Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"A Newyear Note" - My 2013 round up

The clock is ticking away. 2012 ."OOPS! I mean, 2013 so far has been a good year". Even before I say this , the year is about to end. I am writing this article before the clock ticks 12midnight on Dec 31st 2013 to prove that I can run a race along with time. Hence this extra effort in writing this blog post before 01-01-2014 even if having a fistful amount of time is getting tough these days. I wrote a post "The Gurgaon Diaries" sometime early this year but it feels like yesterday. The Gurgaon Diaries post summarizes my stay in Delhi in 2012 just after my wedding. Now that 2014 is nearing and my wedding anniversary is just round the corner I thought, why not summarize the year 2013 in a different style :) I never take resolutions on Jan 1st as I love doing random things. I always pray to God for good health and happiness the way it is mentioned on any new year post card on the day 1 of every year :) But 2013 has been a good learning year for me.  The lessons learnt and the realizations I had may turn to resolutions for the coming year. The top ten happenings and few lessons learnt in the year 2013 are like below. If you strike a chord with them I would be glad. This post has both optimistic and pessimistic stuff which happened in 2013 blog-wise and otherwise ;) . If you are a highly optimistic person and can't read a serious note on the eve of new year's day you may skip the post!

The opinions and views expressed in this post are purely mine and most of this post is about me!

1.) We flew to Bangalore with lot of dreams soaring high in the sky and I fell in love with the city, climate and the frequent drizzles till date. After many years I didn't even switch on the fan in the month of the May!
We had a bad owner experience in the first week and didn't like the rent policies, heavy movie fares and regional feelings few have here.

2.)As always my blog was my savior and this year has been special to me as I was added to a group on FB - "Indibloggeshwaris"- women of tough-stance!I realized I can be both sane and insane here and was super glad to see that there are actually many people like me around! I got my daily dose of gyan , fun and sense from this group. There usually are good vibes and warmth with in the group.
I got emotionally attached to one or two bloggers which didn't do much good and I realized I shouldn't draw conclusions quickly(both good and bad) and I shouldn't get carried away and cling to them emotionally!

3.)This year is again special as I won a couple of prizes on Indiblogger and some other blog contests (by Jabong and Purplle.com ) . I was overwhelmed as I left the thought of bagging the prizes. Competitions always keep me going when ever I have writer's block but winning was like icing on cake.
I witnessed too many bloggers blogging about the contests .Many declared that the process of selecting the winning entries is all bogus. I too nod at this as I felt the same at many junctures. A recent winning entry on blogadda.com strengthened the feeling. But few bloggers took an extra mile and passed the commandments and the fundamental rights of blogging that people who blog for contests should quit blogging. That definitely was a bummer and I realized there can be many complications in people who seem sweet and warm outward. Even the congrats conveyed by few was stifling! I personally liked Indiblogger's TEDx Videos (Franklin Templeton) , My Yatra and futuristic shopping contests! I like the contests where I can write and it helps me put a full stop to writer's block most of the times even if few contest topics are lame!
4.) Sadly I didn't do much of reading this year as most of the year went in settling down, trying for a job and freelancing.
Planning a reading schedule this year as I realized I shouldn't link it to all other issues. Planning to be more productive and to make myself more useful in whatever possible way :)

5.) I knew too many bloggers this year. Each came in a unique package with their own baggages. I was loved and liked by few which made me feel good. I loved many of their write ups. I participated in  the April A to Z challenge and was overwhelmed when many showered their praises on me (I never had so many visitors on my blog) .I felt - "May be I really do write good :) :)" . I wrote a total of 164 posts this year (including this) which is double to what I wrote in 2012-  To me it is a Biggg achievement !

Too much of love is always jinxed. It didn't take me much time to realize this. The stark fact which almost gave me a halo around my head is that , "People who appreciate you in a second can also depreciate you in a nano second."

6.) A bitter taste still lingers in my mouth when I remember an interaction I had with a renowned blogger who treated me extra warmly till that date. I also came across few old and few good friends behaving in a formal and a weird fashion all of a sudden. May be all are fighting their own demons or may be the number 13 is not auspicious as per the age old belief 
 Taking things easy became an every day practice to me. I was pleasantly surprised when many new/old bloggers and new/old friends stood for me. I don't want to tag any but my heartfelt thanks to all of them!

