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Netflix and Chill

Netflix became an integral part of my life specially during Covid. I can't thank OTT platforms enough for being the much needed outlets during this new normal. There are many platforms but Netflix is smooth and the best! Even if it feels like there is an entire day to myself if I subtract working hours , daughter hours and other miscellaneous hours - I get very less time to explore new series, movies which continuously are getting streamed on OTT platforms. I love going back to 90s and early 2000s timeline and watch reruns of some favorite shows and series. They act as stress busters to me during tough days. In my post today I recommend my three fav sitcoms/series and have written a blurb for each. 


(Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman)

I never gave Friends a chance and when I finally gave it , I regretted just after two episodes thinking how come I missed it all these decades. In school days I was little when it got relayed and may not have understood it much and in our small town we did not have many cable channels as well. However I felt gleeful  that I gave in to the temptation of Friends! I first watched in 2014/2015 and in Pandemic I may have watched FRIENDS whenever I felt low. It just kept me going. The day to day mundane things, emotional and even heartbreaking events are shown in a lighter tone in this show - which gives the feeling that nothing's gonna stop the ongoing life. Every one's demons, personal and professional problems are shown in a raw and realistic manner with a dash of humor! 

You feel good by just seeing how Chandler gets bored in his office or how Phoebe sings whatever may be her lyrics, how Joey just enjoys all his food or how Monica is so organized, makes her passion her profession , how sensitive Ross is or how beautifully Rachael progresses in life. However for a normal person like me in India or to that matter any person in any corner of the  world, it is very tough to live for a decade with the bestest friends and to not give a damn about the  rest of the world. However fictitious this set up may be, it is uplifting. It helps you sail across your sea of emotions.  I actually cried while watching the last episode (for the first time)! It is not an exaggeration if I say F.R.I.E.N.D.S. changed my life for good. It was my savior in Covid.


I finished watching the famous Gilmore Girls series recently …all the old ones including the 2016 revival one (life in an year). The series which ran from 2000 to 2007 is a warm, fuzzy and, feel good watch compared to all the latest racy content in Netflix where either a psycho is killing, a zombie is killing, a gangster is killing and there is killing and more killing. If you want to put your mind to rest and feel better you can definitely watch this good old show. There are all kinds of bonds and emotions embedded  in the show... the mother, daughter, grandma, grand of best Friends, worst enemies and so on...with sufficient amounts of quirks and laughs. Lorelai and Rory are unforgettable characters. The stubborn passion they possess to achieve their goals and the book reading enthusiasm of Rory would inspire you!

As I have a daughter too I felt more connected to their bonding. At times it is an explosion of too many words but if you are wordy when you talk (like me😛), you will love it. Later I realized that the series is created by Amy  Sherman-Palladino, produced by Daniel- Palladino - the makers of another fav show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel . 


Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, this series is just unmissable. A beautiful girl Penny (Kaely Cuoco) moves across the hall from two nerdy physicists - Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter. They have only two more friends Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapalli. The series is a laughter riot. Sheldon is ultra hyper, highly organized , extremely intellectual germaphobe, Leonard is a calm genius who is pining for Penny but unable to woo her initially. 

Howard is Jewish - short and smart who lives with her mother , Rajesh aka Raj (the typical brown Indian) can never talk to women. All the 4 guys are best of friends and possess their own quirks and idiosyncrasies! They can solve all your doubts related to quantum physics but are always socially awkward. The series is all about what happens when their worlds meet. One blog post is not enough, if I have to talk about all the note worthy characters. There are other remarkable roles in the series - Leonard's mother, Sheldon's girl friend - Amy Farrah Fowler, Howard's mother (only her booming voice you can hear) and many more!! You will be in splits while watching Sheldon (Jim Parsons)shenanigans. His statements would be funny and stingy! In the end, the series slightly got monotonous but maintains its honesty and spirit. The series has some very memorable dialogues. I was very upset when it ended. Even today I randomly play some episode and just chuckle!

Sheldon Cooper

PS: There are many Netflix series , movies and shows which I enjoy . Few latest ones I watched are -The Money Heist, Downtown Abbey, Some Korean Dramas (Start Up, Boys Over Flowers), Kim's Convenience, Sacred Games, Leila (Indian Series), Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, and many more. 

At times Netflix releases are too raw and disturbing so I choose options wisely based on my mood! What are you watching presently? You have any good suggestions?

I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022 and this is my N post. I am taking up this challenge after many years as I want to talk about Covid life and the daughter diaries!

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  1. I almost did Netflix for N; had it all written then moved on to something else :) I enjoy watching Netflix at work. Thankfully the nature of my job (prepping terminated employee files to be scanned) allows me to watch something or listen to music as long as I'm using headphones or airbuds, etc. I just finished Good Girls on Netflix. That was really good! I enjoyed the Gilmore Girls when I watched it several years ago.


  2. I love all the main shows you've mentioned!
    Kim's Convenience is very underrated!

    Hopping in from the A-Z community,

  3. Netflix has become a part of every household today. Enjoy it wide array of movies, series and documentaries. I have only watched Big Bang theory out of your list.

  4. Can't give you any suggestions since i never watch anything (no time, in fact) on Netflix.

  5. When I want to unwind, I like to watch old TV comedies and like all of the ones you mentioned. We are one of the few families who do not have a Netflix account. I spend enough time in front of a screen, that I don't need tempted by more content.

