Monday, April 18, 2022

Ode to Warriors

Oh! So boring! To live in confines of four walls.

Closed are restaurants, theatres, closed are the malls!

As we cribbed, felt mundane and exasperated by the sudden shift in scene

There were few humans who struggled to save us from the demonic Covid 19!

If soldiers fought at the borders, the frontline workers fought to put us within borders!

To put life at stake for the sake of others lives, they were no less than warriors!

Without caring for their families, they worked day and night...

As we munched and binge watched Netflix, they continued their fight!

Even the laathi charge of Police didn't instill fear in all.

The Lockdown was a break for some, a time to plan a trip with a pal.

Tiny tots understood and tried adjusting to the new routine - a reality that many adults dismissed!

For some, the picture became clear when one after the other, many succumbed.

For many it still is all a hoax, unnecessary panic created by ulterior groups!

Getting exposed to virus is a myth to them, as they dish out gyaan on the WhatsApp statuses!!

To save such, do our Warriors need to suffer and let Covid take a toll?

Is it worth it to get beaten up for asking humans to follow protocol?

A simple concept like social distancing could not be explained to public!

Essential workers toiled day and night to avoid millions of working from home folks from getting sick.

People lost jobs, economies fell flat, tears flowed, miseries spread, death rates increased!

In mid of all this our frontline angels worked 24*7 unflinched !

I couldn't bear when a doctor bid farewell to his family.

How many lives would have been risked while discovering the vaccine, which some felt is silly!

We cannot follow a simple rule, stick to few doable guidelines and we even fight against them!

Rather than thanking all who strived for us, we find it amusing to blame!!


The virus had a new political variant, people formed groups, naysayers created uproar!

Our warriors continued their work and flattening the curve was their only chore!

I thank our COVID warriors for bringing us out of lacunae and imbibing a bit of courage to cope.

As I remember them today and everyday, any prayer or a tribute falls short for the real heroes who in our lives, filled hope!

I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022 and this is my O post. I am taking up this challenge after many years as I want to talk about Covid life and the daughter diaries!

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  1. Appreciative of the healthcare workers who tried to take care of the sick during this time of the pandemic. They are surely to be commemorated and respected.


  2. You mean Golden State Warriors, thr professional basketball team? It is my favorite team

    1. Not sure what u said there..i think u r confused with some other blog post!

    2. I understood what you wrote. It was my attempted humor. Looks like I am not good at it.

  3. A nice nod to those that worked throughout the pandemic

  4. Yes, health workers worked tirelessly.. Their contribution has to be acknowledged!

  5. How perfectly expressed. We can't thank the front line workers enough. Those unseen heroes are the reason many of us are still breathing.

  6. Wow what a great post. You have covered everything in most countries of the world.

  7. I like your comment about how the mud slinging will be promptly vacuumed. ( ☺ ) This is a nice poem for those who risk their breath to help others. Sometimes real heroes where masks not capes. Cheers,

  8. I agree. They are our unsung heroes. Beautifully written.

  9. a good tribute to our unsung heroes :)

  10. This is such a wonderful tribute!!!
    Very well written!

    Thank you for mentioning my website <3
    It means a lot!

  11. My sister works in health care. I'm going to send this to her.

    1. Awesome Danielle. Yes pls share. Your comment made my day❤️

  12. Great tribute to so many unsung heroes.

  13. You captured very well the last two years.

  14. A befitting tribute. I've always believed that our medical fraternity has a profession of utmost dedication abd sacrifice and only those who are ready to forget themselves must jump into this. Covid certainly made my respect for the medical fraternity go up by notches.

  15. I agree. They were nothing less than warriors! And there will always be (stupid) people calling everything a hoax.. Uff

    Glad to be visiting from atoz

  16. Thank you very much for visiting. It has been a very strange couple of years indeed and Covid is still about. I discovered yesterday that our neighbours have it which is not good as they are both elderly.

  17. While I appreciate the efforts of many to help with COVID, unfortunately too many also took advantage of the situation to abuse power and abscond with excessive amounts of money. If such a huge deal had not been made of COVID I doubt whether most of us would have even known about it and just accepted the sickness and death as a particularly bad flu season. I hope many investigations expose the lies and corruption that accompanied the pandemic.

    I'm just glad I was retired so I was able to just stay home most of the time and not deal with going to work or being in much contact with people who obsess over things.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I agree. There are certainly many people at my work that book advantage of Covid. Unfortunately in my organization the head leadership have decided they did not need to come into the office while the rest of us did. Before Covid information came in at a trickle but now it's pretty much stopped because our administration don't feel the need to communicate with the rest of us. It's so difficult to get in touch with anyone on admin level. No one answers their phone or respond to emails.

  18. One of the things Covid taught us is the value of the services of the healthcare professionals. The entire humanity seemed to be dependent on them!
    O = Oxford comma

  19. visiting from the site Im moderating - had to say "hi". Every time I got a chance I would thank even the postal worker. I was a nurse at the start but my husband was having chronic illness so I didnt want to bring something that would destroy us. But I have many friends who were . are heroic.
    Love your heart and your ability to express. ~ Moonie

    This is today's for Writer of Wrong - sorry running behind.

  20. Front line workers, soldiers and all the people who work to keep us safe deserve so much more respect!

  21. A great tribute Afshan. This "The virus had a new political variant." is so true. Sad but true.

  22. A heartfelt and befitting tribute to the doctors and frontline workers Afshan...and its really sad that all we have to do is to follow the basic rules of masking and sanitization, which we fail to do. Really sad!

  23. Very well articulated Afshan, I like how you touched upon so many aspects as part of the tribute. Honestly, genuine heartfelt tribute to the frontline workers - people who still kept chugging along, doing everything they had to, sometimes having to do much more thanks to Covidiots and such. We really should be grateful, we never had to consciously put ourselves in harm's way not knowing when we could end up contracting something so dangerous. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to them will still not be enough.

    Here's my post for O:
    Oxford Dictionary

  24. Absolutely superb 👌 👏 👍 I totally agree. None of the accolades or best wishes can ever suffice the tremendous amount of work done by them. Three cheers for these courageous and selfless people. MAY GOD BLESS THEM ALWAYS

  25. Frontline workers were indeed warriors. They all deserve bravery medals for their courage and endurance.


  26. Best tribute to frontline workers. May God bless them and their families with health and happiness!!!

  27. Here in the middle of the US, the majority of the people didn't take the pandemic seriously, refused to wear masks, wouldn't get vaccinated. It's been so frustrating! I did everything right, always masked, only went to stores when it was necessary, was vaccinated and boosted, and I got Covid at the end of January! I can assure those naysayers that it is, indeed, very real, as I had a mild case and was sick for about 10 days and felt really yucky the whole time!


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