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Awards and Honors at Afshan's Blogotorium ;)!

So I just thought of passing these awards to few others.Not that am a big shot and this award will change their life overnight but ya its always good to exchange pleasantries and appraisals for a change :) 
 Thanks to Pooja for choosing me. Thanks a lot for liking my blog and passing on the Awesome Blogger and the Liebster award.

Here are the rules I need to follow:


#If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
#Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
#Tag 11 more Bloggers.
#No tagging back.
#Person you tag must have< 200 followers 


1: I  hate people who are sugar coated and unnecessarily sweet. They seem very fake to me and I cant stand the drama more than 10min.

2: I dont have any problem with God but its his fans association which I hate.

3: I sometimes well many times misjudge people and think they can be great friends when in reality either they are douche bags or I am hopeless! (Hard to judge here :) )

4: I love omlets. Any kind. Pepper / onion / cheese anything other than the half cooked  ones. . Omlet as a side dish makes me swallow any boring food....Ofcourse depends on how  they are made ! I love omlet more than the chicken and chicken is another  deepest  temptation.

5: I hate people who continuously stalk me, even after they know am not giving a shit. When I respond its always shitty but I guess they thrive on that sadistic pleasure.

6: I love my mom dad and bro more than any one else and after marriage any memory linked to them creates an immediate lacuna in stomach and I always cry easily at anything, some thing and nothing. Am too sensitive when it comes to the matters related to my dear ones!

7: Am not at all a regular follower of any blog ! So tagging the awards is gonna be one of the biggest challenges I faced till now. I don't read blogs frequently and am not  good at marketing my own blog!

8:I love to argue in a healthy way and know various differing views but I hate when the argument reaches the stage of personal abuses. I immediately walk off as I don't have the heart to bear some Tom DICK harry talking trash.

9: I love shopping. Not really shopaholic but when ever I go out my eyes search for new impressive stuff. I love to buy junk jewellery , sandals , bracelets and in recent past due to coupons stocked buying wallets , bags etc and regretting later as I wasted money.

10:I love to be awake in midnight when there is pin drop silence except a distant bark or a flickering light and write to my hearts content. Even this I started writing on a midnight. I love chatting with friends hours together when I have nothing to do and am sleepless during nights!

11: Last but not the least I love travelling. I want to go to as many places as possible and weave stories around  the places , people I meet and produce a colorful outcome.

Facts and nonsense about me will never end but good there is a number limit here so that you don't get drowned in the boredom :)


 1.   If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do in your last living hours?

      Have been answering this since it was announced that world will end in 2012. In my last living hours I may want to go through the favorite poems written by me during various phases of my life along with my dearest people and revive all the fondest memories and stay happy thinking that my memories and write ups will never perish :)

2.        What brings back childhood memories?
       The smell of wet mud , Kids (cousins kids mostly) , Any kid dressed in school uniform , Some things I preserved - My Diary , books, Photographs , when ever I get pampered at home the same way like when I was a kid . As a matter of  fact too many things bring back the childhood memories.

3.       What country would you like to visit?
       Many but in hit list there are Italy  (to appreciate the art) , China ( their traditions amuse me ) , all of Europe (Since the day I watched DDLJ. Love the grasslands)

4.       Do you have weird habits?

       Yes of course. Have the urge to make people listen to me even after I realize they are not listening. Getting rid of it :) Some times I get very impulsive (may be many writers do) . I get very irritated when some one continuously gazes at me when am eating (may be not that weird) and people who sit at the table even after they finish eating irritate me beyond limits. I just cant stand it. When am on laptop even a slightest peep irritates me to chore.
      Phew! I guess too many answers :)

5.       If you could be any film character who would you be?

  •         Kajol to be romanced by SRK in DDLJ :P
  •         Sridevi in any movie , specially khuda gawah to look as stunning as her (Benazir) 
  •         I would also love to be Kamalinee Mukherjee in a Telugu movie Godavari (Its a natural character)
  •       Rose(Kate Winslet) in Titanic. Julia Roberts in Erin Brockowich
Sorry for the multiple answers; ) just want to be too many people I guess :D

6.       What was your favourite game as a kid?

       I really used to enjoy the business game , hide and seek in summer holidays and  anything  played on terrace!

