Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Phoebe-ish Poem

Passing through the fragrance of the roses and the petrichor
I reach the office to sit in midst of the stale cubicles, which is a bore
I catch the whiff of a sudden rotten smell and I look around to verify
I realise it is the stink of the unwashed socks and in my seat I petrify!

I try to turn around and give a filthy look at the person who spoiled the morning

But the smell is so strong that I sit there and think of a way to end the mourning!
I thought of Phoebe and her smelly cat song and instantly imagined me singing one
The lines of which would go like, "Smelly shoes , smelly shoes ,What is he feeding you?"
image source : here
Sitting in the same room along with you both is the biggest feat!
Smelly shoes, smelly shoes why are you sticking to those feet?

Get rid of them , breathe , relax and just be scot-free!
When the smell drifts off , those feet will be happy and happy will be we!!

Smelly feet, smelly feet , I hope you utter the truth

Should I blame you, the socks or the shoes, on whom should I have the ruth?!
Who among you is actually spreading the stink?
The smell has engulfed me and I am losing the ability to think!

To add to my misery, it has rained, which ruined my day

Because, the strong obnoxious odour is here to stay!
I want to leave the office this second, come what may
But I have tons of work to do and I can only sit and pray!

Dear stinky shoes, I cannot imagine the stuff hidden underneath

And not so dear drenched socks, I wish there was a dryer beneath!  
Anyway you need not take my wrath and face the music
It is your owner who made the pleasant morning tragic!

It is a wonder how a person is oblivious to his own stink.

It is amusing to see that he is happily humming and I am at the brink!
Oh God! Give me the power to lose the sense of smell for sometime.
Or give him the power to disappear from my vicinity and please end the crime!!

PS: This poem was started on a rainy day, at office in my cubicle , the moment I caught the whiff of smelly shoes and  for some reason I never finished it. The unfinished poem was getting stale in my drafts. The smell was so strong that it made me open the draft-post ;-). I finally finished it now in summer when the temperature is high enough to roast me!

PPS: My poem clearly has the Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) style. I started watching FRIENDS Tv show now. Yes I am two plus decades late and my addiction to the show is irreparable :) I love Chandler , Joey and Phoebe the most! A post definitely on Friends, some other day!

Have fun and a great weekend and please wish that I blog more often :)

Enjoy Phoebe's cute song ;)