Saturday, April 2, 2022

B for Bemused!

Bemused is the word I can use, to describe what I felt when COVID effected humans. I installed a Covid status app on my mobile which precisely gave the number of cases in the country, state, district, region, the containment zones, safe zones, so on and so forth. The way we check cricket scores on mobile, the crazy me started checking the app for updates. Checking no. of active cases, no. of recovered and no. of deaths became my daily morning ritual. If no. of recovered increased, I used to feel hopeful. If I see or hear of deaths around me, I used to go in a shell. I was so confused regarding what's happening around me.

In beginning of Covid around February, every one was so hopeful and confident about Corona not doing any harm to them. So many analogies and so many theories were circulated. Some told India is a hot country. Corona will die in the summer heat... some others sang a song/slogan Go Corona Go . The creators claim that the slogan is world famous now 😏! As we stepped in to March and lock down started... millions of us lighted candles, banged the plates and utensils... with sounds echoing all over the nation. In desperate attempts to stay protected, hoping for some miracle... I too joined the crowd and prayed in silence. However there is no escape from the monster, was the soon after realization. During this candle light ceremony, an act which was followed stringently by most of the followers/fans of Prime Minister... there were many memes circulated mocking it. I shared some forward which shows the frenzy fans lighting up torches with high flames and doing adventures with flames just because the hon'ble PM, whom they love asked them to do so....I received lot of flak from so many people (the party and prime minister worshippers). Some one went a step ahead and said, "Rather than ridiculing hon'ble PM...I must rather educate the ignorant Muslims (refering to Tablighi Jamat fiasco which was blown out of proportion)". It was almost concluded by many haters that the jamat was the root cause for uprise in cases. Even in such painful pandemic people chose to create a divide and argue rather than choosing harmony and following strict guidelines to curb the spread.

100s of people mocked the Diya lighting event and shared their very open views, taunts and memes, but I suppose mostly they don't carry the label I do, and ironically what I shared as a joke, was  displayed by some in reality. They lit crackers or went on to roads with mashaals (flaming torches) as and when the diya lighting event commenced (this was in April 2020- the beginning days of Covid). 

One of the memes shared on Internet which I reshared. Source : here

A total of 4 people cornered me and in the disguise of just knowing my opinion and questioning me to share my thoughts on Tableegi first... they kind of attacked me, the fact which they will deny ofcourse!  It is so surprising when people from my own country restrict my freedom of speech, my thoughts and loosely talk, as if I am completely backing up the disaster which happened due to that religious gathering. What if I ask them the same? Like , why they are not owning up the disasters happening in their communities? Is it a worthy question? Just because I kept quiet and told that I can't talk more or that as I am mentally exhausted by this I want to walk out of the discussion, I got the following labels.

* Extremist

* Biased

* Narrow Minded

* Escapist

* Bigot

Then I saw that opinions of celebrities / cricketers like Irfan Pathan also got thrashed. For the first time I felt glad as I am not famous and sensed may be that's why some people resist and fear speaking. 4 people deleted me or got deleted/blocked by me in a span of one week. How things can escalate in a short span is surprising. The talks, acquaintances, memories gathered... they all can go to dumps due to one thoughtless war or a word. Words have the power to change the world and destroy it too. In these tiring times whoever is blessed with the skill to use them, please use them wiselyπŸ”πŸ€

Bemused is what I felt on the day and keep feeling even now when so much hatred is generated due to politically selfish motives and people fall in those traps so damn easily!

I am participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022 and this is my 2nd post for letter B - Bemused. I would mostly talk about Covid life and the daughter diaries! Good luck to all the participants :)


  1. First of all a big hug to you Afsu...for all you went through...I want to say alot about they way people bring religion in everything but I dont want to create anything here but all I will say people follow the mob..if anyone stands against they are bad....take care..❤️

  2. So many people became crazy about all sorts of things during Covid. Why people couldn't (and can't) be sensible I will never know. Everyone tried to use it for their own angle, which didn't help everyone in general.
    Best wishes,
    Tasha's Thinkings: YouTube - What They Don't Tell You (and free fiction)

  3. It's very sad that you were called names for joking about something, based on your Muslim identity. The polarisation is disturbing.