7.       If you were given the chance to rewind your life and do any one thing differently, what would that be?

      There are so many things I would like to change with out knowing the repercussions :)
      To name the top two I might have not entered software and chosen a bio / writing career instead. Would have started writing much earlier :)

8.       What's the strangest talent you have?               
           Strangest ?!!- Not sure what it actually implies. My friends say I conjure poems and 4liners which is strange and interesting :)

        One more strangest talent is I always get great ideas to write some thing when I am utterly busy with some thing more important than that and I scribble it down randomly some where.

9.       Are you a foodie?If Yess,share an experience where you were tagged a 'bhukkad' for your craziness for  food!

      LOL! Yep am a big time foodie if I keep aside the days I get diet conscious :P After a long diet  regime when I was hogging on biryani in a party I was tagged Bhukkad by a friend :)

10.      Do you have a pet name?If you wish,you can share it here! 
         Afshu/ Afshi is my pet name. Name changes depending on who and why he is    calling it :D

11.     Your favorite quote?

"The next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it." Frank Clark

"Women and Cats will do as they choose. Men and dogs better get used to it "

"Life is all about a ass. You are either covering it, laughing it off , kicking it , busting it , trying to get a piece of it , behave like one or you live with one." (MY MOST FAV in recent times :)) 


For her expressive posts which make me think!

Her real life experiences and fictional stories are all visualising

For hindi poems and the depth in them. Am not a hindi poetry lover but I do bump in to blog once in a while and love those poems

For her travelogues, pics and cooking recipes :) [SHE spoils my diet regime many times :-/ ]

For her posts on love , life , marriage and for some of her simple day to day life narrations

Again  a poetry blog.For his simple yet touching poetry(even English :)) and love those drawings he makes

for the cool narration and reviews!

Syed Shahnawaz
For his deep, haphazard thoughts and for his efforts to write always better than the earlier posts. At times his random lines make me think deep too !

For his movie reviews!

A blog I recently visited. Very interesting reviews and posts!

Saurabh Chawla
Another blog  I recently bumped in to and found interesting!

Want to add one more name :

Truly deserves it. Most of U must be knowing him. I love almost every thing he writes and specially love the posts on movies!( he has great following but not sure if its less than 200 :-o)

If the rule of having less than 200 followers is kept aside I so want to give awards to the below people

For awesome Photographs and poems associated with them

I love her blog too 
Quite straight forward and keeps you glued till you finish the post. 

Like Anupam's Reflections too
feels bad to see that the present post is Adieu where he is taking break. 

The fool

Some fact some nonsense -

I must have bent/ violated a rule or two but it was tough to choose the awards for bloggers with < 200 bloggers coz most of them I  came across via indiblogger have more than 200 followers. Anyway You sure must visit all the above blogs and do keep the tag fever on. Read and make people read. Write and make people write :) Once again Thanks to Pooja for tagging me and kudos for this initiative.

My 11 questions for you to answer are 

1.) Who is your favorite blogger and why ?

2.)Most embarrassing situation you were in recent past or  ages back. It  can be hilarious or serious but do share only if you feel like ?

3.) Your top 3 temptations which you can never get rid of ?

4.)Your  most favorite teacher and what you liked in him/her?

5.) Your school/ college crush and your reaction if you bump in to him/her now ?

6.) What is your most annoying (to yourself and also to others) habit/ behavioral trait ?

7.)Your most favorite movie in recent past which doesn't go out of your mind ?

8.)  Have you ever felt jealous of  friends or fellow competitors success and how did you suppress it ?

9.)Your treasured dream and have you taken the first step towards it ?

10.) Trains / Flights / Ships and why ?

11.) Your favorite pass time and narrate any one situation from your life where you had to desperately pass time but had no means to do so and then what you actually did to kill hours ? :)

Phew. I guess enough of questions !
Now what are you waiting for ? Start writing and pass on the awards


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Relatives Vs Friends & F(r)iends

Featured by as Spicy Saturday Pick!
Relatives Vs F(r)iends Vs Friends
What will you do when someone close to you suddenly stops talking to you or behaves weird?
Why is it important to have at least one trust worthy Friend all your life?

Disclaimer: The characters in this episode / Conversation snippet are fictional. Resembling any one alive or dead is quite possible as this cannot happen on a alien Land :) Dont mind the 60's names given to chatacters- Kamala and Vimala 

Read on!
This is what I presently feel. Image courtesy : google

Kamala saw Vimala and her friends in a shopping mall and calls her excitedly and starts talking.  