7.) We celebrated our first anniversary in 2013 but we didn't travel as much as we did in 2012. This definitely disappointed me.
The visit to Wonder la , Nandi Hills and ShivanaSamudram made me glad. I fell in love with Bangalore yet again.
Beautiful , foggy Nandi Hills

GaganChukki Falls of ShivanaSamudram

8.)I was told , "I write heart felt posts. I have good sense of humor and my randomness is my USP by many "good" bloggers and was encouraged by many to kick start the process of getting my poetry book published."
 I gathered the information for getting my poems published but haven't kick started the process. Hopefully I will budge this year :( !

9.) Tooooo many weddings happened this year. The songs which are playing in my mind are - Band Baaja Baaraat, Saajan ji Ghar aaye, Didi Tera Dewar Deewana, Dulhe ka sehra suhaana lagta hai . Gud naal Ishaq mithaa ohooooooo :P and many more:) I am still in celebration mood. I am attending weddings since the month of March. May God bless the new couples( My bro and My husbands' brothers and few friends and cousins got married this year). Heartiest congrats to all who became Mommies and Daddies too!
I hogged and hogged on food which is bad :( ! The time has come for self control and hitting the gym back in a vigorous mode.
Our Flat decorated on my brother's wedding

10.) Last but not the least- Something which was uttered by my Mom after her recent visit to Ongole( the town where I spent my childhood) and after facing few folks with Jalebi feelings in heart - She was saying that some 15 years back, houses were small and hearts were warm and big . Now houses are bigger and hearts have become narrow ! Even if I felt it was cinematic then I later realised it's a harsh fact ! May be it is lack of time or the competition in life or the overpowering jealousy but many peoples' hearts have become narrow! Great expectations from others and least responsiveness from their side. Crying over others victories and never acknowledging them during their happy moments are few other symptoms of HNS- heart narrow syndrome ! There are many other symptoms which I am skipping for now . Final thought is that emotional detachment is needed as and when time demands it or else you will live in the caves of the past and never see the light of the future!

 Yes few hearts are narrow but even in the present time and age few warm and empathetic hearts mesmerize and inspire me!

Finally I want to end this note on a good note. You might have got it by now , what I am trying to convey here. I will just say it anyway. Where ever there is good there is bad in the waiting list and vice-versa. Pros-Cons, Good-Bad, Beautiful-Ugly , Honest-Dishonest(fake), Love-Hate are all intertwined.
It may sound philosophical but yes that's how it is.

Whenever you feel too good about yourself or about something you did, be sure that few will be just lurking behind you to pull you down.
When ever you feel beautiful , be sure that ugly hearts try to spread their disease rapidly.
Whenever  you love some one don't think it will  always get reciprocated.
Where ever there is pros there is cons too. Where ever there is new , there is some thing old too. 

Be thankful for whatever good happened to you in this old year -2013. Do not get worked up about 2014. By the end of next year the problems of the year which passed by will seem trivial , funny and may be not like problems at all! Keep smiling to keep going.

Twist in the T.O.S.S- part-5 - The End

         part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss 
         part 3 at To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.
  and part 4 at The T.O.S.S. Tips 

It is the finale day. The counting of votes started on facebook. Rahul was praying since morning and  kept all the good luck charms near to him.

Geeta was getting hyper due to his feverishness.

Geeta: "Rahul, You want Maggi or bread omelette for breakfast?

There was silence. She turned around and saw a stern faced Rahul staring earnestly at the monitor.

"What's wrong with you Rahul? I am talking to you!"

Rahul: "Nothing. I am just waiting for the results. Today is the last day.”

Geeta: "You are behaving as if it is your Engineering entrance exam result.  You are getting on my nerves now yaar! "

By the end of the day Rahul was walking on his toes waiting for the results.

Finally the moment came and results were declared on the T.O.S.S.'s facebook page.

Rahul screamed, "Nooooooooooo. How is this possible? Your friend Pavan won the contest."

This time even Geeta was taken aback.

Geeta: "What the hell? There must be some mistake. Check properly!"

Rahul stormed out of the room, grabbed the mobile and shouted at the T.O.S.S. folks.

  Rahul: "How can you do this? He joined the challenge late and I have more votes."

T.O.S.S Person: "Sir, but you did not wear the T.O.S.S. badge yesterday and day before. Also we observed that you had light stubble 2 days back."

Geeta opened the website to read the details.

