Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 29. KISS!

The Day 29 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life29. Kiss: This is our charity prompt. We’re going to kiss MS goodbye. So wear red, or pop on some red lipstick and show us a ‘kiss’!

After reading on "Chicky's blog" I came to know  that "Kissing MS good bye" means Kissing Multiple Sclerosis good bye. Click on the hyper link to know more . I thought a lot as I don't have a proper click with red lipstick other than me in my red wedding dress and red lipstick. No I didn't kiss the groom . I mean I didn't click the pic of it :P
After too many thoughts I remembered a pic I clicked in Nehru zooological park - Hyderabad . Thanks to FMSphotoaday group on FB which gave me too many ideas.

Taken through the glass window
They are not actually wearing red lipstick and their skin is green but a Chameleon changes colors right? So please imagine them in red and I left a red lip stick mark on the photo too. I patted my self for my timing that day! There was a glass barrier hence I was able to click otherwise Chameleons do give me goosies ;)

One more click which I initially wanted to upload is of me kissing Ayaan and Ayaan kissing his mom. Both are my favorite clicks. Here you go ! This was clicked in a house warming party. Not sure who is more mesmerized here ,me or Ayaan :) The one below my pic is the click of  mama(the one in blue chudidar is Ayaan's Mom) - baby kiss which is the worlds bestest kiss!

Please pray for the patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis !


  1. ROTFL @ "No I didn't kiss the groom . I mean I didn't click the pic of it :P"

    You could have planted a red kiss on your kiddo's cheek na... that would've been perfect too! LOL! Totally funny!

    I bet when you took that chameleon pic, you never imagined that you'd use it like this on your blog one day! ;)

    1. Hey chicky !
      Ya LOL ! I remembered only that red lipstick :P

      and by the way even at that time I was wearing a brown lipstick. I only have brown many shades ;) !
      By the way he is not my kid- as good as mine but the one in blue chudidar- my bhabhi is his mom !
      YA I AM DIGGING OUT MANY pics for this challenge :D

  2. That's a fab click of the two kissing chameleons! Perfect timing!
    Ayaan is such a cute boy! :)

    1. Ya glad I rememberd that click on time
      Ya ayaan Is a smart cute kid

  3. kissing chameleons! Loved this.

  4. Well they are chameleons, they kiss now but may change their colors :P


  5. First ants and now Chameleons! Everyone is on a kissing spree. ;)

  6. kissing lizards?!! ewwww!! :P
    very unique I must say! ;)

  7. Awww for the kiddo <3 so adorable.


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