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R for RRR movie

RRR is the latest movie by Rajamouli which I watched some days back. It was a historic moment for me, not because the movie is of fictional history genre, but because I sat in a cinema hall after 2+ years of COVID life!💛😊

The movie shows the pre independence era of 1920s and the story is a fictional account of lives of two real freedom fighters  Alluri Seetharama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (NTR) who have same same but different missions. If I write an honest review, I really can't decide if I liked or disliked the movie. There are few bits I liked and few which felt too much over the top for me. May be it is just the outlandish style of Rajamouli. He is well acquainted with grandeur and cinematic brilliance....however just these are not enough to entice everyone is what I felt. The movie had its grand moments. It was a feast to eyes to see so much action executed with ease and great VFX effects! You would enjoy it if you completely 'suspend your disbelief'. 😯

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The story line is good if you ignore one too many illogical occurrences and some loop holes. Ofcourse viewers/fans argue not to find logic as it is a hyper drama flick. The title RRR means - Rise, Roar, Revolt and some say it is Rage, Revenge, Rampage. The director lays strong foundation to what he intends to show - extreme action, drama, emotions, stunts, energetic dances, and everything laced with patriotism. The opening scene of Ram Charan and even NTR were shot quite eventfully showing Fire and Water as their core elements but some scenes even with good effects felt too funny, like NTR fighting a tiger or Ram Charan fighting a mob of 1000s of people, like he is some super hero. It would have been good if some logic was put in to it like why these two heroes possess so many capabilities?!

There are many other such scenes. I couldn't just believe a scene where they save a boy from fire in the water (again poetically director tried to highlight their core factors). I am sure people who love super hero movies would love the scene! Many other fight scenes where they are performing dramatic stunts could have been justified only if some super natural element was added! However it is Rajamouli we are talking about! If Amarendra Bahubali can climb an elephant or pull a chariot easy peasily, may be these people can do what they are doing!

In a Facebook Movie group I am part of, some people have shared crass comments that the protagonists are "ugly". The movie did receive mixed reviews, but both the actors well played their part.

The performances were top notch even if too heroic. It is the direction that I felt had loopholes and glitches and fight scenes are too unrealistic for my taste. I am not going a lot in to details but  I got bored in the second half due to repeated stunts. Ram Charan's and NTR's  energy, grace and, dances saved the watch. 

Last song felt quite patriotic ( am not sure how it feels in Hindi). Till intermission the movie had all my attention. Later my interest slowly dissipated but ya there never is a dull moment in the movie. The cameo roles played by Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt didn't add any special value to the movie. I felt there are many suitable tollywood actors who would have played the roles much naturally. Not sure what made the director choose two famous bollywood faces. May be it is to justify the Pan-India release. 

Last but not the least, I fell in love with the song - "Etthara janda" - the climax song. If I got bored in second half, this song and the smiling happy faces of heroes, their wonderful dances again made me watch the screen earnestly! The song highlights many regions, states, and the freedom fighters from those places. It pays tribute to their courage and work. The song is a flavorful cherry on the cake and feels quite patriotic! I also love the fact that the first town mentioned is Ongole - the place where I did my entire schooling :) (If you are from India, try to watch the song even if you don't get the lyrics)
                                                                  Ethara Janda song

Barring the loopholes and logics, the movie can be watched as it is a visual spectacle and offers good entertainment!

I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022  and this is my R post. I am taking up this challenge after many years as I want to talk about Covid life and the daughter diaries!

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  1. This movie is running to full house here! I have just gathered courage to sit in a closed auditorium to see another Marathi movie.. maybe i can extend it for this one. Good going on the AtoZ Afshan!

  2. Agree with you. Not a dull moment in the movie. I watched it only for entertainment and on that account it was paisa wasool!

  3. You just know it was keyboard warriors who wouldn't dare say they were ugly to the actors faces.
    I find some commenting on certain sites quite frustrating at times.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Facing The Mountain

    1. They indeed were keyboard warriors who would never be able to talk face to face
      .. thanks a lot for your time here even if it is not a relevant topic for you.