It was written, "Pavan with a clean shaven look grabs the T.O.S.S.'s bumper prize. Heartiest congrats to him. Let us hear what he has to say."

Pavan: "I am thrilled by this win. This prize truly goes to my girlfriend Nisha. My true victory is the fact that my clean shaven look bowled her over. Thank you T.O.S.S. team!"

Geeta avoided Nisha's continuous phone calls.

------ THE END ----------

Word count : 300

PS:  The cartoon is made with the help of toondoo.com

I  want to acknowledge Manjulika's tag in this post. Thanks for this fun opportunity BA team :)
Happy newyear one and all!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

If wishes are stars my gift would be a galaxy!

God cannot be every where and hence he created mothers they say.
A mother's job is tougher than a God's as a child needs her every minute of every day.
We seek God to fulfill our wishes and join our hands to pray.
A child searches for a parent when ever he has wishes and even when he has to play!

In future when I become a parent I want to gift my kid a life with happiness to the brim.
He would be a toddler when I would love to sew a colorful sweater for him.
I would love to gift him books at an early age and educate him the good and bad.
I would teach him the values which may not be in books and always cheer him up when he is sad!

I would not want him to study for exams and score marks , ranks or get a medal.
Instead I would love to gift him the best education which makes it easy to solve the life's riddle.
I would want my kid to be the one who takes a stand and decide the best for him/herself.
While doing it I will give him freedom but will not mind being a secret elf !
Gift of love. Gifts for eternity. Image source : here

He might demand for a bike or she might demand for a piano or a guitar.
She might want to plan future investments or he might want a fancy car.
I would love to gift them the courage to dream big and to strive to make it true.
I would love to see them crossing big milestones of life in joy and hue!

I would love to gift them kindness and generosity by which they can succeed.
At the same time I would teach them to say "No" when ever there is a need.
I want them to be strong and also soft at heart and deal with mind-heart conflicts.
I want them to remember the lessons learnt in life and be equipped to face the tricks!

I want to gift them great health, important than wealth and see that they always remain fit and fine.
I want them to wear a smile, release the stress and learn that a stitch in time saves  nine. :)
If wishes are stars I want to gift them a galaxy where they will always be intent.
On one fine day I want to look back at my life, smile broad and become content!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life Under Microscope - My views :)

For the Indibloggeshwari's secret elves activity, I got Prasanna Rao's blog to review. She blogs at Life Under Microscope .Indibloggeshwaris is a group I love hanging around ,hence when I got this opportunity I just had to take it as it is the group where I always come across many interesting , creative , intellectual , humorous , emotional and all kinda ladies. It is not an exaggeration if I say "It is the best ladies hang out in the world."

Oops I am drifting away from what I have to do. I am supposed to review Prasanna Rao's blog here. So let me do it with out delay :)

 Firstly I love the blog name as it describes what she does on the blog aptly. We watch life under a microscope and reproduce the image with better resolution on our blogs and hence the title is a good one! I read Prasanna only during some contest where she was one of the runners up on Indiblogger and didn't get a chance to read much after that. Thanks to this activity as I got an opportunity to again read her writeups!The way she has written on various prompts is interesting. I have read most of her december prompt posts. My most favorite post is the one written on the prompt - Music

Her posts with the tag love and under fiction are interesting. You have good imagination Prasanna. Keep them coming :) I loved the platinum story narration. God bless your family with love, happiness , success and prosperity:). I  see so many book reviews on the blog. So book lovers this is the right place for you all where you can get first hand reviews of all the new releases! The way you imagine and write for the contest prompts is also commendable. I liked few posts written for Blogadda's WOW too. Keep them coming and I wish that your creative juices should keep flowing ! The toondoo cartoons and stories are also good. Do make more of them!
Life Under Microscope - Preview
How ever I have few observations to make on the look and feel of the blog.

1.) It would be good if the back ground is little dim so that the font stands out. It will be soothing to read. Fonts should be slightly large.

2.) You may create more pages on top, like you have done for the recognition and contact me. Create a page for your most favorite posts like say for books and stories. That will help the readers to easily browse and read.

3.) The labels can move to the right hand side bar of the blog where one can prominently see them.

 4.) Include all the winning badges in the recognition page or some other awards page , again for easy viewing.

