curd gravy), baingan ka khatta (a yummy spicy baingan gravy) or dal cha (a dal dish)! The lavish spread of food is sinful and you can't stick to your diet just for that day! You must forget your diet regimes and attack the food! Various versions of foods are cooked in various states of India!

In my childhood as we used to have all the five families (most of the years) united at my grandma's house, it was always noisy, and filled with food, fun, and laughs! After offering namaaz and consuming loads of sheer khurma and spicy kheema sevayya as breakfast...we would wish eid Mubarak by hugging one another. The hug feels warm especially when exchanged with granny and grandpa. Then comes the ritual of "Eidi" a process where you demand gifts or money from elderly members of the family. Some give money easily and some tease you, asking you favours or reprimand you to do chores to earn Eidi. Once one of my uncles made a fun proposal..."whoever gives me 50 rupees, I will give them 100/-...and I will give only 50 Rs/-  to those who can't give me 50!" Hearing that all the kids flanked him giving away 50 and snatching 100. After all 100 means a lot in those days...an ice cream, spicy chat and maybe purchasing a fun game! My smartness kicked in and I got a very bright๐Ÿ’ก idea๐Ÿ’ญ. In that crowd, he couldn't recognize who was who. I joined the loud boisterous gang demanding money and took only 50/- saying I have no money. I returned in ten min saying I have 50 and gave his 50 to him and took 100/- ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ He couldn't realize it was me who had already taken 50 from him! The noises and banter continued till everyone was satisfied with their rewards and gifts.

Monday, May 2, 2022

A to Z Journey - My Reflections post

I actually got busy with work and Ramzan festival is around the corner, but seeing every one doing a A to Z reflections post, it perked me up to do one too. I have already done a Thank You post which is as good as reflections...which surprisingly received lot of love! While writing it I felt may be I am rambling a lot....but then some of those points seemed useful to many bloggers which made me super glad. "My long posts and wrist pain haven't gone waste"- I felt๐Ÿ˜Œ. A to Z woke me up from a deep non-blogging slumber. Its like I woke up startled from a nightmare and I started penning down whatever came to my mind freely and unapologetically. Some of the posts written by me - Vision - An open letter to every Indian , Bemused, Covidiots were all highlighting the current situations and challenges. Not all may find them good because we have varying opinions among the World/Country citizens, but I am glad I could pen down my unfiltered thoughts through A to Z. When I started I was quite doubtful, shy and scared as I am blogging after a long break but everyone's comments encouraged and motivated me to continue writing! I mostly wrote about covid life and my daughter diaries during A to Z.

Following list covers all my A to Z blog posts  - now that I skim through them, I feel mystified that I could pull it through (ofcourse my friend and my mother contributed guest posts) ! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

This year was quite enriching because I have read a lot. When I finished challenge in past years (2013, 2014), we did it as a very small group and had no time to read from Master list. This time I had time to experience various writings, understand various walks of life,  challenges they faced, their accomplishments, failures, poetry, fiction, reviews, technology, foods, travelogues and much more. Aaah! It was like I experienced a ocean of blogs - each wave carrying its own flavor , its own authenticity. I loved the following blogs for their honesty, passion, fun quotient, emotional values, research , presentation , detailed analysis and much more. It was like I walked in to a human library.  To me interaction is the key. Whoever could interact seamlessly, I connected well with them!

Some blogs from my A to Z reading list:

Following are Top favs. They are quite interactive in their writing, be it on their own blogs or while sharing their views on others blogs๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’“!

  1. https://fictionpies.com/ (Flash fiction based on books she read . A strong story established in very less words)
  2. https://crackerberries.wordpress.com/ (Became a fan of her spontaneity, her humor, her passion and the efforts she took to share others' blogs is commendable)
  3. www.hdhstory.net/storyblog ( MY MOST FAVORITE BLOG - UNIQUE letters written which highlight all real events both current and historical)
  4. https://liveandlearn-tossandturn.blogspot.com/  (Spontaneous posts , An interactive blog for readers)
  5. http://benchsnotebook.blogspot.com/ (Day to day anecdotes. Quite a fun blog)
  6. https://kalpanawrites.com/ (Wonderful travelogues)
  7. https://matheikal.blogspot.com/ (political satires. Something I read never before. Non-chalant writing)
  8. https://soniadogra.com/ (Beautiful and soulful poetry)
  9. https://thedreamgirlwrites.wordpress.com/ (Loved her fiction and style)
  10. https://waffle-with-wendy.blogspot.com/ (Conversations of Alice and Wendy - which you should not miss)
  11. https://thethreegerbers.blogspot.com/ (An interesting Starbucks Coffee story)
  12. https://moondustwriter.wordpress.com/ (A Sci-Fi account of the Ukraine war and tragic events. Must read)
  13. https://planetpailly.com/ (Quite a favorite blog. Gave me an idea to write my X post. A space blog which would make your imaginations soar)