Kamala: “Hey Good to see you yar! Had to inform you this. We are planning to go to Spain .I got an offer in my current project.”

Vimala (Cousin): Oh wow! (Trying hard to suppress the anguish but it comes out glowing in the eyes even if she is grinning) .That’s great. When is it?

Kamala : “In a month or so! I will let you know once everything is decided.”

Vimala: “Ok! Cool. Hey We have to go to Gold shop before they close. I will call you OK? Congrats by the way.”

Raji (friend) mailed her: Amazing! When? With whom? I Wish I could also come. Let’s see in future. Send the pics once you start clicking them :)
(She feels little jealous but it vanishes in a while. After all Raji and Kamy are friends from 10years)

Priya (Friend on FB but actually a Fiend) comments on Kamala’s FB status “Hola! Spain it is with” 40 + Likes and 20comments : OH U R damn lucky ! Enjoying life Han!!

Kamy is busy with her travel arrangements and feeling dreamy all the while so she doesn’t care who is saying what! She just informed all in the typical FB way as later they will again complain and behave weird specially Vimala and the cousin bros and sisters gang who will become judge- “mental” and mark Kamy’s behavioural traits as proud , rude and selfish just by the fact she didn’t inform her  travel plans to cousins/ aunts/ uncles and the rest from the same band(g)wagon! Even if the so called relatives stay indifferent when it comes to informing their personal issues / plans / decisions they expect any other fruit popped out of a different branch in their family tree to show respect to all and inform each and every (T)aunt their happenings in life. If you don’t you will be discussed like below in the (T)aunt talks

Aunt A: “Oh that Kamy! She is so proud of her career that she forgot to even tell that she is leaving India.”

My question is, why shouldn’t  she be proud of her achievements and career and why the hell she has to inform Aunt A with out any fail when Aunt A or her off springs don’t  do the same!

Aunt B: “Really! Ya my daughter told she updated her status on FB. It has become style statement these days. You got to be on FB if you want to stay informed and connected.”

Aunt A: “It’s not an IRCTC enquiry to log in and know. Am least bothered now. I am thinking to invite Kamy for Vimala’s wedding only after the Mehndi and other rituals.”

B stays silent as she doesn’t want to cool down the fire. If she wants she can persuade A but she is actually enjoying the only spice element in her life. The crusade between Kamy and A is known to all from long!

Kamy is a successful IT consultant who recently got married and got an amazing opportunity to travel to Spain and work there for 1year. Husband is in good position too. Whilst her success was successful in pleasing only handful of folks it failed in pleasing a good number of people among relatives and so called friends circle.
3 weeks after her status update of Spain somewhere in Chennai Raji opened her contacts in mobile and did not delay calling Kamy and congratulating her.
Raji: “Hey Kamy! Congrats Madam. If I was in Hyderabad I would have taken a treat at Oberoi  or Taj Krishna ”

Kamy: “Oh come on darling! Such  a huge treat for a short time opportunity.”

Raji: “So what if its short term! It’s an honour to go there. Zindagi Na milegi Dobaara Yaar!  You are among very few people to go. Anyway do visit the Bull fighting and Tomatino festival and also get goodies for us. I heard silk shawls and leather products are great there  ;)”

Kamy : “wowowow ! A list already. Sure yaar! Thanks a lot. I didn’t get time to call all, but you took the pain to call me.”

Raji: “Come on now! Don’t be melodramatic. If I was in your place I would also have got busy. I understand you.”

Kamy :” Hmm!! I wish Vimala also understands me some times.”

Raji: “Now whats the issue with her? Leave her na yaar!”

Kamy : “She was not like this Raji. Competition between us is invalid. We have grown up and are busy in our own lives but I don’t know who plants these seeds of jealousy in her brain. You know what, all my cousins are invited except me to Vimala’s wedding. She didn’t even inform about it. I am not sure if I will be invited. The other day I called aunty to tell about my Spain trip. She quipped saying Aunt B told her. I never specially informed Aunt B. I don’t know what’s all this mess the relatives create.”

Raji: “Leave it na Yaar! Go if they invite or else leave it. It’s not your mistake right? They don’t deserve your thoughts. They are just jealous! You can never repair their polluted minds so just ditch them.”