5.) Maintain atleast 2-3 posts per page. Clicking on older to read another post every time will be tough as many don't usually click to read the previous post even if they want to! Its your wish if you don't want to maintain that way but ideally 2-3 posts per page will be good!

6.) A cool back ground and a neat header will beautify the blog !

Try to change the look and feel this newyear and I am sure you will love it!

Lastly I want to say that I am glad to know a blogger whom I didn't read much. Thanks for this opportunity my dear bloggeshwaris. You ladies rock. Hop on to Life Under Microscope  for interesting views, travelogues, stories , book reviews and many other simple anecdotes expressed in a colorful way.

Forgot to add that she clicks great photographs too. Check out the posts with label photography! Keep them coming :)

Lastly I want to wish Prasanna and all the Indibloggeshwaris a merry christmas and a happy and prosperous newyear well in advance. Wish you good luck for all future endeavors.
You all Rock. Merry Christmas to all unique and talented Bloggeshwaris

Monday, December 23, 2013

I felt I was insane till I met her :-)

It was raining cats and dogs. I and Deepthi were getting back from our evening tuition. We both had bicycles but just to spend long time together, we used to walk holding our respective bicycles. Some times we had a cycle race between us. She on her lady bird and me on my Miss India cycle used to rule the streets. Almost every girl who did schooling in 90's knows these bicycles which used to give a stylish look to us. My Miss India exactly looked like the one in the below pic but was a brown colored one!
Image source: here .

 That day we were just tired due to a long Physics lecture. Before we could decide light is a particle or a wave we realized it travels faster than the sound , due to an eye blinding flash of lightening in the sky followed by a thundering roar. We were in the mid of the road and trees started swaying wildly and we were not even able to hold the bicycle firmly. We got drenched in seconds. We rushed in to the near by video rental shop (Yes it was late 90s and a video cassette rental shop was a common sight at every bend of the street). A black and white Telugu movie was playing in radio. It was an audio movie. My grandpa used to enjoy those movies to our utter amazement. I used to think, how weird is it to enjoy an audio movie in the era of Television ?

Anyway coming back to the rainy day , the old movie was a quite famous one and the only choice we had was to listen to it and wait for the rain to stop. As we were trying to dry ourselves many college guys rushed in to the shop and we started giggling. Teenage silly girls we were who giggled for no reason. Every one was drenched  and it was quite embarrassing to me. I started looking in the opposite direction. A guy was holding an umbrella which he offered to us. Deepthi was trying to look at me as if to get approval. I gestured her to not take their help and muttered, "No thanks." Saying no thanks to many was a style statement to us then. Deepthi glared at me as that was the only option we had to get out of the shop and reach Deepthi's home which was near by.

The guy insisted. I again rejected. The guy said, "Take it. I anyway don't have hair on my head to get drenched or catch cold where as you need it. I can collect it later. " That made me turn around and the way I madly laughed scared the customer who just visited the video parlor! You may call it a dramatic special effect but a song started playing in the radio in Telugu which when exactly translated goes like this, "The words a female speaks have different meanings. If she says YES it means NO. If she says NO it for sure means YES," and the song went on and on.

The guy recently got his head shaved. "His exam results must be nearing and he would have been to Tirupathi to donate his hair to God." We whispered to each other and giggled again. The guy sensed that we were cracking some joke on him, gave a sharp turn and replied, "I donated my hair but it was due to some other personal reason and not due to exams." I gave an embarrassed smile and conveyed thanks for the umbrella and we both briskly walked towards home.Once we reached home we realized that the guys were also coming in the same direction. My James Bond brain started thinking fast and I came to a conclusion that they were stalking us. Deepthi ignored my thoughts and passed on her cutest smile to them. As they approached us we realised that they all stay in a pent house opposite to Deepthi's . 

We returned the umbrella and thanked them. We came inside and again laughed for long with out any reason. We had some lovely Bhajjias and chai made by her mom. The rain subsided. We went upstairs and danced like mad while it was still drizzling. May be we wanted to feel like the bollywood heroines by getting drenched in the rain. It was late evening and we switched on a light bulb on the terrace. As and when we switched it on the light on the opposite terrace or rather the pent house was switched on too. It immediately caught our attention. We glanced in that direction and the first guy and another tall lanky guy who seemed to be his close friend, both smiled broad and waved hi. I easily get embarrassed and go in to my shell where as Deepthi is pretty cool. To my horror she was waving back.I was lurking in the shadows while she walked till the parapet and had a brief conversation with them. I was scared like anything when she even disclosed my name to them.

