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A new year - 2020

As the clock struck 12 on Dec 31st 2019 and as we stepped in to the new year 2020 - we discussed at length on how Wuhan's the epicenter and COVID may spread rapidly to other countries. Till the shit hits home, it is human tendency to sit back, relax and read the news, shake our heads in disbelief, let out the 'tch tchs' and share updates on Whatsapp. I vividly remember how I received a video being circulated on whatsapp, in which Chinese people were throwing wads of money from hospital the isolation actually looks like.. and how some people 'who lost their mental balance' are purposely spitting on the elevator buttons to infect other people. I was not sure about the authenticity of these videos but it felt scary!

Little did we know then that a storm is ahead of us...that we have to face repercussions of so many kinds. The new year started with lot of enthusiasm like every year. I was glad that my daughter finally got adjusted to preschool. She was 2 years 11 months in January 2020! I was happy that I acquainted with new folks at office and made a couple of good friends, after being in solitude for nearly an year. I was also happy that I started losing the weight I have put on post pregnancy!

Days flew and we entered March. When the first case was identified in Hyderabad, the city I live...we were still hopeful, adamant and, strongly believed that the virus won't be that strong to impact a whole city. I heard people started leaving offices in a hurry, in the fear of contracting the Covid in March, one fine day when they heard about a case nearby! I felt that this unnecessary panic must end. "People running amok, creating a tense atmosphere is all such a drama. After all we had conquered viruses related to SARS and Swine flu," is what I thought!

I never thought that we are completely stepping in to a NEW life on this new year... As we entered March, like a typical human I was in the denial stage, clinging to hope, and wishing for all this to be a bad nightmare! However the unprecedented life full of surprises kick started forcing us all to be the new versions of ourselves!

CORONA means resembling the shape of crown or having a halo like appearance. So this novel virus which feels like nature's (man made??) wonder with a crown on head, proved soon to be a shape shifter. It felt like it is an alien that invaded the human kind using it's super powers and started ruling over them in no less time... 

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I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022 and this is my first post for A - A new year - 2020. I am taking up this challenge after many years as I feel I have lot to talk about Covid life and the daughter diaries during this Pandemic! Good luck to all the participants :)


  1. Throwing wads of money! I missed that. Reminiscing post, Afshan! We were so naive and in our own denial mode! And what followed!!! Well, still alive, along with loved ones and doing ok - grateful for that. I hope it all continues to be so. Beautiful start, good luck and keep up the spirit for the rest of the challenge!

  2. Oh these two years have been so weird and scary. I remember being in a similar phase at the start and in January 2022 we all family members had covid, despite all ocd level precautions. Hoping it gets over soon. Love the post!

  3. 2020-2021 were scary years and I really really hope its over. Love the post. All the best.

  4. It's somehow unbelivable that it was already two years ago...
    Good luck with blogging,

    Ink, maps and macarons

  5. Hey...what a start to the challenge! Revisiting those days when the pandemic began...phew! And see how cool we are right now!
    Anyway...waiting to read more on that little girl with great dance moves :D
    And I tried my hand too...let us see how far it goes!

  6. When the pandemic hit Bangalore it was crazy
    I was in denial too
    It was my final year of college. We all naturally assumed we would have a good one week break and be back, like nothing happened
    What a time that was March of 2020!

    Hopping in from the A-Z community,

  7. It really threw everything upside down and then every country was doing things differently. And still the adjustment is adjusting.
    Glad you are blogging this. I am actually blogging an on-going story set in Odessa Ukraine now. I wrote the story in 2007 (just dialed the years forward.) Be well

  8. So many people in the US are STILL in denial that the virus is a real and very dangerous thing. It became political immediately. Stupid people are frustrating! Glad you're participating in the A to Z this year! I always enjoy your posts!

  9. Its been a very long 2 yrs living with the virus and rampant stupidity of people! It became political here in the US very quickly and people are STILL in denial about the virus, the vaccine. I'm exhausted
    It's good to be reading your posts again and to be writing again! :)

  10. Past 2 years have been tough...if it brought out god side of some it also showed evil side of others too (sigh!)... Looking forward reading more of your experience...hugs

  11. It’s amazing how vividly we remember where we were with our lives when it all went down! Great post Afshan. Look forward to more!

  12. We all think "do nothing and the problem will go away".

  13. Yes, corona means "crown" in Spanish. A crown appears on the labels for Corona Beer. Some people were blaming the beer for the virus. Last year, when I first did the A to Z, the pandemic was my theme and one of my posts included Corona.

  14. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for your comments.
    Corona Era was a landmark that changed the lifestyle of all of us!
    Looking forward to your recollections of that eventful period.

  15. Our county health department published daily Covid numbers on Facebook up until recently. It was frightening to see the numbers spike so quickly! And still so many deniers. Weird how people can turn away from experts when it doesn't suit them.

  16. Its been a difficult two years for all of us. There was no precedent and every country tried to find a way suitable to it. I still check daily numbers for my city! Old forgotten habits like washing hands and feet after coming home have been restarted and I think our family will continue with them.

  17. Who would have thought then what the next two years would bring! I haven't met my children in person for two years now. Hopefully this year will be a reunion year :)

  18. Good to read five posts of yours today. I suffered corona like symptoms in January 2020 itself. At that time still tests etc. were not there. May be it is very mild attack. Fever was there for five or six days. Breathing difficulty resolved quickly. One year later, I tested positive again. Now it is history.

  19. I can totally relate with your apprehensions regarding the outbreak of Covid . 2020 was a difficult year but 2021 even more so when all in my family got infected. You have done a commendable job with the post . Great 👍 going Afshan

  20. Yeah the virus was grossly underestimated :( . On the lighter side I just had laughs on Go Corona Go slogans :D


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