  4. The movie is a big hit here in Bangalore! I'm so glad we can go back to watch movies in the cinema hall now!

  5. I doubt I will ever get to see the movie, well unless it pops up on Netflix or Amazon :D. Sounds very spectacular. I have yet to return to the cinema since all the lockdowns started. It wasn't something we did a lot anyway, but there has been nothing to drag me back yet, at least nothing that makes me want to sit anywhere near that number of people for that amount of time ;).
    Tasha's Thinkings: YouTube - What They Don't Tell You (and free fiction)

  6. Hari OM
    I am always concerned at the use of real life characters in totally fictional productions - too many easily forget actual history and accept the re-written...; it's a disturbing trend in all Indian cinema these days, rousing passions that ought, perhaps to be calmed... YAM xx

  7. I haven't been back in the movie theater yet because there's not been a movie yet that has enticed me back. However, I didn't go that much before the pandemic.

  8. LOL, having grownup to Bollywood, nonsensical illogical movies are nothing new. But then using the same logic, if Thalai Superstar Rajini can do it, why not Bollywood! And if you have seen Fast and Furious 7 (or was it 8), you'd know that they caught on too! The scene in which Vin Diesel lands on a jeep mid-air and the jeep goes back with Vin Diesel. All laws of physics defied.

    I just watched KGF 2 and dumbness there too! We audiences just lap it up. But anyway if we're ok to suspend belief, and watch it just for the heck of entertainment, why not!

    Meet oversmart Greg at Rodrick Rules

  9. Quite an expansive review of what was touted as a magum opus! Every other movie is claimed as one these days anyway 😄
    I liked that you say you're confused whether you like the movie or not! Some movies do that to you...leave you confused! 😄😄

  10. I saw it in the theater and you know what time 11 pm to 2 am :D

    I felt it was nowhwere near Bahubali and a caricature has been made out of the villainous folks

    Loved the final song and movie aside i felt both heroes have put in a lot of effort and the final fight was impressive though incredible

  11. I have not seen the movie yet. But I like this movie because it brings about the freedom struggle by South Indians. History books in India always talk about only North Indians when describing India's independent movement.

  12. Sometimes you have to sit with a movie for a while before you can figure out if you liked it or not. I'm not sure if that bodes well or ill for how you ultimately rate this.

  13. Sounds like you at least enjoyed yourself by being in a cinema after so long!

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: R

  14. I have not been to a cinema in over 15 yrs now. MMMMMMMmmmmm that is rather a long time. In fact I seldom watch movies these days. I think being old and crumbling, my mind starts to wander and so I lose track of what is happening and no one likes you asking . . . . Who is he again . . . . And where did he get that dragon from . . . . or stuff like that

    Thanks yet again for the visit. . . . I'm glad to see you are getting plenty of comments

  15. Lol I was wondering why it was getting so much attention!
    Thanks for the explanation!

  16. Rage, Revenge, Rampage! Yikes.

    I know the point of your post isn't that you went to the theatre, but it caught my attention because we haven't been since before COVID and I currently have a family pass to go and we are considering it for this weekend. Great post.

    Stopping from A to Z:

  17. Too bad for the mix there. I
    ve liked other movies he has directed.
    I haven't been to a theater yet. It used to be much more often - sad.
    The Russian

  18. There is so much hype about the movie...frankly am not much of a fan of such movies...haven't watched bahubali as yet :). Liked your frank review. Glad that you went to the theatre after 2years. Am yet to step into the cinema hall after the pandemic.

  19. Glad you ventured out to go to a movie! Sounded like an unusual movie. I am not sure I would enjoy it.

    We haven't been to a movie theater since December 2019. Half of it is there doesn't seem to be any good movies out there that I really want to see in a movie theater. I can wait till they come on some streaming service or rent them. The other reason is I don't like to pay the money for bottled water. It usually is about four to five dollars here for a small bottle. Outrageous! And they frown if you bring snacks or beverages from home; in fact there are often signs that say "no outside drink or food permitted."


  20. Nice observation on fire and water. I am yet to watch the movie. Waiting for it to be on OTT :)

  21. A number of friends have watched it. But I am not sure if it's the sort of movie I will like.

  22. The only reason for me to watch this movie is Ram Charan. I am a die-hard fan of his and I would like to watch the movie in Telugu with English Subtitles than watch a dubbed Hindi movie, because then the original voice gets lost. Thank you for posting this honest review. As for the songs I have only seen Nattu Nattu.

  23. "Dear Evan Hansen" was my historic movie! And it's still the only one I've seen since the lockdown!


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