I scolded her for doing the same when she came back. It was a biggest adventure to me in those days - disclosing my details to strangers. She asked me to chill and we went on with our daily routines after that.From that day I observed that the umbrella guy and the lanky guy came out and sat near the light bulb almost every day as and when we came upstairs with our books and the mat for the combined study! At first it scared me but later we both enjoyed the attention. We got so used to the scene that if one day we didn't see them on terrace we used to wonder why there was no attendance that day. The next day their faces used to break in broad smiles and slowly I started acknowledging too. Deepthi taught me the fact that- - It is ok to talk and be friendly with guys. I was 14 then and was still under the apprehension that it was always good to stay away from the trouble , that is from the guys! I soon realized I was wrong. I made some great friends among boys and sensed that some times they are more warm-hearted than girls and 9 out of 10 times there is no scope of jealousy or competition!
Sorry. Don't have a good quality pic as of now. Our Xth standard pic (on the last day of the school). Thats me and deepthi standing from L-R (red circles). We were not happy as we were leaving school and as we couldn't stand next to each other.

Days turned to months and years and we became the bestest buddies. Whether it was a mischief or an adventure or just a silly execution of a stupidest plan, Deepthi was always my partner in crime. She became a pillar to me. When ever Mathematics scared me during exams I used to take my bicycle out and rush to her home. The coolest and calmest Deepthi always came to my rescue. She used to translate the construction steps in geometry and explain to me in the easiest possible way.

  • She used to laugh loud at my idiotic jokes.
  • She was my first ever buddy with whom I spoke my heart out, with whom I spoke about "boys".
  • We had common crushes, common ambitions , common jokes , common fears and much more in common.
  • We stayed in a school during our Industrial trip to Hyderabad. I was almost in tears as bathrooms were dirty and water was icy cold during the chilly month of December. It was her silly jokes and support which kept me alive that time!
  • Deepthi- the name brings back a surge of memories. We used to be in touch even during our graduation. She always used to cut a joke that we should pair up if we don't get a perfect guy in our lives. I actually loved that idea. Then we didn't even think of the section 377. LOL!
  • Deepthi's distant calls were the longest calls I ever took once she left for the U.S.A.! I was in touch with her till 2009 but in late 2009 she stopped calling. I tried my level best but lost touch with her. I got busy with my life and she got lost in nothingness. For some reason she doesn't use facebook and her email ID is not functional. Her old number did not work. I am still hunting her down with the help of common friends.
Image source : here

Thanks to the Dove Guessing Game with my friend! contest by Indiblogger as I again remembered that I need to track her! This time I am going to call her home town and find out about her :)

This post is a part of the above mentioned contest (#DoveFaceTest is the hashtag). Do visit the Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar link when your are here. Thank you all for reading this :)

The T.O.S.S. Tips - Part 4

Read part 1 at No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)
         part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss 
 and   part 3 at To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.

As and when they finished eating, Geeta stormed out of the restaurant. She walked straight to the car without speaking a word.

Rahul: "Now what? Why are you so angry with me?"

Geeta's phone rang. It was Nisha again. She was not in a mood to talk but lifted it anyway. She took few steps forward so that Rahul doesn't overhear her conversation.

Nisha: "Hello Geeta. Sorry for disturbing your dinner. I need some help yaar?"

Geeta: "Ya tell me. What is it?”

Nisha: "You know Pavan na. He never shaves dear . He says the stubble makes him look cool and I hate that unclean stubble!"

Geeta: "So?"

Nisha: "Can you make him talk to Rahul once. Is the TOSS thing still on? I badly want him to get shaved ;(. "
Geeta: "Not again Nisha. I am already facing the brunt of the TOSS. Rahul is so obsessed with his clean shaven look now that I don't even feel like talking to him about this. Any way you can find all details on their facebook page. O.K. I have to disconnect now."

Saying so Geeta disconnected. She came and sat in the car.

Rahul: "Why are you so pissed off babe? Who was on the call?"

Geeta: "Nisha called me. She wants to know the tips to participate in TOSS."

Rahul " Oh My God! Did you pass on any tips? Please make sure to not disclose any thing till the last day of the contest."
Click on the image for the better view

Geeta did not speak much after that. They silently drove back home. Meanwhile Pavan cleaned his stubble and was all set for TOSS!

