Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You only live Once

You want to learn dance and perform on the stage?
You just need to fly by coming out of your cage.
Dance needs a spark with in you and it doesn't need any  age.
It only needs the spirit to dance, to enjoy and maintain the rage!

You want to excel and master your singing?
Go do it now. Can't you see it is your true calling!
Sing and know your song. Tomorrow can never be today.
Your song might change your life. Start without any delay!

Do you want to get rid of the phobia of water?
Do something which you wanted to do with fervor.
Don't just watch from a distance. Go dive in to the river.
You only have to face it to end the quiver!

You want to write a book and make people read you.
Start it now and wonder at what you actually can do.
Till you actually start something you will have no clue.
If you do not start, the to-do list will always be in due!

Life is surrounded by uncertainties, challenges and too much of fear.
Embracing your life like a friend gives you the unlimited power.
You can set your priorities and plan your to do list, now or never.
Once you start fulfilling your desires your life will be your lover!

Count your life not by the number of the years you live.
Count your life by the number of the moments you always relive.
It is your life and with it you cannot be nonchalant!
You only live one life which is enough to do what all you want.

This post is in response to Write Tribe Prompt # 3


  1. the whole poetry is so well worded around YOLO itslike every line screams at us to celebrate it! Lovely words.. :)


  2. Lovely. In fact, I have a group of friends. One time we all started recording our songs on youtube and sharing with each other. It was fun.

  3. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste new experiences, there is no other life but this! Loved the way you have expressed this in your poem, Afshan! Good one :)

  4. Enjoy life, always. Lovely poetry, expressing joy and celebration.

  5. That's nice Afshan :) Keeping your minds open for new ventures always keeps you going and so is expressing yourself, your passion! Good one!

  6. You are quite the poet Afshan. Every line resonated with me. Very nicely done.


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