  6. I sometimes watch foreign language films like Philipino or Thai or Chinese . The Good Place is a good watch. I enjoyed it.
    Friends is an all time favorite

  7. Friends is still fun to watch after all these years.

  8. Liked the post. Agree on all points. Love Netflix. My personal favs on ott are Money Heist, Blacklist, Witcher, GOT, The Wire, Vampire Diaries, The Good Doctor, and so on. No fav genre. Just enjoy the show and the story.

  9. Ahh I couldn't imagine quarantine without all the great shows on Netflix! Schitt's Creek, Dark, and so many more!
    Dropping in from the A-Z challenge-

  10. Big Bang is one of our favorites, as is Friends. Thanks for visiting my spot today.

    Janet’s Smiles

  11. Hari OM
    Not on Netflix - we pay a compulsory 'licence fee' (ie tax) for watching 'free to air' in the UK, so am not inclined to use more of my meagre pension on bought shows. That said, we get a good lot on our FTA channel playback centres; I love the Big Bang Theory. Not a fan of the others you mention. I tend mostly to the murder mystery/police procedural stuff. YAM xx

  12. I'm not really much of a comedy fan, but Netflix is definitely a fixture around here. I'm a fan of foreign language detective stories, where I get to see a lot of lovely foreign scenery while trying to solve mysteries.

  13. I agree Netflix kept people from going crazy. Friends is always a great show to get a laugh. My husband likes Sci-Fi so we go more that direction.
    Coming to your blog always makes me smile - it's like your little one is peaking around the corner.
    See you Monday - smiles from Moonie

  14. I found Gilmore Girls during the pandemic. Agree. Very sweet and easy to watch. I also enjoyed The Good Witch - very Hallmark-y saccharine sweet, but I watched the whole series (5 seasons) twice. Now I'm mostly bingeing Castle - a formulaic cop drama from years ago.
    Oh! And I found that I enjoy organization shows: Marie Kondo's show and The Home Edit. It's like ASMR for the brain.

  15. Oh we must meet at once. We have same the thoughts on everything looking at your posts and your choice and my choice of shows is so much similar, except horror. Maybe you are my soul sister who I haven't met in person ��

    Dropping by from A-Z challenge
    Do check out my blog -

  16. I never really got into FRIENDS even though I liked the actors. My favorite series were BH 90210 and later Melrose Place.
    It always feels good to escape to these characters' world when things are not great in our own lives, right?

  17. I watched friends as a teenager and then as a young adult and have always loved it. I do see episodes of it from time to time again on Netflix.

    I adore Gilmore girls and Big Bang theory too. However, right now, I am into K drama. But, I totally regret it. Cause I get addicted to a series and keep watching at the cost of even sleep!

    Visiting from

  18. I have watched all of these and they have been my guilty pleasures...

  19. Oh and money Heist too - very gripping - I vote to come over yours one evening - I'll bring the popcorn!

  20. Definitely watched more TV during the pandemic and yes some stuff on Netflix. I do enjoy Friends but have never been a regular watcher.

  21. I don't know how would I have survived the pandemic and more so now without Netflix. It's my life saver. Loved the post and the choices. :D

  22. Friends is my all-time favorite TV show. I've watched the whole series so many times I've lost count - at least three or four times since 2020. I always say that no matter what's going on, Friends works. Happy? Watch Friends. Sad? Watch Friends? Stressed? Watch Friends.

  23. Somehow The Big Bang Theory never captured my interest. But I love Friends. Immensely.

  24. Netflix has a wide array of stuff. In the available time, I try to watch something good. Haven't watched any of those that you have mentioned.

    The last one I watched was "Seven years in Tibet". It's the real life story of an Austrian mountaineer (played by Brad Pitt) who escapes from an internment camp British India and reaches Tibet. He lands in a monastery where he gets introduced to a small boy (the Dalai Lama), and later becomes one of his tutors. It's has a lovely ending.
    N = Nagaland

  25. Of the family OTT channels (if you leave out stuff like Alt Balaji and all), I think Netflix is one where the shows tend to be relatively more bolder or darker. Series like the ones you have chosen are gems. I loved/love and assume, will continue to love and enjoy watching Friends, always always a mood uplifter. Big Bang Theory is another super enjoyable series, though I have not watched in sequence. I am yet to watch Gilmore girls, will give it a watch!

    Here's my post for N:
    Not Without My Daughter

  26. I don't "do" Netflix, but I have a few TV series on DVD. A few years ago I watched the first three seasons of Monk, which I liked.

  27. I’ve probably watched a few episodes of Friends when my daughters were younger but not the other shows. When I’m tired or stressed I prefer a good crime novel to TV. each to their own. Thanks for mentioning my blog too :)


  28. I have fun watching The Big Bang Theory. The K-dramas such as The Devil Punisher are great. It's wonderful to get a glimpse into TV and movies from all over the world.

  29. I am now on Resurrection Ertugrul -

  30. I have never watched an episode of Friends, and funny you would write this - I've been thinking of giving them a chance. I have Netflix too :)

  31. I have wondered if going back and rewatching Friends would be the same. When it was on I was the same age as they were, living a life somewhere between single and married in Chicago. So I could relate. Now, well, married, in the burbs, with kids. So maybe the same life that they are all living now too. Well. Not Joey really.

    Anyway. Congratulations on completing this year!
    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side | A to Z of Conspiracy Theories

  32. I love Friends! I was living in LA and working at Warner Bros. when the series began (it was shot on the WB lot) and there were billboards promoting the show. I watched it from the very beginning and have never gotten tired of it! My husband makes fun of me for my love for the show! I also really love The Office. If you haven't tried it, you might like it! You will see characters in the show and think, yeah, I worked with all of them at one time or another!

  33. I absolutely love friends and big bang theory, have rewatched the entire series multiple times


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