To be continued..

I would like to acknowledge the tag by Cifar in this post.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.- Part 3

Read part 1 at No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)
and   part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss 

Geeta's Facebook wall got flooded by the comments from all over the world. She was surprised on seeing the response Rahul was getting.

Rahul was overwhelmed too.

Geeta wanted to throw a party to Rahul as he finally got rid of the stubble. She might not be the reason but she was thankful to T.O.S.S. for bringing joy in her life and decided to celebrate.

Geeta : "Let's go to the Great Kebab Factory. It is my treat."

Rahul smiled to himself and thought, "My clean shaven look must have bowled her over!"

He spoke to her : "Really! You never spend a penny on me . How come a party now?"

Geeta gritting her teeth : "Just think it is a party in advance as you will any way win!"

Rahul gave a stuble free kiss on her cheek and said , "I love you dear. You are the best."

Geeta blushed at his gesture. They both started to the Great Kebab Factory. They ordered a soup and veg salad first.

Rahul to waiter : "Does your veg salad have broccoli in it? I want it with out broccoli. Also avoid leafy vegetables! "

Geeta gave an irritated look. "What is it with broccoli now?"

Rahul: "Arey! I should not have vitamin rich food. Also no egg, meet , cheese or any thing which is rich in vitamins or folic acid till the contest ends. I read some where that all these foods help in faster facial hair growth."

Geeta rolled her eyes and replied, "Now you are being obsessed with this contest Rahul. Take a break man!"

All of a sudden a crowd gathered around Rahul and started asking him if he was the same person from the TOSS's facebook click. Geeta wanted the evening to end ASAP!

Click on the image for better view. Made with the help of Toondoo.com

To be continued..

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PS: This is written in response to SomeOne Is Special's tag. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The New Yoga Tablet for all with "Chitti's" renovation!

 Not every one's day starts with a unique Yoga pose.
The day need not start with a tablet taken as a daily dose.
 Fellas and Chicas these days grope in the dark for their smart phone or a tablet.
 With sleepy eyes and a dizzy head every one checks for some update!

 A doctor prescribes a tablet as a cure for your fever or any other ailment.

 I prescribe the yoga tablet as a dose for your daily entertainment.
 A doctor prescribes Yoga for your health and well being.
I prescribe the yoga tablet which will help you in sharing and caring!
click on the image for a better view. This is made by me with the help of toondoo.com

A  tablet is a house wife's key to success.
She can browse easily and know many new recipes.
Even a grandma can play diner dash or angry birds.
A tablet keeps her occupied and she can easily read and type the words. 

A tablet is a boon to the corporate offices.
A manager can check his mails and also create documents.
Many useful apps come to his rescue every day.
With the flick of a finger, work becomes child's play!

A politician can always tune in to news with the help of easy to browse apps.
He can type out his speech and also know who, what and where which fills the gaps.
One can travel to any place easily with the help of the maps.
Your day to day activities can be planned online with out any lapse!

Grand pa can get in touch with his friends on a tablet by social networking.
He doesn't miss his young days any more with all the fun and the talking. 
Now he feels easy to nurture his hobbies and habits like reading and writing.
With his favorite to-do things he keeps busy and it is never tiring!

Kids should also have special tablets to use, which will help them to learn.
It is so much more fun to let them browse once in a while and avoid their yearn.
With few restrictions on web and OS they can enjoy many fun apps and feel privileged.
Along with parents they can also use their tablet with out being caged!

Everyone's life was happy and happening due to their affordable Yoga Tablets. 

Days went by and lenovo's sales were great. On one fine evening in Bangalore a weird man wearing a long over coat entered a Lenovo store in a bustling mall. He was wearing sun glasses even in the evening hours. Every one started staring at him as they felt he might be a robber. Entire staff kept a close eye on him due to his suspicious get up and body language! He stopped at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet which was kept in the display and stared at it earnestly for a long time. Finally the lenovo vendor confronted him and spoke to him.

Lenovo Vendor: "Excuse me Sir. You need any help?"
Chitti replying to the Lenovo vendor. Click on the Image for a better view. Original Image source - here
The man: "I don't need help. You need my help."

LV: "Sorry sir. I didn't get you."

The man : "Don't you recognise me. I am Chitti the robot. I was on news all over the TV from  a week." Saying so he removed his glasses.