  4. I am so sorry you had to go through this. It's a sad state when people behave like this. Some people are just cruel and want to create rifts between communities or spread hatred or bring sorrow. I can imagine what you must felt. I faced a scary situation too as I didn't speak in the local language of the place where I live. This one was within the community but language fanatic behavior. We can only hope the world becomes a better place later.
    See you around the A-Z challenge!

  5. I think I’ve always been a spectator on Fb as to how you’ve been mistreated as a Muslim and being asked by “well-meaning” people about what your opinion is on a certain religious topic is so hurtful as if you are spokesperson for every little thing anyone does from your religion. Sadly, we Indians have our heads buried so deep up our own a**es we will never truly understand what giant jerks religions make of us. The solution to dealing with such trolls is smile and ignore, nothing rattles them like a no response. Hope this doesn’t happen in future but I know it will :(

  6. I am sorry that you had to face this. There are black sheep in every country. No prizes for guessing who they are in India. We Indians are far greater in number, so ignore them. Love you ❤❤

  7. It is the mob mentality. Living in a foreign country, I am bemused. Don't worry. Cheer up Afshan.

  8. We have lived (and are still living) in very difficult time. I think this is the reason why some of us can't cope and blame everything of what other people do.
    I honestly heped that this test would bring us together rather than the contrary, but...

    The Old Shelter - Enter the New Woman

  9. That was indeed awesome πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ I totally agree with the political sensationalisation of things based on selfish agendas of people in the name of religion particularly .Great write up .

  10. It's a sad testament to our sensibilities that we focussed on irrelevant aspects when humanity was threatened with such dire consequences. I often wonder, can't we ever grow out of narrow mindedness.
    The only silver lining is that many people also chose to behave in the right manner and help others (especially neighbours and even strangers) and become a beacon of hope.

  11. These fans have such a blind sheep mentality
    Good on you for voicing out your thoughts! Just don't let them and their stupid reasoning get into your head

    Hopping in from the A-Z community,

  12. Bemused is the word I feel when I research the history and present of Indian religious politics - there is so much misplaced passion which is so easily manipulated. I am writing a novel which has recently taken a new turn involving just such Indian history. I work for a Moslem family business here in the UK so I am attuned to these things in that way too. I am sorry you were attacked and shunned - I hope things get better and I will be following your A2Z journey - this month is a chance to meet and befriend people from around the world in a way that is the exact opposite of what you have described - its a tonic! Thanks for visiting

  13. A lot of tomfoolery happened during these tought two years, hopefully, someday they would have to answer for these things

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  15. Sadly, anything and everything can become an excuse for fanning fires of divide - be it on the basis of religion, region, caste, language no matter what. And my experience of social media says, there's no way for people to actually put an alternate opinion to be even considered seriously. The way I see it - social media, and mostly mindsets have already made up their minds and not interested in even considering alternate opinions. It is one thing to get exposed to those all, consider multiple facets of something and then debunk and stick to our own view. But that needs maturity and logic you see. Anyway, I wish this beast of a Corona just gets done and dusted with. Because, vote banks for sure aren't going anywhere. Sad stark truth. Good luck for the remaining letters!

    Here's my post for B:
    B: Billion Dollar Loser

  16. Big hugs to you!
    I feel this huge gap in perception of thoughts and words! May there be light And peace and more than that good health to all!

  17. I remember us talking about this and you very well know my views! :) People cannot see what's wrong with themselves or their religion, but they will blame others and other religions. Sad!

  18. Sometimes even well intentioned events misfire. But many politicians acted as though they were fighting a war in elections etc. instead of behaving more sensibly in the pandemic. We could have saved some more lives if we all are more sensible.

  19. What an interesting theme. I can't remember what I thought before covid changed our world.

  20. Back when I was kid I used to think that all those apocalyptic / alien invasion movies exaggerate by showing the humans hurting each other rather than fighting the bigger enemy ie alien here. As I became more aware of the world I realized that the movies failed to capture the whole intensity of human hatred, polarization etc. As we entered Corona amidst CAA. Watching protests, hate speech in itself was disturbing for me. The same kid in me thought may be may be Corona will put the humanity back in its place as all the humans now have bigger enemy to worry about. Alas! I realize how naive is that kid expecting some thing as great as humanity from a virus!!!


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