Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 8. Shape!

The Day 8 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life8. Shape: Shapes are all around us. Which will you choose for today’s prompt?

This is an easy prompt as any thing has a shape other than Amoeba ;). This seemed tough to me though as I could not decide what to click. Finally I rounded on my favorite shape "round" .No round is definitely not the favorite shape when it comes to body :p. Round just reminds me the circle of life. History repeats . Life is a full circle. It holds true in many cases at least to me. Round is good when we are discussing numbers. Doesn't it feel good to get "20 comments" instead of 18 or 19 :) As we have Rassgullaas stocked up at home I thought of clicking a yumm round pic. Find below delicious pics of Rasgullaas (Indian sweet dish).
Rasgullas on Instagram - "here"

Find at Instagram - "Rasgulla"
One more shape which seemed fascinating today is the oblong shape. I bought a brinjal yesterday . The challenge was not at all on my mind when I bought it :-). This cannot be tagged as the world's largest brinjal but for sure it is  the largest brinjal I saw so far! I just had to buy it and today morning when I excitedly opened the fridge its shape seemed attractive and the result is below. Brinjal definitely is the King of vegetables with a beautiful crown on its head. The below brinjal looks like the king of all the kings due its huge size and pretty crown.
Find at instagram - "brinjal"
Now its time for some creativity. The elegance of the brinjal pushed me little more and I decided to display my imagination ;) Check out the brinjal below which is happily sitting on throne smiling at every one. The smiley is made with mirchi+Haldi paste . (chilli powder + turmeric paste). Say "hello" to the king ;)
Find at Instagram -"here"
The below pic is just to show the enormity of the brinjal. Look how blissfully it is sleeping on the plate occupying the entire space :P
Find at instagram - " here "
Before some one thinks I am going to buy a garland for the beloved brinjal and before some one thinks I have gone crazy like the Tom Hanks of Cast away I am cutting it mercilessly in to pieces to make tasty Baingan ka bharta (a brinjal dish :) ). Oh boy ! I have really started talking to the royal brinjal :)

Good day to you all.


  1. Imaginative clicks today, Afshan!
    Before the king of vegetables becomes a bharta, let me say hello to him! :D
    I love bharta and rasgullahs too! :D

    1. Its too late for him to say hello back :-/ Its Resting. In. Peace in my stomach

  2. The smile on the "king" is scary. You could use it for Halloween instead of a pumpkin :D


    1. Hai na

      I too thot same. Amrikans use pumpkin and we can use brinjal. LOL

  3. I love rasgullas....bong & rasgulla so equivalent na!!!

    1. Yep true ! I am yet to taste a delicious rasgulla made by a bong :)
      Thanks for dropping by

  4. Brinjal is one of my favorite vegs. Round IS a shape! :D

    Delightful post, Afshan!

  5. Brinjal looks funny and rasgullas taste yummyyyy :)

  6. What a lovely post Afshan :D
    Your brinjal is.. or was? really cute.. until you bhartha-fied it :P :D

    1. hehehe bhartha- fied/ fried whateva the term is damn good !!
      Thanks Bhavya for ur time and patience on my blog !
      I didnt feel like cutting it only

  7. That is one big Brinjal! I am sure the Bhartha was yummy. :)

  8. This reminds me that we have a Haldiram's Rasgulla dabba at home. Shall ask mom to open it after dinner tonight!

    And ya baby, baingan is my most favorite sabzi!! :-)

  9. Hahahah...good thinking Afshan :) Rasogollas look lovely and the baingan too. Super golu-cute!


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