The vendor almost fainted looking in to his eyes which actually were mini monitors displaying so many things.

Chitti : "Don't be shocked. There is no such thing which I can't do and I was happy and surprised on seeing the features of Lenovo Yoga tablet. It is so flexible, sleek and has so many features. Its design is unique and battery life is excellent which makes it different from all other tablets. My boss and my creator RajniKanth thought of taking this project of further improvising it ."

The vendor recollected the news he watched day before where it was mentioned that Chitti helped a doctor during a critical surgery and also saved people in a fire accident. Vendor was speechless. Another person from staff approached Chitti. He was sure that Chitti has some mental problem!

"But sir, who gave you permission to come to our store ? This tablet is perfect. Improvising this tablet is impossible."

Chitti: " IMPOSSIBLE is not present in the dictionary of my creator Rajni. There is nothing which Rajni-Can't do and I follow his foot steps." Saying so he gave way to one and only RajniKanth.

Click on the Image for better view. 
Original source of the image- here
Rajnikanth entering in to the store. Original source of the image is -here

By now every one in the store and also people in the mall started surrounding Chitti and Rajni as they instantly recognized them. The store got jam-packed with audience. Every one took out their mobiles and tablets to click the super star. The crowd was chanting and shouting "TALAIVAA" pointing Rajnikanth.The word was getting echoed every where in the mall. Lungi dance started playing some where. 

Rajni silenced them by just a single wave of his hand. There was pin drop silence when Chitti started his presentation by projecting it on a near by wall. He used his eyes as LCD projector lenses. Every one was awestruck and heard silently to what all Chitti explained.

Chitti patiently explained that his motto is to improvise an awesome device like Lenovo tablet and make it the best in the market.

He explained what all modifications he can do to the tablet. He said that he will increase the resolution of the camera and see that the display becomes eye soothing. He said increasing the speaker volume can be an add-on to the tablet. He listed the changes which can be done to the tablet but did not reveal how he is planning to do those changes!

Chitti said , "As to how I am going to make all these changes will remain a trade secret between me and the Lenovo personnel. Of course Master knows it all."

Every one in the crowd applauded. The sounds and the cheers was deafening. 

Chitti silenced them this time. He took a green chip from his coat pocket and gave it to the manager of the store.

"This chip has the renovation details. I have one copy and we will start working as and when we get approval from the concerned authorities." Chitti announced as if it is already decided.

The Bangalore store owner got an offer which he can't refuse. Soon meetings were held and after many brain storming discussions at Lenovo's Head Quarters at Beijing-China , Chitti and Rajni started working with them. 

After tweaking few features of the Yoga tablet it was finally re-released in no time in Beijing and then in U.S.A., U.K. and India and all over the world. The new improvised version has an excellent display screen ,best sound quality system and a HD camera with high resolution. It was light as a feather .They were made of light weight metals (the exact metal used in its build was kept a secret) and came in various sizes and shapes. One can fold it and put easily in the pocket. The water proof and fire proof covers are complimentary on purchase .The sales zoomed up all over the world.  It was all in the headlines of various news papers that Ashton Kutcher sure was a good brand ambassador but Rajni's intervention spiced it upThe extra good features of Lenovo Yoga tablet were just too tempting to ignore. Rajni became the permanent brand ambassador for Lenovo!

Every one's life was double happening after the Rajninvention :)

"Lenovo is a great brand. It has some super cool features. The strength and resilience are worth mentioning. Of all the tablets we chose to work with Lenovo as we believe in it. We love their caption which says lenovo- For those who do and we did it."  said Rajni and Chitti in unision to the TOI reporter on dec 17th evening at the success party thrown in their honor at Beijing by Lenovo's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Yang Yuanqing

"Our next project is still in a bud stage. We are actually planning to renovate the tablet so that it supports holography and who knows we may adapt it for time travelling as well in the forth coming years." said Chitti to an unknown resource!

Rajni and Chitti also suggested a tag line for Lenovo!

lenovo - For those who know "wow"!

We have to wait and see the wonders a Lenovo tablet can do!

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On the eve of his 63rd bday on Dec 12-2013 I also dedicate this post to Rajnikanth for his energy and unique style :) Thanks for reading!

PS: All the images of Rajnikanth are googled and modified by me. The first cartoon is made by me with the help of toondoo.com

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