Kamy :” If you say so, but it definitely feels awkward when I go to any wedding or function and I have to face them. It definitely hurts without any mistake from my side.”

Raji : “There are many such people Kamy! Just see my cousin Lalitha. She is still angry with me by the fact that I took lead in another cousin Suresh’s wedding. Now what can I do yaar. I am in to event management so they obviously took my help!”

Kamy : “Hmm. Dont know what can be done about such occurrences. Either we should behave dumb and disinterested in such events or we should totally go in to hibernation.”

Raji: “No need of doing anything like that. NO NEED TO SACRIFICE YOUR SHARE OF FUN due to some fools.”

Kamy : “hmm! Thanks Yaar. I always feel light when I talk to you. I wish you were my cousin.:)”

Raji: “Nah nah! Please. If I was your cousin I may have got more jealous than Vimala by your spain trip, your beauty , your husband and what not :P. So this suits me better.”

Kamy : “ My God. Stop mocking me and do you think you can really be like that?”

Raji : “Who knows re? It’s always good to be not blood related and stay friendly.”

Kamy: “hmm! May be. Ok , I gotta go. Some meeting. I only have a week left for travel, so finishing many things.”

Raji: “YA! GOOD LUCK TO U and do think of great time ahead. Don’t populate your brain with dump.”

Kamy : “ji hazoor. Chal bye.” 

Raji : “Adios!”

Kamy : “hahhaha. Adios amigo!”

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Half Baked Head--(18.) (Kahani RESOURCE resource ki)

The Famous ritual of "OFFLINE" Appraisal discussions by most of the managers like "HBH"

Vikram is the most efficient developer who is expecting promotion from the past two years but even after consistent good performance in the team he just gets moderate grades and 0 hikes



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English Vinglish- Sridevi passes and wins gold medal too!

Cast: Sridevi, Adil Hussain, Mehdi Nebbou, Priya Anand
Director: Gauri Shinde
Producer : R. Balki
Music: Amit Trivedi
Am still in the post-mesmerized phase of English-Vinglish and flawless Sridevi. You can watch the movie again just not for Sridevi who came back to silver screen after a hiatus of 15years but for all those subtle happy-vappy and sad-vad moments every one experiences in dialy life. The very first five min of the movie make you feel like you are at a typical home in India with an uncomplaining, patient wife, a husband who earns well enough and two cute kids and a loving mother in-law Shulbha  Deshpande.

The opening scene where she wakes up, makes coffee for herself but can't take a sip of it due to the continuous demands by husband and other house hold works and finally coffee cools down a bit which reminded me the daily scene at my home where my mama keeps running around the house handling thousands of chores with her tea cooling down on the table! As and when Sridevi appears on the screen it was worth a whistle and it felt extremely delightful to watch her  act  effortlessly once again!Shashi, a Maharashtrian housewife quietly puts up with the playful and insensitive jokes her husband and kids cut  pointing her inability to speak proper English. It's such a terrific performance by Sridevi that every mother will at one point or the other find herself in the place of Shashi . Its not only about English. Its also about how we take mothers for granted . We rant, shout , make rude remarks , even feel embarrassed at our own parents like Shashis daughter sulks at her inefficiency . In return what mother gives is selfless love! Shashi is not only a doting mother and loving wife but also a small scale entrepreneur who delivers homemade laddoos. It’s  the only skill she is proud of but as  her husband is not very proud of this fact makes her tad sad. Eventually she comes to a conclusion that only English speaking people are stylish and important which more or less is true!

The moment she has to fly to US she is all panicky and gets up in middle of the night asking her husband not to send her alone. My heart goes for Shashi in the song Jiya ra dhak dhuk. She fits in the role of a shy , emotional house wife. The cameo by Amitab bachan fits in the plot and the fun tit bits will be remembered by the audience.

The main story begins in US showing the dazzling Newyork and the skyscrapers where Shashi decides to learn English and meets all her affectionate  friends a collection of immigrants—a Pakistani cab driver Salman Khan, a Tamilian soft ware engineer, a Spanish-speaking nanny, a young Chinese girl who works in parlour, a largely silent African man who like the instructor David is homosexual and there is a subtle hint in the movie to be sensitive towards them. Last but not the least is the Frenchman (Mehdi Nebbou) who is a cook and a fervent Shashi-admirer with whom she opens up comfortably in Hindi and he tries to console her in French. These are the moments you feel there is no need of a language between two friends to feel good. At times even silence is enough.