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Zesty Zaara

Dear Zaara,

I am writing this letter just to preserve my feelings for you right at this moment. I am sure a mother's love cannot be explained in a manner which can be understood easily! Most of the times I know I am the bad cop at home and you don't like me teaching punctuality or discipline to you, you don't want me to make you sit to do homework, to force you to eat food, and to not allow to play 24*7...but in this letter I just am trying to say what you mean to me and how I feel. The day I felt a part of my soul reunited with me to make me feel life like is, 10-02-2017. When you screamed in the labour room at about 11:10 p.m. after an ordeal of a whole day ( the day started at 3 a.m. ๐Ÿ˜ช)I was relieved! At that moment I was only happy that I was out of pain and and for some reason I was feeling I would have a boy, so when doctors declared that it's a baby girl, my enthusiasm dampened. Don't glare at me๐Ÿคฌ. I know everyone who is reading this would frown! The only reason I wanted to have a baby boy is due to the fact that girls have to go through all this - what exactly I was going through... and that moment I really wanted a boy, but the second they placed the baby bundle in my hands, I broke-down. It all played in the back of mind, the struggle to have a child, the troubles I faced those 9 months and everything...As you quizzically looked at me and didn't cry at all...I fell in love with you. We did take many pics but missed that moment. I wish to have captured that inquisitive face filled with question marks. You didn't cry much. There definitely was a hint of anger and I felt may be you sensed that I wanted a boy๐Ÿ˜„. 

Taken 40 days after birth!

As we shifted to a normal room, and you kept on cooing and making gurgling sounds …with sparkly eyes and a hint of smile...with zero interest in sleep...the nurses said just in a span of 1-2 days, "the baby is fun, has rapt attention, very observant, and feels like hyper active - we are telling this from our experience," they told. I laughed at their silliness but eventually I felt they were true! You filled such bright hues in my life with your talks, smiles, invented games, songs, dances, silly jokes, stories, paintings, drawings and many other shenanigans! I feel you are braver than me. I cried during your first vaccine shot but you didn't flinch. Seeing other kids crying I was scared but you cried quite nominally! I feel you are strong in all the sick or weak days....I remember some dreadful days and nights when you involved me with your giggles and jokes where as I was super scared ….praying you get well soon! You make friends easier than me. I am glad you are quite opposite in this aspect...yet I observed that you choose those who appeal you quite carefully! They say dance like no body is watching you and I learnt this actually from you! 

Friday, April 29, 2022

You did it

On April 9th, my daughter Zaara had her graduation day! After virtually looking at each other in rectangular boxes for 2 years, it was finally the time to meet in real. The kids and parents were equally excited. I was curious to see and meet everyone in person (after all I attended all the classes). When I entered school, everyone (staff and kids) looked gorgeous in real, was my instant feeling!๐Ÿ˜€Zaara woke up for the first time early in morning and got ready with out Alexa reminding her ( yes at our home we keep many reminders in Alexa to make Zaara do her works...after 5 min for milk, after 10 min homework so on. She finds fun in it.. I find my patience dwindling with all waiting!!). 

Anyhow today I wanna share the glimpses of the big milestone - the completion of preschool!

We were welcomed with a happy dรฉcor. Kids were in great spirits, perked up to meet their friends! I want to write on how they bonded even if the classes were virtual but maybe after the challenge! As soon as they met, they started playing. We felt glad to capture the "offline" moments! 

The fun wall hangings in school are quite motivational and will make you smile!

This is the background of the Dias on which kids stood to receive their certificates and assessment cards.
More and more hand made dรฉcor all over the school lifted the spirits!

Zaara is a good dancer. She loves to make a move whenever she can. Recently a Tamil song became viral - Halamithi Habibo. By seeing  You tube videos she practiced most of the steps. She felt a bit shy but managed to do that hook step :) 

Some how the quality of videos is poor after uploading on Blogger. The kids danced to many other feet tapping songs.  Zaara sang a song - All good friends and jolly company (below) - the lyrics will surely make you feel.

"All good friends and Jolly Company...
 Never mind the weather … never mind the rain
Once we are together
Uff we go again!!"

They sang many other songs which their teacher taught them in the class! 

One more wall poster which made me feel quite mixed. "The Big Kid" thought made me both happy and unhappy !

Just before leaving, I found the following banner which felt so good because the struggle is real. The online schooling which I am not sure would end this academic year or not, is a harrowing experience๐Ÿ˜ช. We all struggled together - parents, teachers, the kids, and some times even grand parents pitched in. They say it takes a village to raise a kid....and in Covid it definitely felt like it would take a planet to raise the kid ! Thanks to Esperanza for personally taking interest in every kid and for cooperating with us at every step!

It was a great achievement for us all. I felt proud for the child and thought, "You did it" in my heart or rather it was more like "We did it!" ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

Ok now even with respect to A to Z challenge, we must say to each other - Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee- YOU DID IT. Just one more day to go. I am breathing in and breathing out, dreaming of the rest I can get tomorrow๐Ÿ˜. Meet you with Z tomorrow! My Z topic brings in lot of zing to my challenge ;) If you can guess what it would be, do share? !

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I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022  and this is my last but one Day 25 - 'Y' post.

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