Thursday, April 10, 2014

"I" for "Id(ea)-iotic poem "

I am sitting at my office desk and waiting for some inspiration to kick in.
I feel like throwing the numerous documents which need to be reviewed in the dust bin.
Doing time pass during the working hours is an unforgivable sin.
A person doing some thing similar near by feels like a kin!

The A to Z challenge is making me restless and sleepless.
The boss and the work are being careless and relentless.
If I put forward my concerns of a blogging challenge will I sound reckless?
If I keep on blogging with joy will the colleagues around me get jealous?

 Still no luck , no light and no brightening idea in my head.
 Looks like I need to quit being creative and work only to earn bread.
The man in the adjacent cubicle who is eyeing me from an hour is my dread.
Thank God it is 5 P.M. in the evening and he has already fled!

As I sit and ponder as to what I should write with the letter "I",
many words hit me randomly and my brain is heated up to be a fry.
To avoid the confusion I go to the Ato Zers and shout for help and cry.
They instantly gave a bunch of words and "ideas" asking me to try!

From "I" to ice-cream to inspiration to India to idea to Imran,
I was told,”You just need to think, anything and everything can be written."
I thought of writing about my husband Imran but it felt silly.
I thought of ice-cream, went to food court to have one and just dilly dally!

I lost all my hopes and felt like just forgetting the letter I.
Then suddenly an idea made me smile and there was a sparkle in my eye.
I thought of writing my plight, my insight and the desire to not lose the fight.
Hence wrote this id(ea)otic poem which may actually sound idiotic and not right! :)

After writing this I was just googling and found the below poem ;)
Image source : here

Thanks to the supportive group A to Zers. In their absence I would have quit this challenge :)

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This is my 9th post for "A to Z blogging Challenge 2014"


  1. No not idiotic..quite Idea-iotic and fun! Reflects your frame of mind well!

  2. Aww.....lovely poem afshan. So cool!!

  3. Cool... Loved every bit! Keep writing!

  4. Replies
    1. @Sfurti : Thanks buddy <3 that is boosting :)

      @Ghata : Thanks a lot Ghata

      @Anu : Thanks a lot

      @Teresa : Thanks a ton. Welcome to my blog

  5. I agree that the letter "I" is not one of my favorites and I had to do 2.
    I think yours was right on for it being mid-week almost mid-challege
    Glad you are doing the A to Z

    1. Thanks Moonie. Welcome to my blog :)
      Am glad u liked it. Ya letter "I" is in mid of challenge and I am feeling exhausted

  6. grand idea, not idiotic at all. Drusilla (

  7. Don't kill me for this...but your poem made me remember Honey Singh.

    1. Honey SIngh's songs are not THAT Bad :) I take it as a compliment...
      Blue eyes no ties :P

  8. Enjoyed it, Afshan :) More power to your pen girl!

  9. I read this poem in the morning, but, couldn't comment. This is hilarious! And no, am not going to read the "H" post. I don't like my bed being wet. :P

    1. :D :D hehe OK ! I will narrate to u in chat later ;)

  10. Loved it, it's not idiotic at all, in fact it's fun and after reading Janaki's comment even I felt that it reminded me of Honey Singh's songs. Yo! :)

    1. @Prasanna : thanks a lot . haha ya honey singh. uske lyrics bhi mjhe samjh nai aate but songs r good :P

      @Vasudha : Thanks a lot

  11. Superb, Afshan. Just superb. Only you could take a writer's block and convert it into such a delightful thing. I could really identify with the desire to blog while at work and the nervousness about being caught not working.
    Shabash, girl. Great job.

    1. Thanks so much cynth :) Am glad u liked it so much. Ya spclly when ppl r observing u it is so DAMN tough
      thanks for the compli

  12. You wrote a wonderful poem...and that too without having an idea what to write :) Creative writing at its best.

    1. @Naba : Thanks a lot <3

      @suleka : Thanks sooo much !

  13. Hhahahahahaha Thank God I did not participate in this challenge :P
    Great poem!

    1. hmm challenge is really challenging this year :(

  14. Hahaha nice one! I love to make rhymey poems like these too!

  15. That was a fun poem and superb idea for I. Nicely done Afshan.

  16. Good to know I'm not the only one overwhelmed by this A to Z Challenge! My mind goes blank with some letters!


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