Thursday, December 27, 2007

TaareZameenPar--The finest Movie of the YEAR

A movie which shook me so hard that I am still lost among all those Taare Zameen par..The movie sent a shiver in my spine!! Very rarely you get to see such great films that touch your heart and make you a better person.Hats off to Aamol Gupte for writing such a sensitive and sensible story and Aamir for his awesome direction!As an Actor he is “GOOD” but he proved he can be a better director!The kid Darsheel Safary is AMAZING!The intensity of his acting just speechless.He moulded himself in the character so well that the range of expressions from Liveliness to lifelessness from mischief to vulnerability everything came out so naturally!!The film is all about the kids with less abilities but has one or the other speciality which needs to be recognized sooner or later!The dyslexic boy in the movie i.e. Ishan(Darsheel) made me cry for a full length of 20min!I have never cried for so long watching any movie till date.The boy deserves a standing ovation!Whether it’s the magic of Ishan or Coz its so similar to my own life when I parted from my parents for the first time and joined hostel I don’t know but I can definitely tell it is very heart touching and emotional part of the movie when Ishan leaves for boarding school in Panchguni as decided by his Papa much against the boys wish!The boy who loves painting who used to enjoy every little beauty of nature starts fading away becomes more and more dumb and dull listening to the comments like idiot,duffer of more strict teachers over there.He gets frustrated and stops doing even the things in which he is interested like painting which is his hobby!
“Mai kabhi batlaata nahi
Par andhere se dartaa hu Maa
Yu to main dikhlataa nahi
Teri parvaah karta hu mai Maa!!
Bheed me Yu naa chod mujhe
Ghar laut ke bhi aana paau Maa
Bhejna Itna Door Mujhko Tu
Yaad bhi Tujhko Aana Paau Maa
Kya main Itna Buraa Hu Maa??”
It was difficult to control tears at that painful moment in the movie..
Here a one more hats off to Shankar Ehsaan Loy! And Prasoon Joshi(Lyricist).Later Aamir khan THE NEW ARTS teacher recognizes the boy’s problem as he has gone through the same thing!!He eventually brings out all the skills in the boy, gives him a new life and makes him a confident person!!
Taking in to consideration “The Tulip School” for mentally challenged where Aamir basically works in the movie I have visited a similar school called PAWMEN CAP in Hyderabad once, where I saw the effort of many People who were struggling to improve the lifestyle of all the kids there, to make their lives better with just a loving heart and caring hands! I was awestruck on seeing the selfless Love the people over there were showing towards kids of wide range of ages with stagnant Mental growth!that too varying from kid to kid with a range of 5—even 40Years….some with a mental age of 5yrs while the actual Physical age is 30years and some little better who can grasp and understand a few things!I felt happy though I spent only a few hours there but was able to make atleast a few people smile that day!!The people who show concern and love towards them are most important to them!…When I congratulated the one who won a shotput competition held among them, the one who stood 2nd also put his hand forward hoping I would wish him also.I congratulated each and every one who participated in that competition and was very much elated on seeing their smiling faces!They all were even announcing that “This Didi congratulated Me!!”
“This Bhayya wished me”and so on so forth".
First time in my life I realized the importance of selfless Love which can bring magnificent change in a person’s Life!If you do even a small favour to them like just shaking their hands or spending a few min with them!They will remember You forever………..atleast for a long time till the day their mental strength cooperates with them!Infact the caption of the movie “Every Child is Special”is true but some times I feel these kids are more special à “God’s PEOPLE” who with out any discrepancy always remember the one who Loves them…a factor missing among many normal people like us, and the people who serve them selflessly are definitely “ANGELS OF GOD”
“A loving heart and two caring hands make the person “RICHEST” as they get more Love and care in return”
---------Mother Teresa-----
All in all I can say “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is the finest movie of the year which made me think!!reminded me good old days !I started feeling every one should try to do atleast a single task in their lives which makes them feel like “God’s Angel” if not possible forever atleast for one day few hours or just a few minutes and make THE EARTH –The happiest place to live!!
--------By Afshan--------------------

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