Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 9. Snack!!

The Day 9 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life"9. A snack: Healthy, or not-so-healthy, share a snack with us.

Eating a healthy snack is boring so I thought its better to share the snapshots of unhealthy greasy snacks for now ;) .This remains the favorite prompt so far. It is both  benefit and loss if you have a husband who is a passionate cook. Benefit as I don't have to sweat out to find a way to his heart err I mean via his stomach as he himself can cook a sumptuous meal. Loss as he will keep on advising me as to what to cook and what not to and how to make it more beautiful and you have to bear with all the free tips. Like Shilpa "said" one has to bear with the messy kitchen too which looks like a battle field once my husband finishes a dish. How ever all the minuses can be ignored as by EOD you get to taste wonderful dishes. I am directly jumping in to some favorite snacks by husband.

The below pic shows Mirchi Bajji / Mirapakai bajji a famous south Indian snack or Mirchi Pakoda- (I am not sure about the nomenclature in North India.). For recipe you can check "this" post I found on googling if interested :) . It is spicy tasty with all onion toppings and nimbu(lemon) sprinkled a top .It is the best snack in rainy season. Definitely not healthy but once in a while its a must to taste a delicious bajji. The pic here has mirchi bajji on top and below is the home made chana chat with mirchi bajjii pieces as topping! Presentation matters.
Rain Rain come again :)
Just today morning as I was making my bowl of oats(Yep I am diet conscious on most days of the year) my husband was all set to mock me with a plate of home made french fries and a bowl of soupy yummy maggi noodles. This actually can't be called a snack as its a tummy filling break fast but still wanted to click as I won't be having it. :(
Soupy noodles and French Fries!
I leave you with this last pic with out which this post would be incomplete. I am a big chat fan. I am not talking about the conversation --- chat. I love Indian chaat/chat. I can strike off any thing from my diet list for the sake of good health and body but I can never subside my love for chat. Any hygienic chat bhandar catches my eye. Rajasthan- Jaipur is the best for chat in India I feel. I still remember the chat I had at hotel Kanji - Jaipur but the dahi paapdi I had at Dilli haat in Delhi is also my favorite. Below is a snap shot. I love all Indian chats but my favorite would be sev puri and also pav bhaji :)

Grrrr. I am hungry now :-( and its lunch time so see you all !
Dahi Papdi at Dillii haat
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  1. Yummilicious pics!
    In north, Mirchi Bajji is known as Mirchi Vada and Jodhpur is famous for it.
    You have been to Jaipur? When? Yes, Kanji, Kanha are a few outlets that are so neat and clean and serve the best of fast foods, snacks etc.
    Dahi Papdi.. I simply love... feel like having this one now! :)

    1. Yep I have been to Jaipur in 2010 and again in 2011 on the way to ajmer. 2010 was a long visit . It was IPL season and horrible summer but LOVED the place. bought baandhni stuff too :) Ya kanji was good though I didnt like kanjii bada - he said its famous but I liked rest all. Need less to mention Malpua (thats how its spelled I feel) - I became a die hard fan of mal pua :)

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Ohh man.. why do you want to make me suffer with all these killer chaats... don't you know I'm on a diet :(

  3. Only in Bangalore can you eat this. In Delhi it is 43 deg and watermelons rule.
    Looks very tempting though.

  4. @Bhavzz : Tragic thing is am also on diet :( bas pics dekhke mann bhaalo :(

    @Alka : Ya i know. Have experienced GURGAON ki garmi by god ;) Bangalore is lil pleasant . Hyd is irritatingly hot too
    Thanks for dropping by

  5. all I can say at looking the pictures is that I am hungry again!

    yummy :)

  6. I indulged myself with a samosa and when I come here I see chat galore!!1 I wanna have some N.O.W but cannot afford more calories!!!

    I am going away from here :P

  7. My God! I seriously cannot see any more food pics today! It is really unbearable! :)

  8. This is just not fair. Just not fair Afshan. You can't just post those mouth watering pictures and leave me with nothing but, monstrous hunger in my belly!! And they don't even sell chaats here at every corner, in the states!! :(

  9. oh man!! What deliciousness!!
    Im so glad that I had breakfast before I saw all these delightful snacks!

  10. I like how you've presented the maggi and french fries pic! :D

  11. Looks great.. maggi with bread is something that I like sometimes :)

  12. Ah, tempting pics Afshan, especially Maggi and mirapakayi bajji. Hmm, my tummy is rumbling :(


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