The amazing support cast of English class makes you laugh all the way and the nuances of English language in various regions are funnily portrayed .Priya anand fits in the role of an empathetic girl  with lot of freewill who likes her Shashi maussi a lot and encourages her to learn English. The tensed moment for Shashi where the French man tries getting close to her , Gustaakh dil song which follows and her revelation that she doesn’t need love but needs some respect are all shown so damn naturally. Sridevi’s expressions undoubtedly add flavour to the movie. The scene where she is all smiles when the groom Kevin is mesmerised by tasting her mouth watering  fresh laddoo and her husband Adil Hussain (A kay kay menon look alike)immediately cracks a joke that “She is born to make laddoos”,that instant the way her smile fades and her face becomes am used to this kind of transformation is awesomely shown! Navrai majhi brings you in to the Marathi wedding mood!

The final speech given by Shashi about how important it is to have a family and feel important in this vast world as the only people who never laugh at your weaknesses are your family and you should help yourself  so that both husband and wife must feel equal is all heart touching. She thanks the Frenchman saying he made her feel good about herself. Sridevi is back with a loud bang.

My favourite dialogue from the movie is, “Old relations when worn out new things attract you. When love is restored in the old relations it seems all great and new.” Hats off to Gauri shinde for this well crafted movie and kudos to Amit Trivedi for music which blends well with the movie. Three cheers to Navika Kotia Who played Shashi’s daughter who was also natural and son  Shivansh Kotia is so cute like a teddy bear(who comes in flipkart ads) that you want to take him home. Go to the movie with your family and if possible take your moms to this movie.

All said and done its a full-on Sridevi movie and she passed with flying colors. Like always its No one  Vs Sridevi. Sridevi, with the girly kiddish charm which she only owns, though aged is  beautifully balanced by a new quiet dignity and grace. Welcome back Sridevi and Congrats at this best performance and huge success!

My Rating: 4.5/5
Lastly amazing trailer for those who havent watched yet :) and the promo of song which stole my heart (Dhak Dhuk)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I always want to be like Sri"Devi"- A tribute

I might have just been out of my kinder garten when the flim Jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari (telugu) got released. After some days I watched Mr.India . Years passed and I made it a point to watch anything and everything in which she appeared! I was enthralled , speechless and amazed looking at the cute and beautiful sridevi . Off screen when she spoke she was all shy and submissive! I was surprised to see the huge transformation she showed on screen. She is like the potter's mould which can be made in any shape you like, a director's actress as they say! 

Infact I did the ribbon cutting of going to theater and watching movies some where in 1988 with the Nagarjuna and Sri starrer Akhari poratam ( I dont remember going and watching it . This is what my mom told me! May be Sri got imprinted in my mind since then. I never liked any other actress as much as I liked her.I always thought of buying the plain blue saree she wears in Mister India and my first saree infact was plain blue :)

I always wanted to own the accessories she wears in Jagadeka veerudu Atiloka sundari, in which Sri acts along with Chirenjeevi as Indra's daughter who comes from heaven to earth to collect her ring with out which she cant go inside the gates of heaven. Chirenjeevi collects it not knowing its powers! At least the audience from south know the craze this movie gained. When in school we got a chance to watch it again, when I was in 2nd or 3rd standard. It was a charity show. I was extremely delighted. All kids were eating , shouting and moving in and out but I was transfixed to my seat in the second row from bottom watching Sri ! I always dreamed to be like her and for the reader's information abbani teeyani debba by Ilaya raja in the same movie is the original tune adopted by "Dhak Dhak Karne laga"!
Her eyes , her kid like voice , her sex appeal  make a tempting combo and are matchless to me . She acted like a daughter to NTR (the veteran actor in telugu) and after few years she acted opposite to him. She acted with ANR and also his offspring  Nagarjuna. People always exclaim that she is capable of acting with Nagarjuna's son too and now that he is in to movies am sure it is not impossible :)

Her "Fun quotient" is higher than many leading ladies. It comes naturally. The silly scenes in many movies are humorous only coz Sri acted in them. She indeed has that funny bone! Who can forget HAWA HAWAAI !? where she eats fruits from her hat. Just a reminder of that scene feels like giving a peck to her :)I always wanted to be a lady like her or at least a man who can romance her. Pity! I am none ;) A poem I wrote for this gorgeous woman- Written in the perspective of a man who watches Sri.
"I thought it is a black pearl shining on a golden necklace,
then I realized it is a mole shining on your golden face.

I thought the sculpture of Khajuraho became alive,

then I saw you dancing to many tunes full of life!

My heart gave a skip and I couldn't stop staring at you.

You ignored me as if I am a false alarm when every bit of it is true!

I lose my senses when you smile and your eyes beam.

Holding your hands and being with you is my dearest dream!!”

Time passed and I grew up a bit of course not prettiest like her but always imitating her , dreaming about her. Let me reveal a secret here which I have been hiding from  15years--When my aunts and uncles used to pass compliments, that a cousin sister of mine just looked like her, I used to burn with jealousy! I always thought - WHY NOT ME ? 

"SADMA" is her master piece ! More than her, Kamal hasan made me cry in sadma but their  legendary performances are not to be compared! I watched it very late when I was somewhere in 5th or 6th standard and I remember crying when Sri leaves Kamal in the railway station. I felt Ranbir Kapoor also watched this movie which assisted him in Barfi ! After watching Sadma (Vasantha kokila in telugu) I felt she is the synonym of cuteness! God made her with precision, of-course there are people who point at the nose - plastic surgery .To enhance her beauty as she is an actress, she would have done that but nevertheless she was always bful and full of grace!
Sadma last scene
None can forget films like "Chandni"  (the dance in the white attire), "Chalbaaz(double role),""Laadla" and so on where she plays a confident and powerful lady! She is the one who is always remembered as the only lady who gave competition to heroes in 80s! When any one says "Khuda gawaah" I only remember sridevi . It always comes as a second thought that Amitab Bachan also acted in it.He gets unnoticed in the aura of Benazir's (Sridevi's name in the movie) beauty. 

Not sure in how many languages she got recognition and won best actress awards but I am sure 5 out of 10 girls in India would have aspired to look like her or imitate her in one or the other aspects of their lives!                
Time flew and we came to mid nineties . She did movies like " Kshana Kshanam" in Telugu made by Ram gopal Varma. Thanks to RGV only for this as he showed her much more beautiful and simplicity and cuteness personified in the movie. She wears same long skirt in the whole movie other than in the dream sequence songs ! This is a movie shot completely outdoor on the roads and the first one of its kind. Not sure after that how many movies were made based on the same concept (Urmila did a similar one. Anthra mali also tried to imitate).

She came out with a role in Judaai where she doesnt mind selling her husband to become rich(Originally a telugu movie done by Aamani). It was her major release in 1997 may be before or after Army and I came to know that she will not be acting any more in the movies. I too cursed her husband like RGV did but then realised it is her personal decision and her choice but as a die hard fan I felt a lacuna inside! I was no longer interested in many tolly - bolly wood heroines who always tried imitating her. Many say Sri is their source of inspiration but fail in doing the similar acting in their movies! Sri who is acting from the age of 4 leaving the movies suddenly dimmed the INDIAN CINEMA. It is definitely a blow to fans  who wanted to see more of her. After such a blow and after a hiatus of nearly 15years SRI IS COMING BACK!  From the day I heard this news, no other breaking news soothes my ears as much as this!

While waiting for the release of English Vinglish, I wanted to pay a small(which as it turns out is huge;)) tribute to my style icon , my  beauty queen and role model since I was 4. Where can I end this article? There's lot more to tell about her . I never get tired of praising her .
Sridevi as child artist
Long before the release it became the most awaited movie of 2012 and Sri would be passing on that prettiest smile knowing that her fans are dying to see her on the screen. The excitement I feel when ever she comes on the small/big screen hasn't lessened a bit even after all these years! Some of them are after her looks saying she lost the charm / got surgeries done / got old and what not. People really tend to believe she is "atilokasundari"( plays as lord Indra's daughter) who is immortal and will never age but she is a human gracing her age and she remains my style icon forever and I will always stay enchanted in forth coming years too when her head would be filled with grey hair and her skin might be pale and wrinkled! Welcoming her with all love ♥

I wish success to English Vinglish and all future ventures!
Loads of love and wishes to my favorite actress . Wishing to see her in multiple languages -hindi , tamil , telugu , kannada and so on like before  and dreaming to be like her as always !

Lots of love 


"When God Spoke to Me!"

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